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Chapter 9

Harry sat on his front porch, just staring up as the stars came out. After the mess with Sean, he'd agreed with Lex to push the farmers dinner back a night. He knew Clark was telling one of his friends the truth tonight, he hadn't pushed to know which one. It gave him time to just sit and think. Things had been happening so fast since he'd come to Smallville, they were a bit overwhelming. His magic had been…. evolving, for lack of a better word, ever since he'd come to this world. Honestly it was a little scary. He'd always been powerful, no matter how he'd tried to deny it. Most adult Aurors had issues producing a Patronus…. his had been powerful enough at thirteen to drive away over a hundred Dementors.

Now he could call up Prongs with barely a thought and a flick of the hand. He didn't even use spells anymore, not that he had books to learn any from, now it was willpower and imagination alone that directed his magic. In a way it made sense, as a child he had done magic without a wand or spells…maybe they had been held back by their reliance on such things? Or was it just him? The Hallows?

Was his greater control the reason for his increasing speed at healing? He'd always healed fast but this was getting too scary levels. He just wished someone could tell him what was going on.


"Come on Clark, you wanted to tell me something." Chloe stared at her friend from where she sat on the old couch. Clark was as far from her as he could physically be and still be in the loft which hurt. What could be so bad?

"I…" he shifted uncomfortable against the windowsill, considering simply dropping out and running.

"Is something wrong? You're not dying or something, are you?" She demanded, he didn't look sick but something like cancer might not make him look sick for a long time.

"No, I'm not sick." He shook his head, hands gripping the wood tight enough to start cracking it so he forced himself to lessen his grip. "I want to tell you something…. it's been a secret all my life."

"I know you're adopted." She grinned and he laughed hollowly.

"Yeah…um…. it's about my birth parents."

"You found them?" She asked, that could be good or bad.

"No, I don't know their names or anything. I just found out where they were from and how I ended up with Mom and Dad."

"Well it's a start, I'm sure we can find more if we start looking." She assured him. "So, what did you find out."

"Chloe…. promise me you won't tell anyone, ever." He pleaded.

"What? You're secretly a Luthor or something?" She laughed.

"No, no relation to Lex." He shook his head and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Mom and Dad say I found them, they didn't find me," he admitted softly, "it was they day of the meteor shower. Their truck hit a hole and ended up on its roof, they weren't hurt."

Chloe listened carefully. "So…your birth parents died in the shower and the Kent's found you?" that was horrible. Poor Clark. He wasn't the only one to lose his family in the shower though.

"No. I uh…. landed in the field next to their truck."

She blinked. "Landed?"


"As in…plane crash?"

He snorted softly. "No…more like I came down with the meteors." He froze, waiting for her response.

"In what? A space ship? Let me guess, it's in the hay."

"Storm cellar actually."

"Clark…are you trying to tell me you're an alien?" she wasn't that naïve. Weird things happened yes, but aliens?

He nodded, slowly, watching her carefully. It's why I was never allowed to have sleep overs or play sport when I was little. Mom and Dad were scared people would notice."

"Notice what? You look pretty human to me." He moved away from the window and she watched as he joined her, only to lift the couch, with her sitting on it, making her gasp in surprise. "Wow. Okay so you're strong, you work on a farm."

Clark shook his head. He put the couch down and then moved from there back to the window at top speed. "Think I got that fast doing chores?" he demanded and she stared with wide eyes.

Chloe had no come back to that. He had moved so fast he was a blur. "Meteor infected?" she finally offered and Clark shook his head.

"The meteors make me sick, it's why I used to fall down around Lana."

"So not just because of your crush?" her voice trembled slightly.

"Chloe? You okay?" he asked, hearing the tremble.

"I…you…this is…." She shook her head.

"I'm still Clark, nothing's changed."

"You've lied to me all these years." She snapped.

"I couldn't tell anyone! Do you know what the government would do if they found out about a real-life alien?" he snapped back at her. "Some secrets have to be kept. Just because you want to know everything about everyone it doesn't mean you're right. People have a right to privacy."

"Secrets are wrong! I thought we were friends."

"We are friends." Clark answered. "You don't tell me everything and I respect that."

"I don't keep secrets." She denied.

"Really? Like your wall of weird or what happened to your Mom."

"What do you know about my Mom?" She shouted and he sighed.

"Nothing, but she's not here and you never talk about her. So, people don't ask, they respect your privacy. So why can't you do the same?"

Chloe stared at Clark before standing up and grabbing her bag. She was angry at him for bringing her Mom up, for keeping secrets…. she didn't want to hear anymore.

"Chloe…." He called but she shook her head and left. Clark watched from the window, feeling sick. That hadn't gone well, he hadn't meant to shout but why couldn't she see how hypocritical she was being? No one but her was allowed secrets? He left and ran to Harry's, not sure whether she would keep quiet or not.


Harry accepted the glass of scotch and sat on the couch before the fireplace in Lex's study. "I think that went rather well."

"Because of you and the Kent's." Lex admitted as he sat in an armchair with his own glass.

"Don't sell yourself short Lex. You planned this and it's a good plan." They had gathered all of the farmers and had given them money to modernise, fully organic if they wished. They would then use their contacts in Metropolis and further to sell the produce to restaurants, giving them more income.

"Think I can ask another favour?" Lex asked as he stared into the flames.

"Go ahead."

"I need recommendations for lawyers."

"Don't you already have access to a fleet?" Harry asked in confusion.

"All of whom are in my Father's pockets in some way."

"Ah. Yeah, I can recommend a few good ones, and they won't be afraid to take your Father on if needed."

"Thank you."

"No problem." Harry finished his drink and stretched. "So…how are you handling knowing Clark is an alien?" He smirked slightly as Lex choked on his drink.

"I think it's still sinking in, honestly. And I haven't seen much 'alien' about him since."

"Yeah, he's not too bad at hiding what he does. D you know how much it took to get him to start trusting people with that secret?"

"How did you know…. you're not an alien too are you?" Harry had already basically admitted to having a big secret when he'd admitted to knowing about Clark, so was he one too?

Harry chuckled. "Sort of? I'm from Earth…. just not this Earth."

"I think we need more alcohol." Lex muttered.


"It takes two of you to read to me now, does it?" the elderly woman called out as the two teens came to a stop in her doorway. "Don't just stand there. Come in."

Clark and Pete slowly entered the room. "How'd you know there were two of us?" Clark asked in amazement.

"Well, I'm blind, not deaf." She chuckled. "I heard your little friend's shoes squeaking all the way down the hall."

"Can you really tell the future?"

"Way to go Pete. Real subtle."

"What's your name?" Cassandra asked as she turned to look at them, though since she was blind it didn't really matter.

"Pete Ross."

"Mr. Ross, if you want your fortune told, go to the circus." Cassandra leant forward in her chair, and her book fell from her lap to the floor. "Oh..." Pete and Clark both started to bend for the book, but Pete nudged Clark back and picked up the book first. He handed it to Cassandra, and as she took it, their hands touched. Cassandra reached out and grasped Pete's hand with both of hers. "Oh...It's a long walk home, Mr. Ross. Check your pockets."

Pete checked his jacket pockets as Clark looked from Cassandra to Pete in confusion. "Oh man...I locked my keys in the car. Dude, you're on your own." He ran off to get help getting his keys back.

Clark looked at Cassandra in amazement.

She just smiled knowingly at him and rose from her chair. "Now...what's your name?"