Story in a nutshell: Elena spends sometime with her family on her birthday.

"Mami is everything ready?" asked Elena as she looked around the ballroom. She had several of her friends coming over for her thirteenth birthday. Esperanza, Lola, Valeria, and Patricia were all going to be there. They had to make sure that the sleeping bags were all set up along with the rest of the party supplies.

"Just about… and done," she said as she told the guards that the banner was perfect. The room had been set up for a slumber party. They had enough rooms for her friends but all of them in one and watching the stars with the giant windows just seemed appropriate.


Elena squealed out as she was happy with the way the room was set up. Then she heard that the carriages would be back with her friends in about an hour or two. Patricia lived a little way south as her father was a lord. Oh this was a perfect birthday so far! She looked around as she saw a flash of blue. That had to be Isabel she thought. Hugging her mother she went to turn to find her sister. It wasn't a birthday until everyone in her family got a hug.

"Before you go I have a present for you," said Lucia as she gestured for a guard to come over to her.

The guard handed her a box as Elena eagerly took it out of his hands. Her mother nodded at her to open her box as Elena ripped the pretty red paper right off. Then she took the lid off as she saw a new bag in the box. It had a long strap and a flowery pattern on it. It was big enough to hold a book and plenty of supplies for an outdoor adventure.

"Oh mami, this is so beautiful," she said as she threw her arms around her. "I love it, thank you so much!"

"Happy birthday, Elena," she said as she hugged her back and kissed her cheek. "I love you and you're growing up so fast! Just wait until you turn fifteen, I have something special for that birthday."

Elena only giggled as she wondered what her life would be like at fifteen. That would be her quiencerea and would be officially introduced into Avaloran society. She frowned not happy with that part but oh well. If anything she'll be able to go on new adventures with her friends.

"Fifteen is a long way off I want to enjoy being thirteen," she said seriously as she hugged her mother tightly. "Oh and did you get my new nightgown? I had outgrown my last couple of pairs."

Elena went to go get her extra pillows as she went looking for Isabel. She had yet to see her all day as she wanted to spend some time with her. Today wasn't about all her friends. It was also about her family too. Her dad had given her a banquet of flowers and homemade chocolates. Her abuelos gave her a new adventure outfit.

"Where's Isabel?" she asked as the grownups shrugged but knowing that she was finishing her gift for Elena.

"Do you want to go look for her?" asked Francisco knowing that Isabel had her gift. Lucia nodded as her friends started to pile in from one of the carriage.

Elena left the room knowing that her family was hiding something. Maybe Isabel had something for her and they were hiding. Creeping behind the door, she saw Isabel wrapping something up. Curious she knocked on the door. Isabel looked up as she flinched seeing her sister in the door way.

"Elena what are you doing here?" she asked.

"The party is about to start. Alacazar is going to start with fireworks at dusk," said Elena as she tried to get a look at the box. "Are you ready?"

Flushing Isabel looked up at her sister. Then straightened out. Elena looked at her sister with a grin on her face. Isabel just wiggled her eyebrows right back as the party was starting to wind down. "Happy birthday Elena!" said Isabel as they linked arms together. "Thirteen today!"

"I can feel older," said Elena as she stood up straighter. Then proceeded to hug her sister knowing that everyone had a hug on her birthday. "Thanks Isabel."

The fireworks started to light up across the sky set off by Alacazar. The royal wizard made them look like jaquins as they oohed and ahhed at the site. It was just about present time as Isabel stole some time with her elder sister. They kept their hug pose for a long time as they watched the sparks across the night sky. The great grandfather clock read ten as the party was just about over.

"Hey Elena, I have my present that I was going to give to you," said Isabel as she pulled out a present that she had carried.

Curious Elena took the gift and opened it in front of her sister. She nearly dropped it as she saw the jaquin print that she loved so much. Elena was ecstatic to see the jaquin printed nightgown. It was long and had a blue and purple pattern across it.

"I made it in my sewing class," she said proudly. "Well with help from the seamstresses. I hope you like it."

For a six-year-old Elena hugged her sister. Her sister had just started some of their royal lessons including household management which meant the sewing and other classes. It was sweet that she made something for her.

"Oh, this is so sweet Isabel," she said accepting the gift. "I'll wear it every night."

"It has been a great birthday," said Elena as she wrapped her sister in with a hug.

It was a full party as they had danced a little, Elena played her guitar, did each other's hair, and all had a taco dinner together. Elena put on the night gown as she saw Isabel's eyes light up. It had been a great birthday.