Harry silently watched as Daddy packed up his things. He was sitting in the middle of Daddy's bed, as Daddy manually put his clothes into a suitcase.

"Harry, do not look at me like that. I told you, I am coming back in just two days," Daddy said as he folded up an extra pair of robes.

Harry stared back at him, trying to memorize his face so he could remember him for forever.

He was sad. He felt like his heart was being wrenched out of his chest. And the worst part was, was that Daddy thought he was being silly. He wasn't being silly, he just didn't want Daddy to leave him. He stayed silent as Daddy packed up socks and a hair brush. Who would brush Harry's hair?

"What if I gave you something of mine to keep safe for me?"

Harry looked at him with a frown, what would that help?

Daddy came over to him and sat down next to him, making the bed dip. "It is something I read about someone doing in a book once. I will give you something of mine that I treasure, and you will hold it safe for me until I return, thus, ensuring that I will come back for it," Daddy explained.

Harry thought it over for a minute, it was a really smart idea, but only if he had something really important to Daddy.

"Wha' Daddy give Harry?"

"What would you like?" Daddy asked,

"Somefin' tha' smells like you," Harry requested shyly, blushing.

"Something that smells like me…" Daddy repeated thoughtfully running a finger over his lips in thought. Daddy walked around the room muttered quietly.

He turned back to Harry, "What about my favourite cloak? Will that do?"

Harry smiled, "Peefec'!"

Daddy strolled over to his closet, rummaging inside it until he yanked out a long dark green velvet cloak.

"You must promise to take very good care of this." Daddy told him seriously.

"Harry p'omises," he took the cloak from Daddy and ran the smooth fabric across his cheek. This was perfect.

Harry stayed with Daddy until he was done packing. Every time Daddy packed something Harry felt a strong urge to take it out and put it back in the drawer, but he was smart enough to know that that would only make Daddy annoyed with him.

Finally, after an age, Daddy was finished. He turned around to find Harry sucking on his fingers watching him with wide eyes.

He smiled softly and lifted him off the bed, cuddling him in his arms. He would miss Harry just as much as he would miss him, if not more.

Harry had been pretty quiet today, Snape had a feeling that he was feeling much littler than he usually did.

Snape stood up, leaving Harry on the bed, he needed to double check that he had everything.

He got half way before he heard a whine from behind him. He turned around Harry had his arms out, his bottom lip trembling pitifully.

"I know its hard, come here little one," he put him on his hip, placing a soft kiss on his forehead. Harry whimpered and rubbed his nose against his cheek.

Snape watched him with warm eyes, it was rare when Harry felt this little but he was always disgustingly adorable when he did.

Harry lay his head on his shoulder, his fingers once again in his mouth.

"I believe a bottle is in order," he commented as he carried him out of his bedroom.

He quickly made a bottle, filling it with chocolate milk. He settled them onto the couch, getting Harry into position, only to see he was crying.

"Oh dove, please don't be sad," he whispered, rocking him gently. He left the bottle on one of the couch cushions and slowly ran a finger up and down his cheek. Harry was quietly whimpering, tears slowly rolling down.

"Daddy will be back before you know it, and then we can spend all day together. I'll bring you back something," he promised, desperate to stop his tears.

Harry didn't answer. He just stared up at him with wide, sad green eyes.

"You'll have Cesar with you, and any toys you want to bring, although I am sure they will have plenty there…" He didn't expect an answer.

He picked up the bottle and ran it over Harry's lips trying to entice him to suck on it. Harry opened his mouth and began suckling on the milk, his eyes fluttering shut. Snape watched him slowly empty the bottle, he was making little snuffling noises as he drank.

"You'll be okay baby boy, I'm sure of it,"

Harry was still very little by the time Charlie came to pick him up. This would be the hardest part for both of them. Harry was wide awake, when Charlie flooed in. He scrambled off of the floor where he had been sitting quietly and launched himself into Daddy's arms, crying loudly. Snape tried to calm him down but Harry wouldn't have it.

"Having a bad day?" Charlie asked looking at him in sympathy.

"He is extremely little today, so there's been a flood of tears and barely any talking."

"Oh, it's one of those, huh?" Charlie teased, trying to entice Harry to look at him, Harry ignored him, crying harder into Daddy's shoulder.

"Don't be discouraged, he rarely wants anyone but me when he is like this."

Charlie nodded, he walked over to where Harry's packed bags were and shrunk them, and slipped them into his robe pocket. "I'm ready when you are," Charlie said turning back to Snape and Harry.

Snape hesitated. He knew Harry would cry whether they said good bye here or at the Weasley's but he wasn't ready to part with him just yet.

"I'll accompany you, to help him get settled."

"Sure," Charlie walked over to the floo and taking a handful of powder yelled for the Burrow.