The battle against the Hunter Killers and Night Raid is soon underway when both sides split their forces in half, allowing a good time to have one on one battles on where they are. Both sides are getting closer to their positions; both will prepare a strong fight because whoever wins the fight will change the fate of the war inside the capital. If Night Raid takes care of the Hunter Killers, they will have a chance on attacking the capital while their generals are elsewhere, fighting against the rebel army in the east.

Right now in the eastern canyons where most of the team of Night Raid is ready to clash against most of the team of Hunter Killers, preparing to ambush them from above as the team is ready. Lisa and Chelsea made it to Renji and Leone, ready to take them on and hope that they could handle against them in a firefight.

At the bottom of the canyon, the Hunter Killers seen walking together through this large narrow pathway, walking together while leaving their horses behind, knowing they do not need them, knowing what is to happen. They stay close and keep moving, knowing that something is not right and knowing that they are out there, waiting for them to make the move on them.

"They are getting closer." Leone said while standing next to Renji by the trees

"Yes." Renji responds and looks back to her "The battle is where I belong and that is where I'm going."


"Hey don't go falling on me…"

She sighs "Renji… You better stay alive when this is over…" She moves closer to him and wraps her arms around him "You are mine when this is over."

He laughs slightly and moves his head forward to kiss her, surprising her suddenly but she should have expected that. She closes her eyes and kisses him back while he wraps his arms around her also, kissing each other for a while until they finally back off, moving their heads back and smiling to one another.

"Ahem!" Chelsea calls to them

Both Renji and Leone turns back and looks over to Chelsea and Lisa who stood behind them, standing there in an awkward situation as they saw the whole thing from where they are. Chelsea was laughing slightly while Lisa just stands there, leaning against the tree and looking forwards them.

"Sorry…" Renji said while letting go of Leone, scratching the back of his head and looks back to Leone as she moves back, blushing a bit.

"That's so sweet…" Chelsea said "But that's kind of a bad idea on bringing a relationship into a war."

"Well I'm fine." Renji said "I have something to fight for."

"Same here." Leone said when looking towards her "But my sister isn't here."


Lisa moves off the tree and walks past Chelsea "Shouldn't you be watching the enemy?"

Renji turns back and Lisa walks past him too "Oh yeah…"

Lisa walks closer to the edge of the cliff but crouches down, looking down and getting a look at the pack of Hunter Killers on the ground. "There's four of them."

"Four on four." Leone said while punching her hands together "Sounds like an even match."

"Not really." Chelsea said "I mean there's no way I am going down there and fighting them head on?"

"Seriously?' Renji looks back to her "You're here to fight the enemy."

"Yes well I am not a combat expert, only a perfect strategic assassin." She said while taking out her box of makeup "Once I find an opening, I'm going to take it."

"I don't think it's going to be easy you know." Lisa said when looking back "How are you going to use your Imperial Arms against them?"

"You just have to find out, just as long as you hold them for a while for a right moment." She turns to the side and takes her leave from the group

"Is… Is she serious?" Renji looks back to Lisa then to Leone

"Don't worry." Lisa looks forward "The only thing you have to worry about is the one you will be fighting."

"Well I guess it's us three against them." Leone lowers her arms and walks over to Lisa

"Alright then…" Renji draws his Zanpakuto "I guess I am going to be the one to take on two of them."

"Oh you will be fine." Leone said "You got us you know."

"Just as long as you don't push your opponent over to one of us." Lisa said while tapping the handle of her sword "Otherwise I'll send him back at you."

"Yeah thanks…"

Elsewhere, back at the other half of the Hunter Killers with Grimmjow, Esdeath and Seraphim riding through the forest together, having Grimmjow and Esdeath next to each other while Seraphim was behind. Once they are getting closer to the destination, Esdeath decides to go on foot from the remainder of the mission. The team will dismount and will press forward, knowing what is about to happen as Esdeath got the feeling that a trap is soon to happen.

"Do you think it is a good idea to travel on foot?" Seraphim asks Esdeath while following her from behind

"Don't worry." Esdeath said "The only way to bring them out into the open is to be sprung into the trap, that way we can break the trap and have a fight against them. Whatever happens out here, Akame is mine."

"You don't have to tell me that." Seraphim said

"And when this is over…." She turns her eyes towards Grimmjow, getting him to look back at her while smiling and blushing at him "We should get to know each other."

"Yeah…. I'll think about that…." He looks forward then thinks to himself "Of course she had to be like Nel."

Meanwhile, Najenda waits further up ahead in the forest with one of her recruits, waiting for Ichigo and Akame to arrive, which eventually they do arrive as she got the look in the sky of the flying Danger Beast. Ichigo and Akame was sitting on board of the same Danger Beast, the one that Lisa and Chelsea got on and travelled to the east with it. The Danger Beast flies once it was getting closer to Najenda, landing down onto the ground and hope that the Hunter Killers did not see it.

Najenda and the recruit walks over to the Danger Beast, seeing Akame and Ichigo jumping off the creature. "I'm glad you two are here." Najenda said when approaching them

"Good to see you again boss." Akame said

Ichigo stays behind Akame while letting a deep sighs "That's the last time I'm riding one of those things."

"Oh it's not that bad once you get used to it." She looks at the Danger Beast, watches it take flight, and flies out of here

"Where's it going?" Ichigo asks when looking back at it, watching it fly out of here

"It's returning home." Najenda said "There's no point having that creature here, there's going to be a battle."

"Good point." Ichigo looks back to Najenda then to the man in the robes "Who's this guy?"

"Oh yes I forgot to introduce you to him." Najenda looks back at him then takes a step back, allowing him to remove his robes to reveal himself to them "This is Susanoo, my Imperial Arms."


"Wow?' Ichigo said "Hey wait a minute… Your Imperial Arms?"

"Of course." She looks back at him "This one is an organic Imperial Arms; surely you would have known that there are some Imperial Arms that is alive."

"Well come to think of it…. I remember fighting that crazy girl with the dog."

"That is one of them."

"Pleasure to meet you, I am Susanoo."

"I'm Ichigo Kurosaki."

"So you probably already know the plan then?' Najenda asks "Us four are to engage Esdeath and her followers while the rest handle the other Hunter Killers. We still have the advantage because our numbers in Night Raid are now higher than the Hunter Killers."

"Uhm… Boss…" Akame speaks but with a low tone voice "Both Mine and Sheele can't be here right now."

"Oh? And why not?"

"Sheele has suffered serious injuries and won't come back onto the battlefield anytime soon…. Mine on the other hand…"

"She's dead." Ichigo speaks up

"…." Her eyes widen when shock to hear what happen to the two, she closed her eyes and turns back "I see…."

"The enemy is close by." Susanoo said "We should prepare to ambush them."

"Y-Yes…" She looks back "Ichigo… You are to attack the Hunter Killers first while the rest of us surprise attack them from all sides."

"Got it."

"Susanoo." She looks towards him "You are with me." She then looks to Akame "Akame, you might be fighting Esdeath in this battle, no matter what happens, Esdeath must not be allowed to leave this place."


Esdeath and the team continues their move through the path ahead, knowing that Night Raid is out here somewhere, seeing them looking through the forest, expecting something to happen while they continue moving. Seraphim was the only one who stopped and tapped on the handle of her Zanpakuto, causing Grimmjow and Esdeath to stop and looks back at her.

"What's wrong?' Esdeath asks

"There here." Seraphim responds, looking at Esdeath then towards Grimmjow

"This Spirit Energy…." Grimmjow mumbles to himself, quickly looking forward and grabbing the handle of his Zanpakuto as well.

Esdeath turns back and looks forward, seeing no sign of anyone but something would get her attention and that would be this shadow appearing above their heads, getting the three to look up and seeing Ichigo. He comes down at them with full force with his mask on and his sword above his head with two hands to it, quickly charging up a Getsuga and once he is close, he swings down to discharge. Esdeath and the others prepare themselves for this attack when he sends forth a Getsuga, consuming the whole area in black and annihilating the whole forest around them and behind them as he sends a direct hit at them.

The three came out of the way of the attack but when Ichigo lands on the ground in front of them, seeing Esdeath coming out of the darkness and leaving only a deep cut on her right shoulder. Ichigo prepares to fire another Getsuga at Esdeath, swinging his sword around then when he swings forward at Esdeath; Grimmjow suddenly appeared in front of him. He appeared in front of Ichigo, aiming his hand at him and charging up a Cero at close range, causing Ichigo to swing his Getsuga forward and block the Cero, causing both sides to rebound from their attacks and got both Ichigo and Grimmjow to back away.

Seraphim backs away from the explosion and watches Ichigo as he retreats from that explosion. She turns her attention towards Susanoo as he comes out of the forest, drawing his huge weapon and swinging it right at her with both hands to it. She blocks the attack on time with her sword, holding it with two hands but with his strength, he sends Seraphim sliding back away from him while he stands firm from that swing. Seraphim was going to retaliate by charging up a Cero with her left hand, soon to get a surprise attack from Najenda when she comes on her left, firing her robotic arm at her and grabbing her arm with it, pushing her hand to the side and firing her Cero close to Grimmjow. The Cero blast hits the ground near Grimmjow, getting both Grimmjow and Esdeath to back away to avoid the damage.

Esdeath looks over when she jumps back, seeing Najenda appearing on the left side of Seraphim, seeing her retract her arm back while Seraphim backs away. "Well, well… It's been a while, Najenda."

"General Esdeath… So good to see you." Najenda said when looking towards her "Just wanted to see you one more time before you die here."

"Is that so? I had a different idea now since you're here."

"Thanks but I'll pass on whatever you say to me."

Esdeath soon turns to the side and faces Akame as she stands there with one hand to her sword. "My, my… If it isn't Akame."

"Hello General Esdeath."

"For an assassin, you don't seem eager to try and assassinate me." Esdeath said when raising her sword towards her with one hand against it

"I thought of that, but since it is you, there is no way I could perform something like that against you."

"Well aren't you a smart one."

Meanwhile, Grimmjow stands behind Esdeath and stares towards Ichigo who stands in front of him, seeing him taking off the mask. "So it's you…" Grimmjow said "You're the one who killed one of my comrades."

"And you're working with Esdeath." Ichigo said "I can't show mercy on you."

Grimmjow smiles "You dumbass… Who the hell shows mercy to anyone these days?"

Ichigo looks behind Grimmjow and towards the others, seeing everyone is stuck in a stalemate for the moment. He turns back to Grimmjow and lowers his sword "Grimmjow."


Ichigo turns his head to the side "You want to take this battle elsewhere? I prefer that we fight alone."

"Hmn, you know what…" He lowered his sword too "I agree."

"Where are you going?" Esdeath asks when turning her head to the side

Grimmjow looks back "I'm taking this fight elsewhere. Don't interfere until I kill this man."

"Can you guys handle your match?" Ichigo asks when looking back to the others as they stay in a stalemate for now

"You can count on me Ichigo." Akame said

"Don't worry about us." Najenda responds "We can handle these two. Take him out."

Ichigo smiles slightly, soon to vanish with Grimmjow on somewhere else, away from the others. Once they are gone, the others held their ground for the moment until Najenda calls out to Akame.

"Akame… For the sake of the revolution, you are going to destroy her and end the chance for the empire to succeed!"

"Well now…. If you care much for my death, why don't you try and kill me." Esdeath said

"I would gladly like to kill you myself…. However." She turns her eyes towards Seraphim who just stands there "I have my own problem to deal with."

"You honestly think you can beat me with the strength you have now?" Seraphim asks

"Well I'm sure you might have trouble defeating me and my Imperial Arms."

"We shall see." Seraphim looks to Esdeath "General Esdeath, I will take these two elsewhere, that way you won't deal with any interference."

"Do whatever you want." Esdeath said "I am going to enjoy killing you, Akame."

"You can try."

Akame and Esdeath finally charge towards one another while Seraphim backs away from this fight, moving away from them, knowing that they would want to have their fight in a wide area with them not around. Seraphim would back away and get Susanoo and Najenda to give chase, going after her in a location that is suited for their match.

Meanwhile, the other squad that was down at the canyons that are the Hunter Killers, they all decide to stop, waiting for the members of Night Raid to make the move. They let Run move up ahead, soon to spread his wings to scout up ahead to see if he could find anything up ahead. With one member alone, this gives Night Raid the chance to attack him, letting Lisa be the one to make the move on Run while the others get in position. Lisa is the only one here who can take out Run right now, beginning an incantation while in the shadows, once she is ready; she quickly makes her move.

Lisa quickly comes out of hiding and reveals herself to Run while he had his back turn towards her. Run turned around and notice her, appearing before him and attacking him with Kido. "Bakudo number 61 Rikujokoro!"

Four bright yellow lights appears around Run and all hit him around his waist, stopping him and causing him to go falling from the sky. Run tried to use his wings but are no good, trapped within the trap, sending him yelling while falling from the sky and hitting hard onto the ground.

"There goes one." Lisa said then looks towards the others, aiming her finger towards the others "Hado 4. Byakurai."

A bluish bright beam blasted from her finger and heads straight to the other Hunter Killers, since she is far away however, they had enough time to avoid it. The Hunter Killers moved out of the way and avoided the blast, not knowing that this was a diversion for Renji to get into position. He came forth from behind, activating his Bankai and sending his large serpent straight towards them, they did notice when they look back but the serpent was close enough to fire a red energy beam from the mouth, obliterating the whole area. The blast was huge, still they took precaution, knowing that they could have survived the blast and could sustain some damage.

Tesla seen jumping into the sky and out of the smoke of the blast, having his right arm injured and burnt. He looks down at the blast, not paying attention on what was in front of him, having Leone coming down from the side of the canyon, diving down and catching him off guard. She came down from above and punches Tesla in the chest, strong enough to send him back through the smoke and hitting hard onto the ground.

Leone retreats to Renji who happens to be on the ground in the canyon, standing nearby and looking through the smoke. Both he and Leone stands at the ready, seeing that the smoke is slowly clearing away, hoping that they have dealt damage to them. Once the smoke fades away, they could be Edrath standing there without any damages, seeing Findor standing behind him and Tesla is seen getting up off the ground.

"Son of a bitch." Leone said when looking towards Edrath "That bastard survived."

"That bastard must have unleashed a lot of his energy to withstand my attack." Renji said "At least we injured one and captured the other."

"You said it."

Edrath stood there between Findor and Tesla, crossing his arms and looking towards Leone "Well, well… The girl who played as the wench for Lord Grimmjow."

"What did you say to her?" Renji said when stepping forward

"It doesn't matter." He lowers his arms "Lord Grimmjow is not here to see you; you're going to be burnt to crisp, just like your friend."

Leone lowered her head and closes her hands tight when he mentioned about her friend Mine, remembering the last moment when she got consumed by the flames, leaving only a burnt body in front of her. When she looks forward, her eyes widen and her teeth shown, having this furious look in her face as she decides to charge straight towards him.

"Leone wait!" Renji calls to her but was too late

"You bastard!" Leone shouts out when leaping in the air and tries to lay a punch across his face while Edrath stands there.

Tesla interfered and stopped Leone from hitting Edrath, laying this surprise punch to the side of Leone, sending her crashing against the side of the wall. Tesla was seen in a new look, already released his Zanpakuto, revealing himself to be this large monster like a Danger Beast.

"Leone!" Renji calls out, looking towards the impact area where Leone hit

Renji looks forward and notices Findor appearing in front of him, planning to attack him while he left his guard down. He was close to strike him in the head, only to fail when Lisa came down and swung her sword, causing him to quickly clash his sword against her and got the two to break off from one another. Both land in front of Renji, looking at one another while Renji stands there.

"Don't let your guard down." Lisa said "That girl can handle herself."


"There seems to be a lot of people falling from the sky." Findor said "Tell me your name."

"My name is Lisa… That's all you're going to get from me."

"Very well then, you can call me Findor." He held his sword towards her with one hand to it "Pleasure to meet you."

"Whatever." She charges towards him with one hand to her sword and the other on her sheath, clashing her sword against his

Renji stood there watching the two clashing swords together, soon to turn around when seeing Edrath standing behind him, standing further away with his arms crossed. "I am looking forward into killing you." Edrath said to Renji "After what you and your friend did to our brothers, you are going to be the first to go."

"You guys make me sick." Renji said "I'm taking you out."

"Good luck with that." He said while increasing his Spirit Energy, showing this light bluish energy around his body while lowering his arms.

Tesla was moving towards Leone while she was just sitting there looking back at him, smiling slightly as he stops and looks down at her. "Get a look at you." Leone said to him "You are one ugly Danger Beast."

"This is the power of my Zanpakuto." Tesla said "You won't beat me in this form."

Leone tries to get back up "We'll see –"

Tesla punches her in the chest before she had a chance to get back up, sending her hitting against the wall again, and sending rocks falling down on top of Leone. Tesla would back away and waits for Leone to come out of the rubble, getting a surprise shock when she comes out of the rubble in one piece, charging first in the air and punching Tesla in the face, sending him taking a few steps back. Tesla tried to fight back but she evaded his next punch, getting her to jump up to knee him in the face, only to fail when Tesla grabbed her leg on time and sends her over his head and slams her hard onto the ground.

Tesla still holds onto her leg while she lies there looking back at him with just one eye. "That beast mode of yours… Truly is an annoying one." Tesla said to her and ends up punching her chest, causing the ground underneath her to crack while she gasps and coughs out blood due to that punch.

Meanwhile, Renji stays where he is but he kept turning his eyes to the side, worrying about Leone due to her struggle against Tesla. He looks back to Edrath as he still stands there, looking at Renji and not thinking of attacking him.

"You don't seem to be confident on fighting me on this field." Edrath said "If it was up to me… I could have taken all three of you on." He then taps on the handle of his Zanpakuto "All of you won't stand against me."

"Is that so?" Renji asks "You think you could take on all of us at the same time?"

"I stopped your attack with my bare hands; you can't possibly think that this Bankai of yours could stand against me."

"Let's just see about that then." He swings forward, sending the front of the serpent straight towards him

Edrath held his hands forward to try to grab the top and bottom jaw of the serpent, making contact with the head, sending him sliding further away while still holding onto the serpent. Edrath unleashed his Spirit Energy to hold onto the serpent, soon to hold his ground and not sliding anymore. He still held onto the serpents head until he decides to charge up a Cero, firing straight through the mouth and destroying straight through, destroying the Bankai.

"That bastard…" Renji said when watching what is left of his Bankai fall into pieces

Edrath vanished and appeared in front of Renji, grabbing him by the neck and lifting him up in the air, choking the life out of him as he tries to hold on, placing both hands on the arms of Edrath. He held onto him for a time but he stops when he lays a strong punch to his chest, breaking some ribs and sending him flying and crashing hard onto the ground.

Lisa notices Renji is down, making things difficult now, as they did not expect to deal with problems already. He held off against Findor well against his attacks, soon to change when he decides to go all out, charging at her faster than before and swinging rapidly at her, sending her back as he tries to defend against his attacks, using her sword and sheath. Lisa retreats and watches Findor while looking behind him, seeing the others are not doing well but she focuses on her opponent, noticing him charging a purple Cero with the point of his sword. She vanishes out of the way to avoid the purple beam, appearing nearby and charges towards him again, seeing him swinging his sword forward, creating a barrage of purple energy balls through the air. She vanishes around avoiding the attacks, vanishing away to avoid the purple projectiles from hitting her.

"How long do you plan on stopping this?" Findor said while continue swinging his sword forward, sending more purple projectiles per swing

Lisa continued vanishing around the place, avoiding all the attacks until she could no longer go anymore. She eventually takes a hit in the chest, then another through the shoulder, sending her collapsing onto the ground and got Findor to stop firing those purple projectiles. He lowered his weapon and walks towards Lisa while she lies there, injured but still gets back up off the ground.

"You assassins are not doing too well." Findor said when getting closer to her "Night Raid are not good against the Hunter Killers." He then swung forward through the air in front of Lisa, hitting her chest and sending her to the floor. "This is over."

Findor aims the tip of his sword towards her, ready to charge up another Cero but he stopped all the sudden before he had a chance to charge it up. He looks up and notices Grimmjow all the sudden, seeing him walking towards them with his hands in his pocket, walking towards them with a slight smile on his face.

"Lord Grimmjow…" Findor said when lowering his sword "W-What are…."

"I got here early and thought there was going to be an interesting battle here." He stops and looks down at Lisa, as she lies there looking back to him "But it turns out you guys are in the same situation as I once was before."

"So there all…."

"Dead… There all dead." He looks back to Findor then towards the others, seeing Edrath and Tesla stopping at what they were doing and turn their attention towards him

"Lord Grimmjow." Tesla mumbled to himself

Leone was near Tesla and notices Grimmjow here, standing where she is and with a shocking look. She held her ground but took a few steps back, getting Tesla to look back at her then towards Grimmjow.

"So Night Raid is destroyed." Findor said "That is a very good job of what you did sir."

"Yeah." Grimmjow looks back to Lisa "Now let's end this." He then draws out his sword and held onto it with one hand "Pick her up."

Findor sheathes his sword and grabs Lisa up off the ground, getting him standing next to her with his arm around her neck to hold her. Leone was about to step in but Edrath and Tesla turns their attention towards her, stopping her from making a move. She looks back to Renji, still lying there on the ground, injured and helpless to do anything.

"You're going to watch." Edrath said "And then he's going to finish you off too."


Grimmjow moves his sword over the side of Lisa's neck, ready to send his sword straight through her. He moved his sword back; ready to finish her off while she stands there trying to get free, soon to have a sudden change when she looks at Grimmjow, smiling at him. He sent his sword forward, sending his sword through the neck but it was not Lisa, instead it was Findor. He sent his sword straight through the neck of Findor, catching him off guard and in getting a shocking surprise on his face and the others. He pulls the sword out of his neck and sent him to the ground, still alive but barely, trying to breathe but he could not do it, having so much blood over his neck, he covered it up with one hand but it will not be long before he could no longer breathe.

"Nice job convincing them." Lisa said when looking towards Grimmjow, seeing the change in form of Grimmjow, reverting himself into the form of Chelsea

"What can I say… I saw an opening and I took it." Chelsea said with a smile on her face, looking at Lisa then towards the others "You all should have seen the look on all of you guys faces, it was priceless."

Edrath steps forward towards them and draws out his sword "How dare you!"

"Damnit!" Tesla said when looking back to Leone, swinging his arm down at her to punch her, only to miss and hit the ground hard while Leone jumps back.

"Now let's go kick some ass." Leone said with a smile on her face, charging towards Tesla and starts punching rapidly at him, hitting his chest and face many times until he fell back

Edrath turns to Leone and Tesla but stopped and looks back when seeing Renji up off the ground but on one knee, holding onto his Zanpakuto, still in the Bankai form. All of the pieces of the serpent began to reform together again, restoring itself back to normal, back to what it was before.

"Now let's try this again." Renji said when slowly standing up, breathing heavily and shows his eyes are half closed but when he swings his sword forward his eyes widen as he shouts out. "Hikotsu Taiho!"

He sent his Bankai straight towards Edrath once more, letting loose another red energy beam from the mouth. Edrath stood his ground while Leone retreats, making sure not to be caught in the explosion while Tesla was still trying to get up, noticing it now that another energy beam is coming. The beam consumes Edrath, eventually exploding, destroying the entire area in front of them, causing a large gust of wind and tremor that got the others unstable but they held their ground, all except for Renji who fell back and collapses onto the ground.

Leone comes to Renji once the tremors and the gust of wind slows down, getting her to help Renji up, letting him sit there while she holds onto him. Leone did notice that his Zanpakuto returns back to its regular state of a katana, seeing that he is still breathing heavily due to unleashing another amount of Spirit Energy on that attack.

"Renji…." Leone whispered to him, moving her hand over his chest and feeling his heart is slowly beating

"I used… Too much power… On that attack..." He lets a deep sighs "I didn't expect I would have to fire that technique a second time."

"Is he dead?" Lisa asks when looking out at the blast

"We'll find out then." Chelsea said

The smoke starts to disperse from the area, moving away and getting Night Raid to see through. The team notices something was standing in there, standing in the middle, a survivor who is not Tesla but Edrath himself. He stood there with no damage to his body, only because he just released his Zanpakuto, appearing before them in his true form yet again.

Leone stood up and looks towards Edrath "Oh my god…. This again…"

"This is… Not good." Renji said while lying there on the ground, looking towards Edrath and coughing a bit

Lisa held onto her Zanpakuto at the ready "This is going to be troublesome…"

"Yeah well…." Chelsea turns back "I'm out of here."

"Hey..." Lisa looks back "Don't you quit on us."

"I'm no good like this anyway." She looks forward and starts running "Besides I'm get –"

A surprise attack happened right in front of Chelsea when these feathers came down from above, hitting her in the chest three times and two times to the right leg. Lisa was surprise when seeing Chelsea taking those hits, collapsing onto the ground. Lisa was about to run up to her but stops when a few more feathers hit the ground in front of her, getting her to look up at the sky, seeing Run, floating there with his angel wings. Run looks injured as he got bruises, having blood coming down his sleeves or his pants due to a fatal hit from that impact.

"He's back." Lisa said

Leone looks back and notices Run floating there in the sky, looking down at Lisa with a serious look. She looks back to Edrath and notices Tesla is standing near him, standing there with slight damage to his body because of that attack. Both Tesla and Edrath stood their ground while they are against the wall and there is no way they could get through this. Renji is down and Chelsea is dying, it is only Leone and Lisa who now has to go up against the three.