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Harry stood in front of his closet in his nursery, his face red from embarrassment. Today was his Daddy's planned big day. Except, he had already hit a wall and it was only ten minutes since he had woken up.

He told Daddy that he would pick his clothes today all by himself. He reached for a plain pair of jeans, except the fly was fake, the top was drawstring but they were the most 'normal' looking pants he owned. He also grabbed a white t shirt with a small pocket over on side of the chest.

He clumsily took off his nappy and cleaned himself, grimacing, poor Daddy had to this all the time. He had agreed with Daddy to wear a pull up today instead of a nappy because he might forget after so long of not thinking about it. But it had been a real fight for Daddy to let Harry do everything by himself.

He pulled off his onesie and shucked on his shirt and jeans. He tucked Cesar and blankey into his crib so they'd be warm while he was gone all day.

Sucking in a big breath Harry opened the door and stepped into the living room.

"Good morning Harry," Snape said from his place at the kitchen table, a daily Prophet open in front of him.

"H-hello," he said standing awkwardly next to him, not sure how to act.

"This is your home whether you are small or not," Snape said quietly, clearly picking up on Harrys uncertainty.

"I know," Harry said quickly not wanting him to get offended. He slipped into the chair opposite Snape and rested his hands on the table waiting for Snape to finish reading.

Snape knocked on the table and Harry lifted his hands just in time for steaming plates full of food to appear, everything from toast to pancakes in front of them.

Harry helped himself, blushing when he spilled some eggs he had been trying to feed himself.

"Don't over analyze everything Harry, I am not judging you," Snape said looking at him.

"I guess I'm just nervous is all," he mumbled.

"Because of me?"

"I haven't been big around you since the day I was tested that was almost two months ago! I don't even know how to feed myself anymore." Harry said becoming frustrated with his own inability to communicate.

"Harry I know I treated you worse than dirt I-"

"No, that's not it all, I forgave you for that weeks ago, I just don't know what …. our relationship is now that I'm not…er little,"

"Ah," Snape steepled his hands in front of him, thinking. "I can only tell you how I feel, meaning I cannot read your mind. I still look at you as my son whether you are small or not, obviously the way I treat and relate to you changes with your headspace but I love you either way and I want you around either way," he said, smiling softly at him.

Harry felt a warm feeling rush through him, a smile forming on his face. "I love you too," he said no longer embarrassed to say it out loud to the man. Harry let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding in, a weight lifting off his shoulders. There was silence for a few moments.

"So what do I call you?" he asked shyly.

"I would rather you not call me any formal title, Snape included," he said carefully pouring himself a cup of black coffee.

"What… what about um… if I – er I called you Dad?" Harry stumbled over each word his face flaming red, his heart beating too fast.

Snape looked at him, his face impassive but his eyes vulnerable. "If you would like, I would oblige," he said cautiously, each word picked carefully.

Harry smiled at him shyly, nodding happily. Looking at him Harry saw that his face relaxed into a content smile, his eyes warm as he turned back to his breakfast.


"Alright, I'm going out," Harry said holding his beloved broom in his hand.

His Dad came out of his private lab, walking past him, he swatted Harry hard enough for him to feel it through his jeans.

"Nice try, leaving without a cloak." He said smirking at Harrys flushed embarrassed face.

"I er.." Harry stuttered too embarrassed to come up with something to say.

"Right. No cloak no broom," Dad said holding up Harry's black cloak. He grumbled but took it quickly putting it on, anxious to go already.

He was meeting Neville and Hermione at the pitch, Hermione had even promised to fly for a bit. He was a little nervous to see them when he was big but he was way more excited, so it was okay.

Once he was in the air, he never wanted to leave. His broom turned with just the slightest flick of his wrist. Neville had agreed to race him around the pitch, both of their laughter filling the air. Hermione sat below them, watching them happily.


A few months later….

Neville chuckled as he slipped the coin out from behind Harrys ear, causing Harry to gasp delightedly. Harry was holding Neville's wand in his hand, making sure Neville didn't cheat.

"Teach me!" Harry demanded, making grabby hands for the golden coin.

"A great wizard never reveals his tricks," Hermione said from Harry's other side, smirking at Neville's wink. They were all sitting on the couch in Snapes rooms.

Harry pouted, harumphing loudly for emphasis.

"What if we started on your Daddy's present hmm? I know you asked Neville if we could help you," Hermione said quietly, not wanting Snape to over hear her.

The man in question was in his private lab, with the door slightly ajar.

"Yeah! I gotsa a great idea," Harry said squirming in his seat.

"Miss Granger?" they heard Snape call. They looked at each other, Hermione giving them a small smile before jumping up to go to him.

Walking into the lab he motioned for he to close the door.

"I have a question…." he said his eyes shifting about the room, looking unsure of himself.

She kept quiet not sure what he was going to ask.

"As you know, Christmas is soon and while I have a multitude of gifts for 'little' Harry I barley have any for 'big' Harry and I am… stuck on what to get him and I am asking for your…advice,"

Hermione felt her face soften, Harry had really melted the mans hard exterior. "I'd love to help," she said. "And it will have to be good, because you made his birthday spectacular and this needs to top that…"

Thinking for a moment, she let her mind wonder on what she thought Harry might like… then an idea came to her.


Severus glanced down at Harry his heart warming at what he saw.

Harry was busy using cookie cutters to perfectly shape the cookie dough they had made, his tongue sticking out in concentration.

"How are the cookies coming along?" he asked, smirking when harry jumped from being startled. It was nice to see him so focused on a task, oblivious to the world.

Harry smiled up at him, "Good! Are 'ou done da icin' yet Daddy?" Snape nodded and started placing the bowls of icing he had made on the table. He sat down next to Harry and began to decorate the cookies, turning a blind eye when Harrys sugary fingers magically got cleaner as his mouth got messier.

"San'as gonna love em' and maybe he'll 'tay for dinnew!" Harry babbled excitedly.

"Perhaps," Daddy said distracting him with sprinkles and chocolate syrup. He loved his son very much whether he was big or small.


Christmas Day arrived, and with it an over excited ''little' Harry nearly jumping out of his crib.

"Daddy! We gotsa go see if San'a came!" he yelled as Daddy entered the nursery still in his sleep clothes.

He smiled at the little boy, swinging him out of the crib and landing a big smacking kiss on his cheek making the boy giggle loudly.

Laying him down to quickly dress and change him, Daddy made a contemplative face. "I think we should eat breakfast first and maybe go for a walk and of course we need to organize all of my books.." Daddy teased, laughing at Harrys horrified expression.

"Noooo, Daddy presents!" Harry said squirming wildly in his excitement.

"I was just kidding little one," he said gently, slipping on his socks and picking him back up.

"Present time," he said smiling as Harry cheered and clapped.


"Severus dear let him be, we can always clean him after," Molly said turning back to her batter.

Daddy's lips turned down into a slight pout as he silently watched Harry giggle, naked except for his diaper as he iced a huge chocolate cake with Charlie trying and failing to keep the icing on the cake. He sighed as he placed the filthy wash cloth on the table next to him giving up – for now.

"Daddy, look I'm Hagrid!" Harry said laughing loudly as he smeared chocolate all over his chin and lips giving himself a chocolate beard.

Daddy gave him a smile, still agitated that Harry was getting chocolate all over Molly's once clean kitchen.

Harry heard the front door open and loud a chorus of 'Remus!' was heard. Standing up and dashing into the main room Harry ran into Remus' arms giggling at his surprised face at seeing him covered in icing.

"Unca' Remus!"

"Hi Harry are you helping Molly in the kitchen?" Remus asked, discretely magicing the icing off of his best holiday clothes.

"Yeah and I'm makin' a cake wif Cha'lie," he explained. Remus smiled at him, running a hand through his miraculously clean hair.

"Harry, come along its bath time," Daddy called from the kitchen, Harry waved at Remus and ran back to his Daddy, hoping he could have a bit more fun before Daddy cleaned him.


The table was packed with people, everyone laughing and enjoying the amazing food. Harry was nestled between Daddy and Charlie both of them making sure he was eating enough and enjoying himself.

Remus, Hermione and Neville were deep in conversation about a new spell protocol that the ministry had just come out with. Fred and George were teasing Bill about the handmade jewelry box he had made for Fleur. Arthur and Molly were smiling around at everyone enjoying the atmosphere and the fact that their family was all together. Ron sat at the end of the table unusually quiet, but not upset.

When they had opened presents before the meal Harry had gotten a small blue box and in it was an identical dummy to the one Ron had destroyed and a small note.

I can repair a dummy more easily than I can repair what I have done to you but I hope you will give me the opportunity to try. -Ron

Harry had cried of happiness and hugged Ron super tight, telling him that he had missed him lots and lots.

Daddy had given 'Big' Harry a new photo album filled with his own pictures of Lily, James as well as pictures of Harry and Snape and with lots more room, for more memories to come.

Everything was perfect. Harry was surrounded by his loved ones, he was warm and safe and had many new toys to look forward to playing with. It was everything he had ever wanted.

Thank you everyone for sticking with me!