July 30, 1980 Neville Longbottom born

July 31, 1980 Harry Potter born

August 16, 1980, Hogshead Tavern Trelawney prophecy given two weeks prior to school start.

Headmaster's Office Hogwarts Sunday October 24, 1980

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore sat behind his desk, reviewing the latest budget. Fawkes, his familiar, was perched on his stand watching the fireplace. Two leather armchairs had been transfigured and placed in front of the desk. There were two things that most people did not notice about the room due to its normal clutter. The first was that the desk and chair behind it were charmed to stand two inches higher than they should. If one measured the height of the desk or chair from the floor, the measurements would align. However, the magic in play visually raised them when one sat in the desk chair. This was a minor enhancement, but very handy when attempting to influence others in minor and magicless ways. It always amused Albus that most others would defer to someone sitting higher than themselves. Few were immune to the effect. Some notable exceptions had been Tom Riddle, Horace Slughorn and Lily Evans Potter. The second enhancement was to make the person in the desk chair appear larger by five percent. It was another mild method of intimidation that could either make someone feel more trusting or threatened based on the circumstances. He chuckled lightly remembering the hundreds of confessions made to him while he sat quietly looking disappointed at a child. They would break before he even said a single word.

At precisely 19:30 hours, the fire in the fireplace changed colors to green and two people stepped out into his office. They were a man and a woman. The woman held a baby. They looked around the office, smiled at Albus and moved towards the empty chairs. Fawkes trilled happily at seeing them.

"Head…, Mr. Dumbledore good to see you." James Potter greeted as he helped Lily to her seat. "I'm still unused to calling you anything other than Headmaster or Professor."

Lily looked up with a smile, "Good evening. Pardon me while I get Harry settled. I can't believe he has grown so much. Can you believe that he now weighs 6.1 kilos? According to the Healer, he's on the upper end for his height and weight!" She cooed and lightly kissed her son's forehead.

"It's good to see the three of you. I appreciate you accepting my invitation. I would have preferred coming to your home tonight." Dumbledore made a moue while James and Lily shared a worried glance, "With the start of the school year, I find that I must stay close to the castle. Would either of you like some refreshments? "

Smiling at his wife and son, James asked, "No, we had dinner before coming. And about coming here? That's not a problem, sir. We understand. In your owl, you stated that you had something serious to discuss with us?"

Laughing lightly, Albus started, "Already using your Gryffindor forthrightness, eh?" He paused and looked at the family.

Lily, feeling a sense of foreboding, looked up from her child at her former Headmaster. The man looked at them with what she deemed his sad grandfather face. She had learned as a student this was the face he used when he wanted someone to do something they didn't want to do, but he felt that they needed to.

"What is it, Albus?" While still respectful of the man, she felt closer to him than the use of his last name would allow.

"Well, my dears, there has been a prophecy made that after much study, I feel puts a great burden onto Harry. He is to vanquish the Dark Lord."

The reaction in the room was immediate. Lily held Harry closer to her bosum. Her smile gone and her protective instincts fully engaged. James stood placing himself between his family and Dumbledore.

Angrily he asked, "What the hell does that mean? He's a baby and he's going to beat He Who Must Not Be Named? Are we fighting for nothing? He's going to terrorize the country until Harry is old enough to fight him? What kind of prophecy is this?"

"Please calm yourselves." Albus waved his hands in a peaceful manner. "I want to help you in protecting Harry. Let me summarize the contents of the prophecy and see if there are any other interpretations. If we agree, then we will act to protect you all."

James didn't move. "If my family is in peril, I need full details."

"Yes, my boy, I will give you everything you need to know." Dumbledore genially said.

"No, not what you feel we need to know. Everything." Lily calmly, yet forcefully stated. "You are talking about my son. There is nothing, James or I do not need to know in order to keep him safe. You said there is a prophecy. What is it?"

"Well, Lily, is it that important to hear the whole thing? I've studied it and can summarize it."

"Mr. Dumbledore, if you feel that the prophecy is about Harry, we can go to the Department of Mysteries and ask for the its' retrieval. If it does pertain to Harry, we will get to hear it. If it doesn't, we won't." James interjected. "In fact, if it is a prophecy describing He Who Must Not Be Named and Harry, how did you hear it?"

"I really would prefer not to say. This knowledge needs to be kept secret."

"From us? His parents?" Lily angrily hissed. She didn't want to raise her voice and disturb her son. She rolled her eyes and looked towards James. "James, I am giving him exactly one minute to tell us the prophecy and how he came to hear it or we are leaving."

"Yes, dear." James gently answered Lily. With a sterner tone, he stared at Dumbledore. "We need complete information on any threat to our family. Anything less, could lead to a disaster. Dumbledore?" His respect for his former Headmaster was quickly diminishing.

Dumbledore sat, slightly stunned. Before him were James and Lily Potter. James had always trusted him and followed his lead. Lily had never allowed herself to be intimidated by him, had always respected his knowledge and experience and like her husband took his lead on things. He never expected them to push him like this. Seeing that Lily was getting ready to stand up, he began speaking.

"Calm yourselves, I will tell you the prophecy." He closed his eyes and brought the memory up via the use of Occlumency.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...

born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...

and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not...

and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives...

the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies...

I believe the first two lines must be taken together. There were two wizarding children born at the end of July that match the criteria, Harry and Neville Longbottom. Both you and the Longbottoms have defied He Who Must Not Be Named successfully three times.

The third line is more ambiguous, yet can be puzzled out. My research tells me that He Who Must Not Be Named will choose the child which will eventually defeat him. Based on my knowledge of him, he will choose Harry. Harry was borne on the thirty-first. He is also a half-blood. Neville was birthed on the thirtieth and is a pure-blood. Since the Dark Lord despises all things not pure-blood and Harry truly was borne as July died, his choice seems obvious.

The next line is truly confusing. On the face, it seems that both must be killed by the other before one of them can truly live. How they can both be killed and yet one survive?

The last line is a repeat." He opened his eyes and looked at the Potters.

"What quack came up with that rubbish?" Lily quietly enquired. "And, He Who Must Not Be Named has killed plenty of pure-bloods. I would think that Neville Longbottom, curse this prophecy, would make more sense since the Longbottoms are being called blood traitors. Isn't that more damning to the Death Eaters? Or, is there something about He Who Must Not Be Named that you haven't told anyone?"

"Lily, you have to trust me on this." He began trustingly. "This is the second Dark Lord I have fought and I know how they think."

"When it comes to Harry, I trust only James and myself. Don't ask me to trust my son's safety on you." She spat back. "How did you learn this?"

Wincing, Dumbledore knew that he would lose whatever influence he had on the Potters if he didn't tell the complete truth at this point. "Lily, I learned this as I was interviewing Sybil Trelawney for the Divinations position. At the end of the interview, she went into a trance and she spoke the words. It is a true prophecy. I checked and found two impressive pieces of evidence. One, she had no knowledge of the trance or the words spoken. Second, the prophecy showed up in the Hall of Prophecy in the DOM. Only true prophecies ever show up there."

"So you are telling me that Sybil Trelawney saw this? She's a fraud!" James started to shout before he remembered Harry was in the room.

"James, it is true that she hadn't given one before. She had a true vision that night."

"So you interviewed her. How is Harry or Neville in danger if you interviewed her here in the castle? Isn't this one of the most secure places in the nation?" Lily asked.

"I didn't interview her here." He admitted with ill grace. "I met with her in a room at the Hog's Head."

"Still, how can He Who Must Not Be Named be aware of this? Who else was in the room with you or overheard?" James said with agitation.

"Sybil and I were in the room by ourselves. Aberforth saw someone listening and chased them off. I heard the commotion. My hope is that they did not hear the whole prophecy." Dumbledore tried to placate the irate couple.

"Hope, Dumbledore?" Lily hissed. "We need more than that. Do you or Aberforth know who was listening? Do you know if Voldemort was told? How much was he told?"

"It was a Death Eater. So I am certain that Voldemort has been told. I am certain that the spy didn't hear much beyond the first two lines. Sybil was pausing between the lines and I heard the commotion at the end of the second line." He sighed as he told them this.

"Who was the Death Eater?" James was rigid with suppressed anger.

"If I told you, I fear that you would kill him, James. I cannot condone being a party to murder, even at a remote degree." Albus looked at him chidingly.

"So it is okay for them to kill, even babies? And you are too sqeamish to defend the innocent?" Lily rolled her eyes in disgust. She thought, 'This was the man who defeated the last Dark Lord? What did he do sing, ~(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons~ until Grindlewald surrendered for love?'

"I feel that everyone can be redeemed. Killing someone does not give them the chance for redemption."

"Baby killers are beyond redemption." hissed Lily.

"If they want to kill my son, they deserve to die." James ground out. "Who was it?"

"On this, James and Lily, I will not budge. Harry is still safe and killing someone for maybe endangering your son is not just or right." Dumbledore stated firmly.

"What of the ones he has killed. No Death Eater has clean hands. We can arrest him and find out what he has done and learnt." James spoke. "With a proper interrogation, we can learn many of Voldemort secrets. Have you at least told the DMLE the name of this known DE?"

"No, I haven't. We are off-topic, if I might presume to bring us back to order. With the information regarding a portion of the prophecy being in Voldemort hands, we need to ensure your family's safety." Directing them back to the safety of Harry, he moved them from naming the Death Eater.

Lily interjected, "And how, pray tell, can we be safer than behind the Potter family's wards and other protections?"

"Everyone knows where you live. The Potter family home will be a major target. I have a home in Godric's Hollow that I can allow the three of you to reside in." Albus began.

"A family home versus an old, established well warded estate? Tell me how this will be safer?" James asked derisively.

Affronted by their resistance to his plans, Dumbledore began patronizingly, "My children, You know I think of all my students as my children?" He quickly queried when he saw them begin to bristle. "It is well known that Voldemort is wary of facing me. You will be in my family home. He has been known to attack family estates with his Death Eaters. He and his followers rarely leave survivors and they are never whole. He will hesitate before going against me."

James glanced at Lily, "We understand that. However, what not many know is that the Potter estate was built with just that situation in mind. There are secret passages that can take one well beyond the wards that will allow us to apparate if our home is attacked. The wards are far enough out that we will have time to traverse them while the attackers are still bringing them down."

"That's a fair point, my boy, but there is a spell I can use that will keep anyone from being able to find your family. It is called the Fidelius. For our purposes once placed upon my home, there will be a secret keeper who holds the secret. He or she then gives the secret to specific people. Only those who have been given the secret can even know of the location or what is there." Dumbledore truthfully stated. Continuing on, eyes twinkling a little more, "It is a very difficult and magically expensive charm to spell. The larger the secret, the more costly it is to create. I fear that putting the Potter estate under the Fidelius would exhaust us all and even then might fail."

"I still don't like this." Lily admitted. "If it's this dangerous, James, why don't we go on a long trip or simply move overseas until the war is over? I know we've fought against Voldemort and are on his death list, but how long is his reach? Could he reach us in the Americas, India or Australia?"

"I'm not sure that I like the idea of running away from England." James slowly began. Seeing Lily about to speak, he quickly admitted, "If it keeps Harry and our future children safe, then I'd immigrate to the country that would keep us safe. We can handle all the Potter businesses and lands anywhere in the world."

Not liking where this was going, Dumbledore interrupted, "James, Lily… You do remember that Voldemort has been sending spies and recruiters throughout the world. If you leave the country, what would stop him from sending assassins for your family? What protection could, say, America give you if Death Eaters targeted you? I feel that your family will be far safer here in England."

"Where entire families have been wiped out? Because somehow the floos are being maintenanced and apparition wards are erected by the Death Eaters?" Lily asked archly. "Why hasn't someone investigate how and why the floos are being blocked? Also, why is it that Aurors and civilians are not allowed and even censured when they defend themselves by killing their attackers? Aren't you the Chief Warlock? Why have you allowed the Wizengamot to hamstring our people? Yes, I can see where it is safer in England than anywhere else." She hmphed.

"If no one except trusted friends know where you are, then you are safer here than anywhere in the world. Also, our foes are simply misguided. They have forgotten than every wizard and witch are related. The exception, of course, are the Muggle born. Even with them, there is the thought that they come from disinherited squibs. We shouldn't be hurting members of our families." Albus beseeched the Potters.

James and Lily both rolled their eyes as the argument allowing people to respond in kind was an old one. Dumbledore as the Leader of the Order of the Phoenix had lain down the rules.

Seeing some merit in his arguments regarding keeping their family safe, James offered, "Why not set up the Fidelious on your home. We will continue to stay at our estate. If our wards are breached, we will take a secret passage, apparate to the gates of Hogwarts, and then floo from your office to your home. We will stay safe. Our secret passage leads to an underground room outside any possible apparition ward. It's a long hike, but unless a Potter is one of the attackers, there is no way they will be able to find the entrance."

With a very disappointed look, Dumbledore shook his head, "Surely, you can see that going directly into hiding would be best?"

"Actually, I don't. I am the head of my family, small as it is. I have family businesses to oversee and a public identity to maintain. I cannot do that by hiding." Gaining some steam, James continued, "In fact, I see it as a direct admission that we are afraid of Voldemort. If I was afraid of him and his murderous crew, I would have already packed Lily up, moved all my business overseas and left."

Flashing her eyes in anger, Lily stood up from her chair and repositioned Harry. "This conversation is over, Headmaster. We need to get home and settle Harry into bed. I fully stand with James on this. No one, and I mean no one, can see to the protection of my children better than James or myself." She moved towards the fireplace and stayed awaiting James.

James gave a short, stiff head bow to Dumbledore before going to his wife and child. Grabbing the needed floo powder, he threw it into the fire named his home and they left.

Albus dispelled the chairs from his office and set at his desk. He was not used to having people he considered followers disagreeing with him. He mulled over using his role as the leader of the Order of the Phoenix to force the issue. He decided to wait a few weeks to let James and Lily come to their senses. They, of course, will realize that no one in the world can better lead the fight and struggle against Tom and his minions. This will mean that they will obey him.

He considered the meeting he was due to have the next day with the Longbottoms. They need them to go into hiding also. Young Tom could easily pick their son as opposed to Harry. He detests the purebloods, being himself a half-blood. He could look at Harry and see a kindred soul. Neville could be seen as his natural enemy. With a few changes in approach, he will get them into hiding also. He has a home in Tinworth that could be of use. He started a parchment requesting the Longbottom's to come to his castle, Hogwarts, for a visit.

Arriving at their home, the Potters removed the ash of travel from themselves. As they entered the sitting room from the fireplace, Lily gave James a glance that told him to wait right where he was. Without a word, she left to and put Harry into his crib. Letting an elf know to watch Harry, she returned to the living room where James waited. James walked around the room. It was a comfortable looking room. It was large enough to hold 20 or 30 people comfortably. The walls were covered in portraits of various Potters. Over the fireplace mantle was the family crest. On the mantle itself were mostly pictures of James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Harry. There were several armchairs placed strategically throughout the room with couches in between. There were two small bookcases with a few books in them. Being the entrance and greeting room, the books were not family treasures. They were there to allow people to browse if they came while the family was not ready to receive them.

"I honestly cannot understand the unmitigated gall of that man!" She said as she stormed into the room. "It's as if he expects us to simply take his word to go into hiding when we have our home. I want to know who told Voldemort, I refuse to utter that ridiculous, "He Who Must Not Be Named" moniker any longer. That just makes him seem more powerful than he already is. I will be owling Aberforth tonight."

"Honey, calm down, I think it would be better for us to sit down in the morning and plan exactly what we are going to do. What do you think of inviting Frank and Alice over?" James sat down heavily on the couch. He motioned for her to come sit next to him. "I don't know what game, if any, Dumbledore is playing, but I promise you I'll do everything in my power to keep us safe."

Sitting next to him and leaning into him as he placed his arm around her, "I thought this war would be behind us by now. I want Harry to grow up safe and happy. I never thought some Merlin be damned prophecy would pop up."

James simply sat and held Lily. He could feel the tenseness slowly ebbing out of her. They sat and comforted each other for several hours before heading to bed.

Sunday January 4, 1981 – Potter Manor 19:30 hours

James, returning home, stepped out of the fireplace. Lily was waiting impatiently for him as she watched Harry. Harry was on the ground playing with his toys. Mostly he lay on his back, occasionally rolling onto his stomach. He was at the stage where he was attempting to sit upright to be able to hold his toys. He wasn't quite there yet. When he did sit up, he had to hold himself semi-upright with his arms.

Seeing his father, Harry smiled and began happily "talking" to James, "Ga! Ahm ee, goo, phhbbt!" He held his arms up imploringly.

Laughing, James picked his son up. Looking at Lily, he smiled, "I think he's saying Da. You love your Da don't you, Harry?"

Still irritated, but her heart melting at the scene in front of her, she harrumphed. Her husband showering love onto her son always made her feel better. "If you want to be called Ga, then I guess he is saying your name, Love." Changing the topic and frowning a bit, she continued, "What did the old goat want this time? Is he still trying to get us to move?"

Putting Harry back onto the floor, James distracted Harry by placing a toy near him. Sighing as he stood up, he stared at Harry as he played, "Yes, he will not get off of the topic. He keeps calling me in for small things and always turns the conversation around. Did you know he told the Frank and Alice the same thing he told us, except that they are the targets?"

"I talk with Alice almost daily. I thought you knew what he told them." Lily said apologetically.

"No, I knew they were in hiding. I didn't know what that," he paused, selected a different word, and said sarcastically, "Scion of the Light had told them."

"I noticed that he had asked you to bring your invisibility cloak with you. Did you?" Lily asked.

"He wanted me to hand it over to him for study." James said with disgust. In order to keep calm, he sat down next to Harry and began playing with him. He took hold of a plush lion and began pusing it at his son with small roars. Harry laughed with delight while trying to capture it.

"That cloak is a family heirloom. It has been in my family for as long as we have records." James said quietly. "He is out of his mind. I don't know what he wants with it, but I will not be giving family treasures away or even on loan to anyone. When I told him no, he then shifted to when he could get us to Godric's Hollow. He doesn't believe that anyone can be protected from Voldemort."

"For goodness sake, he's the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot and the Supreme Mugwump. If he is so concerned, why hasn't he used his position to help?" Lily began ranting. "The werewolves, vampires, and giants have all gone over because they are being told they will be treated better. What does our side do? We increase the restrictions on them. No wonder they have left the side of the so-called light."

"I know, Lils. I know." James answered while still entertaining Harry. "We've been over this so much, it's crazy. I don't k…"

James was interrupted when the ward alarms went off. With a quick cast, he found that there were twenty individuals attempting to break into his wards. While he was casting, Lily had grabbed Harry and moved to the fireplace. She attempted to initiate a floo, but was given the ministry message that the floo was down for unscheduled maintenance. Seeing that and knowing what that usually meant, she ran to the entrance to the bolt hole. "James, the floo is blocked. It must be Death Eaters!"

"They will find we are not easy marks." James grit out. "Elves, initiate immediate evacuation! Move everything in the house to the main vault. Leave nothing for the Death Eaters! When Lily is in the tunnel, I will drop the ward on the main entrance. When those assholes begin walking in, I'll trigger the fire trap. I'll try to get as many as I can. All elves, when finished clearing the house, leave. Do not, and I repeat, do not let them target you."

James looked up and saw Lily entering the escape tunnel. "Okay, I am dropping the ward at the entrance, this will let them think they've broken some of the wards. They will be funneled onto the driveway to the house." He disapparated and moved to a window where he could see the attackers.

He saw the men and women that made up the group. There were two that walked without masks. A man and a woman, Voldemort and Bellatrix walked with their faces free. He grudgingly gave them some credit. "At least they aren't cowards." He continued watching, when the rearmost attacker stepped onto the driveway, he triggered the ward setting the entire pathway ablaze with Fiendfyre. The wards were set to contain the blaze such that only the pathway would be burnt. Almost instantaneously, the drive was ablaze. He watched with grim satisfaction as most of the group fell to the ground as their feet were burnt off. However, he saw that both Voldemort and Bellatrix had performed the flame freeze spell and were calmly moving forward, uncaring of the fate of their comrades. "I guess if they aren't strong enough to survive, Voldy doesn't want them." James mused as he moved from the window and ran to the bolt hole. He quickly bolted it behind him and cast the spell that merged the door into the wall. Once finished, he ran until he met with Lily, Harry, and three house elves at the apparition point.

The six immediately apparated to the Ministry of Magic. "Go to the DMLE and let them know we were attacked and that there were at least a dozen Death Eater casualties. I didn't bother to count. Also, Voldemort and Bellatrix were leading the group. I'm going to the Floo Network Authority and find out who closed the floo down and grab them. I'll be bringing them to the DMLE office. Unscheduled maintenance, my arse, this happens too regularly to be coincidence." James began running towards the FNA as he finished. He trusted Lily to do as he asked.

When he entered the FNA offices, he saw that there was a minimal staff of three on duty. He immediately cast a ward on all of the floos and doors in the area. Seeing that he had their attention, he began, "Who shut down the floos?"

A man stood up and angrily asked, "What do you think you're doing? This is an official Ministry office and you are impeding our work. I will be calling an Auror to get you arrested!"

"I am an Auror. As of this moment everyone in this office is under suspicion for attempted murder." James sneered back. "I was at home with my wife and son. Our wards came under attack and our floo was closed for unscheduled maintenance. I want to know who shut it down and who ordered it. No one leaves until I am told this."

"Oh, and who am I? I am Lord James Potter." He smiled slowly, "Any further questions?"

As James spoke, the man who spoke began paling and looking around. "Looking to go somewhere?" James asked coldly.

"Uhm, no. I need to go to the Night Manager's office to find the orders for you." He began to edge around towards that office.

Not having any patience with these workers, James quickly cast Stun and Incarcerous on the two men and one woman. He then walked towards the Night Manager's office and burst into the room. He found a woman, dressed completely in pink, attempting to destroy FNA orders and requests. Without a word, he stunned her. He then extinguished the fire and cast a Reparo on the burnt documents and ashes. He wasn't able to save all of the orders, but was able to save the majority.

He then scanned the other offices and did not find anyone else. He Incarcerated the woman, levitated her out of her office, and lay her with the three workers. He scanned through the recovered and found the order to close his floo. Based on his auror training, an unscheduled outage can only be started if there has been an accident involving the floo stop. The order he found stated that it was to be shut down at 19:25 and reopened at 19:45. There was no reason listed and no name listing the engineer requesting the closure. It was approved by Dolores Umbridge. The handwriting on the order matched the signature. There was a signature M. Edgecombe. This was the person who had closed and opened the floos.

Casting a Gemini on the document, he placed the copy in a pocket and carried the other documents into the main work area. Here he sat down and began reviewing the papers. He found that each of the ones that were saved had similar issues as the order for his home. Hearing a knocking noise, he looked up and saw Alastor Moody and Sirius Black trying to get his attention.

Smiling grimly, he removed the wards and allowed them into to room, "Gentlemen, I believe we have found who has been ordering floos closed. The lady in pink, I believe her name is Dolores Umbridge, cut orders to close the floo to my home right before it was attacked by Voldemort tonight. These were not valid. I'm not sure whether the others are simply following her orders or colluding with her. I cannot wait to hear what they say under Veritaserum."

"Uhm, James?" Sirius came forward. "I don't know what is going on, but we have orders to take you upstairs. You're not under arrest, but you need to answer some questions."

"Is Dumbledore there?" James almost sneered.

"How did you guess?" Moody wanted to know. He was scanning the entire area for threats.

"It doesn't matter. Help me get these people to where they can be seen to." James started to levitate the Umbridge woman.

"Our orders are to get you and leave everything else for others." Moody rolled his eyes. "However, I'll stay with them."

Getting a bad feeling, James stepped forward and handed Moody the order shutting the floo to his home down. "Alastor, I trust you. You can see that this order was not proper. My bet is that you should be able to find a similar pattern coinciding with other Death Eater attacks where floos could have been used to escape, but were not."

"Let's go, Sirius."

A few minutes later they entered the office of the head of the DMLE Bartemius Crouch. In the room were Bartemius, Lily, Harry, Dumbledore, and Millicent Bagnold, James looked at Lily and saw that she looked not just upset, but irritated with the audience.

"I understand why you are here Bartemius, but why Dumbledore and Minister Bagnold?" James looked directly at the man, ignoring the other two. Sirius moved to stand beside James.

Glancing at his superiors, Crouch explained, "Since the alleged incident involves He Who Must Not Be Named and his cohort, the Minister and Chief Warlock were notified per standard orders. I didn't expect them, but, here they are."

"The name of the bastard is Voldemort. He is no Lord. He is a psychopath. And, what exactly do you mean alleged?" James' anger started boiling.

"We sent some Aurors to your estate. They found that the wards were down. When they moved towards the pathway to your home, it was seen that it had been burnt. Analysis discovered that FiendFyre had been cast. Additionally, the remains of, we think, eighteen individuals were in the burn area. The front windows of your home were all shattered. The front door was destroyed. The inside had been emptied. There was evidence of various destructive curses being used within the home. However, the floo was working. Your wife stated that the floo had been blocked." Bartemius read from a report.

"That is correct. She had tried to floo and received and unscheduled maintenance notification. She then took Harry to our bolt hole. I told the elves to empty our home into the family vault. I stationed myself at a window to see if I could identify the intruders. If they were friends, I would have cancelled all protections. I saw and identified Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange leading the group invading my lands. Since they had initiated an attack on Potter lands by attacking its wards, I was within my rights to defend my family and estate." James reported.

"James" Sirius laid his hand on James' shoulder, "I wish I had been there."

"What were you doing in the FNA offices?" the Chief Warlock asked.

"In my capacity as an Auror, I knew an attempt had been made on my family and line. The only way that floos are blocked are from within the Ministry." He paused looking at everyone in the room. "I entered the FNA in order to determine who ordered to closure of my floos and when the order was made. Immediately upon entering, the staff was antagonistic. When I apprised them that I was an Auror and who I was, one of the men in the room attempted to warn the night manager. I then restrained everyone in the room and went to the night manager's office. She was destroying documents. I immediately captured her, stopped the destruction, and repaired the orders that were not completely ashes. I found the order closing my floos. It was an illegal closure that was filled out by a Dolores Umbridge. My assumption is that she is the night manager."

Dumbledore looked disapprovingly at James, "While it is correct to protect your family, was it really necessary to deploy FiendFyre against them? You knew it would kill them."

"Are you serious? Voldemort was leading twenty Death Eaters. What was I supposed to do? Ask them to come back later?" James rolled his eyes. He looked at Lily, she was seething but had yet to say anything. "Lils, what's going on?"

"We are being put under protective custody. Guess who volunteered a home?" Lily hissed. "He's getting his way."

"What?" James' mouth dropped. "Why? We have other places and we proved that our estate is strong enough to escape from. Give us a protective detail. We shouldn't go into hiding. This will show that we fear that asshole."

"It's for the best, James." Dumbledore began, "I've already explained"

"Ignored and rolled over," Lily interjected.

Not missing a beat, "explained that you will be completely safe under the Fidelius in Godric's Hollow."

"Minister, what are your thoughts?" Lily asked.

"I understand how brave the two of you are. However, you were lucky this evening. I find that I must bow to Dumbledore's experience and knowledge." The minister replied.

"I gave Moody the documents that I saved. My assumption that since she was trying to destroy several orders, that you will find a pattern in the closures. If you follow the leads, you should find the one who is pulling the strings for Voldemort within the ministry." James suggested.

Dumbledore sagely shook his head, "I'm sure that we'll find that this has been a case of zealous work and a failure to properly document their efforts."

"What? She was destroying evidence and you think they work too hard and forget to fill the forms out? Whose side are you on?" James blurted out.

The room quieted after the outburst. Sirius looked as if he wanted to say something, but didn't know what to say. After a couple of minutes silence, Dumbledore stood up, "Come along, let me show you the home I have ready for you in Godric's Hollow. Sirius, I'd like you to help Lily since she is carrying young Harry."

"Yes, Albus." Sirius moved forward to carry Harry's bags. That left Lily able to concentrate on Harry. However, the look she gave the older wizard was one of outrage.

Once the young family along with Sirius and the genial Dumbledore arrived at the gate outside of the home in Godric's Hollow, the old professor began, "I'm really proud of this place. I and my brother spent many a summer planning mischief in our rooms or in the woods over there." He pointed to a small copse of trees. "I've taken the liberty of having the wards keyed to allow all of you, Remus, and Peter free access to this property. We need to discuss security arrangements, once you are settled in."

Walking past the man, Lily looked at James and then the gate. Getting her hint, he moved and opened the gate for her. Once she was past it, he then quickly passed her in order to open the front door of the cottage for her. Sirius and Albus followed them in.

"I haven't made any arrangements for your bedrooms. The master bedroom is at the top of the stairs. There are two more bedrooms behind it. I assume that you'll want to pick the room closest to the master for Harry. Let me know and I'll send some elves from Hogwarts to help get you settled."

"Thanks, but we have our own elves who know us. Mimsy?" Lily called for the Nanny elf for Harry.

"Lady Lilium, yous be callin! Oh thank heaven! We's elves knew youse were okay, but we didn't know if'n yous been taken." Using her innate magic, Mimsy determined where they were. "Is me's Lady needin my's help?"

"Yes, Mimsy." Lily began moving towards the stairs. With a look, she let it be known that the men were not invited. "We need to pick Harry's nursery out and get it set up. In addition, we need to call Boro and Grov to set up the master bedroom."

"We's on it!" Boro and Grov pooped in at the top of the stairs and moved into the aforementioned room.

Lily continued up the stairs and surprised herself with a small chuckle. The house elves had always been able to bring a smile to her. She really needed them now. "Mimsy, which room do you think would be best for Harry? The one on the right or the left?"

"Wells milady, I's be thinkin' the one on the right. It will let the sun in of a mornin'" She looked at her Lady inquisitively.

"The one on the right it will be." Lily smiled at her.

The two females and one baby then moved beyond the view of the men left behind.

"James, my boy, let's discuss how we will keep the three of you safe." Began Albus.

"No, I will not discuss or make any decisions without Lily here. We need to settle in and figure out where everything is. Come back tomorrow, say, teatime and we'll make our decisions. The Potters do have more than one home. We did not need to come here." James' anger began to boil. "You got your wish, Professor. We are now under house arrest under your terms. On your head be it, if anything happens to my family. Walking to the fireplace and gesturing at the floo powder. I'm not up for talking right now. I hope you don't find me too rude, but please leave."

Albus was shocked at the terse dismissal, but calculated that he'd won the war so far. He'd let James have this battle. "I'll see you tomorrow then." He then took a pinch of powder and threw it into the fireplace. "Hogwarts Headmaster's Office." With that statement, he strode forward and was gone.

Sirius was dumbstruck. "James, did you have to be so rude? He's trying to help you."

"Is he? Let's see." James then proceeded to perform a scan for listening and tracking charms. He found three listening and four tracking charms just in the living room. Seeing that Sirius saw them also, he continued, "Am I being rude? Why does he feel the need to rule our lives?" James cancelled the charms he found. "I'll go through the house tomorrow and remove what I can."

He moved towards a chair and sat in it. "Sirius, I don't know what game he is playing. He's wanted Lily and me out from any Potter estate since last year. I pray that he is being honest with us."

"James, he's the Leader of the Light for Merlin's sake. Do you truly think he'd be so Slytherin as to manipulate everyone?" Sirius moved to sit on a couch.

"In a word, yes" James closed his eyes and leaned back. "Would you like to stay the night? I would appreciate having another wand here."

"Of course, James. I'll conjure up a blanket and sleep on the couch here. You go upstairs and help Lily." Sirius then kicked off his shoes, took off his overcoat, conjured a blanket and laid down. "Good night, James! He waved his friend away. Once James was upstairs, the smile on his face smoothed out as he considered what had occurred.

By mid-day the next day, The Potters had pretty much settled in. The only items their elves brought from their vaults were the crib, dresser, Harry's toys, and his toys. The house was fully furnished and neither Potter cared to bring anything more of theirs into Dumbledore's cage.

"He's got what he wanted, hasn't he?" Lily asked James as they sat in the small dining area. There was room for at most six people in the room. Harry was in a high chair being feed by Mimsy.

"Yes, he has us boxed in. He's taken the opportunity Voldemort has given him to chain us here." James was still angry. "He's said we need a secret keeper for the Fidelius. Who do you think we should use?"

"If Harry is truly in danger, then it should be one of us. If we stay here, then no one can get the secret." Lily talked while thinking. "If I were to guess, he's going to ask us to pick one of your old Marauder gang. I can't guess why. Rather, I don't want to guess why." She continued darkly.

"You can't possibly be thinking he wants to harm Harry!"

"No, I don't think he wants to hurt Harry. However, I would like to know what his game is. I do not appreciate anyone using our family." Lily stopped and looked at Harry.

James followed her gaze and his shoulders shivered. He remembered the old witches tale that when you shivered and were comfortable, someone was walking on your grave. "I don't like this either, Lils."

At this point they heard a hello from the living room. "Hello, James? Hello, Lily? Can I come in?" Dumbledore's genial voice came from the fireplace.

With a groan, James stood up and moved to the living room. Lily checked with Mimsy and seeing Mimsy's nod, followed her husband.

As Lily entered the room, she saw that Dumbledore had already taken a chair. He was smiling at James, "James, why don't you sit down?" He motioned at the couch. Seeing Lily, "Lily, how are you this fine day? Have you settled Harry in?" Lily sat next to James.

"Harry is settled into our jail." She answered tersely.

Wincing a little, even while his eyes twinkled merrily, he tried again, "I am truly sorry, my dear. But having you here is for the best. The DMLE is stretched and simply cannot give you a protection detail. Therefore, the best place for you and your family is here."

"That's a load and you know it, Dumbledore." James interjected. "The Potters have many properties that could be put under the Fidelius and that have far better wards than this house. Would the wards on this house be able to funnel Death Eaters into a trap like mine did?"

"That's neither here nor there, my boy. You and your family are here and we intend to keep you safe." The old professor stated, allowing no room for argument. "Have you and Lily thought about whom you would like as the Secret Keeper?"

"I think Lils should be." James began giving a knowing look to her. "There is no one that cares more for Harry. I come a close second, but I didn't carry him for nine months." He smiled at her.

"You are right about that, Prongs." Lily responded with a smirk of her own. "I think you care for Harry as much as I do. It's just different."

"That won't do. Lily cannot be the Secret Keeper. And, before you ask, neither can you James." Dumbledore started. "Voldemort will be looking for you. If the Secret Keeper is seen outside of the cottage and followed then the spy could pierce the charm. It depends upon how close they are to you and how flagrant you are when crossing into the yard."

Lily nudged James knee letting him know she was right. "Really Dumbledore? Then the Secret Keeper should be someone who we never see?"

"I'm not suggesting that you pick some stranger. I'm suggesting that your Secret Keeper be someone who would never be seen around in the village. You or James will inevitably need something and will have to shop for it sooner or later. If your movements are noted, a Death Eater could be stationed where they could trail you. If you are not the Secret Keeper, the second you cross the perimeter your tail will lose you and not understand how you got away. It will be as if they were Confounded with a small Obliviate." Dumbledore stated pedantically.

"Alright, I understand. We need to pick someone we trust. What about one of the Longbottoms? Frank and Alice are very good friends and are protecting their son, Neville. One of them could be our Secret Keeper and if they need a similar service, James or I could be theirs." Lily watched her former Headmaster closely. She noticed that his mouth turned down slightly and the twinkles went faster.

"That's a great idea! Dumbledore, can you ask Frank or Alice? I'm sure that either would be happy to help." James had also caught the hesitation of the older man.

Dumbledore sat back in the chair and posed as if he was thinking about the suggestion. After a few seconds, he frowned and sat forward, "I am sorry, but they aren't good candidates either. You see, they are in hiding themselves and it would be difficult for one of them to leave."

Her voice rising, Lily began, "You cannot tell me, Headmaster Dumbledore, that you've pushed that silly prophecy on them? I thought you told us that Harry was the target?" Even though she already knew the truth, she wanted to see his reaction.

"Yes, my dear," he patronized, "I still believe that Harry is the most likely target. However, poor little Neville could just as easily be the prophesied child. Frank and Alice have been given leaves of absence and are already under a Fidelius. Neither can come out until the current crisis is over." He smiled at her as if she was a first year. "I propose that one of your close friends from school, Peter, Remus, or Sirius should be your Secret Keeper."

James looked at Lily. She gave him a quick, knowing look. "If the Secret Keeper cannot be Lils or me, I have no issues with one of them. I don't know where Remus is. The last we heard from him is that he was in Central Europe. Peter works at the Ministry. Sirius is an Auror. Of the three, Sirius would be the best choice. As an auror, he has been trained to withstand Legilimency and torture. Peter has not. Say, would it be possible to rotate the secret keeper's role? Say let Sirius have one month, Peter the next, followed up by Remus and then restarting the rotation?"

"I am sorry to say, my…" seeing James' glare, he changed words, "James, that changing secret keepers would require the dropping and recasting of the Fidelius. Once, let's say, Sirius gave up being the secret keeper, the charm would be broken. When the spell would then be recast, any who weren't at the scene would have to be reentered into the Fidelius. However, I think that having Sirius as the keeper is a wise choice, my friends." Dumbledore smiled at the couple. "I will ask Sirius and Peter to come here, let's say this Sunday and we'll put the charm into place." Seeing that the couple, despite his eye twinkles, was unhappy with him, he stood up. "I must be going. School is open. When school is open, I find that my days are full. As it is, I fear that I will find a line outside my office. I will give you a time when Peter, Sirius and I can be here. We can let Remus in on the secret when he returns to England." With that said, he bowed his head slightly to James, looked at Lily, grabbed some floo powder and left.

They talked with Sirius throughout the rest of the week. It was Sirius who came up with the idea of being a decoy. He already was a target of Voldemort and his forces simply by being an Auror. Peter, on the other hand, seemed to have a very safe job in the Ministry. No one would think of him.

Lily had misgivings, but acceded when James and Sirius both thought it was a great idea and prank on Voldemort.

The next Sunday dawned on the house in Godric's Hollow and inside the young couple were having breakfast.

"James?" Lily ventured.

"Yes, Lils?" James looked at her.

"Ga, Poo, Phhbbbtt." Harry smiled showing his parents and Mimsy the food in his mouth.

"I was thinking about your cloak. Did you ever let Dumbledore borrow it?"

"No, I have it here. If somehow Voldemort discovers our home, I wanted you and Harry to have some emergency fallback to attempt to get past him and any anti-apparition barrier." James sighed, "It's in the bottom drawer of Harry's chest of drawers. Thanks for reminding me. I hadn't told you, had I?"

"No, Prongs, you hadn't," she smiled at her husband and graced him with a kiss on his cheek, "I love you for thinking of Harry and ways to keep him safe."

Harry was unimpressed, "Thhbbppt, Ma, Ga, De de!" He banged his right fist down onto his high chair's table as if he was a judge pronouncing a sentence.

Mimsy chuckled, "I's thinking that Little Master not be likin' youse kissing."

By one that afternoon, Sirius, Peter, and Albus had joined the Potters. All had been prepped on what their part in the casting of the charm would be. The Potters, James, Lily, and Harry, were the foci of the secret and needed to be within the casting range. Albus would cast the spell. Peter and Sirius would attend and Peter would be the secret keeper.

As they were gathering in the living room, James asked, "When will Lils and I need to come to the trial, Albus?"

"What trial, James?" Dumbledore asked.

"The trial of the people in the FNA who were illegally blocking our floo. I gave you the evidence proving that they had been systematically blocking floos on the nights of attacks." James was looking hard at the old Headmaster. "In other words, the ones who abetted the attempt to murder my family?"

"Oh, that." Dumbledore smiled with a light chuckle. "The case was dropped. I talked with them and it was a case of over zealousness. Once it was explained that no floo should be blocked without prior notice, they all agreed that they had made a mistake. A mark is to go into each of their personnel files. I felt that was sufficient."

"They helped Voldemort and the Death Eaters in their attempt to murder us." Lily was aghast and took a breath, trying to calm herself. "And you thought that saying their saying 'Oops, sorry we won't do it again' and putting a mark in some file is sufficient? No, Mr. Dumbledore, it is not. I want the charges reinstated and a court date given."

"I am sorry, but it is too late now. The case was reviewed and adjudicated. It would be against the law to reinstate the charges and bring them to trial."

"Let me guess, you adjudicated?" James scathingly asked.

"Why, yes, James. Who better to review their actions than the Grand Sorcerer and the Minister? We sat down with them, reviewed the documents, and ensured that they understood the peril that they had mistakenly put others in." he smiled, as if that was the last word. "I'm sure that by giving them this second chance, they will stay in the light."

Lily, James, Sirius and Peter stared at the man.

"What a load of…" Sirius stopped and looked to James for direction.

James was looking at Lily. Peter seeing her start to move, slid over to stay out of her path.

Lily continued staring at Albus. Her face stayed emotionless. She slowly stood up and walked towards her former mentor. Without breaking eye contact, she quickly drew back her right arm and slapped the old man across the face. "You had NO RIGHT. They almost killed Harry, James and I. Letting them off? We had hard evidence." She noticed that the wizard in front of her was shocked and angry at being hit. "I'm sorry. I didn't know it might hurt you. I guess now that I do, I won't do it again." She saw his anger strengthen. "No, you don't get to be angry. You are supposed to give me a second chance."

He was boxed in. He knew and she knew it. He took solace in the fact that they were right where he needed them. He could let her have this small victory. He declined his head to her.

"Very well. As this was not a social call, let's get this done." He stood and beckoned the others.

In a very few minutes, it was done and Dumbledore was gone. Peter and Sirius stayed.

"He's supposed to be the leader of the light and he's letting accomplices to murder go because they promise not to do it again." Lily stormed. "I cannot believe the audacity of that man."

"Lils, there's nothing we can do now." James sat by her and held her. "We need to figure out ways to make this place more secure." Looking at his friends, "I trust my family's lives with you Wormtail and Padfoot. I will not trust any charm to protect us. That would be akin to leaving in a rainstorm with just an umbrella to protect yourself. Sure you could stop the rain from hitting you as it comes down, but you still have to walk through puddles."

"Not a problem, Prongs. We understand. I'm sure Wormy and I would be doing the same. In fact, is there anything we can do?" Sirius asked. Wormtail nodded his head showing his support.

"Me, too. Is there anything we can help with?"

"Not today, guys, I'm studying wards and protections to see if there is anything we can set up in case the Fidelius is somehow broken." Lily tiredly smiled. "I've just started. If you come across any tomes on protective wards or charms, send them our way."

It was at this point, Mimsy brought Harry into the room. "Paphbbt, Wota! Mum! Dasptd!" He was placed on the floor and the men immediately began playing with their Prongslet. Lily gave Mimsy a thank you smile.

So, a routine was established. Lily and James poured over the family grimoire to find any extra protections. Sirius and Peter would drop by weekly to visit and drop off books. Remus was brought into the secret and when he was in England would also visit the family. This lasted until Halloween.

As time wore on, they could tell from the Daily Prophet that the war was going badly. Every other week, it seemed as if another family was attacked. They were always attacked in the same manner. A large group would break into a family home. Once there, they would torture and kill the inhabitants, not leaving even babies alive. For some reason, even the families on the floo network never seemed to have the time to floo away.

James and Lily would bring this up to Dumbledore. He would smile and change the subject.

As their confidence waned in the self-proclaimed Scion of the Light, they made plans to let people know what had happened to them. They calculated that their mail was being intercepted and censored. Therefore, they used Sirius to send and receive certain mail. James ran his businesses through normal mail.

With the help of Sirius, James slowly moved the management of his families businesses and properties to Gringotts. They were under orders that in the event of their death and Harry's survival to run everything until he reached majority at seventeen. A small vault would be available for Harry and his guardians use. Since the Potter holdings were vast, Gringotts agreed to charge five percent of gross annual profits as a fee. If there was a loss, the bank would not charge a fee. They were free to invest as they saw fit. In addition, it was stipulated that no object would be allowed out of the main vaults until Harry was an adult. This was meant to keep the Wizengamot from controlling the Potter family heirlooms. Wills were sent to Gringotts and the ministry. Additional copies were to be delivered to the Longbottom family, Sirius, Remus, and Peter in the event of their death. This was to ensure that someone would know their wishes.

The will stated who should care for Harry. It also explained the Fidelius, who cast it, and who the Secret Keeper was. They also copied their memories from when Dumbledore first told them of the prophecy. Each week, Sirius took new memories to Gringotts for duplication and storage. These were to be delivered with the wills.

These were their preparations for death. However, they had found a couple of charms that could help

Halloween October 31, 1981

James, Lily and Harry sat outside the house in Godric's Hollow watching the Muggle children going from house to house. As the traffic slowed and Harry's energy waned, Lily picked him up. "Let's go to bed, Harry." She refused to use Prongslet. He was her child, not a marauder.

She was in the nursery when she heard the twin crack of apparations. She heard James. "Hello, Wormtail! What brings you…" his voice cracked and in panic he yelled, "Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! I'll hold him off!"

"Mimsy!" Lily called her elf to her side. "It's happening. You know what to do." Lily moved to stand in front of the crib wand out. Mimsy popped away. Lily watched the fight. It didn't last long. James was holding his own against Voldemort but was killed by an Avada Kedavra from Peter. James' body fell. Voldemort strode into the house. Lily prayed to Cerridwen. She asked for the protection of her child. She was unsure if the prayer was answered as the door to the nursery was blown off.

With prayer unfinished, Lily yelled, "Not Harry! Please... have mercy... have mercy... Not Harry! Not Harry! Please — I'll do anything!" The desperation of the plea reached the ears of the Goddess. She turned her attention to this supplicant. She was immediately angered at the sight of a soul that had been split into six segments. She realized that the monster was set to sacrifice a child to create a seventh sliver. As a goddess, time meant nothing to her. She analyzed the situation and placed her protection upon the woman and her curse upon the abomination.

Not able to sense the divinity in the room, Voldemort replied to Lily's plea, "Stand aside – stand aside, girl." He saw her resolve stiffen and before she could fire a spell cast and Avada Kedavra.

To Lily's eyes, the green spell flew at her and dispersed. She did not feel the severing of her spirit from her body. She thought he had missed. Seeing him turn to Harry, she jumped between them again. Voldemort again sent an Avada Kedavra. Lily braced herself to take the curse. However, since her spirit had already been released from her body, the spell had nothing to work against. The force of behind the spell pushed her spirit back into Harry. The Celtic Rune of Wholeness was etched painlessly into Harry's head. Lily's spirit was pushed into Harry. Cerridwen smiled knowing her blessing was in play.

With two spirits and a goddesses blessing, the spell was overpowered. It rebounded back onto Voldemort. His spirit was released. Having prepared to create his last horcrux, Voldemort's soul had already been split. The portion that was to be housed in a horcrux followed the magic and flowed into the rune on Harry's forehead. His spirit was blocked from connecting with anything by Lily. The other wraith felt the awareness of a Death Goddess. It immediately fled.

To Lily, it seemed as if first her world had shrunk. She couldn't see anything but a white void. Within a few seconds, she felt Voldemort's soul splinter enter. It was a vile feeling thing. It felt to her as if it glowed darkness. She felt it begin to move towards Harry. She wasn't sure where she was or how she was going to do it, but there was no way that thing would get to her son. Her "mother dragon" instincts were raging. If it was bad to tickle a sleeping dragon, how much worse is it to threaten a mother dragon's child?

In order to understand the battle going on in Harry's head, one must understand how spirits become ghosts. Firstly, all living things have magic. It is magic that allows the spark of life to burn. To become a ghost, the deceased must have a core that creates more magic than is expended in keeping them alive. This surplus of energy allows them to fight the pull that moves them from this realm. Ghosts cannot generate new magic. In order to maintain their hold on this world, they must find a way to siphon energy from outside itself. The easiest way is to pull free flowing magic from ley lines. When these are not readily available, they must leach magic from their environment. This is why haunted areas often are different. The removal of even a minute amount of energy from any living being causes symptoms similar to depression. When the energy is pulled from plants, they wilt to the point of looking dead.

Lily's core was large and full when her spirit was severed. Voldemort's core, while several time larger, had been depleted by multiple castings. Normally Lily would not have been able to stand against Voldemort. Cerridwen's blessing allowed her spirit to connect with Harry's spirit. What this meant is that Harry's core had all of Lily's added to his. In a normal wizarding child, this expansion would have caused their magic to escape control. Since Lily was controlling her portion, he was protected. Voldemort did not have this benefit. His strength was limited to what he had and whatever he could glean from his surroundings.

Cerridwen could have captured the soul splinter before it entered into Harry. A lesson learned by all deities is to help only to the point where the worshiper needs. If one did everything asked, then their worshipers never grew in strength or knowledge. As the goddess of the transformative power of magic, wisdom, rebirth and creative inspiration, her blessing gives the recipient many benefits. If they are wise enough to discover them, the witch or wizard often discover new ways of using magic. Merlin and Nicolas Flamel both were blessed by her.

Lily was unaware of any of this. She knew that she was fighting for the soul of her son. The abomination was amoeba-like in sending tendril after tendril in every direction trying to attach itself to Harry and his core. She blocked each and every incursion. She noticed that his attempts began to weaken over time. As they weakened, a pattern began to emerge. As soon as she blocked the area being attacked, the abomination jerked away from her in pain. When she grabbed hold of a section, she found that some of Voldemort's memories and knowledge would transfer to her as the section turned white. Once it was completely white, it would fade and disappear. This gave her an idea. When next\a pseudo pod of spirit reached out from the glowing black spirit, she allowed it to attenuate while she surrounded it. Once a good percentage of the whole was extended, she attacked it at its inception point. She succeeded in cutting off an entire section of the soul shard.

She moved in for the kill. As she touched it, his knowledge and experiences flowed into her memory. She found that she could keep his evil separate from his knowledge. She realized that she was somehow purifying his spirit by removing its' knowledge and returning it to a blank slate. Once complete, she took stock of herself. She realized that her core, not yet realizing that it was shared with Harry, had increased in size to match the power the soul shard held. If she could, she would have bared her teeth. She knew how to kill it now.

Within a short, to her, time, the soul shard had been cleansed and was gone. Lily now knew that she was dead and somehow sharing Harry's body and core. She knew Harry was not able to understand what she had learned. Lily decided to set up Occlumency barriers and constructions to contain all of the knowledge she and Voldemort had amassed over their lifetimes. It would be released to Harry either at certain times, or if she wasn't released when she decided he was ready.

Not knowing how long she fought, she connected with Harry to find out. He was four years old. He was in a cupboard? She saw that he had been starved and was seriously underweight. What had been going on? She began sifting through and organizing Harry's memories. Mama Dragon was stirring.