Hey I'm back with next part of Hero's Path hope you got a kick out the prologe so here's chapter 1 Two more Years. -HxW

Cut through the fetters reach the end, only to fight yourself again. Who would believe that now you're done, you carried the weight of everyone.

After all the time we spent, rewriting the rules that now we bend. The whole damn thing has turned to dust, you left us alone defeated us...

(Mark Tremonti-dust)

Hutch POV

Man its two years alraedy and I'v gotten bigger and stronger and top of that I gained fighting skills, who knew that Mooch was The Elite solider of my father's army something I never saw but hey I'm not complaining. Shakey and Mooch are really nice wolves I've ever met, they called me family which is nice but i want my family. I miss them so much even though Winston and my father the only family i ever known but Cando's family is good.

"So remember what i taught you okay." Mooch said putting his paw on my shoulder. "Yes i'll remember." I said.

I look over to see Cando talking to his mother.

"Cando remember to stay safe and Hutch pulls anything put him in his place okay sweetie." Shakey said worriedly. "Mom don't worry I got this." Cando said annoyed. "I'm sad your leaving that's all." Shakey said hugging Cando. "I know mom." Cando said hugging back.

"Cando are you ready?" I ask.

"Yep got everything I need." Cando said walking to me Kissing me on the lips.

i earned a growl from both Mooch and Shakey.

"WHAT?!" I said. "Nothing just don't get to comfortable with my son okay." Mooch said shooting death glares at me.

"DAD!" Cando cried. "Okay sorry just be careful." Mooch said hugging Cando. "We will." I said.

Then Mooch mouthed something to me 'hurt my son and I hurt you even worse got it' which left me to only nod my head.

"So if you had East you'll come across a small pack when you ask for Kate she'll help you from there." Shakey said handing me piece of paper. "When you do give her this."

"Okay I will." I said.

Me and Cando head out saying our final goodbyes left heading east as shakey said there was small pack. As we made our way in the pack someone fell into me.

"Ahhhhhh what the hell!" I yelled. "OW look I'm so sorry" the wolf said. "Ohhhh you be sorry when I get through with you." another wolf said walking up. "no no no please I sorry." the first wolf cried.

"Hey leave him alone." Cando said pulling out his staff. "ohhh and what are you going to about it pup." the second wolf said.

"Okay them alone Sam." a female said. "Dammit Kate you're always protecting that kid." Sam said angrily before lunging at kate.

Kate was fast she jump before Sam could tag her. Kate pulled out a big heavy sword (buster sword like cloud's) hit Sam with the back of the sword not trying to cut him. "ahhhhh okay okay okay you win i'll stop." San said before running away.

"Wow thank Kate." the little wolf said. "Yeah well you need to stop stealing from him now hand it over." Kate said holding out her paw. "Awwwww but I wanted it." the wolf said. "Well Hony if you want it ask him instead of stealing it." Kate said grabbing object that Hony stole. "Now go home okay it's getting late and the monsters will be out at this time." Kate said pushing Hony to get up and go home. "Okay Kate bye and thanks." Hony said running home.

"Man that kid can't stay out of trouble," Kate said turning to us. "Now what do you two need."

"We're actually here looking for you. You're Kate right?" I asked.

"Well what can i help you with?" Kate asked.

"Do you know my mother Shakey, she told us that you could help us." Cando said.

"Oh and here." i said handing her the piece of paper that Shakey gave me.

"mmmmmm, come with me." Kate said walking to the ocean house.

We followed Kate and she show us a boat that we're going to use to travel other lands, then I saw a vision.

"But father can't you make an exception to the rules." a female spoke.

"Altisha no, your brother Humphrey is the first born and he is to be king that is rule of the kingdom," her father spoke with great booming voice. "Now go attend to your duties as you are told."

"I'll show you duties old man." Altisha mumbled.

"WHAT WAS THAT!" her father yelled.

"N-n-nothing my Lord." Altisha said kneeling down.

"Look sweet heart I know you want to rule but you're not ready to rule yet and you wasn't the first born, there are somethings in life that were never meant to be okay." her father said.

"Just cause you're not queen doesn't mean I don't love and respect you as my daughter." he continued.

"King Alex!" someone yelled getting the kings attention.

"What is it?" King Alex said.

"The Winjing are back." the wolf yelled.

Winjing? What the hell are Winjing? I thought as I got on the boat.

"So are you ready to set sail?" Kate asked looking at me weirdly. "Yeah I just was lost in thought." I said.

"Okay look there's a lot of islands while our way to you're kingdom prince Hutch so we'll have to make some stops along the way." Kate said lifting the sail.

"Okay that's fine,"I said. "you don't have to call me 'prince'." "Yes she does you still rule this parts of land...well you know until you reclaim your throne." Cando said. "He's right you know I wont stop saying 'prince'." Kate said. "Thank you for helping us." Cando said looking to Kate. "You're welcome it's an pleasure to give service to the Prince of Jasper." Kate said stearing the boat out to sea.

Everyone is so keen on helping me I'm surprised no has stopped me. Well I better rest up we have long ride to first island.

Here is ch 1 pt 1 I hope you enjoy this. Sorry it took so long to make I'v got work in the way but I finally finished this chapter.-HxW