Valkyrie Cain jumped off the library roof. It was a rather tall building, with spikes on the window sills. Valkyrie concentrated on the air. She felt the cool air rushing through her fingers and the air whipping through her dark hair. It solidified and Valkyrie pushed it. She was slowing to an almost stop. But the vampire that had been chasing her earlier was tumbling towards the ground. It landed in a standing position and looked up at Valkyrie. It's eyes were full of hunger, it's thirst for blood not yet quenched. "Oh hell." Valkyrie muttered, as she drifted to the ground. The vampire leaped and grabbed Valkyrie's leg. She tried to shake it off, but it held it's grip. She punched it and it let go. They reached the ground and Valkyrie kicked the vampire away. There were more vampires now, at least thirty. She ran to the part of town that was deserted, the vampires only a hair's breadth away from her.

They leaped and Valkyrie rolled under them. She came up and punched one as hard as she could (which would have broken it's jaw if it were human). The vampire went down, but there was another one to take it's place. Valkyrie clicked her fingers, generating a flame. She poured more magic into it and it grew in to a fireball. She hurled in random directions, not really doing much damage but at least they were distracted. There were too many of them. One leaped on her and tried to penetrate her thick, armoured clothes. Then it saw the bare skin on her face and bared it's teeth, it's fangs getting closer. Valkyrie pulled some of the potion-thingy that keeps vampires from turning at night from her pocket and unscrewed the top. She threw the contents at the vampire as it was about to bite. It screamed in pain and fury.

A fresh coat of skin began growing over it's bone-white scalp and it began to grow hair, it's fangs shortening. She spotted Skulduggery flying down to help her, his hat looking dangerously close to falling off. He landed beside her, his skull gleaming in the moonlight. "Grab my arm." he said. She didn't argue and held on to his bony arm. He put his arm around her waist and launched himself into the cloudy night sky. Valkyrie frowned as she watched the vampires get smaller and smaller.

"We can't just leave them there." she shouted over the noise the wind was making. "Valkyrie, there is no need to shout. I, being my brilliantly excellent self, have a plan." he pointed to the horizon where the sun was slowly rising into the sky. Valkyrie manipulated the air around her, so it wouldn't affect her. They flew back to the library with the spikes, where Skulduggery had been researching a famous author who was murdered: Felicity Pithanger(she left the boring bits to him). He was on the verge of something when the vampire guards attacked. Honestly, how many places have vampire guards? Valkyrie wondered as they hurriedly drifted to the library. Then the blue Police Box smashed into them. Knocked them right out of the sky. It hit Valkyrie right in the chin. The black spots appeared and grew larger. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was a young man wearing a tweed jacket and a bow tie poking out and pulling her into the Police Box.