"Alright Dove, Daddy needs to leave now," he gave Harry one last squeeze and then let him go taking a step back.

"Harry see's Daddy later?" Harry asked his heart beating painfully fast in his chest. He still got really nervous when Daddy left especially if he knew he would not be able to see him for a few hours at a time.

"Yes, now be good for Mr. Longbottom." He turned to Neville a grim expression on his face. "I expect him to come home happy and in one piece," he warned him menacingly.

"Of course professor. Harry and I are going to have a great day," he said going over to Harry and zipping up his sweater. He took Harry's hand in his own and nodded to Snape before walking out of the castle, Harry next to him.

"Daddy no wan' to p'ay wif Harry?" Harry asked Neville quietly as they were approaching the castle gates.

"Harry, of course your Daddy wants to play with you! He just has to go really boring teacher meetings all day, but I know he's going to miss you lots." Neville reassured him leading him down the path towards Hogsmeade. He was taking Harry to the park. For a while now, Harry had been begging Charlie to go to the littles park in Hogsmeade but Charlie was sick today so Neville had volunteered to take him. He had never seen Harry so excited and it made Neville happy to see his friend so care free and content. Harry skipped along next him, humming happily to himself.

Harry's eyes widened comically as he took in the park. There was everything! They had a huge red slide and a sand box and (Harry's personal favourite) the swings! Harry dashed forward snatching one of the chains for the swings and climbing on. He kicked his feet happily, and yelled "Neville come push me!"

Neville smiled as he jogged over and stood behind Harry he took hold of the two chains and pulled them as far back as he could before letting them go and giving Harry a push on his back.

"Wheeeeeeeeeeee!" Harry laughed as he swung up and down. He was pretending that he was flying like Daddy could and he was going to the moon to meet orange space aliens.

He played on the swings for a while until Neville's arms got to tired to push him.

"How about we go play in the sand? I have a surprise for you," Neville said pointing to the sand box.

"Kay!" Harry jumped off the swing landing with an 'oof' on the grass. He stood up and ran to the sand box before he got in, he pulled off his socks and shoes before Neville could reach him and sunk his toes into the soft sand.

"Oh Harry! Your Dad's going to kill me," Neville sighed shaking his head at Harry's smirk. "Great," he said sarcastically.

"Su'p'ise?" Harry asked sweetly tilting his head to the side.

"Here it is," Neville said pulling a small box out of his pocket. He unshrunk it with his wand and handed it to Harry. Harry looked at him shyly.

"Harry open?" he asked holding up the box.

Neville nodded, saddened inside that Harry still needed so much reassurance.

Harry smiled and opened the box gasping when he saw what was inside. "Shovels! An' a Bucke'!" Harry pulled out a bunch of brightly coloured shovels and big purple bucket.

"Can I build a castle with you?" Neville asked settling himself down in the sand across from Harry.

"Castle?" Harry asked confused.

"Yeah, we can build a sand castle, here I'll show you," Neville took one of the shovels and started scooping sand into the bucket. He used his wand and added some water to the bucket, mixing it with sand before slipping it over and pulling the bucket off. The sand had formed a perfect upside bucket shape.

"Woah!" Harry said in a hushed whisper. He reached for the bucket and filled it with sand before dumping it upside he frowned when all the sand came pouring out into an unshaped pile.

"It no wo'k for Harry," he pouted looking at Neville sadly.

"Awww, shnorkles don't pout. I'll help you," he offered picking up the bucket, he helped Harry refill it with sand before taking out his wand and adding some water. Harry scrunched his nose up at the nickname. Neville had called him that when he found out that Harry still had a cold left from he was sick.

"The water is the key, my Gran used to take me to the beach in the summer sometimes and I always built these." Neville said as he showed Harry how to mix it together.

"Okay, now dump it over, carefully," he watched as Harry tried again a hopeful expression on his face as he slid the bucket off the sand tower.

"We did it!" He cried happily. He clapped happily before refilling the bucket. Harry and Neville ended up trying to remake Hogwarts, Neville had transfigured a smaller bucket for the towers. Soon they had most of the castle standing including a moat for sharks and ducks.


"Harry," Neville said trying to use his Daddy voice. He knew it wouldn't work the way Snape's did on Harry but it would still let him know he was displeased with him.

"No!" Harry yelled stamping his barefoot on the grass.

Neville had told Harry it was time to go, because he hadn't brought lunch for Harry and Harry was a bit pink from the sun, but Harry was not yet ready to leave.

"Harry Potter, we are leaving right now, put your socks and shoes on,"

"No! Not goin'. Never!"


"Not! Neville big meany pants! Not like no more!" Harry screeched. He didn't care if the other littles in the park were looking at him, they needed to know how mean Neville is.

Neville walked forward and spun Harry around and swatted him on his bum twice. "Stop this now. We are leaving," he said quietly.

Harry had tears in his eyes when he turned around. "Harry no like Neville no more," he whispered, a tear sliding down his cheek.

"I understand you're upset with me that does mean we throw a tantrum and scream." Neville said staying firm. It hurt when Harry said he didn't like him anymore but Snape had warned him to be firm or else Harry could get out of control.


Harry been silent the entire way back to the castle. Walking ahead of Neville and occasionally sniffling. Neville sighed to himself, he didn't want Harry to stay mad at him but he knew he must be starving by now, his skin was sun burnt, and he needed a nappy change.

They reached Snapes office in silence, Neville letting them in. Snape wouldn't let Neville be in his rooms without him, so everything they needed was in his office.

Neville set out a changing mat on the cleared desk. He pulled out Cesar and set him on top of the mat trying to entice Harry to co-operate. Harry glared at him balefully as he climbed up cuddling Cesar close to his face.

Neville made quick work of changing him, rubbing a liberal amount of cream all over to hopefully prevent the rash he thought might be starting. He taped up the new nappy and pulled up his little boy shorts.

"I think you should wash your hands and face before lunch." Neville said picking him up and setting him down on the floor gently.

Harry shook his head 'no', still giving him the silent treatment.

"yes Harry," Neville said trying to scoop him up. Harry dodged his hands and crawled away as fast as he could keeping Cesar tucked under his chin with one of his hands.

"Harry stop this. I don't want to have to spank you but I will if I have to," Neville said. He hated threatening to spank him but he had no other choice.

Harry whimpered, burying his face in Cesar. Neville was silent as he picked him up and carried him through to the empty classroom and over to the sink.

Neville gently tugged Cesar away from Harry who growled quietly but said nothing. He put Cesar on the counter next to the sink. Neville washed Harry hands carefully getting all off the sand and dirt out from under his nails. He cupped his hand under the faucet and washed Harry face. Harry whined and tried to squirm away but to no avail, Neville cleaned his face thoroughly.


"NO!" Harry screamed kicking and squirming in his high chair. He didn't want yucky chicken! He wanted Daddy and he wanted him now! Neville was trying to calm him down but didn't want to be calm. He tried to slap away Nevilles hands and ended up hitting him in the face. Neville straightened up his face extremely angry.

"We do not hit." Neville said, he carefully and calmly unattached the tray and unbuckled Harry. Harry was quiet, looking up at Neville from underneath his fringe. Neville picked him up and carried him over to the couch in the office.

"Do you have anything to say?" Neville asked hoping Harry would say sorry and mean it so he wouldn't need to spank him.

Harry whimpered. "Want Daddy, no more meany Neville!"

Neville sighed. "I know you miss your Daddy, but that does mean you lash out and hurt people, you talk to me and tell me how you're feeling."

"Bad Neville!" Harry said trying to squirm away again.

Neville held in a sigh, Snape had warned him he needed to be firm and now he saw why. He pulled down Harry's shorts, leaving his nappy up.

Neville began to spank him, preferring to lecture him after. Harry whimpered with each swat but he never said anything.

Finally Neville stopped, the skin around the nappy bright red. Harry's shorts had fallen off during the spanking.

Harry ignored them and slid off Neville's lap running to one of the corners and curling up in it, crying hard. No one loved him anymore! Harry sobbed into his hands feeling very sorry for himself.

Neville put his face in his hands. He had no idea where to go from here. What if Harry was mad at him for forever? What if he never wanted to play with him again? Neville felt his heart giving a painful twist at this, he would miss Harry so much. Neville stood up to go and see if he could comfort him when the office door banged open an angry Snape marching in.

"Damn teachers meeting, waste of my time." He muttered darkly. He looked up and took in a stricken looking Longbottom and a crying Harry. He raised an eyebrow and gave Longbottom his most menacing look.

"Explain," he ordered.

"Harry was misbehaving so I spanked him and he ran away from me right after and is now curled up in the corner…He won't talk to me,"

Severus looked to Harry who looked to have not heard him come in. He nodded towards Longbottom. "Thank you, I will take care of him. You may go for the day. I…appreciate your help today," he said tightly.

"No problem Professor….Erm, Professor?" Neville asked fiddling with his shirt sleeve.


"Do you think Harry hates me now?" he asked quietly.

Severus sighed, he had known Harry would give Neville a hard time today but he had not anticipated Neville being affected by it.

"He will not hate you, he just gets…touchy when I am gone. I will make sure he does not hate you," he promised ushering the boy out. He had missed his son all day and he wanted to stop his tears.

"Oh Harry, come to Daddy," he held out his arms.

Harry looked up his eyes red and puffy. "Daddy," he croaked. He scrambled up and ran into Daddy's arms burying his face in his robes.

"Harry tell me what happened today," he said quietly.

"Harry went to park, Harry bad and gets lotsa spanks," he said sadly.

"I heard,"

"Daddy mad?"

"No I'm not mad, but I would like you to apologize to Mr. Longbottom tomorrow."

"Kay, Daddy," Harry said sniffling and cuddling into Daddy. He had missed him so much it was like there was a big hole in his tummy when Daddy was gone.

Daddy picked him up, grabbing Cesar before using magic to put everything back to where it was supposed to be in their rooms and settling down with Harry on the couch.

"Daddy missed you today Dove," Daddy said quietly petting his hair.

"Harry misses Daddy too,"

"Is that you were naughty today?" Daddy asked knowingly.

"Uh huh, Nevilles not same and he's not as cuddly," Harry said more tears running down his cheeks.

"Oh dove, Neville isn't supposed to replace me, he can be your friend, you can have both of us,"



"And Daddy no sad?"

"No, Harry I won't be sad," Daddy said cuddling him close and kissing his head. He rubbed his back soothingly, "Daddy loves you no matter what,"