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When The World Stops Turning

Dear Diary,

Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong in life, it seems that no matter how hard I try I can never make a good thing last, take my love life for instance. It seems the second I want to take things a step further everything falls apart. Then I spend three to four weeks with my bedroom door locked and cry the whole time, while my step parents (who don't seem to notice the pain I suffer) just sit there and pretend I'm perfectly fine. I mean sure, they don't applaud to the fact that I'm gay and they don't condemn me for it, they learned to accept it, which made me more than happy. The only problem is that when something goes wrong in my relationships they pretend that I'm ok and act as if I never asked them for advice in the first place. I guess that's the reason I bought you today.

Well I g2g

I have to finish packing for my oh so wonderful stay at this new school for the bright future of tomorrow and to my overly enthusiastic joy (sarcasm) I get to live there till I finish out the year and then come home, then go back for two more years.

Well bye.

Duo out.

Ps. I'll write once I get there and settle in.

A pair of hands grabbed one of last remaining suit cases and tosses the diary in it and locks the suit case immediately and proceeds to drag it down the stairs. On his way out the door he stops and looks at the house he's lived in for three years now. Then he looks at the mirror right next to the closet and was only greeted with a sad expression and a pair of amethyst eyes. He shook his head and thought to himself.

'everything is going to be fine a new place, new people, new friends I hope maybe it won't be that bad I ...'

Suddenly he heard somebody calling him; his stepmother popped her head around the door.

"Duo sweetheart what's taking so long, do you need help caring that suit case?"

Duo looked at the suitcase, well not really a suitcase more like a huge trunk that actually hurt the last person to carry it.

"No I'm alright." Duo smiled.

Fifteen minutes and one sore back later he was on the road 'man was this going to be a long ride' then he put on his headphones and listened to some relaxing music.

About eight hours later Duo was at the new school called Bernap Academy (1) all Duo could think was-

'great another school, its worse then my last, in fact its worse then a prison.'

He looked at the large building in front of him, which was at least three story's high and spread out in what appeared to be four to five different parts with high walls around the whole thing.

"Wonder where the cafeteria's at, I'm starved." Duo thought out loud 'well better get inside, but how the hell am I gonna get all my stuff in. Mom and Dad just dumped me off here and didn't offer to-'

"Need help?" came a voice.

Duo jumped at the unexpected company.

"Umm....yeah if it's not too much of an inconvenience....damn is that all you brought with you, not that much of a heavy packer are ya?"

"More like a light packer." the guy smiled "..besides I only live a few blocks from here so it's not that much of a hassle to pack if I can go back on weekends." then the guy helped Duo get his stuff inside.

They were both standing in front of huge brown board. (one of many might I add)

"Ahhh... here I am."

"What? "Duo blinked in bewilderment.

"My room silly!" the boy said.

Duo then looked at the board and back at the other boy then something dawned on him.

"Oh I'm so sorry here you are helping me and I haven't even given you my name."

"That's ok I didn't even give you mine."

"Well in any case the names Duo Maxwell and I know absolutely nothing about this school." Duo beamed.

"My name is Kiley Alveronso, some people call me Ki, but that's nobody here." he said as he shook hands with Duo.

"Now Duo lets find your room." they both looked at the boards.

"I see."

"What?" asked Duo.

"You're in room fourteen A right next to mine good, it'll be easier that way to carry all your stuff up."

Four days later

Dear Diary,

Hello. It's about 11:30pm now and my room-mate hasn't come back yet....oh I hope him and that one guy aren't lovers. I mean don't get me wrong my room-mates cute, but his friend is fucking hot. I swear, you see this afternoon I was with Kiley and he introduced me to his friends: Hassanaire and Hanarina Elisario, who happen to be twin brother and sister, and Montra-Lee who we all call Lee, Tessa- Merlin, who is Lee's girlfriend, the good ones are always taken or straight, damn my luck anyways the last friend was Calmerinin I don't know his last name and frankly don't care. So continuing, Cal took off with this other guy who just passed by who wasn't just some guy if you ask me, his name is Heero Yuy. The guy is droop dead gorgeous, perfectly tanned skin, the most beautiful cobalt blue eyes you'd ever see he was just my type. Well toned body, and he was wearing spandex and a green tank top. Now, is it just me or is it that when you're in the middle of checking someone out everyone chooses that moment to ask you if you're gay and what you use in your hair, because it happens to me a lot, but Kiley informed me that they were just friends, but he said he might be wrong, I hope he's not.

Well got to go bye!

Duo out.

Just as Duo was about to go to sleep the door creaked open and in popped Cal. Who appeared to be a little tipsy if Duo could say so himself, in-fact he could!

"What in the hell is wrong with you." said Duo in a plaintive voice 'well that didn't come out quite right'

Cal's head snapped up as he brought his index finger to his lips and-

"Sshhhhhhh.....you might wake up my roommate."

"Idiot, I am your roommate." Duo said slightly irritated.

Heero chose that moment to peek his head in the room "Piiisssst.....Cal.." Heero giggled then continued. "You forgot your jacket" Heero then threw Cal's jacket at him then turned out the lights and left the room. Oddly enough skipping down the hall 'thank god no one was watching'

"Oh...he's so hot!" Duo half moaned.

"Shut up I'm trying to remember what I do with this thing!" said Cal playing with his jacket while slightly giggling.

The next day

"Fuck my head hurts." said Cal groggily in the morning.

Duo just hung his head over the side of the bed.

"It's your fault, from what it looks like you got drunk."

"Ya, but at least I wont be the only one with a damn hangover." said Cal.

Duo got out of his bed grabbed his towel and tooth brush and walked into the bathroom.

"I'll be done in thirty k!" Duo yelled out of the bathroom before he shut the door.

"Fine," Cal said " then I'm showering with Heero so don't expect to see me any time soon in the day" for some reason he knew this would irritate Duo.

Duo nearly gagged when he heard that 'did he say with or in Heero's shower' a small growl emitted from Duo's throat.

'I hate him, I hate him, I hate him' Duo mentally repeated to himself over and over again.

Dear Diary,

Oh I know it's been a few days (only two) but anywho. I hate Calmerinin, he's a straight out bastard, he knows I like Heero it's obvious to everyone, even Heero. Cal constantly throws the fact that he's Heero's friend in my face. Oh I hope they aren't fucking each other, seriously Cal spends the night in Heero's room a lot. He's always saying "oh Heero and me are going out tonight don't wait up" and shit like that. I honestly want to start beating the shit out of him. On another note I changed from my French class to a creative writing class I start tomorrow so wish me luck in finding someone I know in that class well got to go its lunchtime.

Duo out

Duo trotted off to the cafeteria area and got a tray.

"Now lets see what excuses they have for food today............oh pizza last piece," Duo said quickly grabbing it "now lets see some pudding, Jell-O, and a Pepsi oohhh Reese's it's a must." said Duo out loud, all the while getting strange looks from people.

On Duo's search to find a table he spots Heero 'oh I wish it was me beside Heero and not Cal The King of All Asses' then Duo hears Hassan calling him over to a quickly filling table, but managing to save him a seat next to Kiley.

As soon as Duo sat down Kiley said-

"So Mr. Duo how is your never ending quest to attract Mr. Heero (2) may I ask?"

"Not well, any suggestions?" asked Duo to no one in general.

"I've got one, give up." said Hassan.

"Ya him and Cal are joined at the hip!" Tessa-Merlin finished.

"Not the suggestion I was looking for." said Duo blandly.

Five seconds after his statement Duo started to bang his head against the table.

"You know you shouldn't do that you could drop your IQ that way."

" Ha ha very funny Kiley." said Duo slightly annoyed.

"Lighten up Duo, Heero's not worth it" said Tessa between bites of what she hoped was lasagna and chicken tetraziny.

"Plus, you could defiantly find somebody better then him, trust me." Hanarina said in an all too causal voice.

'Damn Hana she could say that someone just got hit by a car and still sound like she was talking about the weather' Duo shook himself out of mental thought and stood up.

"But I want Heero!!!" Duo then realized that he said that a little too loud, like as in even Heero was staring at him Duo quickly adverted his eyes.

"I think I'm gonna go hang myself now." announced Duo in a cheerful voice accompanied with a tooth decaying smile.

"In that case can I have your lunch?" both Lee and Kiley coursed then glared at each other.

Duo decidedly dove for his plate of food.


Duo had roamed the campus for about twenty-two minutes and finally decided to just skip his last few remaining classes, as he was already late as it was, so why not just take a nice catnap instead.

The braided delinquent made it to the third floor with out being noticed once. As he opened the door to his room he dropped his key on the floor and gasped at what he saw.

There was Heero topless underneath an equally topless Cal the only difference between the two was that Cal had a million hickeys on his chest opposed to Heero's non blemished skin, then the blanket fell. Duo saw what he hoped weren't hickeys on Heero's somewhat inner or outer thighs.

Sadly, all he could do was gawk at the two as he got what he referred to as The Hard on Form Hell for some reason he couldn't move, yet his brain kept yelling GET OUT, GET OUT NOW!!!!!

"Get the hell out and shut the fucking door now!" was all Duo heard before he found himself staring at the front side of the door in the middle of the hall. Soon Duo was off at full speed.

He knew it was somewhere down this hall 'there it is' Duo started to wave his hands franticly behind the glass window of the door soon he was met with a pair of hazel eyes. Duo stood at the side of the door so as not to be seen by the teacher.

Kiley stepped out of the class with a pass in his hand along with his books.

"What is it?" was the first thing that came out of his mouth the second he looked at Duo's face.

"Huh...uh.. their sleeping with each other!" Duo said out of breath then.


Kiley looked at Duo for a second then placed his books on top of Duo 's stomach and dragged him to the elevator hoping none of their teachers would see them on their long trip down the hall. Although it would seem kind of funny to see someone lugging Duo up the stairs, but that would just make more work. He just shrugged and continued down the hall by passing the elevator.

When Duo opened his eyes he immediately saw Kiley towering over him.

"Feeling better?" asked Kiley looking down at Duo who nodded.

"Good, now what the hell is wrong with you taking me out of class, then yelling THEIR SLEEPING WITH EACH OTHER then collapse to the floor, you know, I had to carry you all the way up here." Kiley was now grinding his teeth.

"It feels more like you threw me down the stair case." said Duo rubbing his head.

"Actually, I dragged you up the stairs, I only dropped you twice." Kiley stuck out his tongue.

"And you didn't use the elevator because?"

"I felt you didn't deserve it since I had to drag you here, now tell me really what's up?"

"Well after lunch I walked around for a while then went to go take a nap then when I opened the door I saw Cal and Heero screwing each other. I ended up in the middle of the hall-way, I'm still trying to figure that one out you know?"

Kiley kind of laughed.

"The only reason there were doing it in your room was because they take Heero's key in first, so he wont skip class and go off to sleep with someone, but it's not like that's gonna stop him.

"So you knew they were fucking each other" said Duo.

"Yes, but like I said I'm pretty sure their just friends."

"So you're saying their best friends with benefits."

"Basically yes, so don't freak too much, besides all he really wants is sex."

"And you'd know that because?" Duo quirked an eyebrow. (3)

"One time, well not one time a couple of times Heero came on to me, first he sent me an e-mail saying and I quote "Hi you look good and if you want a good fuck write me back and I'll set the time and place." Second time he cornered me in the library the last day of school in the section in the books were no one goes. He got as far as feeling me up before I kneed him and took off, then told him to go find someone else to play with, and that if he ever came near me again I'd attempt to kill him."

"Oh, does that mean you want me to stay away from him?" asked Duo kind of feeling bad because he still wanted to date Heero.

"No, just be careful that's all. Now go back to your room and apologize for barging in and go to sleep ok." said Kiley slightly concerned for Duo's health. (which one just choose)

"Of course, don't worry so much over me" smiled Duo as he leaned in and pecked Kiley on the cheek.

"You'll end up giving people the wrong idea that way" said Kiley to Duo who was knocking on his door, smiling as his auburn hair streaked with an over ripe plum color fell into his vision while leaning out the door-way, then closing it after he heard someone answer.

"Who is it?" Duo heard from the inside.

"Your room mate, I really want some sleep." said Duo as he leaned against the door.

"Use your damn key I'm kind of busy."

"I dropped it earlier in the room asshole!" Duo was extremely pissed. (how that happened I don't know)

"One moment" then Duo heard a loud thud and then the door opened and Duo fell in because he forgot he was using the door as support.

"Idiot" was what Duo heard Cal say as he went to go lay next to Heero on the bed looking at, Duo's eyes widened.

"What the hell are you doing reading my diee.. er... Journal, you have no right" Duo said as he snatched his "journal" from Heero's grip.

Ok now Duo was really pissed off.

"Look we just found it or I just found it, I only read the first page and glanced at the second before you tore it from my hands." Heero looked at Cal. "Besides when Cal got off the bed he knocked it off the top bunk, which means you left it out for everyone to see. I'm going, so see you later Cal." Heero said as he walked past Duo, all Duo did was stand there mute as he watched Heero leave then Cal left closing the door behind him.

Dear Diary,

I can't believe today was such pandemonium, plus this is the first I've written in you twice in the same day. Well anyways like I was going to say after lunch I walked around for a while then walked in on Cal and Heero in the middle of "Play Time" all I wanted was a nap damnit, after I saw that I felt horny and terrified at the same time. I immediately ran in search of Kiley (not for that reason) then I passed out once finding him, not because of the shock, but the fact that I ran down two stair cases and down the hall at full speed. Then, he decides to drag me up two flights of stairs because doesn't want to give me the satisfaction of using modern conveniences on my expense. On a whole other note did I forget to mention that Kiley doesn't use cell phones, elevator, with the exception of escalators, (I guess that executes vibrators) anywho I woke up with a killer headache. He gave me some advice and Advil I think and I came in the room just to find Heero reading you. Do you think I'd win a case by saying he forced entry on you, uh....this is getting weird yeah ok by now.

Sleep time, Duo out.

Out of pure curiosity Duo flipped to the first page of his diary and read through it.

"Oh great god of Death take me now, he probably thinks I'm some kind of weak emotional sissy!" Duo tossed his diary underneath his pillow and proceeded to bang his head against the wall then stopped when he heard Kiley yell he was getting stupider by the second. So he retired for the night and went to sleep.

One: I just can't stop changing the name of the school, I hope this is the last time I do that. 2-5-04

Two: My boyfriend does that he actually puts Mr. Before someone's first name and calls them for example Mr. Inset name or Mr. blah

Three: I do that a lot, for no reason at all its just fun

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Next chapter

Does Heero really value sex more then love? Will Duo catch Heero's attention? And what is Trowa doing getting drunk at a gay bar, better yet who takes Duo home after all the liquor? Find out in the next chapter of When The World Stops Turning

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