Long stories are harder than I thought, but still enjoying it, so hopefully yous will too! xx


Killians voice came from behind and Emma turned round in a fright.

'What exactly are you doing Swan?' he asked her as she looked back and frowned at her own stupidity. She was sat on the floor in front of the sofa, bottle of rum on one side and a plate of cooked bacon on the other. She then looked back at Killian and tried to gather all her strength to not sound too drunk, even though he had seen the almost empty bottle..

Emma sat in front of the window, watching the world go by. It had been a week or so since she last saw Regina. Henry had come by the house after school some days but she hadn't heard from the Mayor herself. Maybe Emma had been too awkward around her and now Regina felt awkward too whenever they met up. Emma sighed and shook her head. Too many silly thoughts, of course Regina wasn't thinking anything like that. For all she knew they were just becoming better friends, which was mostly true. She still wasn't sure when she should take that time off she had asked for last time they spoke. It's not as if she could think of anything they could do as a family. Storybrooke was pretty limiting, anything she thought of they had already done before, seen before.
Maybe she should just have a few drinks tonight and get some rest. Killian was out anyway so she could even sleep in the bed if she wanted..

'Hi, sorry, it's a bit of a mess,' Emma said while gesturing to the livingroom.
Killian walked over and sat on the sofa close behind her. 'You better let me know what all of this is about soon because I'm starting to worry for your health Swan, the midnight wandering, now the drinking?!'
Emma looked down, feeling caught and embarrassed but the alcohol in her system made her think aloud.

'I have these feelings..' she started and like verbal vomit she spilled almost all of it just seconds later. 'I feel something, for someone else. I didn't think this would happen but I can't ignore it. It has been keeping me up and I feel like the worst human being for having you here loving me while my mind keeps being occupied by someone else. You were my true love..'
Killian had stood up with his hand up as to tell her to stop.
'You are in love with someone else?!' he half shouted, not looking amused at all. Emma tried not to smile but thinking of Regina made the corners of her lips curl up. 'I can't call it love, I don't know, maybe, Killian I am sorry, really!'
Killian could not believe his ears. He knew things were different now that they had been living together for a while but this information seemed too much out of the way he was expecting it all to go. 'How long have you been seeing this person?!' Killian asked, pacing back and forth while Emma tried to get up and sit down on the sofa. 'I, we, nothing has actually happened Killian, I swear, it's just me, my feelings..' Killian interrupted before Emma could continue. 'Does the other person know all of this too? You could be throwing me, our perfect life, away for nothing, you know that!?'
Emma felt the alcohol giving her a boost of confidence.

'What was perfect for you doesn't mean perfect for me..' she said softly, feeling the pang of guilt all over again. This was all her fault, not his, why did she have to be so horrible to him.
'Killian, it really isn't your fault, I can't seem to stop these feelings from growing, even thought I tried to. I know you have been nothing but great to me and I love you for that, but I can't decide what my heart feels..'
Killian had walked out and back into the livingroom, looking at her as if he was looking at a total stranger. Not someone he had loved for a long time, someone he had given his life for.
'I cannot believe this Emma, we have true love, how can someone else hold your heart?' He looked as if she had crushed his happiness in one swift move. All she could do was sit there and stare at her hands.
'I am really sorry, this might all be for nothing anyway and I could just be alone forever, but I can't stop the way I feel,' Emma mumbled and Killian walked over to her, grabbing her face in his hands gently and staring into her eyes.
'I hope you will regret this, Swan, I love you and I don't think that'll ever stop..'
Emma looked away from his piercing blue eyes and felt more shame than ever.
'I just..can't..' she replied and he let go of her, stepped back and after a long moment of silence he walked away, leaving Emma drunk and ashamed on the sofa.

Regina had pulled up the blanket extra high on this cold night, trying not to think of all the work she had to do the next day. She had kissed Henry goodnight only an hour ago and she was ready to put this day behind her. The week had seemed so terribly long without her occasional meetings with Emma. It was strange how much she enjoyed their friendship. No one else seemed to get her the way Emma did anyway. Luckily she had Henry to keep her company, but a boy his age wasn't too happy to be spending all his free time with his mother, no matter how cool she might act or how afraid people were of her.. She had only closed her eyes for a few minutes before her phone started vibrating on the nightstand. Who could possibly be phoning this late?!

'Swan..? Are you alright?!' Regina asked, wondering what could be the matter at this time of night.
'Sorry, Regina, I know it's late. Was just wondering if I can take that time off starting tomorrow.' The Mayor knew Emma sounded drunk and wondered what was going on. 'Uh.. sure I guess, your father will surely take over for whatever time you need.. How long do you want to take anyway..?' Silence from the other side of the line made Regina wonder if she should go over there and check in on the blonde. 'You know you could have just asked me this at a normal hour, maybe daytime perhaps?' Regina couldn't help her snarky comment, it was in her nature after all. She thought she could hear Emma muffle a giggle and she felt very weird about this phonecall. 'You are right, so sorry Miss Mayor, I will just call you tomorrow and ask again, goodnight!' But before Emma could hang up Regina spoke up again. 'No, Emma, it's fine. You can have it off. Just let me know when you want to return when you are ready.' Emma agreed to that and said her goodbyes. Regina hung up, wondering what the heck was going on. For some reason she couldn't help but smile as she got comfortable in her bed again and turned off the light.

Regina's phone vibrated loudly, waking her from her sleep. She took her phone in hand and saw it was 2AM. Emma had sent a message. Did the blonde never sleep?! She read through it and sat up quickly. Emma was outside her house waiting to be let in. Dear god, had she been driving while drunk?! Regina rushed out of bed and down the staircase, reaching the door in no time.
'Emma?' she said, looking wide eyed at the blonde in front of her.
Emma looked apologetic and tried to say something sensible.
'I just couldn't sleep..' she said and Regina stepped aside to let Emma into the mansion. Emma walked straight into the Brunette's office and headed for the bottle of apple cider. Regina quickly stalked over and took it from her. 'I think you have had plenty, Swan,' she said in a motherly tone and Emma tried not to smile at that. 'I think you are right, Gina,' Emma said playfully and walked to the sofa, half sitting, half falling down on it.
'I am a terrible person Gina and I don't know how I can sleep knowing that.' Regina frowned and walked over to the blonde that was hanging onto her sofa now.
'I am pretty sure that is not true but, say it was, I'm sure you are not as bad as me, and I am able to get at least a few hours a night, so you should be fine for doing the same. And maybe not drink and drive either, Sheriff?'
Emma dared to look at Regina with her best puppy eyes. 'Sorry, mom,' she said, laughing now. Regina didn't look happy.
'It's good no one was out at this time, you could have hurt someone, or even yourself!' Emma became quiet again and looked at the brunette who was staring her down. Butterflies fluttered through her body, the exact reason that tonight had happened the way it did.

'You better sleep here Emma, no more driving. And you are off anyway.' Regina went and got a big blanket, handing it to Emma. Emma still wasn't sure why the hell she had decided to go to the house of her secret crush in the middle of the night. Especially after breaking up with Killian. She just nodded as Regina looked at her expectantly. Before Regina was about to turn the lights off and walk away Emma grabbed her hand.

'Let's go somewhere. Tomorrow. Anywhere.'

Regina frowned and knew this was probably the alcohol talking.
'If this is the fun plan you had then it doesn't sound very organised. Sleep now, Swan, we can see how adventurous you feel in the morning..'
Emma nodded and squeezed the brunette's hand. 'Please don't go. I know I'm a terribly awkward friend but I don't wanna be alone right now..'
Regina paused for a moment to think. Her mind wandered to being closer to Emma and maybe testing her a bit more while her guards were down, but that was surely called taking advantage. But then again, her friend needed her, and something was definitely different about the blonde tonight.

'Ok, get up Emma,' she said softly while grabbing Emma's arm and helping her up. They walked into the hallway and up the stairs, into Regina's bedroom.
'You can stay in my bed for tonight, just so I can keep an eye on you in case you want to go for an adventure before the crack of dawn..'
Emma just smiled and sighed as she fell down on one side of the big bed and Regina helped the blonde take off her boots. Emma mumbled her thanks but before Regina could get herself tucked in again she could already hear the light snoring of the woman next to her. This was such a strange night..

Regina turned on her side so she could look at the sleeping saviour. With light fingers she moved away a few locks of blonde hair, trying to make out the lines of her face in the darkness of the room. Could she really be feeling something for this woman? Was this the warmth from friendship or was it more than that? She hated not knowing. She closed her eyes and sighed. Now that she was this close to Emma she found it hard to fall asleep again. She wanted to move closer, maybe even touch skin, but didn't want to wake her up. Was this a test? It sure felt like it. Never had she felt this way about a woman before. But here she was wanting to cuddle into the blonde saviour. She didn't have enough time to decide on what to do as Emma decided for her. Emma had moved closer and put her arms around the small frame of the brunette. Regina's eyes were wide open as she could feel Emma's lips against her head. A shiver ran down her spine, the sensation made her blush. It was a good thing Emma was drunk, and asleep. This would surely never happen sober. So, without hesitation, Regina placed her arms around Emma and enjoyed this warmth while it lasted..not worrying about what it all meant for them.