[Something's gone wrong. Way wrong. Sailor Galaxia is ridding the future of Sailor Earth and there's only one way she can possibly do that. By going to the past. Serena's found out and will stop at nothing to protect her friend. Unfortunatly, Terra has such a long and complicated past, Serena doesn't know where or when to go. Shenron tells her and now Serena has to go 2,000 years in the past to save her friend...]

"Serena, you're crazy!" Gohan yelled after the blonde scout.

"Not crazy Gohan! Determined!" She yelled back. Memories of Terra were fading fast. Gohan didn't remember her and even Vegeta was having a hard time remembering his best friend. Something was happening, and that something was bad. Checking her backpack she made sure she had all seven dragonballs. This was vital. She WOULD get Terra back. There they were. The one through seven. For a moment or two she felt......guilty. That four star ball was Goku's most prized possession. That moment soon passed and she flew faster. Gohan wondered how she could go so fast and realised that she was wearing Chichi's clothing. Since Serena wasn't weighted down, she could go faster than normal. Gohan swore. She had outsmarted him. And that fact terrified Gohan more than facing Cell did...

She flew for a long time, purposly depleting her Ki as far as she safely could. She didn't want them to find her. Goku was angry at her for stealing the dragonballs without a purpose and Vegeta was ready to kill her for stealing the dragon radar. Serenity Tsukino-Son didn't think she'd go back that far. Maybe to a couple years before Terra was born and make sure she was. Then on to either Namek or Earth, depending on which set of Dragonballs were useable and return home if she couldn't get a time key. She thought it was best to play it safe, rather than sorry. Who knew where or when she would go? Well....Pluto did. But Trista was gone. She had to face facts. The only way to know what was going on was to find out herself. She felt her Ki hit the low levels as she slowed down to land. Here was the tough part. She had to look for an open area. Finally spotting one, she landed just as she was ready to collapse.

"Woo...maybe I shouldn't have done that..." She moaned. Groaning and shaking her head, she pulled the seven dragonballs from the back pack and began to arrange them. She was glad she had listened to GOhan that one time. She put them in the circle and stood back. Hoping the boy had a good memory she held her hands out. 'Here goes nothing...' She thought.

"Eternal Dragon Shenron! I summon you! Please arise and grant my wishes!" She shouted. For a few seconds, nothing happened. But as she devised a plan to kill Gohan, the seven glowing balls shot a beam of energy into the darkening sky. She screeched and fell back. She took this remarkably well, considering she'd never seen this before. The sequence ended and the Lunarian Princess was standing before the Eternal Dragon. She was speechless. Shenron, however, wasn't.

"Who awakens me from my slumber?" The booming voice came. Serena gulped and searched for her voice. The dragon went to speak again, but was cut off by Serena.

"Um...Hi....Eternal Dragon....I'm uh...I'm Serenity...or Serena. Yea..." She stammered like an idiot. The red eyes glowed some and if she didn't know better, the blonde would have SWORN that thing...er, dragon...blowed its head a little.

"Princess Serenity of the Ruined Moon Kingdom from a thousand years in the past. How might I serve you?" He asked. The blonde gulped.

"Y...you know me? But um....h...how?" She asked.

"To those of us with magnificent power such as myself, we are informed in mysterious ways. Tell me your two wishes." He told her. Serena picked up the backpack and made a quick double check for everything she needed. Disguise Pen, Transformation Locket, Green Gem, Dragon Radar, Weighted Gi's and casual clothes, unweighted Gi's and Chichi's clothes, a fairly decent sized capsule pack she'd gotten from Bulma filled with essentials, and school work (Which, hopefully she wouldn't have time for.). She had what she needed. She put the bag on her shoulder.

"Uh...okay Shenron. This is...well...a shot in the dark but uh...is it possible for you to give me a....Moon Crystal Key? Y'know, a Time Key?" She asked. He was silent for a few moments as his eyes began to glow. Serena began to fear he'd say 'no'. Pluto didn't just GIVE those away. Rini, her best friend, had to steal one once. That asshole Darien had to order one given to Serena to get home. And the times she'd been to the time gates well...let's not get in to that. (A/N- Going by the Manga there people). Finally he spoke.

"I can. Your wish has been granted." He said. Serena began to breathe again as the small item popped into her hands. But she was curious.

"How?" She asked. 'C'mon Odango number one! Don't screw up! You NEED this wish!'

"With the Guardian of Time dead, I was not able to until the final key was offered." He said to her. Her heart sank. Trista...was really dead. Amara was dead. Michelle was dead. And Hotaru was dead.

"One more question and then a wish. I promise." She assured him. He was losing his patience with the child, yes, but as the Lunarian Princess she DID have the right to know.

"Who...who offered me their time Key?" She asked.

"Terrina-Zephyr Breifs." He told her. Chibi Terra. Chibi Terra had given up her time key? That was...kind.

"Then...I wish to know...well, you see, Terrina...um the one from this time...she's...vanishing from history. So I want to stop that. But I don't know when this was happening. I wish to know where and when this happened. Can....can you Shenron? You're my only hope." She pleaded. The dragon was again quiet as his eyes would glow. Serena could feel the familiar power that belonged to Gohan.

"It occured two thousand years ago. Sailor Galaxia accessed the fourth demension and has sent her warriors to conquer the world Sailor Earth once lived many lives on before being born as a Saiyan warrior." He told her. Serena wanted to ask more questions but said nothing. She had to hurry. Giving a nod, she waved.

"Thank you Shenron!" She called. Eyes glowing, the dragon turned into that yellow beam as the seven balls floated up. He vanished and they shot in different directions. Armed with the information she so deperatly needed, she hurried to get ready. She took the Dragon Radar and sat it on the ground where the dragonballs had been. Feeling her neck for the silver crystal she took the key and held it high over her head. She could see Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta. They weren't happy campers.

"Guardian of Time...let the door of time split the heavens and open for me...I call you by your true name. The all knowing God of Time, the Father of the Guardian...Chronos! I, Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, ask humbly for you to lead me! Protect me! Send me to the path of light and road of time! Take me two thousand years before!" (A/N- Modified but taken from the Manga again. Book 5) She called out. A bright light descended upon her and engulfed her. The Saiyans stopped a few yards away, shielding their eyes. 'I forgot...how bright it was...' That was her last conscious thought. Because the next thing she knew, darkness descended upon her...

~~~2,000 years ago

"I don't know about this..." A male voice said. Serena winced some. What hit her?

"Come on pal. Didn't you SEE what happened?!" A second, more excited voice said. The first voice sighed.

"She fell from a solid rock cave roof..." It said.

"Yea. But that flash completely disabled that...that THING!" He argued.


"Come on. She'll be a perfect help! Hey, she's waking up!" Serena brought a bandaged hand to her forehead to rub her throbbing temples.

"Woah...did anyone happen to catch the 'How am I driving? Dial whatever the number is' sticker on that semi that ran me down?" She asked aloud, forgetting where she was or rather when she was supposed to be. She was greeted with odd stares.

"Woah! Um...hi..." She said nervously. She looked around. 'Okay. Either Chronos likes to play sick twisted practical jokes on people or the past was more futureistic than the future...' She thought. Looking about, she tried to sit up. The crystal resting against her chest felt warm. As if it'd been in use recently. One of the two walked out, stretching. She was left with the other one.

"I'm Serena and....hey, where's my bag?!" She yelled. The man lifted it up with some difficulty and plopped it down next to her.

"Um....thanks?" She said uncertainly. He nodded some.

"You wouldn't happen to know where I am, would you?" She asked once more. He nodded, moving some blonde hair from his face. Serena saw he was wearing an eye patch. She winched in sympathy.

"Nice to meet ya Serena. Name's Bart. You're in my hideout in the Aveh Desert."