Penny is in Bernadette and Howard's room, her dress is on the floor and judging by the increase in Howard's pants he's ready, like he hasn't dreamed of this, I'm sure Bernadette was in a few, maybe not so small as she sees the increase in his pants. Not like Leonard is hung.

She goes to her knees and pulls him out and starts sucking.

"Oh god penny." Howard moans, he knew she was good. But wow. Heck if the stories were true, he wouldn't not last long.

When Bernadette suggested to Howard she'd like a threesome, he was excited to say the least, when she said Penny would be the one, floored, excited, shocked, happy, like he won the lottery are definitely feelings he felt.

He finally gets to bang Penny.

"I'm not going to lie, I've had fantasies of this."

"Yeah like I didn't think you did." Penny replies back.

He didn't last much long.

Howard cums down her throat, Penny wipes her mouth and stands up.

Howard instructs her to lay on her back. She removes her underwear, as does Bernadette and Howard removes the rest of his.

She almost cummed as Howard's warm tongue went down on her. Bernadette places her pussy right above Penny's to eat.

Mmmm. Both women moan.

"Oh shit Howard." Penny moans. Ooh god he's good. Why didn't you tell me Bernadette?

"You didn't ask."

Shit I said that out loud?

Penny liked me eating her. Causing Howard to smile.

Now Howard slides in Penny.

I can't believe I'm between penny's legs, I'm going to make the most of it.

He slides in and starts to thrust and picks up speed. No wonder Leonard kept going back to it.

Oh he's got some girth in him. Not big by any stretch but definitely some width.

Howard is going faster and faster making penny get louder.

"Oh shit Howard."

She wraps her legs around him and digs her nails in.

"It's good huh?" Bernadette asks.

"Uh huh."

"Howie you hear that?"


"Now pick it up and fuck her nice and good and make her louder." Howard grabs her by her thighs and picks up speed.

Oh shit I can feel it.

"Oh shit Howard!"

"Fuck Howard yes!"

"Oh my god yes. Yes. Oh fuck. Oh fuck yes. Howard wolowitz give me that fucking amazing dick of yours."

With that his last thrust sent her into overdrive

As she cums.

Prepare penny he's not done.

Oh my god how is he still going?

I'm getting close.

Penny's moans are loud as she feels him get close.

"Cum in me Howard. Let it out. "

"I know you always wanted this. Cum in me. Cum in my pussy. "

"Stretch my pussy out, make it nice and sore from your dick, wear it the fuck out."

"Grrgh." As he groans as he cums in her.

Agh as he cums.

Wow. She thinks.

"Howard wants to doggystyle since you have such a nice ass."

Why not.


"You have to eat me," Bernadette says


As Howard slides in. He can't believe this is happening.

He loves how Penny's round ass goes back and forth on his dick. He can't believe this.

Mmm Bernadette tastes good.

Oh penny. Bernadette moans.

She wonders if penny has done this or at least ate pussy before.

"Ahh!" Penny cries out.

Bernadette does shortly.

As she feels Howard continues to slam into her, shit he must have really wanted to fuck me and also slaps her ass a few times before she feels him slow down.

A few minutes later Penny feels Howard's warmth inbetween her legs. As he pulls out she looks like Howard left a mess. Thank god for pills.

"Wow Howard. I take it you had some saved up."

I fucked Howard. Actually I think he fucked me. And damn good. Holy shit I think he was better than Leonard. Oh man I picked the wrong nerd.

Howard was? Well wow. Maybe Bernie will let me borrow him.

"Bernadette you wouldn't let me borrow him on occasion would you." Penny says laying on the bed naked except wrapped in sheets.

She gives Howard a wink saying good job. before saying. "Oh I don't think I'll mind."

Penny wakes up and realizes she feel asleep in bed and notices Howard and Bernadette are asleep she slips out and heads to the shower.

She wasn't in there long, Howard watched her bare ass wiggle as it made it's way to the shower.

Penny feels something poke her.

"You asked if you could borrow me and technically we're not done till you leave."

"Well that is true." Penny turns around and notices Howard hard as a rock.


She lifts her leg up and gently grabs a hold of his dick and slides it into her hole and wraps her leg around his as he starts to thrust they kiss.

My god he's a good kisser.

Penny's moans becoming more and more as Howard hits the spots. Before long he cums as she does shortly.

She turns around as her ass is facing him, he slides his dick in her hole again and thrusting.

"Oh god Howard I could never get enough of your dick, if I knew this now back way back when, I'd probably be your wife."

"Oh god yes Howard." As her moans are caused by him slapping her ass.

She then bounces her ass on his dick.

Soon she cums and cums.

He spins her around one more time, she picks her leg up and around his hip as he slides in, not long Howard grabs a hold of the other leg and picks her up.

When did Howard get muscles? As Howard is fucking her in the folding chair in the shower.

"Oh shit Howard."

That had to wake up Bernadette.


"Oh god yes Howard. Yes." She hears

As she heard Penny's screams, it brought a smile to her face.

"Looks like Howie is giving Penny the proper good morning."

"I knew she'd enjoy it."

"Howie isn't a stud for nothing."

"Too bad she's married to Leonard or I'd ask her to move in and we could both fuck her."

"Oh well, I'll start breakfast, as they surely worked up an appetite."

Few minutes later the moans and crying out stopped as did the shower.