So... it's almost two a.m.

I'm stressed beyond belief with homework. And yet my overly active and creative mind is like 'story!'. So I conjured the start of this in under two hours. It's unedited... probably sucks... but the sporadic part of me is like 'POST IT!' and since its 2 a.m and I'm really slap happy I'm like 'okay!'.

I'll probably regret this later. Heck, I don't even have a story line for this. I was just like Wings, Annabeth, Percy what could go wrong? But that's usually how all of my stories start.

Chapter 1

Journal log: Writer's Craft.

Question: What are wings to you?

Annabeth twirled the pencil between her slender fingers thoughtfully. Glancing out the window breezily as her mind wandered.

The stuffy class and whirring electric fans perched on the windowsills didn't help her concentration. In fact, they seemed to be trying desperately to draw her into a different dimension. Away from her studies. Subconsciously pulling her eyes to stare wistfully out the open windows.

Wings... what a topic...

With her thoughts gathered, she straightened her little paper booklet and readied her utensil on the line.

'Wings.' her pencil scratched onto the lined paper. 'Are one of the most pointless attributes to the human body in existence. For one, they cause complications at birth and can't even support us like they do to birds, bats and insects. They are gauky and relentless in displaying emotions I do not wish to be displayed. Like a dog tail fanned out on my shoulders, screaming to the world whenever I get nervous or excited. It's absolutely ridiculous.

They are, in someway, like the appendix. Completely unneeded to the human anatomy. However, according to semi-recent studies, the appendix stores healthy bacteria, so it actually has a use.

This makes wings something more like a mole, or a giant flaky tumor that likes to shed at humiliating times. Furthermore, wings are narcissistically adored in now a day society. Girls spending thousands of dollars just to have their wings dyed white, or have extra feathers woven in. Signs and radio ads for remedies to make their wings brighter, whiter, longer, more graceful. Turning our noses up to those who cannot meet the beauty standards for these floppy growths of flesh and feathers.

It's become such an obsession, almost an unhealthy one.

What's the point of wings if you can't even fly with them?

To flaunt them?

To shun other people with less 'graceful' or 'elegant' wings? Wings on humans don't make any sense.'

Satisfied, Annabeth dotted on the last period and returned to the top, editing as she went over it again. Her foot tapping out a melody against the leg of her metal desk.

Gruffly, her teacher cleared his throat. "Well, it's just about three. Class is dismissed. Please hand in your journals on your way out."

Collectively, the sparse number of students stood noisily and incessantly started there chatter up again. Discussing after school activities and projects as they filed out the door. Their feet shuffling against the polished floor and their kilts swaying with every subtle movement.

Annabeth offered the man in the wheelchair a smile as she plopped the little journal on his desk.

He raised an eyebrow skeptically. "Hopefully you haven't completely dissected this topic Miss Chase?"

"Well, I could've been a tad harsher." she shrugged with a light smirk.

The teacher rubbed the bridge of his nose with a slight chuckle. "That critical mind of yours tends to astound me."

"Well to be fair, not everyone can be an optimist." she returned while walking towards the door. "Have a good day Mr. Chiron."

"You too Annabeth." he sighed with an internal laugh in his voice.

Carefully, Annabeth made her way through the halls with her white feathered wings distinctly tucked and folded neatly behind her back. Gripping her binders and textbooks with a gentle respect while walking with her chin high and stance straight. Occasionally she'd glance at passing girls, fluttering their wings in excitement for a party or cooing over the latest poster released by some artist.

Piper only chuckled at her when she arrived at her locker, straightening the daft crinkly kilt and trying to fix her blouse up.

"For goodness sakes Annabeth." Piper grinned. "It's the end of the day, stop trying to battle with the uniform now!"

Annabeth huffed. "And have my mother throw a fit when I get home? Please, I would rather die."

Piper made a face. "Ah then, she might just as well throw a fit if your tardy."

Annabeth just rolled her eyes as she clanged her green locker open and grabbed her book bag.

"Come along then, Miss Impatient, I'd dislike it if I had to leave you in the dust."

Piper smirked in a fun loving way. "As if you could beat me."

"You know I can." Annabeth returned the look of mischievousness.

Suddenly their conversation was broken off when Piper made dash around the corner, Annabeth right on her heels.

Together now, they took off down the halls, racing and weaving through other girls hugging books and walking in clusters. Their feet hitting the marble floors and their book bags throttling their sides in thumps and joggles.

Panting, they threw themselves out of the huge spread double doors and pounded down the stairs in twos. Bursting into the sunshine and the humid air that gave them just a taste of the summer ahead.

"I win!" Annabeth declared triumphantly when her feet hit the bottom of the steps. Her heart beat quivering in her chest with warm shudders.

The giant old castle of a school in the background. It's grotesque arching gargoyles gaping down at them and the glinting glass framed in dashing arches that had always fascinated Annabeth.

Pipers black tipped wings fluttered as she held a hand over her chest, gasping for air. Her figure doubled over with her hands supported on her knees.

"It seems." she gulped. "That I am not in the shape I originally was."

Annabeth laughed and gave her a smack to the shoulder. "Nobody's perfect."

Piper grinned devilishly while sitting upright. "Speak for yourself."

Leisurely, they started walking down the vacant street. Balancing on the edge of the sidewalk and bantering about the state of the school air conditioner.

As expected Piper stooped down to select a decent sized pebble then chucked it at their schools chipped and gold painted wooden sign.

'Geneth All Girls Secondary School' got nailed on the second G with a harsh knock.

"Onions and Cheese I hate that place." Piper muttered while shrugging her shoulders as if the school was still clinging to her. "It's as if hell itself broke away from the pits below and situated up on the surface with the disguise as a bloody school!"

Annabeth just chortled in somewhat of an agreement. "Well, it is rather drab at times." she added only to please her friend.

"Drab is too weak of a word!" Piper cried exasperatedly. "It's utterly shambled in grief and torture with a pinch of despair."

Annabeth shook her head amused while kicking a smooth stone along the sidewalk. "It's really the people I dislike in it." she announced with her nose wrinkled. "Tracy can be such a snob."

"That's not as bad as being assumed a snob just because we attend a private school." Piper pointed out with a grimace.

Annabeth agreed wholeheartedly with her head tilted back, enjoying the feeling of the fresh sunshine beaming down on her face.

The grass laced wind combing through her hair while the twinkling noise of birds returning from the south graced her ears. How she longed for summer. Her time to shine, to be free from Geneth's restricting ways and scratching uniforms. Annabeth's skin shivered pleasingly at the thought of romping around exploring. Bicycling with Piper and Dollar Sundaes at McFee's.

Remembering something, Annabeth looked at Piper quizzically. "You found your 'prince charming' yet?"

Piper snorted. "Heavens no. I've tried to meet new people but as soon as they hear I'm private they back off as if I'm vexed or something."

"It's a shame too. You're too pretty to be an old maid." Annabeth teased.

"It's my wings." Piper complained childishly, offhandedly ignoring Annabeth's antics. "Maybe if they weren't so dark on top or completely clear of the black, they'd look less like rubbish."

Gingerly, Piper outstretched one of her wings. It's tip feather reaching just past a few inches of her shoulder. Flapping it lightly, creating an airy breeze that shifted her luscious brown hair.

She glowered at it witheringly, pinching the end 'flight' feather between her fingers with a scowl. "You know I don't think you'd have any trouble becoming friends with the normal school goers." she commented while examining the 'oh-so-hated-wing'.

"Oh? Why not? I doubt I'd have any better luck than you."

"But you're a flawless beauty Annabeth."

"Oh hush up. I have enough trouble as it is."

"But it's true." her best friend persisted, grabbing hold one of her feathery wings and spreading it out. "Your wings are so perfect. Nothing but pure white. It's not fair to the rest of us!"

Annabeth retracted her stretched wing irritably and shifted them back into a tight fold. "It's not like I wanted these forsaken things. I could do just as well without them."

Piper rolled her eyes while undoing the tie gripped around her neck. "Not to mention your golden curls and perfect skin. Honestly, if I didn't know any better, I'd assume you were an angel."

Annabeth burst out laughing. "Me? An Angel? I'm a far cry from it!"

Piper bumped shoulders with her playfully. "I know! Your a beastie if I ever knew one! That's for sure!"

Annabeth's giggles slowly died away as they walked on leisurely. A small ache blooming in her shoulder from the amount of books she had stuffed heavily into her bag.

"Well my friend." Annabeth declared dramatically. "It seems we have reached the fork in our road. We must depart."

Piper saluted to her seriously. "Two more weeks of raging battle General, and then we shall be free of this war!"

"Well then!" Annabeth cried out as she continued down on the path towards her home with a simple wave thrown over her shoulder. "It seems the battle is already won!"

Silently, Annabeth marched along. Her mind occupied with thoughts and dreams that swirled in a organized column in her head.

Robotically, she marched from street to street and up the drive of her lovely grey bricked house. Fumbling with the fickle handle a bit, she opened the door and cast her bag onto the sofa without a second thought.

"I'm home!" she called out, hoping for an answer.

"Mom's out shopping!" Malcolm yelled from the kitchen. His voice slightly echoing off the hallway walls.

Annabeth pinched her mouth down in disappointment at the dark green walls while battling down decisions in her mind. The sharp smell of cinnamon and bread told her that Malcolm was probably preparing something for his girlfriend, while the general tidiness of the perky living room also said that she was coming over.

Not particularly what Annabeth wanted to do that night. Third wheel for her brother and his girlfriend.

Besides, if her mom was really shopping then she could do the forbidden and head out to the woods.

Explore a bit more, map a few more areas.

After all, when the cat's away the rats will play.

Gleeful at this thought, Annabeth grabbed her crinkled notepad and stubby pencil from her bag. She only paused once to dig out a pair of sneakers from the closet and didn't even bother changing out of her uniform.

It was no telling how long she'd have to explore before her mom got home anyways.

"Can I borrow your car?" Annabeth asked hopefully, her hand hovering with anticipation over the hanging metal pieces.

Malcolm groaned loudly, "Fine! But no scratches! Got it?"

"Yes!" she squealed excitedly while flipping them off the hook. "I love you!" she decided to add sweetly while hopping out the door with materials in hand.


To Annabeth, the forest was the absolute golden spot to be.

No noise.

No mess.

No problems.

Heck, there wasn't even bad air.

She remembered countless hours of sneaking off to just hide in the brambled thickened floors. To smell the earthy moistness rubbing off on her shoes and let her fingers gently skim the rough bark of the trees as she passed.

Now, on the cusp of summer, the leaves were full and luminous, the squirrels energetic and chattering and the quiet rustle of brushing foliage in the lazy wind.

Sunshine just barely filtered through in horizontal beams that glowed and nurtured the forest floor gently, encouraging more plants to grow.

Humming softly to herself, Annabeth sketched away on her notepad. Making notes on where she was while taking out her nifty pocket compass and picking random directions.

All was right in her world.

It wasn't until she reached a clearing in the forest, with the sun already dipping low in the horizon that she felt another presence.

Something that made a hollow whooshing sound unfamiliar to her ears.

Nervously, she felt her shoulders twitching. Again, irritated at how her snow white wings fluttered softly in agitation.

So hard to control them.

They were like a smile you couldn't wipe off your face, or a bad case of hiccups that never ceased.

Taking out a thread of twine, Annabeth reached behind her and bound the pesky things together. Tethering them tightly while glancing around warily. Still concerned for that nearing noise.

Suddenly he was there.

Diving out of the sky in a mesmerizing spiral. Swooping in an elegant curve and landing to her far right. Just on the rim of the tree line.

It was a boy. Or at least, that's what it looked like.

Midnight black hair, while wearing a simple white tee and some jeans. That's all Annabeth could make out of him from this distance. His stance wary and alert. Like a frightened wolf prepared to defend its territory. Cautiously, he stalked to the side of a tree. Using it as a shield.

The most prominent feature, the most majestic thing, about him were his wings.

Sprouting out of his shoulders like he was part eagle and stretching towards the sky as if to show just how massive they were. Black as night and curled in a half folded have take flight position. Each feather faintly shivering in the breeze when folded them. Looking like he had a hunched cloak that billowed to the forest floor that hung off his shoulders perkliy.

"Impossible." Annabeth breathed in shock. Awestruck at the idea of big wings. Wings that could carry you anywhere you wanted to go. Wings that worked instead of being portable fans.

Clutching the compass to her chest fearfully, she backed up slowly. Careful to not make a noise as she stepped.

And just like in every cheesy 1980 scifi movie, she tripped on that one log and tumbled backward. Crying out in pain when she crushed her wings under her weight.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh.

And there he was again.

Standing over her.

Looking down at her with such intense green eyes. His dark eyebrows pinched down. His muscular chest thrown out. As if he wanted to pick a fight.

With her heartbeat in her throat, Annabeth let loose a warbled cry. Desperately, she pushed herself up off the ground and scrambled away. Scraping her palms and scratching her knees in the thick bramble. Momentarily turning her back to him to make sure she wouldn't topple over again on some sand-papery branch.

When she looked back, a startled yelp escaped her mouth. Frantically she searched the trees around her, assuming he'd pounce out at any second. Scared stiff that he'd be on her in an instant.

But he was gone.

And not even a trace of him was left. Not even a simple black feather.

So tell me, should I keep going? or does this seriously need to be edited by a more awake, alert me who's had some sense injected into my head.