It's set inside the large forest, close to the large kingdom of the empire as a convoy of traders and soldiers, travelling together on the road to reach to the city to bring in some food supplies for the people. There are four caravans with two people on all four of the carriages and twelve soldiers armed with machineguns, armed and ready due to rumours about a large danger beast that lurks somewhere in the forest. This beast has already destroyed five caravans in the past, killed almost fifty people and now the empire started increasing their security on the caravans for protection.

As they continue moving down the dirt road, the danger beast would finally come out of hiding and appears right in front of them. The ground would shake for a while and causing the horses go to ballistics as they couldn't control them, the soldiers couldn't even take aim due to the tremor causing serious problems to them as the danger beast comes storming out of the ground, rising right up and looking down at them, letting off this loud roar down at them and once the earthquake finally stops the soldiers quickly open fire at the beast.

They started firing rounds at the danger beast however there no match against this large creature, the danger beast didn't seem to care about the bullets hitting its body however most of those bullets just bounced off of it while the rest only went a little bit through. They are no match against something like this, this beast was about to attack by punching down at the first caravans.

Suddenly an interference comes forth and stops the danger beast from harming the people on the ground, someone that appears in the shadows, drawing his sword and manages to cut through the whole arm of this danger beast, sending its right arm crashing hard on the ground next to the caravan while this man appears standing on top of the first carriage. He appears in this black kimono clothing with a long black coat that is wrapped around his kimono that reaches the ground, wielding a black katana with a bit of blood on the sharp ends of it. He appears in his twenties with his spike orange hair and brown eyes, standing there looking up at the danger beast while it shouts out loud in pain when it got its arm removed.

The two guys who are sitting on the carriage looks back and notices him standing there, they both gasped when they saw that arm fell to the ground and thought it was him who did it. "W-W-Who are you?" One of them said that was startled while the other guy was still shaking from this.

His eyes turn down towards them, making a slightly smile on his face then looks back up at the danger beast. He got a serious look as he was about to finally end this when that danger beast wanted to go for another round, since it didn't learn from its previous attack, it will attack again with its other arm however the stranger will go jumping up in the air, holding his sword with two hands to it then suddenly vanishes. The danger beast froze the moment he was nowhere to be seen, everyone was shock and didn't know what was happening but they did spot him again when he stood further ahead behind the danger beast, standing there for the moment but the moment he sheathed his katana, the beast will show this large cut right through down the middle, cutting right through and soon blood will splatter on both sides before seeing the beast falling on both sides as he sliced right through the beast to send it in half, ending it with two attacks.

After the danger beast was dealt with, the caravan started to move out once they got the horses under control and this stranger would walk over towards them. They applaud to him after what he did, one of the soldiers who was in charge of this group walks over to him for a handshake and with respect, this stranger gladly shake his hand with respect.

"Who are you stranger?" The man asks with a smile on his face "I have never seen anyone fought like that."

He smirks to the soldier when he turned his body to the side. "Names Ichigo Kurosaki, I'm a beast hunter."

"My name is Ichigo Kurosaki, I'm sixteen years old and I am one of the few survivors of the beast hunters. Long ago we beast hunters were once called 'Soul Reapers' but over the years there's only a few of us left, we now change our ways and now we decided to become something new, we all wanted to do something in this world, so others like me decided to become a beast hunter."

"I now search through this land, killing danger beasts where I go in order to protect those who are in need of any help. I have been gifted the powers of the soul reapers to become a hunter, to protect those who still hold dear to me in this world. Ever since the powers of the soul reapers were thrust upon me, my whole world has changed. With this power I will use all of my soul and strength into this blade in order to protect my friends."

"Me and my friend Rukia are almost the last two beast hunters inside Karakura town, we decided to leave to gain a little bit of coin for the town and to also find our friends who have left the town long ago. Renji, Yumichika and Ikkaku have set out to travel to the capital, we have never heard of them ever since they left, it's now up to me and Rukia to find them and hope they are alright."

Ichigo travels with the caravan to the capital, there he sees the largest city in the world. Populated with millions of people, this large kingdom could be larger than the previous kingdom that was ruled by the Soul Reapers. Ichigo kept his hand on his sword just to stop any thieves from stealing it off of him, heading right through the crowd, through the streets and towards a tavern where he and Rukia was meant to go if they are separated.

The moment Ichigo came walking right inside that tavern, almost everyone would turn their attention towards him. With his appearance with the long black clothing, he got a lot of attention when he just stood there looking through the room, not saying anything and neither did those who stares at him, he finally went over to the bar area to speak to the bartender while some people kept looking at him.

"You don't belong in a place like here, beast hunter." The male bartender said to him, cleaning the bar table with a rag.

"I'm looking for someone like me, her name is Rukia. Have you seen her?"

"Been a long time since I see your kind enter here, I haven't seen any of them here. Now are you going to get anything here or what, if not then get out of here."

"Don't worry I have money…" He moves his hand through his pocket "I have… Uhh…."


Ichigo thinks back of the time when they ventured through a town, he ended up lending Rukia all of his money and he never really got it back from her. He lets a deep sighs and was about to be kicked out of there, while he was force to take his leave from the tavern but there was someone who has been keeping an eye on him well, there was a woman who was half naked would be hearing the conversation with the two. She watches Ichigo take his leave, heading outside and goes for a walk down the street with his hands in his pocket, since he can't rest anywhere he was pretty much force to stay outside but as it got darker he wondered around until he stopped on the bridge, standing on the side of it while looking out at the nice view of the water as the moon shines over it when it started to rise up.

Ichigo had his mind elsewhere right now, still thinking about Rukia who hasn't come to the capital left. It started to worry him for a while but his urge to kill danger beasts started to kick in soon, hearing a commotion going on behind him, noticing a large handful of guards running over the bridge like they were preparing for battle.

"Come on men!" One of the soldiers shouts to them while they keep running "The danger beast must be taken care of, charge!"

"A danger beast?" Ichigo turns towards them noticing maybe a platoon of soldiers running over the bridge. He also hears an explosion going off from the far distance, hearing more explosions like there's a large S-Class danger beast.

A large metal samurai who happen to be a danger beast, rising up out of the ground and started causing major problems to the empire. This thing has already killed a dozen soldiers out there and their weapons are useless, if this isn't stopped then it will continue to take lives until there is nothing left around here. The soldiers kept their vigilance against the danger beast, they continued firing their guns at it knowing it's hopeless, they even started firing a few cannons at it but it only makes a few dents to it. The large warrior retaliates to the soldiers by swinging its arm to the side, crushing almost twelve soldiers to bits while wounding eight of them, since they couldn't do anything about this beast all they could do is retreat and wait for someone strong to take this creature down.

Ichigo would be seen running towards the battlefield while the soldiers ignore him for the time being, when he got closer he stops and notices a few soldiers up ahead firing their guns at it but they end up getting squashed by its hand, sending a gust of wind during that crushed but when it slowly moving its hand out of the way to show what is left of the soldiers, their bodies are completely crushed and the only thing that can be seen was their blood on the hand of the creature and on the ground of this crater.

The large samurai warrior started to advance forward while ignoring the rest of the soldiers as they retreat back, since there useless against it, Ichigo finally took into action by vanishing up on one of the trees to face the beast. He finally draws his sword and holds it with two hands to it, when the beast was getting closer it would stop and notice Ichigo standing there.

"Here I go!" He takes a high leap into the sky while moving his sword to the side to start charging the blade of his sword, making this black and red energy wrapped around the blade, ready to discharge it. "Getsugatensho!"

He discharges Getsuga and sends it in a horizontal curved way towards the large beast and just when it got closer, the beast blocks his Getsuga with its large sword, only to stop its attack but was pushed a few meters' back. It stood strong against his attack and it didn't really do damage to it, it holds its sword with two hands while Ichigo begins jumping on the trees to get back into the air, firing more of those shots rapidly towards it and causing it to take some of the damages while it tries to block the others, when it was getting tired of going into defence it started going on the offense by swinging its sword towards him while Ichigo continues firing Getsuga at him. Ichigo noticed it in time and quickly vanished out of there, landing back on the ground while the beast finally started to fall down on top of him.

"Oh great…" He quickly makes a run for it out of there before it crashed onto the ground, when it hits the ground it sends a shockwave that sends Ichigo flying forward and anyone else who was nearby, Ichigo ended up hitting against the tree then collapses onto the floor but slowly he got back up. When it was over, having only a bit of injures but he was fine, looking back to the beast seeing it's not getting back up but just to be sure he walks over to it just to examine it but since it's not hostile anymore, he sheathes his sword and was about to take his leave.

When he turns his back at the danger beast, he would hear a voice further ahead who was calling him. "Excuse me." He said to Ichigo, getting him to look over seeing a nobleman standing there with four soldiers by his side, walking towards him while Ichigo stood his ground and noticing the guards will be following the nobleman towards him, keeping their weapons ready in case he's hostile.

"Are you the man responsible for bringing this great beast down?"

"Uhh yeah… I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, I'm a beast hunter."

"Oh my... A beast hunter, what a surprise." He walks closer to him while the soldiers stand behind him "Please accept my hospitality for bringing this beast down. If you didn't show up, then it would have destroyed my home and my family."

"Uhh I guess I could stay, but I can't. I have to find one of my friends."


"One of my friends could be out here, she's probably looking for me right now somewhere in the city."

"Well now how about this, since the beast is down and I have already called for reinforcements, how about I ask them to look for your friend. It's at least we can do for you, you and your beast hunters are one of the finest warriors ever, meeting with people like you is hard to come by."

"Well thank you…" He smiles a bit "I accept your hospitality."

And so Ichigo takes his leave from the city and travel with the nobleman to the countryside where he will be accepted inside their large mansion, protected by a handful of guards as they were expecting that monster to appear. Ichigo was allowed inside the mansion where he would be standing in the living room, having the father sit down on his chair while the mother was sitting on the couch with their daughter Aria.

"Please, make yourself at home." The nobleman said to him, signalling a maid to come over to assist.

"Please allow me to take your coat."

Ichigo looks over to her and ends up taking off his coat and lends it to her. He takes out his sheathed sword before he sits down on the chair that was facing towards the nobleman, sitting down while leaning his sword on the side of the chair.

"While you will be staying here, I will inform the guards here to search for your missing friend." The nobleman said to Ichigo when he sat back in his chair.

"Uhm.. Thank you.."

"There's no need to thank me, you did save my family and my mansion from that beast, you should accept our hospitality."

"Well… Thank you anyway."

"So you killed that large giant, all by yourself." Aria said turning her head towards him, getting his eyes to look back at her. "How did you defeat something that huge?"

"It's because of my Zanpakuto." He looks down at his sheathed katana "Tensa Zangetsu."

"I see… so you are a descendants of the soul reapers long ago, weapons that shows similar versions of that of the imperial arms." The nobleman said

"Yeah you could say something like that, my sword Zangetsu is one of a kind. It will stay by my side until I die."

"It is impressive that a sword like that could destroy that beast, something so small could do something that destructive."

"So why did you come to the empire?" The noblewoman asks "Come to join the army and rise up to become a general?"

"Uhh not really… Well to be honest I came here to find three of my friends, a while ago they left the town I live in to head to the capital, they wanted to get a reputation on killing danger beasts so they came here to see if there's any wanted posters on S-class danger beasts."

"But yet…" He leans forward looking slightly down a bit "We heard nothing from them for a while now, it's like they never even made it to the empire. So me and my friend Rukia decided to leave the town to search for them, just hope they are alright."

"Well that is nice that you care for your comrades." The noblewoman said "There are only a few of you soul reapers with the powers of a sword like that… It's a shame that there's only a few of you left."

"Yeah… I know…" He looks up at the three "But I will do what I can to protect the last ones."

"Well then… I guess we should start the search in the morning then." The nobleman stood up off his seat "For now, you should rest in one of the quarters, your coat will be there."

"Thank you."

Aria would stand up off her couch and so did her mother. "We should rest as well, knowing that we will not be dealing with any disturbance anymore." The noblewoman looks to Ichigo "Thanks to you Ichigo."

"Thank you Ichigo." Aria said

"….." He turns his head to the side, blushing a bit while having one finger scratching the side of his face.

With them taking their leave and Ichigo will be escorted by a maid to his room, peace and quiet will come to this mansion and everyone in it, knowing that nothing will disturb them like that beast however, never say never. Since the mansion and the grounds are patrolled by guards, they will not notice that they will be under attack by something far worse than danger beasts, the assassins have come for the nobles.

The noblewoman was walking down the hallway in the middle of the night, looking at her book as she was starting to write more in her journal when she returns to bed. Just as she looks up towards the bedroom door, noticing the door slightly opened and just when she pushed open the door, she will gasp as the room was in a bloody mess. Her husband lies in that bed with the cover of the bed covered in blood, the three soldiers who came in here before also lies there dead with their bodies cut in half by something sharp.

"…" She was about to scream but something stopped her from behind, a woman wielding large scissors cuts right through her, sending her blood spilling over the floor and wall while her upper body lands on the floor while her lower body lies back on the ground, spilling more blood over the attacker's feet.

"I'm sorry…" The woman said to her target, turning back and swinging her scissors to the side of her, making a curved blood line on the floor while she starts walking off.

Ichigo was lying on his bed when he started hearing some commotion coming outside, he ended up sitting up and getting off the bed, grabbing his weapon that was near him then walks over to this mannequin that was in the corner, grabbing his coat off of it and putting it on before leaving. When leaving his room while having his hand over the handle of his sword, he started running down the hallway until he stops and spots someone in the distance of the hallway, seeing this woman who turns her attention towards Ichigo, holding her scissors with one hand to it while looking at him.

Ichigo quickly draws his sword and holds it in front of him with two hands to it. "Who are you… Answer me."

The woman named Sheele does nothing but stand there looking at Ichigo, having this blood mark on the side of her face that isn't even hers, seeing her scissors are still covered in a bit of blood. Since she wasn't going to respond to his question, Ichigo was about to charge towards her but suddenly one of the windows shattered as a soldier comes flying through the window and smashed right through the wall. Ichigo held position and noticed it was a soldier, falling to the ground in a bloody mess and got these markings on his body, he couldn't believe that after what he did for these people they are now under attack by something else.

Night Raid has come for the noble family, the one leading the attack is Akame who is striking down one soldier after another. She was killing all of them so quickly outside while inside another woman, Leone was dealing with other soldiers inside, trying to find where Aria is but they are too late anyway, she has fled with some soldiers somewhere else while they go deal with the people here.

Back to Ichigo, when he looks back towards the woman with the scissors. She was gone and nowhere to be seen, with her gone he lowered his sword then started to react that since this place is under attack, he should go find the girl Aria before the assassins do. He turns back and started running down the hallway to escape the mansion, looking around to find her but she wasn't even here in the mansion, he won't be able to find her before Akame does.

Two soldiers will be running through the trees with the girl, running towards the shed that was further away from the mansion just to hide her there however when they got closer, an armoured man comes landing hard on the ground, stopping them from advancing forward and getting them to raise their guns through the smoke as they can't see through there. The assassins wouldn't allow them to make the first move so the man in armour who was Bulat, he threw his spear towards one of them, impaling through his chest and sending him flying back and landing on the ground while the other guy was shock to see it, letting his guard down to Bulat when he turned towards his fallen friend, just as he did that, Akame came slicing through his arms and cutting his neck, kicking his chest and sending him collapsing onto the floor while the girl just screams while trying to run away from the two.

Akame just stood there while Aria started trembling in fear, when she turns away and was about to make a run for it, Akame finishes this with a deep strike through the back of her, she just gasps while feeling that cut but it would get worst for her as the power of Akame's sword curses her in this unimaginable pain before she finally dies, dying before she can hit the ground.

"It is done." Akame said while sheathing her sword.

"Hold it!"

Akame turns her head to the bushes, seeing Ichigo charging right out of the bushes with fury in his eyes. He yells loud at Akame and just when he got closer, he ends up swinging his sword upwards into the air, sending his Getsuga towards her. Her eyes widen while seeing that attack, she quickly evaded that attack even though it was almost close range, she got time to evade that attack and watches that blast going towards the shed, smashing through the shed door and removing the top of it as well.

That explosion can be heard from the other Night Raid members who was still at the mansion, clearing the whole place from the soldiers and removing any survivors. Ichigo would just be standing there breathing a bit heavily due to letting his anger and power on that attack, seeing through the smoke and noticing Akame standing nearby the large line through the ground, standing there with her sword drawn and Bulat was nearby too but he was safe from Ichigo's attack before, both holding their weapons while turning their heads towards Ichigo.

Ichigo would look towards Aria while she just lies there, he closed his eyes for the moment then turned towards the two. "What the hell do you two think you're doing!?"

"She was a target, nothing more." Akame said to him, said it with no emotions as she is a cold blooded assassin.

"…." Ichigo tightens the grip of his sword. "Is that what she is to you…. Just some target…?"


"Allow me Akame." Bulat comes walking towards Ichigo. "Listen boy, you don't know what you are doing."

Ichigo doesn't respond to that, instead he takes a step forward then vanishes. "He's fast…" Bulat said while looking back towards Akame.

"Hmn…" Akame quickly turned back and swings her sword as Ichigo comes swinging his sword against her, clashing their blades and holding their swords against each other while the two both stares at one another for a time until they both move back from one another.

"You are persistent." Akame said, holding her sword with two hands to it, aiming it towards Ichigo. "However I can't stop what is about to come."

"You had a chance to stop… You damn assassins!" He stood ready, Akame and Bulat can feel this enormous power flowing through Ichigo as he started charging up his Getsugatensho on his blade. He ready himself to take them both on with what he has, ready to avenge the ones that just killed. "Here I come!"

Both of Akame and Ichigo charges while Bulat backed away to see how this goes, a fight between two powerful sword users that shows both of them are the masters of the katana. As there about to clash blades against each other again, a sudden red flame cannon came flying towards them and causes them both to look towards the attack. Both of them was force to jump back from that projectile before it explodes in the center between the two, getting them to stare at one another for a while until the man who fired it would come out of hiding and started walking over to them.

"Of all the beast hunters who come all the way out here, it had to be you Ichigo."

"What…?" Ichigo looks over while removing the black Getsuga wrapped around his blade, when he turned towards him he froze, seeing who he was. "…."

"Hey Ichigo… It's been a while." He goes walking over towards Bulat and stands next to him, having his hand over the handle of his Zanpakuto.

"…. Renji…"

"What sup Ichigo?"