Married By Christmas-Ch 1

Penelope Garcia looked at her attorney and said, "you can't be serious", he crossed his hands over his stomach and said, "awwww but I am Penelope". She paced back and forth in front of his desk and said, "in order for me to get daddys company I have to get married and before Christmas"?, he nodded his head and said, "I'm afraid so".

She said, "but I'm not even dating anybody so how am I going to pull this off"?, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I have no idea but you better pull something out of your hat or you will lose your fathers multi million dollar estate".

He then stood up and said, "I suggest that you get started because today is the 15th and that doesn't leave you much time". She blew out a deep breath and walked over to the older man, she bit down on her bottom lip as she ran her hand up and down his chest.

He said, "Penelope stop", she said, "stop what"?, he said, "quit trying to seduce me because it won't work", she said, "but it might make me feel better". He grinned and said, "ohhhh trust me I can make you feel better but you won't get your fathers estate".

Penelope said, "pity because we could help each other in soooooo many ways", he then watched as she turned around and walked out of his office. As she closed the door behind her he couldn't help but envy the man that was going to be lucky enough to have her in his life.

As she stepped off the elevator she bumped into someone and dropped her purse, the man leaned over and said, "here beautiful let me get that for you". Penelope stood there smiling as the sexy man leaned over and picked up her purse and handed it to her.

She said, "thank you handsome", he said, "are you alright, I didn't hurt you did I"?, she said, "I'm fine", he said, "are you sure"?, she said, "more than sure". He said, "well if you will excuse me I need to catch a plane".

Penelope quickly said, "how about a ride to the airport"?, he winked at her and said, "sure thing", he then held out his arm and said, "so where are you heading to gorgeous"?, she giggled and said, "anywhere you want to go".

He smiled as they climbed into the back of his limo, as they pulled away from the curb he held out his hand and said, "the names Morgan, Derek Morgan". She shook his hand and said, "Garcia, Penelope Garcia, it's ohhhh so nice to meet you Derek".

She gently ran her foot up and down his leg, he smiled at her and said, "so tell me a little about yourself", she turned to face him and said, "I was always better at show then tell" and she climbed onto his lap and crashed her lips to his.