Rory sat on her bed and giggled as her stomach was being tickeled by her uncle.

"Stop it!" Rory yelled. The tickling not only continued but grew faster. She laughed harder and tried to roll out of her uncle's grasp.

"Mick, if you tickle her too much she won't be able to breathe!" Her mom yelled.

"She's tougher than that!" Mick said as he stopped tickling his niece and turned to the blonde standing in the doorway. Rory quickly runes to her mother and hides behind her to keep from the tickle monster.

"Now look! She'll never get close to you of fear that you'll tickle her again!" Her mom said. Rory ran out from behind her mom and jumped into Mick's arms to prove a point.

"See? She still comes to me. She's not scared!" Mick said. He lifted Rory up in the air and put her on his shoulders. Rory laughed.

"Yay!" Rory yelled as she touched the ceiling.

"Your a overprotective mother." Mick said. Rory knew he did it now. She looked at her mother and waited for her to blow up on her uncle. She walked towards Mick and stopped right in front of him. She gave him the death glare that Rory knew all too well and grabbed Rory off Mick's shoulders.

"I'm not overprotective, I'm just a good mother Mick." She said. Rory wrapped her arms around her mother but still reached out to Mick.

"Sara! Come on! Me and the kid were just having fun! Don't take her away!" Mick yelled as he followed Sara out of the blue and black room.

"Mommie?" Rory asked.

"Yes sweetie?" Sara asked.

"I want to play with uncle Mick." Rory said. Sara sighed. She put the five three year old down and knelt next to her. She put a strand of her daughter's blonde hair behind her ear.

"Go play." Sara whispered. Rory laughed and ran back to her room. Mick stayed back and waited for Sara to say something. She didn't.

"Nothing? No getting angry at me?" Mick asked.

"Nope, go play." Sara said. She stood up and bent down again to pick up a toy from the floor.


"Go play Mick!" Sara ordered. Mick turned and walked back to the room. Rory wasn't in sight. He walked in slowly and made it like he was looking for her.

"Where are you?" Mick asked. A giggle came from the closet. Mick sighed, pretending to be defeated. "I guess I'll have to play without you!" Mick said happily. The closet door ripped open and Rory ran to him. He lifted her off the floor with a grunt and swung her around in a circle. She squealed and grabbed his arms. He put her on her bed.

"Again!" Rory yelled. Mick laughed.

"Sorry kid, you dad's going to be home soon." Mick said. She frowned and made puppy eyes. Mick laughed.

"Please Uncle Mick?" Rory asked.

"You know what?" Mick asked.

"What!" Rory asked, her blue puppy eyes starting to glow and sparkle with happiness and wonder.

"Why don't we color on the sidewalk outside while we wait for your daddy to get home!" Mick said. She squealed and jumped off the bed into his arms. She let go and dropped to her feet on the floor. She rad to her closet and grabbed a box of chalk. He picked her up and walked out of the bedroom. Sara was in the kitchen, starting dinner probably.

"Where are you going?" Sara asked.

"Outside to draw on the sidewalk before your husband gets home." Mick said.

"Keep her away from the road." Sara warned. Mick didn't respond. He opened the door and Rory ran onto the sidewalk. She sat down and opened the box of chalk. Mick sat on the sidewalk next to her and grabbed a piece of chalk. Rory scribbled and giggled. Mick drew simple things to keep himself entertained. A car drove up after enough time went by to fill up the sidewalk in front of the house.

"Daddy!" Rory said. She put her chalk back down on the sidewalk and stood up. The man got out of the car and ran to his daughter.

"I didn't know you'd be here. Sara invite you?" He asked.

"Sara called, Rory took the phone and invited me over and when Sara tried to say I couldn't today, Rory started screaming at the top of her lungs." Mick laughed. The man looked at his daughter. She smirked and hid her face in his shoulder.

"Rory?" He asked her.

"Yeah daddy?"

"I know you love uncle Mick but don't torture your mommy." He said.

"Ok." Rory whined. The man laughed and helped Mick clean up the large pile of chalk. Rory ran inside. The two followed her. Mick put the chalk in Rory's room and walked to the living room where Rory was watching TV.

"You what!?" A voice yelled from the kitchen. Mick smirked and sit next to his niece.

"You ok Leonard?" Mick yelled over his shoulder.

"Yeah Mick, peachy." Leonard said in his could and snarky voice. Mick hadn't heard that since Rory was born. Mick sighed and stood back up.

"But you just sat down!" Rory complained.

"I know but I need to tell your daddy how good you were today." Mick said. Rory laughed and turned back to the TV. Mick walked to the kitchen.

"Whys his voice back to cold?" Mick asked when he reached the kitchen.

"Just a bit... Excited." Leonard said.

"More like surprised." Sara mumbled.

"How long?" Leonard asked. Mick remained quiet and waited for the answer to his question.

"18 days." Sara said. Leonard looked at the ceiling.

"Great." Leonard said. Sara stirred a pot and turned to Leonard.

"When are we telling everyone this time?" Sara asked. Mick opened his mouth but Leonard talked before he could.

"Do we have to? When we told them the first time they all freaked out. Especially Mick over here." Leonard motioned for Mick.

"Yes we have to tell everyone! My dad, your sister, Mick, everyone!" Sara said. Leonard opened his mouth to speak but Mick started first.

"What is going on!?" Mick almost yelled.

"Your going to be a uncle, again." Sara said.

"Your?" Mick started. Sara nodded.

"Good luck Snarts." Mick said. He punched Leonard's arm and walked back to the couch. He sat down and smiled at Rory. A uncle again.

"You know my favorite characters name?" Rory asked. She pointed at a cartoon character with blue hair on the TV.

"No, what's her name?"

"Nova." Rory said.

"Now where do I know that name from? What's your full name again?"

"Rory Nova Snart!" Rory yelled happily.

"Isn't that awesome!?" Mick said.

"Yeah! What your full name Uncle Mick?" Rory asked.

"Just Mick Rory."

"You have a girl last name!" Rory yelled.

"Yes I do." Mick said.

"Dinners done!" Sara yelled from the kitchen. Rory turned off the TV and ran to the dinning room.