Gar rapidly tapped the key on the controller, trying his best to drown out the reality of the situation. Currently, he was hiding in one of the spare meeting rooms. Choosing to use the smaller screen that was in there, versus being out in the open and where Raven could run into him. He had managed to evade her several times. But knew she was catching on.

The day before, they had faced down a witch. Whom, upon realizing she would lose, cast a spell on the group. Her goal was to split the group up by exposing the lies among the members. So far, they had held on. They all loved each other, and they knew that. But by not being able to lie, all the "harmless" white lies were being exposed. And not only could they not lie, but they couldn't avoid a question if asked of them.

The spell had seemed foolish at first. The team didn't imagine anything would actually happen. But after Kory had asked Dick what he thought of the dinner she made, things had started to go downhill. He had accidently offended Vic a few times. And today, he was playing it safe and avoiding everyone. Or more specifically, Raven.

But after three hours of playing the only game he had brought with him, he was getting bored. Throwing the controller to the side, he rubbed his hands over his face. No one was particularly sure how long this spell was supposed to last. And since he didn't want to test it, he played it safe and traveled through the tower as several different animals till he reached the main room. Having to quickly change back, he thumbed through the other games. He was focusing on the games and didn't even notice the very person he was trying to avoid come in the room.

"Hey," she said from the doorway. She sounded a little irritated. But didn't comment on it.

"Ah," he jumped around, and started backing out of the room. "Um, hey Raven. How's it going?" Nervously his arm went to scratch the back of his neck. The question had been a quick cover up to buy him time to get out. But the strain in her voice reminded him just what it meant to ask questions.

"Um, well a little upset you're trying so hard to avoid me." She pulled her hood up and turned away. Normally she wouldn't have said anything. A simple 'fine' and move on. As Gar watched her he could see her shoulders visibly drop. He had obviously upset her. Stepping towards her, he tried to find a middle ground to make her happy again.

"I'm sorry Rae. I really am. And we can talk about it…just…not now." Hearing how it sounded and thinking better of his approach, he started to back out of the room again.

"Why not just say it?" She muttered, knowing he could still hear her even as she quietly spoke towards the counter. "I mean we're friends. Whatever it is, isn't it best to just get it over with? Who knows how long this will last, I haven't been able to figure it out."

"Eh," he whined from the door, "I would rather not." She turned to look at him. Confused, but obviously determined to face whatever he could be hiding.

"You don't have to say what you're hiding, but what is it about at least?" she asked. Probably wanting some sort of peace of mind, he wasn't avoiding the others this hard. And he wouldn't be able to give it to her.

"What I think about you." He muttered.

"It's about me? Something you think about me?"

"Yes." He said, between clenched teeth. But there was no keeping it in. Her eyes dropped. "I care about you Rae." He quickly blurted out, trying to offer some sort of relief. "And I don't want to risk our friendship right now."

"There's something you're hiding that could endanger our friendship?"

"Potentially injure it a tad." He winced as her sad face looked back up at him.

"I .. I.." she started to say something, but cut herself off and turned back around. "Well, alright." She stepped away, walking back into the hall she had come from. Trying to be brave, or apathetic, he couldn't tell, she had brushed it off like it was nothing. But he could hear the hurt in her voice.

"Raven, wait." He was racking his brain for some way to not lie, but not exactly tell her the full truth. Running through the room, he caught her in the hall.

"I know what you're thinking, and it's not like that I promise." He reached for shoulder, but she pulled away just in time. Not turning around, she quietly responded.

"Oh, this doesn't have to do with me being a half demon or anything?"

"No," but then he regrettably thought about it and changed his mind, "Well sort of, yea." Raven groaned and kept walking, but this time he caught her shoulder.

"I'm telling you it's not like that. I mean it's not about how I think of you. It's more what I think of when I think of you." He was trying to cover his ass, and knew he was only digging a bigger hole. She turned to face him, crossing her arms.

"What's the difference?"

"I don't think anything bad of you, I promise. It's just if you knew what I thought about when I…um…when I think of you, I'm afraid you'll think differently of me."

"Oh really, what would I think of you?" She said flatly.

"I don't know, I'm just another jerk guy not worth your time."

Raven rolled her eyes. "I feel like you're giving me just enough that the spell recognizes it as the truth, but it's not the full truth. Listen if you don't want to tell me fine, just let me walk back to my room in peace. You had said at one point you no longer thought I was creepy, and I actually believed you. But it's fine, Gar." She turned and started to storm away. The word fine was thrown out in that typical way women do, that tells you it's anything but fine. And he knew it was just better to get the truth out. Morphing, he slipped in front of her and changed back.

"Alright, I.. I um.." he took a deep breath, "I think about you a lot." She stopped walking and glared at him. "And not in a normal way you would think of a friend." She arched an eyebrow. "In a sort of um… sexual way." He mumbled the last bit, so he was technically saying it.

"Pft, yeah right, and what does that have to do with my …darker side?" She leaned up against the wall.

"Heh, um" he rubbed his jaw and took a step closer. Looking around to make sure no one else would hear them. "I imagine you're probably into some kinky stuff."

Her eyes narrowed, but she kept her voice calm and disbelieving, like he was somehow up to one of his tricks. "Really, like w..." He took another step forward and closed his hand over his mouth.

"Don't ask. Just… don't ask. Alright? We're friends and I get that. So let's just pretend like this never happened. I just didn't want you leaving thinking I thought poorly of you." He kept his hand over her mouth and watched her eyes widen. She had finally started to believe him. Slowly he pulled his hand away.

"Well, it's not what I expected." She mumbled and looked away. But neither of them moved. Slyly, she glanced back at him and let her eyes travel over his body. Looking down at her, he could barely catch the movement under her hood. Something told him to take another step closer. He blamed the same thing that prevented him from lying.

"Wha.." She started, looking up at him as he stepped closer. "What um," she bit her lip and raised her chin more. He knew what was coming, he had a few seconds to run. But couldn't. Part of him wanted her to ask, wanted her to know exactly what went through his head. Taking the last step, he closed the distance and rested his forearm on the wall.

"Careful Raven," he whispered. "There might be things you don't want to know. Perhaps my thoughts are even darker than yours." Raven lightly gasped. Closing his eyes he focused on her. Her heart was rapidly thudding, and the more he listened for it the louder it got. He could hear her breath catch a few times as she thought over what he had said.

"What type of things do you think of?" She whispered. Leaning down he carefully pushed her hood out of the way, so he could whisper into her ear. Lightly, he placed his other hand on her hip. The strange nature of the spell took hold of his voice, but he didn't fight it. He let it pull up all the memories he had of her.

"I think about pushing you up against the wall." Reflexively his hand pushed harder on her hip. While hers came up to lay on his chest with another gasp.

"Gar," she barely breathed. But she had already asked, and he couldn't stop.

"I think about tying you up, and taking my time going over every inch of your body. I think about all the ways I want to pleasure you. In the kitchen. In the combat room. On the roof. I think about blindfolding you in your room, making you squirm as you anticipate where I'll touch you next. I think about what you'll taste like. What you'll sound like. What you'll feel like…" His thump grazed lightly over her suit. As he kept going into more details and scenarios, he could feel her excitement rising. The hand on his chest had gripped his suit top and her head had fallen back.

"Every time I get to steal a glance at your neck, I think about nibbling on it. Or those rare moments I get to see you in a bathing suit, I think about you in black lace and leather." Her heartrate rose as he continued. And the pull on the fabric grasped in her hand increased. "I picture what it would be like to make you cum underneath me." After several more minutes, he had finally run out of things on his mind. Raven was breathing heavily against him. Gar thought about his next words. He wished she could say something similar, that she had the same sort of thoughts. But instead, he focused on the present.

"What do you want, Raven?" he whispered.

She moaned slightly, as he pushed his body into hers, before answering.

"I try so hard every day to remain in control. Somedays it's all I think about." Her eyes locked on to his and he could see her take a few deep breaths before answering the question. "I don't want to have control. I want you to take it." She said slowly, looking shocked at herself for even saying the words. Biting her lip, she leaned up and whispered into his ear. "I want you to tie me down and do whatever you want to me."

Gar smiled as she straightened back out. "Good thing I just got that new wrought iron bed frame. I did have you in mind when I got it."

Raven's eyes widened in excitement. And for the first time in a while, she grinned and slightly giggled. But as he leaned in to kiss her, the hand on his chest pushed back. Confused, he opened his eyes to look at her. The look on her face was more than he could have dreamed. She was excited, sexy, and planning something very naughty.

"I'll meet you there." And she was gone.