It was a dark and stormy night the Cullens started looking for everyone.

Cass went on the rooftop of the old building with a shotgun and a knife waiting for the Cullens. Dean and Claire are walking around town blocks away from each other. Carilse the first one to attack Castiel from behind. Cass shot him in the shoulder, it suprized Carlise but he just growled and punched Cass making Cass lose his shotgun. Carlise stabbed Cass but Cass just took out the knife and threw it and punched Carilse.

"What are you?" asked Carilse

"your worst nightmare" said Cass before Cass punched him hard enough to knock him out and cut his head off. While Cass was fighting Carilse. Dean got attacked by Jacob and Bella at the same time. Until Rosealie attacked him behind. Dean quickly stabbed Bella and cut Rosealie's head off. Bella just ran off and Jacob turned into his wolf form and attacked Dean. Cass jumped off the building and shot Jacob which just made him whine and he ran off.

"Damn it Cass I had them" said Dean standing up

"sorry" said Cass picking up the shotgun he dropped

"don't worry bout it, lets go find them" said Dean walking away

Cass just walked the other way. Claire couldn't find anyone. But she just kept walking around and getting mad. Until Alice stabbed Claire quickly. But then Alice got decapitated by Dean quickly.

Dean helped Claire by wrapping her cut with cloth for Alice's shirt and he picked up Claire and found a dry safe place out of the rain. Cass is looking Bella and Jacob.

Bella and Jacob are running as fast as they could. They went in a old building to catch their breath.

"We need to get away from him, god knows what he is" said Bella freaking out.

"Its OK well confuse him and I attack him from behind, you go left and I go right" said Jacob

"But we need Edward I just don't know where he is" Bella whined

"Its OK lets go-" Jacob said before he heard some foot steps " run now I will hold him off" Jacob said pushing her away.

Bella ran for it about a block but stopped because it was too late.


Bella ran towards the sound but when she got there...

(Bella screaming)

Watching Jacob lay in puddle of blood and water and Cass holding a shotgun.

"NNNOOOOO!' yelled Bella running toward Jacob crying

"who the hell are you guys?" said Bella hugging Jacob

"your worst nightmare" said Cass " now why are we here?" Cass said holding a knife towards her

"I DON'T KNOW" Bella said crying

"well well well this was all fun" said a familiar voice clapping " bravo"

Cass and Bella looked at him and looked back at each other then back at him...