Here is the third installment. I hope you all enjoy it, like a christmas cookie with a glass of milk.

I still don't own Arthur Christmas.

Arthur was the one who always had time for him and his stories. He enjoyed the look of wonder and awe Arthur would give him as he regaled the stories of his time dodging bullets and his narrow escapes.

It was such a nice change from Malcolm and Steve. They had no time for him and his methods anymore.

He remembered when he took them on his wooden sleigh and got to teach them about the old ways of being Santa and see their excitement as they flew for the first time.

Now, his son refused to retire and Steve had made the North Pole into a huge technology hub, bah.

He'd have given anything to show those two that the old ways were the best.

When he found Arthur worrying about that missing present, he saw his chance.

He was grateful to get to take Arthur in the sleigh, like he had Malcolm and Steve even though Arthur spent the first part of the trip huddled on the floor.

Once Arthur had sat up, he got to see that look of amazement and appreciation again.

Arthur continued to impress him with his alien act and how he distracted those lions by singing Silent Night. The boy had spunk and brains after all.

He was having the best time he'd had in a while until Arthur finally figured out his real reasons for coming along.

That look of disappointment was terrible to see.

Even worse was when Arthur seemed to have given up his Christmas spirit and had stopped caring on that beach in Cuba.

He and Bryony had been treading very carefully since Arthur seemed one snowflake away from breaking down. He couldn't believe how selfish he'd been and to see Arthur stop caring! Arthur had always cared, and he had no idea what to do.

But then, a miracle happened, Arthur saw the truth about Santa that he and everyone else had forgotten about!

That it doesn't matter how Santa's gift gets there so long as they do. It only matters that the children feel cared for, something he realizes that they may have neglected to do for Arthur as well. Arthur had made that comment about being the one child that Santa doesn't care about back at the Pole...but Arthur made it so no child was left behind...however he did it, the old way or the new way.

Arthur said he did it with worry, but Grandsanta knew he did with with courage, courage to face his faces (all of his fears, even buttons) for a child, just like a real Santa should.

Arthur has helped Grandsanta see the truth and so he didn't mind sacrificing his old sleigh to get the present to Gwen, Grandsanta was proud to leave the Santa business in Arthur's hands for Arthur was the one to make sure every child got a present, that no child was left out, that every child knew that Santa cared.