A/N: This is a co-authored fanfic with Liam Holman!
Timeline is just at the near end of the 1994 The Lion King movie.

As much as he hated Scar for all of the lies that were fed to him, Simba had no intention to harm his treacherous uncle. A flash of lightning gave away Scar's location.

The lion formerly known as Taka flinched at the flash and gasped at his pursuer, and he continued to leap over fiery obstacles, but this did nothing to aid Scar's efforts to evade the furious prince, for the younger, faster and stronger lion retained the distance between himself and the murderer of his father.

Simba's mind raged as his anger fuelled his energy. He was determined to get some form of justice, be it by the suffering of the bastard, or the death of the tyrant, Simba wanted to end the unending nightmare of the Pride Lands, for his father, for his friends and family, for his ancestors, for himself. The once brown branches that bore the green leaves of life were now naked, with a grim colour of deathly grey. Simba paid no attention to the task of rebuilding the land that belonged to him, he focused on confronting his uncle once more.

Scar found that the ascent had ceased and the floor had flattened and looked like a grey table surrounded by towering chairs of fire. His desire to evade Simba almost cost him his life as he skidded to a halt just before falling a great height beyond survival. The promontory below seemed to move further down, causing disorientation.

He the fell into a fit of coughing due to the suffocating smoke choking him. He stared at the raging fire that burned the dead foliage that once covered the rear of Pride Rock, but then noticed that instead of ebbing away the unaffected areas, the fire only grew taller yet warmer.

A furious roar dwarfed the sound of the crackling wood, and through a narrowing gap in the fire, Simba leapt with ignorance of the searing heat. The only thought in his mind was to serve justice for the suffering of himself and his father's death.

He approached Scar menacingly. "Murderer," he muttered.

"Simba, Simba, please have mercy, I beg you," Scar begged his nephew.

"You don't deserve to live," Simba paid no attention to Scar's futile pleas of mercy.

"Simba, please, I...am...ah...family," Scar stuttered his plea for mercy, but it was in vain as Simba continued to prowl towards Scar, who backed up in fear of having his

life and reign ended. Excuses raced through his panicking mind until he came across one that sounded the most realistic.

"It was the hyenas who are the real enemy, it's their fault, it was their idea," Scar claimed and in doing so, setting the hyenas against him. They growled

at the dark lion as they left the scene of the duel. They would no longer help the one who betrayed them.

"Why should I believe you?" Simba asked. "Everything you ever told me was a lie," he added.

"What are you going to do?" Scar continued to display his mask of fear. "You wouldn't kill your own uncle?" a nervous grin spread across his face.

"No, Scar. I'm not like you," the noble lion said.

"Oh, Simba, thank you, you are truly noble, I'll make it up to you, I promise, how can I prove myself to you? Tell me, anything," Scar attempted to escape the situation, but according to Simba, the only punishment for Scar was to do the very thing that his uncle ordered him to do just after his father died.

"Run," Simba demanded. "Run away, Scar, and never return," he repeated the despicable words of his uncle.

"Yes..." Scar said at length as he slinked past Simba, who kept a suspicious eye on his unpredictable uncle. He knew that this was too easy and that Scar would not simply leave.

"As you wish...your majesty," Scar snarled as he swiped hot embers into Simba's face, who roared in pain. Scar took the opportunity to kill Simba once and for all and clamped his jaws onto his neck, but Simba swiped his uncle, allowing the younger lion to recover though Scar was quick in retaliation pushing him over and biting the underside of Simba's neck nearly succeeding when his nephew found the strength to push him off. Simba finally opened his eyes as he got to his paws and both lions leapt in the air and met each other in a standing pose.

On their hind legs, their paws flew at each other's faces. Scar clawed Simba and he roared in pain again as the claws threatened to draw blood. Simba made his own swipe against Scar and it sent him flying, but a rogue paw hit his face and imbalanced which Scar took advantage of and drew blood from Simba, who fell on his back before he could recover as Scar hit him. Through the raging fire, he saw the glowing green eyes bearing down on him. Scar dived at Simba aiming to mortally damage Simba's neck somehow, but Simba adjusted his position and kicked Scar's stomach.

The dark lion flew down behind Pride Rock. Simba tried to see over the edge if his uncle was dead or alive, but he was too far up and the smoke and fire was starting to get to him as he coughed a bit.

Scar rolled down Pride Rock and landed with a heavy thud. This and the fire that plagued the air with smoke caused momentary disorientation, and then to his relief, he saw his former hyena minions.

"Ah, my friends," he smiled as a false sigh of relief flowed from his treacherous mouth. He knew that he had betrayed them, but could not foresee their revenge.

"Fri-heh-ends?" Shenzi scoffed. "I thought he said we were the enemy," She said menacingly.

"Yeah, that's what I heard," Banzai agreed, and both hyenas looked at a hyena who bore a vacant expression and asked "Ed?"

The hyena called Ed cackled hysterically and licked his lips before closing in on Scar, along with the other hyenas.

"No, n-no, l-let me explain, no, you don't understand, I didn't mean it, no, NO!" he tried in vain to explain himself out of the inevitable fate set by himself.

The hyenas cornered Scar against the rock behind him and then pounced on him. Hundreds of teeth ripped through his flesh as the fire dwarfed the hyenas. As his life flashed before his eyes, No. He thought, not when I was so close. Somehow finding the strength he kicked off two hyena, throwing another two into the fire with his front paws and biting another unlucky one right on the neck. He knew he was gravely outnumbered, but the hyena forgot one thing about him - or two, rather. He clawed and kicked at other hyena that came near.

Suddenly, a fiery explosion blew away the hyenas that had pounced on Scar. The hyenas who were not burnt looked on in fear and helplessness for the few that were burnt were engulfed in flames. They screamed in utter pain until Scar raised a paw and the fire was extinguished. The unburnt hyenas looked at Scar with a look of fear and confusion. Others coughed violently as the smoke made their breathing deadly and so they ran from the threats in the form of the fire and the lion whose blood was pouring from many claw-borne and bite wounds, most were around the neck.

One hyena decided to risk approaching the lion, intending to leave a mark on the lion when said lion smirked as a bolt of lightning stroke the poor hyena.

"Salamu Ibilisi," Scar said before raising his paw once more, and at the flick of the wrist, almost all hyenas were set alight, some through lightning. He bore a sadistic and toothy grin as he chuckled at the suffering of the hyenas, whose shrill cries of pain filled the night with a horrific sound. Scar began to feel dizzy, due to the pain and usage of his power draining his strength. He collapsed in a bloody heap and the fires were extinguished again.

Zira had been fighting a lioness when a hyena tackled said lioness as another joined it, she took the opportunity to find her cubs first of all. "Nuka, take Kovu and your sister to safety!" She commanded the young lion and ran off not giving him time to respond, who as much as he didn't like his little brother listened and gently picked up his brother as Vitani ran along side him, though hot embers landed in front of the trio prompting Nuka to order Vitani onto his back, he'd deal with the pain of sharp little claws if it meant they lived to see another day and jumped the rest of the distance off Pride Rock and ran to the safety cave.

"Argh, the fire's getting too close!" Banzai commented.

"Let's give this bastard what he deserves!" Shenzi suggested.

"What's more important? This worthless traitor or our lives?" Banzai asked.

"Good point," Shenzi conceded before the hyenas that were not burned to death fled the scene.

Scar remained motionless but was somehow still breathing. Blood poured into his eye, making his vision of the orange flames that strangely seemed to slow down turn crimson red. He was in shock of the suddenness of his downfall, but he felt no pain, only numbness. He screamed in pain as the fire burned his fur and skin at a horrendously slow pace, and then the fire seemed to freeze.

"SCAR!" a female voice cried. Scar would have sighed in relief had it not been for his pain and shock, for the voice belonged to his former mate, Zira.

He didn't want her to save him in particular, he just wanted anyone to carry him away from the heat, and that she did after she fought off the remaining hyenas who were determined for revenge.

She clawed and swiped at two hyena that got too close, using her body to protect her mate. As she bit into the neck of a hyena that misjudged it's aim, four bolts of lightning came down at once striking hyena.

After dealing with the hyenas, Zira pulled Scar by his mane onto her back, and she swiftly walked away from the Pride Rock that was engulfed in flames. The fire then resumed before a holy sign arrived in the form of rain that cleansed the land of fire, soot and darkness that fell upon the Kiburi Plateau. Scar felt the water sting his wounds but then felt nothing as he fell into unconsciousness.