Harry shifted rubbing his face into the soft cotton material he had been sleeping on. It smelled so good, it smelled like home. He whimpered softly when he remembered that he was at the Weasley's cause Daddy was 'away'. What if away meant he was never coming back?

Harry felt a lump form in his throat, he never even got to say goodbye to all his toys. Oh no! Kayla was all alone now! And sully! And Bob! Who would make sure they were all fed and put to sleep?

Harry's eyes flew open, panicked. He spotted Daddy lying on the bed next to him, watching him with soft, amused eyes.

"Daddy! We need to make su'e Kayla is feeded and Sully!" Harry nearly yelled, he scrambled to the edge of the bed. He needed to make sure they were all okay and who-

He almost lost his footing when he whirled around as fast as he could.

"DADDY!" he screamed as he launched himself into him, he began laughing and crying at the same time. His entire body felt like it was going to explode with how happy he felt.

"Hello, my precious boy," Daddy laughed, straightening him and hugging him close.

"Daddy harry misses yous so much," he told him seriously, wiping away a few stray tears. He held out his hands as far as they could possibly reach, "this much, 'eally even mo'e but my arms aw'e kinda short." He explained.

"Well Daddy missed you this much," And Daddy picked up his wand and drew a huge circle in the air, that lit up with sparking green and red balls.

"Woah," Harry watched with eyes as it slowly fizzled out. Daddy missed him a lot, that made Harry feel all good inside.

Daddy pulled him forward and kissed him on the forehead and then the nose and then his two cheeks and his chin. "All I wanted to do the entire time was just be with you," Daddy whispered in his ear, tickling him a bit in the tummy.

"Harry too," he told Daddy, wiggling a bit so get away from Daddy's tickly hands. He let Daddy hold him for a bit, just happy to be with him again.

After a while Harry began to squirm, he needed to go say hello to his toys, they probably felt ignored. Daddy had told him that it wasn't nice to ignore anyone.

"Does your nappy need a change Harry?" Daddy asked knowingly.

Harry flushed, squirming even more. He hadn't noticed his messy nappy until Daddy brought it to his attention and now he realized he was really uncomfortable.

"Come, Daddy will change you and then we can go say hello to your toys," he scooped Harry up and chuckled as Harry turned an even deeper shade of red.

Harry snatched Cesar and his blankie and let Daddy carry him to his nursery.

Oh! How he had missed his nursery!

Harry smiled and waved hello to all of his furniture. He could have sworn that his rocking chair had moved in a 'hello' rock to greet him.

Daddy lay him down, the smile never leaving his face, as he kissed him on the head and began to change him quickly.


"Yes dove?" Daddy asked while wiping him clean.

"Do Daddies gets mad cause they gotsa change all da stinkies?"

Daddy burst out laughing, the corners of eyes crinkling. "No dove, Daddies, and Mommies for that matter, love every part of their children even the 'stinkies' as you so poetically put it."

"'eally?" Harry asked, wide eyed.

"Really, what's a little grossness for all this cuteness," Daddy teased, wiggling his finger under Harry's vulnerable ribs. He taped up the fresh diaper and snapped up his pyjamas.

"Who would you like to see first?" Daddy asked setting him down in front of the toy chest.

Harry thought for a moment, "Fiw'st we do Kayla den, Sully and then evewybody else," Harry decided.

"Marvelous plan," Daddy told him.

Harry toddled forward, and started pulling out all of his toys patting each one 'hello' on their heads and giving it a kiss.

"I'll be in the kitchen whenever you're done Harry," Daddy told leaving him to play with his toys.

Harry finished saying hello to everyone even obliging Kayla with another kiss after she gave him, doe eyes and then he was ready to eat breakfast. He tied his blankie around his neck like a cape and held Cesar in one hand then crawled to the kitchen.

Harry kept quiet as a mouse as he crawled into the main room. He wanted to surprise Daddy. He quickly hid behind one of the legs of the table and ducked behind it as Daddy's head swiveled to survey the room. He missed the knowing look Daddy had flashed him and Harry smirked to himself, thinking he had slipped under Daddy's radar.

Harry stifled a giggle with his hand and dashed across the little kitchen behind Daddy. He straightened up to his knees and placed Cesar on his shoulder, he put his arms up and curled his hands into claws. He sucked in a big breath and let out a ferocious growl.


Daddy turned around at hearing a small growl and pretended to be scared, jumping back and putting a hand over his heart.

"NO! A terrible beast has come and he's going to kill me whatever will I do?!"

Harry giggled, before quickly schooling his face into a fearsome scowl and growling at Daddy again. Daddy growled back, before crouching down and scooping Harry into his arms. Harry growled in Daddy's face, bringing his hands up the sides of his face. Daddy laughed and rubbed their noses together.

"I see I have a wild animal in my home,"

Harry giggled and tried to make scary faces at Daddy. Daddy raised an eyebrow and sat down with him in a kitchen chair. Harry wiggled in his lap to get comfy.

"Well, I guess since you are no longer my little boy I can't feed you yummy little boy food,"

Harry growled, and shook his head.

"I know Daddy! You cans feeded Harry animals c'ackers cause I eats animals!" Harry told him excitedly, he loved animal crackers.

"Hmmmm, that may work, but you are clearly a carnivorous mammal and they eat tend to eat herbivores so you may only eat the herbivoric crackers," Daddy told him seriously.

Harry nodded his head in agreement his Daddy was so smart. Daddy brought his hands up to frame his face. Daddy leaned in giving him his no nonsense eyes and growled at him menacingly.

Harry held in a giggle and growled back, scrunching up his nose.

Daddy smirked.

Harry growled again, he needed Daddy to realize how scary Harry was.

Daddy looked nonplussed.

Harry decided to take drastic measures. He turned his head and swiftly, but gently, bit down on Daddy's fingers. He growled with the fingers in his mouth, looking to see Daddy's reaction.

Daddy was smiling! He was smiling! The audacity of some people!

Harry whined and nibbled on them again. "I'ma supoosa ve scarvy Daddy!" he grumbled around his mouthful.

"How can I be scared when you do things that are so damn cute," Daddy murmured scratching Harry's head lightly.

Harry cocked his head to the side still holding Daddy's fingers hostage in his mouth. He looked at Daddy adorningly, he loved him so much.

Harry let Daddy's fingers go and leaned forward shyly giving Daddy a kiss on his cheek. "Love you Daddy" he whispered as he wrapped his arms around him tightly.

"I love you to my Harry," Daddy told him hugging him tightly.

Harry was very glad to have his Daddy back.