Leonard sighed and leaned into the couch. Rory was in her room with Sara and getting ready to go to sleep. Leonard smirked as a idea popped in his head. He stood up and walked to the storage room of the apartment. He dragged a large box to the living room. He opened it and started to hang Christmas decorations around the room. Quinton had given Sara a huge amount of Christmas decorations but they never seemed to use them. Rory didn't mind that Christmas' were usually small. This year he wanted to see her reaction. He wanted to see if putting the start on the tree is worth it. Sara interrupted his sudden holiday spirit.

"What's this!?" Sara asked excitedly.

"When was the last time we decorated for Christmas?" Leonard asked.

"That one time on the wave rider. This is amazing! Can I help?"

"Why wound I ever turn down help from someone so beautiful?" Leonard asked. She smiled. She grabbed a few things from the box and helped him hang decorations.

"Figures, my dad didn't give us the mistletoe." Sara said as she searched the box. Leonard sighed and pulled out his phone. "What are you doing?" Sara asked.

"Bringing in the help." Leonard said. He sent two texts on his phone and put it back in his pocket.


"Lisa and Mick."

"You sure about Mick? He's been here for like, three days now. He may want time with-"

"The family he doesn't have?" Leonard interrupted. Sara looked at the stocking in her hand.

"I guess that's true." Sara mumbled.

"He loves being here anyway, if you'd let me id say let him move in. We have that extra room." Leonard smirked.

"Leonard, we already talked about this, I know Mick is like a brother to you but we both know he cant live here, he still works with Rip and we cant let Rory find out everything." Sara said. There was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Leonard said. Lisa and Mick entered.

"How do you guys get here so fast?" Sara asked.

"Umm." Lisa started.

"Time ships are fast if you don't remember." Mick said.

"Did you bring anything?" Leonard asked. Lisa smirked.

"Big brother, you asked for Christmas decorations, we're thieves and we have a time ship, do you think we brought anything?" Lisa said and smirked. Leonard walked to the door and looked outside at the piles upon piles of boxes.

"Nice." Leonard said. "Start hanging the outside decorations, me and Sara can do inside." Leonard said. Lisa and Mick grabbed boxes and started the outside d├ęcor while Sara and Leonard did the inside.

It took almost all night, but the entire house had decorations, inside and out. The only thing missing was a star on the tree. This was going to be a Snart Christmas. Sara went to wake Rory up to get ready for the day. Leonard made coffee and chocolate milk. Sara returned, with a very sleepy Rory on her waist.

"Are you sure you wont wake up? Daddy made you Chocolate milk." Sara said. She picked up her coffee and took a sip. Rory perked up.

"Chocolate milk?" Rory asked. "Where?"

"Right here." Leonard said as he picked up the small cup.

"Gimme!" She yelled as she reached for it.

"Not yet." Leonard said happily. Sara put Rory down. She hugged her mother, then her father, then reached for the chocolate milk.

"Now?" Rory asked.

"Two more." Leonard said.

"Where?" Rory asked.

"The couch." Leonard said. Rory ran to the couch.

"Uncle Mick! Aunt Lisa!" Rory yelled, she jumped on them both and hugged them.

"Hey kid." Mick groaned as he sat up.

"Now can I have my chocolate milk?" Rory asked. Leonard nodded. Rory ran over and grabbed the chocolate milk. She went over to Mick and sat next to him on the couch. Leonard grabbed two cups of coffee and gave them to Lisa and Mick. He walked back over to Sara and took a sip from his own mug.

"When do you think she'll notice?" Sara asked.

"Mommy? Daddy? What's all the stuff on the walls?" Rory asked.

"Right now." Leonard whispered to Sara. "Rory! Look around, its Christmas!" Leonard said.

"Why's there stuff on the walls though?"

"People hang that stuff up to decorate for the holidays." Sara said.

"Then why didn't we do it last holidays?" Rory asked.

"Because we didn't think you would like it last year. Would you like to hang a decoration?" Sara asked. Rory nodded. Leonard grabbed the star and handed it to her. She smiled and took the star.

"Ready?" Leonard asked. She smiled and nodded. Leonard picked her up and put her on his shoulders. She put the star on the top of the tree and giggled.

"Its pretty." Rory said as Leonard put her down.

"Beautiful." Sara said.