Here is the last installment. It will be from the elves' perspective...unless you want me to write one from Arthur's POV?

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The elves had been of two minds about Arthur since he was born and boy was that a shocker.

On one hand, Arthur was very Christmasy and loved Christmas which the elves admired.

On the other hand, his clumsiness had been a big problem over the years, with destroying their barracks as the most destructive example.
On one hand, he knew all of their names and was always kind to them.

On the other hand, he frequently tripped over them and knocked them down and interfered with their work however unintentionally he did it.

On one hand, Arthur was a Claus and thus worthy of their respect and loyalty and had the right to give them orders.

On the other hand, he was scared of heights and buttons and Steve didn't respect him so some elves didn't either.
That particular group loved joking that he should go to the South Pole so he didn't cause any more trouble or damage.

Most elves, however, liked Arthur and felt like he was one of them, a fellow elf serving the cause.

He was kind and tried hard and was great in Letters.

Arthur cared so much about children and Christmas, just they did.

The elves were especially disturbed when it seemed like children might not matter. They worked all year to bring joy to children and now one child might not matter?!

They had been celebrating until they got a whiff of the news spotting Arthur and Grandsanta.

Then, they were all working frantically and trying to figure out what was going on till they learned a present hadn't been delivered!

They were horrified, they had failed...Christmas could be ruined!

But then Steve got ahold of Arthur and Grandsanta and they saw that Arthur was trying to get the present delivered.

Arthur was so optimistic about being able to do it and the elves were so happy. They could do it, just like Arthur said they could.

Grandsanta and Arthur would be heroes, saving that child and delivering the present!

It would have been wonderful till Steve ordered them to come home and the sleigh crashed.

So, the elves went to Santa to learn the truth, did children matter? Did one child matter?

Santa told them to ask Steve...and then Steve said children didn't matter.

They were horrified, what had they been doing? Did children not matter? Did Christmas not matter?

Did anything matter? What was the point to it all?!

They were left alone waiting till they thought the they were abandoned when the S-1 left with the remaining Clauses.

The elves went into full blown panic and decided to melt down the North Pole.

They had been running around in fear for their lives till they saw Arthur delivering the present to the missed child.

He would save Christmas! Children did matter!

They were so proud of him, that he cared.
Arthur was a hero to them, making sure that everyone child got their present.

The elves started chanting his name, in wonder and pride. One of their own was saving the day and proving to all of the Clauses and themselves once more that a single child did matter.

The elves called the S-1 to share the good news...Arthur was saving Christmas!

Then the elves learned that Arthur was the new Santa and they couldn't be happier.

He knew what it was to be an elf, the important of wrapping and bows, he listened to their ideas, he had Christmas spirit to share and most importantly, he cared about children.