Severus Snape stalked down the stone hallway his black robes billowing out behind him. He kept his face impassive, almost bored looking as he searched for his quiry through the castle.

The war had finally ended, Voldemort was defeated after Potter had gotten the much needed information from his memories. Severus had barely managed to survive Nagini's attack. If it hadn't been for Grangers quick thinking and essence of dittany he would not have lived to see the Dark Lord obliterated.

Finally reaching Gryffindor tower he gave the Fat Lady the password and swept inside. He folded his arms as he stood in the warm common room his black eyes sweeping the area.

"Potter!" He called, he sniffed at the garish, homey looking furniture. Slytherin's common room looked much more dignified and respectable.

Harry Potter came bounding down the steps, wand grasped firmly in his right hand his green eyes hard as he looked around for who had called his name. His eyes landed on Snape and they stood for a moment sizing each other up, Snape had been avoiding Harry since the final battle. He desperately wished that Potter had not seen his memories. He had thought that the brat would taunt him just like his good for nothing father, but he had avoided him as well.

Potter dropped his gaze and walked over to him his long black fringe hiding his green eyes.

"Come." Snape barked.

He whipped around and walked out, his heels clicking sharply against the stone floor, he assumed Potter would follow him.

He led the boy through the castle not glancing back. His feet carried him down, as his mind wandered, thinking about how the boy might react to what he was about to trick him into. Mcgonagall had put him up to it deeming him the only one whom Harry would trust to administer the potion. The boy had been extremely quiet and closed off, not attending meals, and only appearing when work on the castle had begun. Snape was sure it had something to with Ginevra Weasley's death, the girl had died during the battle along with Percival Weasley and Luna Lovegood and many others.

All the other children, for that's what they were, had been tested and classified except for Potter. Potter had not been here for Seventh year and had missed this important milestone. Granger and Weasley had both been tested by the ministry a few days beforehand but Potter had not accompanied them. And so, the task was set to him to classify the famous gryffindor golden boy. He used a bit of wandless magic to unlock his office the heavy door creaking open as he walked through.

"Come Potter,"

He walked in, and went straight to a hidden alcove. He had a secret cupboard here where he kept dangerous and illegal potions. He glanced back the boy was lingering in the door.

"I don't have all day." he snapped, turning back around.

He heard the boy grumbling as he walked forward dragging his feet,

"What do you need me to do?" He asked, watching Snape wearily as the approached the desk holding a smoking goblet of potion.

"Drink this," he thrust the goblet at the boy, Potter grasped it in his hand, holding it awkwardly.

"Why? I thought we were rebuilding some part of the castle," Potter said holding the goblet away from his body his green eyes steadily watching Snape.

Snape knew they had come to the most delicate part of his plan. He needed to get Harry to drink the entire thing.

Every witch and wizard was tested with this potion in their last year of hogwarts. Once ingested an aura would glow around the person's body, the colour of the aura would tell the drinker what classification they fell into. The person would then go on and live in the life style that was best suited for them.

The classifications were: Alpha, Omega, Master, Pet, Neutral, Guardian and littles. Neutrals, Alphas and Omega took up the most of the population, Master and Pet were a close second, Guardians and Littles were close to being called rare.

Severus himself had taken the potion when he was seventeen and had scoffed at the results, he was not a guardian and anyone who had met him could attest to that. The only person that had known his true classification was Dumbledore, Snape had told everyone else that he had tested as a Master and no one had doubted him.

He watched as Potter hesitantly sniffed at the potion before pulling a face and jerked his face away.

"Potter, drink it and you may go." he said with feigned patience.

"But why? I'm not sick or anything," always the stubborn boy. Snape stalked over and leaned in very close to Potter's face watching as his green eyes widened behind his wire frames.

"Do not make me repeat myself boy." He seethed.

Potter stood his ground his jaw set, eyes flashing. "I won't be drinking anything until you tell me what all this is about."

Snape sneered down at him, his hand itching to take out his wand and hex the boy into submission. "I have been told to make sure you get classified before the sun goes down and I intend to see it through." Snape said through his teeth.

Potter took a step back his mouth going slack as his gaze darted from Snape to the potion.

" wait you can't-"

Snape cut off what he was sure would have been one of the boys long winded rants.

"By law I am supposed too, so yes I can Potter." he leaned in closer enjoying the ill disguised fear on the boys face "Address me properly you whelp."

"So sorry, Professor." Potter gave a little mock bow as he rolled his eyes at him.

They stared each other down, neither of them willing to look away first.

After what seemed like an eternity Potter turned his head away. The boy was blushing from the neck up and his hands were shaking.


"No, just drink it and leave I have business to attend and your presence disturbs me greatly."

Potter grumbled as he slowly brought the still smoking goblet to his lips, his tongue darted out and Snape silently congratulated himself on getting Potter to do it when the brat opened his mouth to speak again

"How do I know that this isn't something else? What if you're trying to poison me?"

"Potter, If I wanted to kill you, I assure you it would be much more drawn out and painful" Snape growled an inch away from forcing the potion down the boy's throat.

The boy flinched, looking away his shoulders hunching in. Snape watched him as he once again brought the cup to his lips this time scrunching his face up and gulping it down quickly. Steam blew out of the boy's nose and ears as he finished it. His trembling hands dropping the goblet on the stone floor, it fell with a clank.

But Snape only had eyes for Potter. Potter doubled over in pain, his hands clutching his stomach his face turning an ashen grey.

"Is it supposed to do that?" He gritted out his entire body trembling now.

Snape wasn't ashamed to say that he took a perverse pleasure in seeing the boy in so much pain. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead and finally a faint glow began to form around his body. The trembling was beginning to subside.

At first he would have said it was green but slowly the colour began to change to a light blue as Potter arched his back in agony, his eyes squeezed shut and his breathing unsteady.

Severus' eyes widened this was certainly unexpected. The entire wizarding world had assumed Potter was an Alpha or a Neutral but they were all clearly mistaken.

Potter, was a little.