This is actually inspired by Final Fantasy XV the game I hope you enjoy.

Hutch POV

"Winston go and protect Hutch!" I heard my father yell from my bedroom.

I don't know whats going on. Why is father yelling at Winston, and why do I hear screaming. I was thinking but for I could come up with a reason Winston came in and picked me up.

"Winston what going on?" I asked. "No time for questions little one I need to get you somewhere safe your father instructed me to." Winston said with tears in his eyes. "Then why are you crying." i asked worried for Winston and my father. "Its nothing just" Winston said before breaking down crying. "This might be the last time i see you." Winston said. "Winston everything is going to be alright okay" i said.

We got up and turned to door to see Eve.

"Eve w-what are you doing here." Winston said. "I'm just here to get rid of you and this little heir and to claim my kingdom." Eve said before jumping us.

Eve attacked Winston continously until Winston was dead or somewhat dead. 'Now for you." Eve said looking at towards me.

After that I saw darkness.

I hope my wheels don't abandon me now. Seeing that I'm out here alone. I'm Running out of fight.

And the wind speaks a comforting voice, guiding me into her are, mother i'm alright.

(Avenged Sevenfold Lyrics not mine)

Two Years later

"Hey wake buddy, please don't be dead." the Voice spoke.

"huh where am I" I moaned.

"yay your alive i thought you where dead and I'd be out here alone." The voice said.

"who are you?" I asked getting to the most cutest wolf before me. "I'm Cando nice to meet you and you are?" Cando asked happily. "I'm Prince Hutch the son king Humphrey." I said proudly.

After saying what i said Cando got wide eyes and for his mother. His mother showed up two minutes later worried.

"what is it hun." his mother asked running up with bigger fatter wolf behind him or her. "Mom that's prince Hutch the son of King Humphrey of Jasper." Cando said. "WHAT!?" both his mother and the man said in unison. "Yeah mom." Cando said looking at me.

"Can someone tell me whats going on." I asked.

"Listen sweetie your kingdom fell two years ago and your father is presumed dead along with you and anybody else in that castle." Cando's mother said walking to me

What my father is dead...NO he can't die he's the king and my father. My father could never die. and the kingdom fell no why their just lying to me.

"Its true your father is dead and the kingdom did fall and we're not lying to you." Cando's mother spoke. "W-w-what? how did you know what I was think." I asked confuesd and surprised. "I have the power to read minds and show the future and past of anyone with." Cando's mother said Looking at me. "And if you think you going to get your Kingdom back then you have long journey ahead of you." She continued.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Shakey and this is Mooch and my son Cando." Shakey spoke.

"Thanks miss Shakey now I must go." I said walk past them before Mooch blocked my path.

"OHHHH no you're not" Mooch said.


"Yes and no, one you're not strong enough to fight the new ruler, two your hurt how are you to travel like that." Shakey said pushing me to their den. "Rest young one the time will come for you to avenge your father and your people." Mooch said walking past me. "Fine i guess." I said knowing I'm defeated.

I promise myself I will get stronger and then I avenge my father.

Hope you enjoy this like I said this is inspired by Final Fantasy XV the new game that came a few weeks ago. -HxW