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"Miss. Swan, do come in."

"Sheriff Swan," Emma corrected, as she closed the door behind herself, and made her way round to one of the chairs in front of the familiar glass desk.

"Of course," the mayor dismissed easily, his attention focused on the computer screen in front of him.

Emma hated that she was ending her working week with her usual visit to his office once more. If there was anything guaranteed to ruin her mood, this was it. But she had sucked it up and arrived on time for their meeting, like the responsible adult she was supposed to be.

"I hear you're taking another vacation this weekend," Gold began.

If it had been anyone else, Emma would have thought it was an invitation to start a conversation. Coming from Gold, she knew it was the start of his inquisition.

"With all due respect, Mr. Mayor, I'm not sure my vacation time is any of your business," she told him.

"I beg to disagree." He finally pulled his eyes away from the computer in front of him, to fix Emma with a hard stare. "As mayor of this town, vacations that our public servants take are every bit of my business, if they are deemed to be inappropriate or too frequent."

Emma chuckled bitterly, as she stood from her seat. She wasn't paid anywhere near enough to deal with his shit, and she was starting to lose her patience with it. "As mayor of this town," she countered, "you'd know that I haven't even reached my yearly allowance of vacation time yet. Which means that you can't stop me from leaving for the weekend. And as mayor of this town, you'll also know that using the former relationship I had with your son to try and bully me into doing what you want is an abuse of power. As such, I could call for a town meeting and have you forcefully removed from your position. You and I both know that you don't want that. So I think this meeting can wait until I return."

"If you think anyone would vote against me, you're delusional," Gold warned.

"Maybe, maybe not. But I don't think you're willing to risk taking that chance." When Gold said nothing else, Emma made her way over to his office door.

She knew that if she had to force a vote, there was no guarantee that the majority of the town would back her up. They were too scared of the consequence that could come from voting against the most powerful person in town. And they all knew that he'd find a way to work out exactly who had placed their votes against him, and make them suffer for it. But Emma also knew that Gold was aware there was no guarantee that the town would back him either. A lot of the small business owners were sick of struggling to make ends meet, given his yearly rent hikes. And those were the people who held the most power to remove him from his current position.

"Have a good weekend, Mr. Gold," she told him, before leaving just as quickly as she had entered the room.

Emma's plane finally touched down in Chicago on Thursday afternoon. Killian had been told he would be able to finish early for the weekend, so he would be flying out as soon as he had finished shooting that day. It wouldn't give the two of them long together outside of the event, but Emma would take any additional hours she could get with him.

He'd managed to extend the room booking that the convention had made for him, and had added her own name to it, knowing that she would be likely to arrive in the city before he would. However, that didn't stop Emma's doubts from creeping in when she arrived at the check-in desk, that day.

"I have a reservation under Swan," she told the rather severe looking woman behind the desk.

"I'm sorry, I don't see one here," the other woman replied, offering her a tight smile.

"Can you check again?" Emma asked politely. "I should be down as a named guest on a reservation for Jones."

The woman turned back to her computer with a frown, clearly not expecting to find Emma's reservation in the system. Emma could tell the moment she did, because her face dropped a little in surprise. "Ah, yes. You're here. My apologies." The smile she offered this time was no better than the previous one she'd given to Emma, as she activated a keycard and slipped it into a small folder, with details of the room printed onto it. "Enjoy your stay."

"I will."

Of that, Emma was absolutely certain.

She should have been expecting the grandeur of the suite the organizers had booked for the two of them, given her previous visit to his room in New Jersey. But it still took her breath away as she pushed open the door to her home for the weekend. The large open planned room featured floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides, offering impressive views of the city from every angle. There was a plush looking cream sofa in front of one of the windows, facing a small wall on which a large flat-screen television had been mounted. On the other side of the wall was yet another large flat-screen, that was positioned directly opposite a lush looking bed.

The room also contained a small but perfectly functioning kitchen area, that Emma was surprised to find already well stocked with some essentials such as bread, eggs and milk. Along with a fully maintained minibar.

There were two other doors in the room. One lead to a small closet, which Emma made use of immediately. She unpacked her stuff for the weekend, making a mental note to put the small iron inside of it to good use before Killian arrived, and stored her suitcase away safely. The second led to a luxurious looking bathroom, complete with a large shower stall and a fully stocked shelving unit (which housed the softest towels that Emma had ever felt before in her life, and a collection of luxury toiletries for their use). But perhaps the most appealing feature of the room was the large bathtub that sat in the center of it. Emma's own bathroom back home in Storybrooke was too small for a bathtub. So she planned to put the one in their suite to good use, for the duration of her stay.

When she was finished exploring the suite, Emma flopped down onto the bed, and pulled out her phone to fire off a quick message to Killian, as she did. She knew he worried about her while she was travelling, and even though he was probably in the middle of filming a scene, she wanted to put his mind to rest.

She took a picture of herself, laying on the bed they would soon be sharing once more, with her blonde hair fanned out around her face, and attached it to her message.

Made it to Chicago safely, and the room is amazing! It's much nicer than the last one you had. Strange that, don't you think?

I'll be headed over to the con hotel soon for pre-registration.

Love you.

She wasn't surprised to feel her phone vibrate in her pocket a few moments later, even though she had told herself not to expect an immediate reply.

We're almost done here, and then I'll head straight to the airport.

I can't wait to see you again.

You look so beautiful spread across that bed.

I can't wait until I have you naked and writhing underneath my hands, on it.

How much trouble do you think we'll get into if I never let you leave the room?

Love you more. X

Emma giggled a little as she read Killian's message through again. His love and praise had been a constant in their relationship, even while they had been separated. But it still never failed to make her feel like a teenager, discovering love for the very first time.

Killian sighed as the director yelled, "Cut" once more. He'd been assured that all they needed from him that day was two very easy scenes, and then he could leave for the weekend. The two very easy scenes had turned into three very difficult ones, and he was still stuck on set two hours after he had hoped to leave it.

"What's wrong with you?" Robin asked, as they waited for everyone else to get back into their starting positions.

"I'm gonna miss my flight if this continues."

"I thought you didn't have to be in Chicago until Saturday morning?" Robin was also attending the convention, and he knew that his own flight had been arranged for Friday evening, when they were scheduled to finish filming.

"I'm meeting Emma there early," Killian replied. "Although, at this rate, we're gonna get no time together before the weekend."

"Will I get to meet Emma this weekend?" Robin wondered quietly.

Killian pulled his eyes away from where he had been glaring in the general direction of their production team, and over to his friend. He hadn't been planning to introduce Emma and Robin any time soon. He wasn't ashamed of his connection to either of them. He had just selfishly wanted as much time with his girlfriend as he could get. And he already knew that the convention would eat into that. Introducing the two of them would lead to less time being spent naked and alone with the woman he loved, and more time answering all of the awkward questions he knew his friend would have.

"Maybe," he hedged. "I um, I just wanna spend as much time with her as I can. And with it being a convention weekend, and filming overrunning here today, I'm not sure how much time we'll actually get together."

Robin didn't look terribly convinced by his friend's answer, but he nodded his understanding anyway. There was a moment of awkward silence between the two of them, before he finally turned to his friend to say, "You know… I'm not gonna judge you, right?"

"Huh?" Killian wasn't exactly sure where his friend was going with his line of enquiry.

"Love is love, Man," Robin replied, like that somehow answered all of his friend's questions. It took a moment for the words to sink in, and even longer for Killian to understand them.

"You've seen a picture of Emma. She's definitely a she," Killian protested. "I'm not hiding her away because I'm secretly gay and trying to disguise it. I'm hiding her away because I love her, and I want to protect her. She has a dangerous job, that also makes her easy to find. I'm not painting that target on her back for the slightly more obsessive fans we have."

"Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Sorry Dude," Robin chuckled. "But… what kind of job does she have that is both dangerous, and makes her easy to find?"

Killian considered his reply for a moment. Telling Robin would give him all the information he needed to find Emma, should he want to. But, he couldn't imagine his best friend ever doing such a thing. While he might have been curious about the new woman in his friend's life, he wasn't nosy enough to intentionally invade her privacy.

"She's a sheriff."

"Sheriff?" Robin turned back to face his friend as a look of complete shock worked its way over his features. "As in, like a cop?"

"Do you know of any other kind?" Killian teased. "She's the one responsible for keeping the peace in the town she lives in."

"Shit, Dude. You couldn't have picked a girl with a less-scary job to date?"

"I dunno… I think it's kinda hot," Killian explained, as the two of them were finally called back to set. "I mean… who doesn't enjoy being handcuffed to a bed by a beautiful woman, who carries a badge and gun, every now and then?"

Robin almost tripped over his own feet at the mental image his friend had painted for him.

Emma checked her phone once more, as she slipped the driver a few bills and slid out of the cab. Killian's hotel for the weekend was slightly further away than what would be deemed a comfortable walking-distance to the event, so she had called for a taxi to pick her up, and drop her off. Her boyfriend had a driver that would be responsible for fulfilling that duty for him, when he arrived. But she didn't want to take advantage of the services the organizers were offering Killian any further than she already was.

The man in question was late making his arrival into Chicago. He'd messaged Emma throughout the day with progress reports on his scenes at work, and she could sense the growing frustration behind every one of them. Killian's day had gotten longer and more difficult than he had originally planned for. Which meant that he'd been on set for longer than he had intended to be. When he had finally slipped away, it was to end up stuck in rush-hour traffic on his way to the airport.

He'd called her a little over an hour ago full of apologies, his tone hard with frustration and disappointment, as he reported that he had missed his flight.

Emma had told him not to worry, that she could spend her evening registering for the weekend, and would be back at the hotel, waiting for his arrival. Killian had been able to book the next flight out, which wouldn't see him landing until close to ten pm. But it was a more preferable option to the indirect flights that wouldn't put him in the state until the following morning.

So, while Killian booked and checked in for his next flight, Emma had ordered some room service for dinner, before her taxi had arrived to take her to the hotel the event was being held at.

Belle's flight would land first thing Friday morning, which meant she was on her own for pre-registration, but that didn't bother Emma too much. She'd gotten so used to being at events now, that conversing with the people in line both in front and behind her came naturally.

The two teenage girls in front of her had flown in from Miami to meet Killian Jones that weekend. Emma had taken great pleasure in reassuring them that he would be worth their long journey, as she showed them some of her hugs with him at past conventions. The girls had never attended an event before, and seemed to appreciate having someone to talk to who had, as they grilled her for hints and tips on how the weekend would go.

The couple behind Emma had come to see Killian's female co-stars. They had met online, through their love of the show, and had fallen in love. Mulan and Aurora were planning a Fairytales themed wedding later that year, and had wanted to attend the event together, as part of their engagement celebrations.

Between the four new friends Emma had made, they kept her mind off her delayed boyfriend, and helped to build her excitement for the weekend even higher, as she collected her badge and swapped out her PDFs for actual tickets.

When Killian's plane finally touched down at O'Hare International, it was over four hours later than his planned arrival time. He'd called ahead to book a rental car for the weekend, and was happy to skip the long queue of people waiting to be seen, in order to collect his keys and documentation. He really didn't need any more delays on his way back to Emma's side.

Of course, he'd only been driving for around six minutes when he hit traffic in the city that ground his journey to a complete stop.

"You have got to be kidding me," he groaned, as he ran a frustrated hand through his hair. "I just wanna kiss my girlfriend. Is that really so much to ask for?"

He flicked off the GPS on his phone to pull up his messages once more. The last time he'd heard from Emma, she had made some new friends in the registration queues, and had grabbed a quick drink with them, before she had headed back to the hotel. But that was over an hour before his flight had landed, and Killian's last message to his girlfriend had gone unread since then.

He suspected that she'd simply fallen asleep waiting for him. But, Killian could never shake off that niggling worry that something bad had happened to her, and he would never get the chance to hold her again.

He tapped his thumbs restlessly against the wheel of the car, waiting for the traffic to clear before he could finally put his foot down, on his way back to Emma's side.

It took him a further eighteen minutes to pull the car into a parking space at the Marriott hotel he'd booked for the two of them. Killian practically tore his bag from the back seat of the vehicle, in his haste to get inside the building. Thankfully, so late in the evening, getting a keycard for the room proved to be no trouble at all, and Killian was soon tapping his thumbs restlessly against the handle of his bag, as he waited for the elevator carriage to ascended to the floor his suite was located on.

Emma had been right. He'd changed his contract slightly with the convention organizers to be able to book his own accommodation, and as such, he'd upgraded to something a little more fancy than the usual luxury they booked for him. He'd wanted to make Emma's stay in the city as comfortable and memorable as he possibly could. Even though he knew that deep down, she'd have been happy with any room that had a bed big enough for the two of them to curl up in together.

When the elevator finally jolted to a stop, Killian practically ran down the hall towards his suite. Sliding the keycard into the lock proved to be more difficult than it looked, as his hands shook with the knowledge that he was now so close to the woman he loved.

"Emma?" he called out softly, as he finally pushed through the door. He dropped his bag to the floor, and flicked on lights to check around the room. His eyes fell easily on his beautiful girlfriend, curled up on top of the bed, on the side she had always favored, wearing what appeared to be an incredibly short, emerald-green, satin nightgown.

Killian switched the main lights in the seating area back off again, not wanting to wake her, and left the smaller lamps on, to cast a cozy glow around the room. He toed off his boots and stripped of his leather jacket, draping it over the back of a chair, as he made his way around the bed to get a good look at the woman he loved.

Emma was sleeping soundly, her long lashes fluttering lightly against her cheekbones as she dreamed. A small smile pulled at her lips every now and then, and Killian wondered if it was him that she was dreaming about, as he so often dreamed of her. He pushed the hair away from her face softly to press a kiss to her forehead, before he stood back up again.

That was the moment his eyes dropped down to take in the nightgown she was wearing.

Emerald green lace barely contained her breasts, giving him a truly wonderful view of her cleavage, before it gave way to the same satin that he'd first spotted. The gown was so short that it barely covered the tops of her thighs, giving Killian a wonderful peek at the power of the muscles hidden beneath her skin. All of the running Emma did every morning was evident in the way they flexed as she moved in her sleep.

The longer Killian stood and watched her, the more his body ached for her.

He pulled off his shirt, and kicked off his jeans as quietly as he could, before sliding onto the bed behind her, to pull Emma back and into his arms.

"Hey," she mumbled sleepily, as she felt him bury his face into the crook of her neck, while his arm came around her waist, to hold her tight.

"Hi, Sweetheart. I'm sorry I'm late." Killian's brain was screaming at him to let her sleep, but he couldn't seem to stop himself from pressing kisses into the bare skin of her back.

"I'm sorry I fell asleep," she sighed, as she reached back to tug him impossibly closer.

"Don't be." He whispered the words between slightly more desperate kisses, as he shimmied down the bed a little to cover more of her bare back. "I missed you so much, Beautiful."

"I missed you too." Emma moaned sweetly as he ran his nose down her spine, to begin gently teasing around where the edges of her nightgown sat.

"Was this for me?" he wondered, as he continued to play just around the edges, careful not to dip below the fabric too soon.

"Yes," she sighed. "I wanted to look good for you."

"You always do," he assured her. Emma didn't need pretty lingerie and dresses to impress him. She did that enough just by being herself. But he'd been separated from her for far too long to be able to keep his hands to himself that evening, and so he asked, "Are you too tired for this?"

"Not at all," she assured him, sounding more awake and alert than she had since he'd first entered the room.

"Good." Killian's kisses turned into sweet nips of flesh, and teasing flicks of his tongue, as he began covering every inch of her bare skin with his love and affection. "I want you."

"I want you too," she gasped out, as one of his hands slipped up her side, to gently tease around her left breast, through the lace of her gown. "Oh God, Killian. I want you so much."

She reached back with her free hand to push his boxer briefs down, and Killian pulled away just long enough to kick his legs free of them, before he was sliding himself back up the bed, to tuck in behind Emma perfectly.

"Are you okay like this?" he whispered softly, as his hand traced patterns into Emma's hip, slowly pushing her gown further up her thighs.

Emma had never had sex in the position Killian was suggesting before, but everything about the way he was pressed tightly behind her, with his cock resting hard and heavy against her ass, was screaming that this was right. So she nodded her agreement, before assuring him, "Yes. Please. I don't wanna wait any longer, Killian."

"Tell me if it gets uncomfortable," he begged, as he hitched the skirt of her gown the rest of the way up, to give him clear access to her body.

Emma practically melted into his arms at the way he teased his fingers across her intimately, making sure she was ready for him before he even thought about taking the next step that evening. She loved how considerate and patient he was when they were together, even when his own desperation hung heavy in the air between them. No other man had ever made her feel like her comfort and enjoyment mattered to them, as much as Killian did.

"I will," she assured him, through those soft moans he'd come to love so much since his weekend with her in Storybrooke. "Please, Killian." Emma just had enough presence of mind to reach forward and grab one of the condoms she had stashed in the bedside drawer for him.

While she normally loved the way he could tease her to completion before he'd even thought of entering her, Emma was in no mood to be teased that evening. She'd waited long enough to be reunited with her boyfriend.

The teasing could come later.

Killian pulled back just far enough to open the small foil package, and roll the latex down over his cock. When he was finished, he once more fitted himself to her back, keeping the two of them pressed together as tightly as he possibly could.

Emma dropped her head on to Killian's shoulder as she ran her hand through his hair, to anchor the two of them together. He slipped his own down the center of her body, as he continued to press kisses into her naked back. When he found the flesh of her left thigh, he gently pulled it up and over his own.

"I love you," he whispered, as he teased himself softly over where she was aching most for him, before finally sliding himself in, painfully slowly.

"Killian," Emma whined.

"I know," he soothed. He wanted to bury himself within the warmth of her body just as much as she wanted it. But he kept his pace even and unhurried, as he allowed Emma the time she would need to adjust to the slight stretch and burn from the position they were in. It was only when she finally began moving her hips, to pull him in deeper, that Killian increased his own pace.

"Always so warm and wet, Darling," he praised. His voice was rough and raw with his passion, and the way he was whispering his words directly in to her ear, had Emma clenching down around him. "It's like your body was built for me, and only me," he growled possessively.

Emma had never been a fan of overly possessive men before. But that small streak that always seemed to emerge from Killian, in the heat of passion, was one of the sexiest things she'd ever seen before. Knowing she drove him wild made her feel powerful and heady in a way nothing else ever had.

"Yours," she agreed. "Only yours. I only ever want to be yours." She turned her head slightly, and Killian adjusted his position to lean forward and bring their lips together.

He kissed her like a man possessed. Like he couldn't get enough of her. The gentle press of his lips had transformed into sharp nips of teeth, and strong confident strokes of his tongue, to soothe the ache away. He kissed her like a dying man would kiss his love, for one last time.

"Oh God," she moaned, pulling away to suck in a harsh breath, as the sharp snap of his hips caught her off guard.

"Are you okay?" he worried. The passion in his eyes dulled slightly, as that familiar flash of concern filled his features.

"More than," she assured him. "Don't stop. Don't ever stop."

Emma would never understand how the man went from sweet and concerned to dangerously sexy in a fraction of a second. But that familiar smirk worked its way back over his face at her words, as Killian arched a brow in her direction. "Trust me, Love. I have no plans to stop until this entire hotel knows who is fucking you tonight."

"Cocky bastard," she chuckled. But there was no heat behind her words. She loved that confident streak he only ever seemed to unleash when they were alone and together.

Killian's next thrust left her thighs trembling, as he hit her just right.

"Oh God, there," she whined. "Just like that."

He brought his hand down to tease gently around where they were joined, gathering the moisture building there to bring up, as he began rubbing soft circles around her clit.

"Oh, Killian."

"I need you to come for me," he begged. His hips were still punching out a harsh rhythm against her own, that had Emma screwing her eyes shut with every thrust. "I'm not gonna last much longer. You're too tight from this angle."

"Close," she assured him. "So close. I love you."

"I love you more." This time, when Killian leaned over to bring his lips down to meet Emma's they were softer and more gentle, as he pulled every ounce of pleasure from her body.

When she came, it was with a sharp cry of his name, as she arched back into his embrace. Killian's hips pumped once… twice… three times more, before he stilled as deep inside of her as he could, and moaned her name into the damp skin of her neck.

"Hi," Emma whispered, as the post-coital haze cleared, and she tilted her head up to smile up at the man holding her close.

"Hey Beautiful," he whispered back, leaning down to press a kiss to the tip of her nose.

The two of them relaxed in silence for a moment. The only sounds in the room were their harsh panting breaths, as they slowly calmed back to normal, and the gentle whisper of hands running through hair. Killian combed his fingers through Emma's, while she played with the dark strands on his chest, that she loved so much.

When she tilted her head up to make eye contact with him once more, her hand froze along the path it had been taking.

"What's wrong?" Killian asked, as he frowned down at her.

"You're still wearing eyeliner," she chuckled. "I've just never seen you wearing it in person, before."

"I came straight from set," he mumbled, as he pressed another kiss into her hair. "No wonder I was getting some odd looks at the airport."

Emma giggled once more as she pushed herself up onto her forearms, to kiss her adorable boyfriend again.

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