A/N: I decided to start again with my Harry Potter Marauder fic. I realized my previous one, Juvenescence, started too early in the story for me. Sometimes when I write I tend to have difficulty starting it, and I think I found a better spot. Also, I felt that piece was going off track. I felt like starting over. Plus, this semester was a whirlwind that I didn't have a chance to write peacefully or productively. I hope that readers will enjoy this re-vamped Marauders story with new twists and characters.

This is a heavy Jily story, but I also want to mention that it will also go into BlackXMcKinnon and RemusXDorcas (Heavily!). There will be references to drugs, drinking, and lemons so also be aware of that if any of that offends you. I hope you enjoy: please review, favorite, and follow if it suits you.




December 21st, 1981

The Fallen of 1981

By Hestia Jones

1981 has been the year of funerals. Many muggles, witches, and wizards have fallen this year due to the War that has just unexpectedly come to a close. My graduating year and my house have seen half of its members pass just in this year.

When editor-in-chief of the Daily Prophet, Joana Henley, asked me to write this obituary, I was exceptionally hesitant for obvious reasons. It was not until I met up with Hogwarts' own Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, did I feel strong enough to write this piece. Although the War may be over and won for now, we have seen many warriors fallen. This is a piece dedicated to the soldiers who fought in this terrible war.

Edgar Bones (Hogwarts - Hufflepuff Class of '75) - Edgar Bones was on his way to becoming one of the youngest wizards to have a seat on the Wizengamot. At the tender age of twenty-four, Bones made his way through internships with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. His youthfulness and innate sense of justice put him at the top of his peers. Despite his accomplishments, Pomona Sprout (Hufflepuff's Head of House) commented that Edgar was one of the kindest and warmest people she had ever known. On the side of achieving political acclaim, Bones was a part-time member of the Order of Phoenix. Apparently, the Order sent Bones on some of the most dangerous missions that included brokering many peace treaties with magical creatures a large sort of magical creatures. His last mission caused him to be targeted by Lord Voldemort's lead followers. His muggle wife, Michelle, and their two twin sons died with him in late July this year. The Bones' family now comprises of his younger sister, Amelia, who is a seventh year at Hogwarts, and his younger brother, Owen, a fourth year.

Caradoc Dearborn (Hogwarts - Hufflepuff Class of '77) - Caradoc Dearborn was not only popular in his school days, but he also remained one of the most sought out wizards in the British community. After leaving his job as a mental health counselor at the Ministry of Magic, Caradoc joined the Order of the Phoenix as a full time member. He was in the Order until he was sent on a mission in March of 1981. Although there are rumors about what has happened to him, as a forever friend of Caradoc's, I believe that Caradoc died a hero, fighting for the justice he believed in. The Ministry still has yet to find his body.

The McKinnon Family - The McKinnon family is one of oldest and most well-known families in the Wizarding community. Not just in Britain, but in all of Europe. The McKinnon family is known for their prominence, wealth, and their head-banging parties thrown at their castle in Scotland. However, they should also be known for their love and appreciation of the arts. This was a family that did not discriminate based on blood; they believed in the power of music and harmony. The fire that destroyed their house and their family in early August did not burn down their family's respect. The members that were murdered were Mr. Malcolm ('47) and Makenna McKinnon ('48), and their children Maxwell ('72), McKinley ('76), Merna ('76), and Marlene ('78). Their youngest daughter Marlene was a full-time member of the Order of Phoenix.

Dorcas Meadowes (Hogwarts - Slytherin Class of '78) - Dorcas Meadowes made her name as the Dark Lord's largest adversary, besides Dumbledore herself. No one knows exactly why He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had it out for the twenty-one year old HitWitch. Maybe it's because she took out 7 of his best followers, or maybe it's because she was one of the few muggle-born Slytherins ever. The possibilities are endless, but Dorcas Meadowes is a name not to be forgotten.

Peter Pettigrew (Hogwarts - Gryffindor Class of '78) - Peter's death truly was an unexpected and true act of martyr-ship. Although in his school days, he was considered to be rather cowardly and slight in his magical abilities. He proved himself through Gryffindor courage when it counted the most. He stuck up for his friends when no one else thought to. Thank you, Peter Pettigrew.

Lily Potter (Hogwarts - Gryffindor Class of '78) - In her school days, Lily Evans proved herself to courageous, intelligent, and kind. Not only was she Prefect and Head Girl (also my idol), but she proved to be a comforting voice to those scared or in need. She kept those qualities in the darkest of times and did everything in her power to protect the ones in her life. She was not above fighting, but she did not believe in senseless violence. She and her husband defied and left her mark on He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, angering him beyond belief. Lily Potter defended her son until the end - the boy who lived. Her love and her warmth will never be forgotten.

James Potter (Hogwarts - Gryffindor Class of '78) - A Day One TroubleMaker from the beginning, and this courageous troublemaking led him to making him a great Order Member. James Potter conducted the Night Raid on the Knights of Walpurgis in 1980 and fought proudly at the Battle at Big Ben earlier in the beginning of this year. Along with his wife, the Potters proved to be a family of noble warriors.

Instead of looking at how tragic their deaths are, I believe that each one would rather us look at them as a symbol. A symbol of power, for fighting in what you believe in and for courageous youth.