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A few more sleepless nights had passed. Emma was sure she would go crazy soon if she didn't start getting more than 2 hours of sleep a night. With the lack of sleep she was also experiencing mood swings on a daily basis now. If it wasn't for Henry and Regina keeping her sane during the day she wasn't sure how she would cope with everyone else in Storybrooke. Her parents tried to give her some space, still not sure what to think of their daughters wish of not being the saviour. All they could do is feel guilty. Emma knew this very well and didn't blame them anymore, but she could not bring herself to talk things through, with anyone for that matter. Every morning was the same now. Getting out of bed exhausted, drinking coffee instead of hot cocoa just to keep a clear head at work. The caffeine didn't help with the mixed emotions that she was already experiencing. She could really do with a day off..but that meant staying home with Killian. With tired eyes and sore limbs she pulled on her boots and jacket, leaving the house early, as usual.

She knew Killian would want to talk, soon. He wasn't blind, and neither was she. He was unsure, as was she. There had been nights when she had been lying on the sofa, watching films and eating crap, thinking she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. He had seen her, more than once, and not questioned her but just left her on her own. She was thankful, and ashamed. The man she had loved for so long, the man that loved her more than anything or anyone, was drifting away from her. Not because of him, but because of her. Would things have been different right now, if she hadn't been sent to the other reality? Or maybe if Killian had been the one to save her? The only one that could have saved her, snapped her out of it, was Regina. It was always Regina.
Soon, but not now. She would tell him. She just wasn't sure what to tell him yet..

After a long morning at the office, Emma was awaiting Henry and Regina to stop by. While Henry had his lunchbreak they would just hang out and eat some donuts together. Strangely enough Regina had been ok with it and even started liking some of the donuts herself. Not so much the sugarfilled creamfilled ones, just the glazed. Another thing Emma liked about the Mayor. Thinking there was a healthier option when it came to donuts..
'Mom,' Henry shouted, walking through the hallway and into the office. Emma snapped out of her train of thought and got up, hugging the boy tightly. Regina walked in a few seconds later, holding a big box of freshly baked treats. Instead of her usual dark reds and blacks, the brunette was wearing a navy blue dress today. It looked as gorgeous as usual, if not better. Regina caught Emma looking at her in a strange way, scraped her throat and handed the box to the blonde. As Emma placed her fingers around the box they touched Reginas' and they both looked at each other, blushing and quickly turning their eyes to Henry, who was luckily busy on Emma's computer. Regina stepped back as Emma opened the box and placed it on her desk, grabbing the bearclaw and stuffing her face.

Regina couldn't help but let her eyes linger on Emma's lips that now had icing on them. Her madness was surely getting out of hand now. This was her best friend she was thinking of! The last few nights had been spent wondering what would have happened in that moment had they not transported back to the station. She wondered if Emma had been wondering the same. Probably not, she had Killian living with her. Surely they would soon be engaged. If Snow and Charming had their way it would have happened already. Emma wasn't good with big life decisions though.. Maybe that was keeping her from saying yes. Regina was so lost in thought that she didn't see or hear Henry talking to her until Emma placed a warm hand on her arm.

'Sorry what, Dear?' she said to Henry who gave her a curious look.
'It's not like you, mom, daydreaming..'
Both Emma and Henry looked at her with a smile and she blushed even more.
''I'm sorry, what were you saying?' she tried again while pulling her hair back through her fingers.
'It's cool, nevermind,' Henry replied after another curious glance at both his moms.

Regina picked up a donut out of the box and took a big bite. She really needed to be less foolish. She wasn't in love with her friend, after all. Yet these weird sensations kept intruding her body when it came to Emma's voice.. or smile..

Emma tried not to look at Regina for the remainder of the lunchbreak. She only let out a deep sigh when Henry said it was time to get going.
'See you later ma,' he said while getting squeezed to Emma's chest. He was getting so tall that he was beginning to reach eye level.
'Yea, see you later, kid.'

Henry grabbed his bag and walked into the hallway, towards the car. Regina still stood at Emma's desk, not sure why she was lingering. Emma stepped towards her, not too close, but maybe the way friends would chat on the street.

'I was thinking.. Maybe you and me, also Henry, could do something fun sometime soon. I could really do with a short break, if that's allowed of course, Miss Mayor..'

Regina smiled as she saw the blonde turning red. Another thing she thought was endearing.
'Sounds good, Emma, just let me know when and I can be free for it. And depending on the timeframe of the "something fun", Henry could be there too, if he doesn't miss too much school.

Emma nodded and they just stood there in silence for a bit longer, until they heard the beeping of Regina's car. Henry wasn't usually so impatient to get to school, Regina thought.

'Well then,' Emma mumbled and hugged the brunette for a few seconds. Regina, strangely enough, hugged her back until the beeping returned.
'I better go now. Call me when you want your day off, Miss Swan.'

And with that Regina left Emma behind at her desk. These days were getting stranger than ever, not even including all the magical problems that she solved on a daily basis..