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She could hear his soft breath gently caress the sensitive skin on the back of her neck. She forced herself to remain still, even as his lips lightly brushed the bare skin of her shoulders. For if she moved just the tiniest bit, their little game would instant come to an end and she would be left behind with a desire strong that none could fill but him.

Her legs were trembling with that same desire now as he walked around her in a circle to inspect her outfit, or lack thereof. White cloth, a poor excuse of an apron, covered most of her front, where a black lace bra pushed her breasts up as though for offering. Her nipples were already hard, straining against the flimsy black lace.

He circled again before stopping to stand behind her. Warm muscular arms wrapped around her, pulling her back to his hard chest. He bent down, burying his nose in the crook of her neck and shoulder, smelling the aroma of fresh soap on skin. He hummed an innocent song against her skin, a start contrast to his hands that smoothed down the cloth covering her front before slipping underneath the apron to right below her panties. She was soaked, she knew that. And he knew it too, with those soft lips curving into a smirk on her skin.

She had been putting her fingers in that place, waiting for him to finally come home and fill her to the maximum. She'd lain right on top of his desk, legs sprawled wide open as she stared straight at him as he entered the study. She'd known how his green eyes would darken as her left hand squeezed her left breast and the fingers of her right hand played with herself underneath her underwear. It only made her spread her legs wider, letting him see the glistening juices coming from between the black curls between her legs.

"What did I tell you about touching yourself, Misaki?" He practically purred. One arm tightened around her waist to prevent her from running away. The other naughty hand slowly stroked over her moist panties, encouraging more juices to leak their way out of her.

"That-that it wouldn't be enough, Master." She willed her legs to stay still, although all her body wanted to do was to trap his fingers tightly in between her thighs. His fingers were now doing what her fingers had been doing earlier, petting and teasing her there. He ground the heel of his palm over her clit, moving the fabric over her pleasure spots.

"And what is enough for you, my beautiful Misaki?" He lightly nibbled on her neck before sucking on the skin. She was utterly so sensitive there and distracted by his fingers and lips that she forgot to answer his question. A sharp nip on her neck reminded her to answer her Master's question.

"You. Your hands. Your cock." She whimpered as his fingers slipped underneath fabric and deliberately rubbed her clitoris.

"And what do you want me to do to you?" The bastard knew exactly what she wanted, but the rules of the game demanded that she obey.

"I-I want..." It was embarrassing for her to say out loud, even though they were in the safety of their apartment. Her cheeks flushed red as she imagined what she wanted him to do to her. "I want...your fingers in me."

"Like this?" Her panties were moved aside as he suddenly put in one long finger. She was so wet, so so wet. Her soft flesh welcomed the intrusion of his finger and her hips were desperately nudging back and forth for relief.

"M-master," her lips parted to moan. More, she wanted. One finger was not enough, and they both knew it.

"Tell me all the details of what you want me to do to you," he commanded. He added another finger for good measure, stroking her as he felt her small body tremble in his arms.

"I-I want those fingers to make me come...oh Master, yes! Right there," she pleaded. His fingers felt far too pleasurable as they played with her inner walls, the only man to ever make her feel this way. But if she came too early, her Master would leave her cruelly unfinished for the rest of the night. "I want your mouth on my skin, your cock deep inside me. I want to feel your hot liquid exploding inside me and then have it seep out between my legs-mmph!"

He had taken his fingers from in between her legs to shove them inside her mouth. "Suck, lick my fingers clean. Can you taste how aroused you are, my naughty girl?"

She complied, her tongue licking the juices of her arousal. She imagined it was his cock in between her lips, that beautiful muscle that would make her beg for release later on as he pounded into her again and again. Naughtily, and because she anticipated the punishment, she playfully bit his fingers as he hissed from the small pain.

"Oh, so you want it rough tonight, do you, my Misaki?"

His fingers were still inside her mouth to prevent her from crying out as his left hand left its perch around her waist to replace where his other hand had been just a minute ago. Her back arched as three fingers plunged into her, moving back and forth to give her sweet, sweet pleasure. Her hands wanted somewhere to grab, some place to ground herself into the Earth before her mind and body flew into the Heavens. His strength was unrelenting though, as he finger fucked her into oblivion. He took care not to miss her clitoris, giving it its fair share of attention as she struggled to hold back her orgasm.

"Is this what you wanted? My fingers so deep inside you. Do you feel how they're touching you? Do you feel how slick my fingers have become?"

Her cries of pleasure were muffled by his fingers so he removed them from her mouth. Immediately, his hand flew to her right breast and squeezed it roughly. Displeased by the cloth hiding her body, he easily ripped both the lacy apron and bra off her body before the hand delved back to cup her breast. What flimsy excuses of cloth they were on her, daring to hide her body from him.

"So nice and firm." His husky voice trailed like soft tendrils draping themselves over her body. "So wet and desirable."

"More..." He heard her softly moan out. That soft voice had even more blood rushing to his male anatomy. She was trying to control her body, but with her cute little butt rubbing against his erection, he was harder than he had ever been. It was quite uncomfortable being restrained in dress pants and a tight belt buckle. He would have to take her soon and relieve him of this tightness. But for now, he would enjoy prolonging her sweet, sweet release.

"Tell me what you want more of. Your Master will fulfill your every wish."

"Please...I want to feel...oh please!" She cried out as he quickened his fingers' pace even more.

She was holding on admirably, he thought. Most others would have come instantly but her self-control was amazing.

He planned on breaking it.

Now both hands came between her legs, one hand working solely on her clit, the other hand's fingers curving against her smooth walls. Her back arched against his chest, head leaning back as she cried out.

"M-master! Yes, yes, right there!" Her body was thrashing, now unable to contain the pleasure he was giving her. She was close, he could tell as her body shuddered. Warm liquid gushed out of her as she squirted uncontrollably.

"Oh, my, making a mess on the floor? Such a lewd act for a pretty maid. You're the perverted one here, aren't you, Misaki?"

Before her orgasm was even finished, she found herself being pushed to lay front side down on the desk where she had laid provocatively before. The sound of a belt being taken off was heard as his free hand still played inside her. Then he was coming again, his fingers prolonging her orgasm before his hands tore off her panties.

Her master removed his fingers and pushed his cock inside her fully in one smooth motion. Her hands flew out gripping the other side of the desk for some leverage as he pulled back out of her mid way only to plunge back in.

"Misaki!" He groaned out, feeling her muscles suck him in again and again. He was buried to the hilt as he slammed himself forward. She felt so perfect, so warm underneath his hands as he gripped her hips tightly.

Although he had broken her self-control, the truth was he had lost his as well. He hadn't bothered with undressing fully, just taken off his belt and unzipped his pants so his hard and needy cock could reach the place where he needed to be. The tip of his tie swung over her back, now and then brushing her back as he moved himself back and forth.

She whimpered as he fucked her through her orgasm. She would never admit it to him, but him taking her from behind was one of her favorite positions. She certainly didn't like to be submissive, but there was something about her Master's domineering control that gave her the utmost pleasure when she relinquished her body to him. When he had control over her body like this, her body always wanted more of him. And he always did it so perfectly as he was doing so now, his cock thrusting frantically in and out, the friction almost unbearable as it throbbed inside her. She could almost see the future where he would pull himself out of her after coming, his liquid slowly coming out and dripping from between her legs. This was not one of those nights where they used condoms.

"Yes, you feel so good." He hissed again. "I'm going to come inside you, so you can feel my liquid pouring into you. You want that, my Misaki?"

"Yes, Master, please! I want to feel you more-" His dirty words made her sweaty body so hot, so pleasurable. Behind her, she felt his body tense before he came into a orgasm, spilling himself inside her. His thrusts slowed to enjoy his own orgasm, but his fingers completed the act for him, playing with her clit so that she, too, experienced another orgasm.

Time seemed to still as they basked in the afterglow.


She slowly flipped herself around to face him. His blond hair, so carefully combed half an hour ago, was in disarray. But his green eyes, still darkened in lust, showed all the love and adoration he had for her. She lazily reached one arm towards her, his lips quirking up in a smirk as her arm tugged him towards her for a kiss. Bodies pressed firmly against each other. His muscular chest made her feel so safe and protected.

His arms wrapped themselves around her before he carried them off towards their bedroom. She distracted their progress to the bed by kissing him all over, his lips, his jawline, and the smooth collarbone. A growl erupted from his throat before he tossed her onto the bed and followed after kicking off his pants.

His eyes had a mischievous glint as he took off his tie. "No touching, or this all stops." A nod to when he had first met her and he wasn't allowed to touch her as her hands and mouth pleasured her. Now she had to endure all his teasing in return. Karma had a funny way of coming back.

Her master used her tie to snugly tie her hands above her head. Not too uncomfortable, just so he wouldn't lose control when her hands were on his body though they both knew that with her strength she could easily tear apart his tie.

He glanced down at her, her nude body welcoming him. Hair around her like a dark halo, her eyes anticipating what he would next. Her bound hands clenched into fists when his hand gently cupped her chin before slowly trailing his fingers down the front of her body. His hand traced the soft curve of her shoulder, then moved down to pause at her breasts. Peaches and cream, they were. Her back arched lightly off the bed so her breasts moved up and down, her own eyes laughing as she tempted him to touch her.

And tempted he was. He had fallen under her bewitching spell a long time ago. Caving in, he grazed her breasts in his hands, almost completely covering them. His thumbs circled around her dark brown nipples, teasing them to harden once again. He heard her whimper as he bent down his head and breathed in her scent.

Her eyes fluttered close as his lips opened to lick at one nipple. Slowly, his tongue sucked at the small nub. How she wished her hands weren't tied so she could clutch at his soft silky strands of hair and press him closer to her. The tight feeling of her chest combined with the soft caresses of his fingers was slowly starting to drive her insane, she was sure. Since one of his hands was free, that hand sneaked down between her legs and perused her there, finding her still wet and aroused from their earlier actions. He started his torturous ministrations, a slow melody of his fingers and mouth that played her body into dancing whichever he wanted her to.

"Master...yes, right there!" She sighed out as he switched breasts. Then his lips left her breasts to trace the curves of her collarbones, nipping softly here and there, leaving dark marks she knew would be there in the morning after.

Pausing, he heaved himself up, breathing heavily. His control was nearly gone, too. She stared up at him, at his tousled hair that was so imperfectly perfect in every way. Lovingly, her eyes focused on his high forehead to his forest green eyes that reflected her in their depths. The aristocratic bridge of his nose was next for her perusal, leading to the curves of his mouth. His lips were swollen, as she was sure her own were. Her gaze went down further, frowning when his chest was still covered by his dress shirt. His suit jacket had been lost somewhere in the study.

"It's not fair, Master, if you're still clothed and I'm not."

His lips quirked up into a grin, as he complied to her wishes. He unbuttoned his shirt, exposing every bit of his muscular chest. What a pity her wrists were bound or her hands would have touched him everywhere by now. The feeling of strength behind his soft skin as she would trace over every line and plane of his muscles. How she would like to take his own nipples in her mouth and tease him to show the feelings he had made in her body whenever he touched her. As if reading her mind, he took pity on her and laid his bare chest on her, both relishing in the warmth of each other's soft skin pressed against their own. He was careful to support his body by leaning his elbows on the bed as to not crush her beneath him.

After a few moments of simply enjoying each other's presence, her master laid flat down on his back on the bed and commanded her to kneel above him so her hips were directly above his lips. The first touch of his tongue right there, right there swirling around her clitoris had her body shivering. He sucked on the little button and licks of fire and lightning ran through her body.

Her torso fell forward toward his hips, losing strength as his tongue played a devilish game between her legs. His hard and very erect cock was in front of her. Taking off the tie from her wrists, she gently cupped the base his cock, smiling when his tongue paused for a brief moment from teasing her clitoris as she gently stroked his cock.

Silent words passed between them, as each resolved to try to get the other to orgasm first. She bent her head down, her mouth opening to add her own tongue into the fray. She licked the engorged head, then let her tongue trail its way down the side of his cock. His hips shot forward, trying to push into her mouth, but she merely moved her mouth aside. In retaliation, his tongue plundered its way inside her, thrusting in and out of her so quickly she had to muffle a cry of pleasure by letting his cock enter her mouth. He was thick, long, and powerful as she slowly took him deeper. Soon he was all the way inside, and she began the ascent upwards, sucking and licking as his cock slipped out of her mouth.

But it was far too late. All his earlier actions had her body all too ready to come. The growing ball of fire in her lower abdomen was too hard to contain and she came with a mind blowing spiral, his tongue still ravishing her.

"TAKUMI!" She cried out loud, forgetting their maid and master roleplay. Usually, he would tease her by breaking character but his own self-control must have reached its limits.

He pulled her body to his and entered her in one swoop. Her legs wrapped around his lips, welcoming their embrace and joining in the frenzy of meeting thrust for thrust.

The pair lay sated on their bed, comfortably tangled in a mess of nude limbs and sweaty bodies.

"Happy Birthday, Takumi," Misaki murmured into his ear. "Sorry for leaving you by yourself at your birthday party."

He hugged her tightly, pressing her breasts into his chest. It felt rather pleasant to have those soft globes of flesh snuggle up to his muscular chest. "You're forgiven completely. After all, how can I be mad at such a wonderful birthday gift? I'm glad you had enough time to change into that little maid outfit of yours."

He didn't mention that it was rather a shock to him that she had slipped out of the party without him knowing. And then received a text from her a few minutes later telling him to get his birthday present from her. Aoi had smirked as he left the room but volunteered with Satsuki to take care of Sara for the night while he went to look for Misaki.

He couldn't have been more than ten minutes or so behind her. Yet there she was, already splayed out in all her glory on his work desk dressed in that skimpy maid outfit and so glistening wet and aroused between her legs. It had taken every last bit of control not to tear off that outfit immediately and sink himself into her body.

Misaki let out a contented moan as his fingers massaged her back. "Well, since I did receive it as a Christmas gift, I might as well put it to use." In the grey light of the moon coming from the windows, he saw her amber eyes sparkle mischievously. "Perhaps you'll wear your Christmas gift for me on my birthday."

Takumi thought of the offending piece of leopard cloth that he had tossed somewhere in the back of the closet, never to see the light of the day again. He made a resolution to get rid of the underwear immediately. "Perhaps. Or perhaps it would be better if you played the role of a student in a school girl outfit while I, as the teacher, give you a hands-on anatomy lesson. I could spank your little butt with a ruler if you get my anatomy wrong."

"You're such an idiotic pervert, Takumi."

"Says the one who opened her legs to me and wanted me to watch her pleasure herself. You married this idiotic pervert, remember?"

Misaki slid her body up until she was leaning over him. Her breasts swayed enticingly before she dipped her head and kissed him.

"Well, you are my idiotic pervert. As if I'd let anyone else have you." He cupped her cheeks and pulled her down to kiss him again. "I love you, Takumi."

"I love you, too."

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