Uhura had no idea how it had happened. But denying it was illogical when it was as plain as day. She was finding a friend in Jim Kirk.

The first time Uhura met him was in that upbeat bar on the edge of Riverside when she had only been a second year cadet. They had visited the Shipyard as part of an educational tour. She had loved the opportunity of seeing the hulking skeleton of the flagship of Starfleet under construction. They had gotten a good look at how it would look like after its construction, the way the systems worked and the new advancements in technology being retrofitted into the ship.

She smiled thinking of that fateful day when she had actually first stepped foot on her ship, her second home.

She had been utterly captured by the glorious idea of exploring new worlds and new civilizations in the flagship of the 'Fleet and had become her goal that she was determined to attain. The last night of the tour, their Commandant Captain Pike had allowed them time to unwind and enjoy after five days of study. She had happily gone to the local pub a little later than her girlfriends as she had been catching up on her sleep and bounced inside in excitement.

She exchanged quick greetings with her friends sitting around a table. She volunteered to order them drinks and headed to the counter. And then she had heard a drunken drawl, shamelessly trying to flirt with her. She huffed a laugh thinking how Kirk had sounded that day, utterly wasted and yet had good control of his faculties. She had immediately turned him down; she didn't want anything to do with a lewd bastard.

Kirk though was unaffected by her cold dismissal and had proceeded to enrage her fellow cadets, (who, she had known, had a thing for her) who had beat the shit out of a drunken Kirk. She had tried to stop them. She hated the fact that a poor farm boy was getting beaten up on account of her, but had immediately stopped taking sides when said farm boy landed his hands on her front. In Kirk's defense, he had been thrown around, but that bastard had the gall to smirk and she was furious as she shoved him away with an irritated snarl. Poor farm boy or not, she was not siding with him anymore.

The cadets had then punched him repeatedly in that pretty face of his and she felt a twinge of pity. Just then, a piercing whistle tore through the bar and silence ensued almost immediately. Captain Pike was surveying the bar with disappointment etched in his face and ordered them all outside. They had complied hastily, nobody wanted to mess with Captain Pike.

The next day, she was met with the face of a Jim Kirk, still in last night's bloodstained clothes as he settled a little away from her on the shuttle fumbling with the seat belts. He caught her face and smiled "Never did get that first name."

She grinned and tilted her head in dismissal. That was a challenge and Uhura was not one to back down from one. She thought to herself, 'And you never will, farm boy.'

She saw another man, looking worse for wear himself being talked down by Lt. Hill, as he grumbled about aviophobia. Poor guy.

She watched as he sat beside Kirk and said "I may throw up on you."

Not the first things she would say to her future best friend. But, she didn't understand how boys worked.

A/N: This story will have ten short one-shots (or drabbles) about the evolution of Kirk and Uhura's relationship from Uhura's POV. It's all written down. So you can be sure this will be finished. Reviews? Pretty please?