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Chapter Eight – Towards The Outcome

Severus and Hermione sat in the swing seat on their back porch until the stars were bright in the night sky, talking about Narcissa's plan.

"I was surprised by this afternoon," Hermione stated as they'd spoken of the walk through the garden and the idea of having tutors help them prepare for their exams.

Severus' mouth turned up slightly. "I knew there would be nothing to fear."

She smiled in response, and took his hand in both of hers. "Yes, I know," and she started kissing his fingers as she spoke. "It's just… it will be a difficult thing to get over."

"Yes," and he slid his other hand up to her cheek. "I know it will, please don't think I'm trying to belittle what you suffered."

"Oh, I know you're not," she told him earnestly. "And Narcissa was right showing me the beauty of the house. It felt like a different place, and while I have no wish to ever visit that room again, her efforts went a long way to calming my mind."

"So you think her idea worthy?"

"Oh yes, and I'm so happy that she's asked me to participate, it feels like a step forward… What do you think? I mean, I appreciate you helping me too, and I do not want to make you feel that I appreciate your help any less."

"Yes, it does," Severus nodded thoughtfully, "and we can continue on privately as well."

"I'd like that," she said, nuzzling his hand as it caressed her cheek.

"As would I," he said. While they'd been talking his other hand had slipped to her thigh, and his fingers were starting to draw tantalising patterns on her flesh as his eyes drank her in. He lowered his head to hers and they started kissing, and this time his teasing fingers lost no time in starting to ghost up to where they'd finished that morning. His most luscious voice arrived in her ear as he kissed along her jawline. "We've passed so many milestones together these last weeks, haven't we, little witch?"

Hermione was having trouble concentrating on his words as she sensed that something was about to shift, and she forced her lust doped brain into action. "Yes," and she laughed airily, trying to make it sound casual. "I still remember what you said to me the first day I visited you… and you've now had your Firewhisky and your smokes… Is this the last thing on your list? Was this what you were going to say?" she teased, breathily.

"Mmm, what do you think I was going to say?"

"I'm hoping it means that we're going to embark on a far more personal journey," and she couldn't help the blush that started to glow on her cheeks, even as she opened her legs further to allow him better access to her.

"Oh yes, indeed, dear heart," his voice rumbled, and his finger quested further. "And you'd be correct," he murmured. "Do you think you'd like that?"

She matched him, pulling herself closer to him as she captured his lips in hers and their mouths and tongues battled once more. Then she felt it, his finger start stroking her most private part, and she loved it. "Oh… Sev," she moaned breathily.

He snickered, and kept gifting her with more kisses. "Lovely," he whispered against her ear. "Feels wonderful."

"I do?" she asked, in a breathy whisper.

"You most certainly do. Just relax against me."

"Yes," she groaned. "Oh yes, Severus," and she drew his name out, as she gripped him tighter and her thighs began to shake.

"That's, my love," he encouraged.

"Ohh… Ohhh… Oohhh," he heard her groan and each repetition dropped in pitch. He smiled, he knew what was coming, and he was satisfied when her panting moans ceased and she groaned deeply as she bathed his hand in her juices.

He kissed her. "Beautiful, little witch," he murmured, and pulled her close.

She snuggled in closer and sighed. It never occurred to her to reciprocate, well, not until she felt Severus shift slightly. Then she gasped softly, and her hands strayed downward. "Show me what to do," she whispered.

He did not discourage her, he simply said, "Shift so you're straddling my lap," and when she managed to shift on shaky legs, and survived the swing seat bucking wildly with her movement, he took her hand and placed it over the bulge in his trousers. "Rub, like this," he encouraged, showing her with his hand how to rub.

She established a rhythm, and her eyes came up to his, and she saw him watching her softly. Her mouth started planting little kisses on his.

They were tentative and beautiful, and he realised how very little she knew; this was going to be challenging for him. He was used to fucking witches, and he had never been privileged enough to have a virgin all to himself. Although, she seemed to be a very fast learner, and he allowed her to unbuckle his belt, then the buttons of his fly and delve her hand into his pants.

Hermione was surprised at her own boldness. She had never done any of this before, and after her experiences with other wizards, she'd thought that it was just not going to come naturally to her, but as soon as she had Severus' member in her hand she wanted to see it.

She got off his lap, with more grace than she thought she had, and sank to her knees between his legs.

It was so soft, yet so hard, and without knowing exactly what she was doing she was sucking. She heard Severus groan, and her eyes flicked up to his. He was watching her with avid interest, and it gave her courage to employ some of the things she'd read about.

The more enthusiastic she got, the more sounds Severus made, and she became bolder.

Soon she was holding all of him in her hands while her mouth worked. He made a strangled noise, and she felt him tighten under her hands, and then she found her mouth full, she swallowed, and smiled up at him happily.

He sighed. "You make this old man very happy," he told her, breathily. "It's a long time since anyone has done that for me."

She climbed back into his lap. "You're not old, Severus," she scolded.

He laughed at her. "Yes, Hermione," he replied, accepting her into his arms.

They cuddled for a time, swinging gently on the seat, but then he said, "We better get some dinner ready."

"Oh," Hermione gasped, looking at the time and realising it was getting quite late. "We got a little carried away," and she smiled, "very enjoyably carried away."

"Indeed," he replied, the corner of his lips tilting up.


"Yes, Hermione?"

"Do you think I can sleep with you tonight?"

How could he say no? He looked at her. "Just sleep?"

"Perhaps… perhaps not," Hermione stated impishly.


They had toasted sandwiches for dinner and both prepared for bed. Severus was already laying down on his side facing away from her when Hermione turned the bathroom light off. She was grateful, as after her boldness before they'd risen from the swing seat, while she'd been getting ready for bed, nerves had started to creep over her.

She quietly slipped in behind him and gingerly approached his back. She wrapped her arm over his middle and felt him link his fingers with hers. He brought their joined hands to his lips and kissed hers. "Good night," his sleepy voice rumbled.

"Good night," she replied timidly.

Despite wondering whether she'd be able to settle, Hermione woke the next morning, and they were still in the position they'd been in when they'd gone to sleep. She could hear Severus' long soft breathes and she surmised that he was still asleep.

The first birds had started long ago, but the bedroom was sheltered from the first rays of the sun, so she was uncertain of the time. She wiggled a bit to try and see the clock on his bedside table, and she felt him starting to stir. This was followed by him turning onto his back and then his side to face her.

"Hello," she offered.

He smiled, but did not say anything as he reached forward and kissed her. The kiss started softly, but soon they were exploring each other's mouths wantonly, and Hermione was moaning softly.

Taking this as a good sign, Severus rolled her onto her back. "Is this the 'perhaps not' you had in mind?" his voice rumbled, as he kissed around to her ear.

"Mmm-hmm," she sighed in response. "I want you… all of you."

He stopped his ministrations on her neck and raised himself up enough to look at her. "All of me, ay?"

She gave him a cocky grin, and nodded. "Yes, Severus," and she boldly stripped her top off over her head, accidently bumping his nose as she did so. "Oh no, love, I'm sorry."

It hadn't hurt and Snape was now very occupied in ogling what she'd just exposed to him. However, he glanced up just long enough to see that she was blushing fiercely. "No harm done, my brash little Gryffindor," he told her. "You're bolder than your sensibilities," and he kissed her and then started down her neck towards her breasts. "You're lovely," he whispered, once they were at his eye level.

She watched him, mesmerised by his dark eyes devouring her flesh. "Touch me," she pleaded, the flush suffusing her cheeks starting to spread down her neck.

His hands came up to caress the baby-soft flesh of her breasts as his thumbs ghosted softly over her. He watched her smile at him as she arched her back at his touch and hissed in a breath.

Then her hands were pulling at his tee-shirt and her legs were opening under him as her feet tried to push down his sleep pants. "Hermione, take your time, love," he laughed, watching her chewing on her lip in concentration as she attempted to disrobe him. "We've got as long as we like."

"Yes, but I want… need you," she pleaded.

His hand slipped up to her cheek and he shushed her. "As long as we like, love," he reiterated. "Let's just take it slow."

Her breathing had become laboured as she worked to free them of their sleepwear and she tried to contain her emotions.

"Shh," and he started kissing down her body, dipping his tongue into her navel and then sucking on it. "It will be better if we go slower," but as his hand arrived at its destination, his thoughts were juxtaposed to his words. He was almost gritting his teeth to stop himself from simply burying himself into her. He was determined to make this as pleasant as possible for her, and too that end he spread her thighs further with his hands and licked her sweet quim. It quivered under his touch and she rocked her hips as her voice rose with her approaching orgasm.

She started chanting his name, and pushing herself closer to his mouth.

He grasped her hip with one hand so it wouldn't all end with him sustaining a broken nose, and he worked diligently on bringing her to completion.

Her voice was rising higher and higher, her thighs shook violently and then she stilled above him, panting while she wailed as she came, and that was when he did it. Quickly wiping his mouth on the sheet he surged upward and took hold of his aching cock. He rubbed it up and down her convulsing flesh before starting the journey he'd been waiting so patiently to begin the day she had turned up in his hospital room wearing that sweet blue sundress. He'd wanted to rip that dress off her so he could have his way with her right then and there, even as he realised that day that he'd been far too weak to even get out of bed.

Well he wasn't now. "This may be uncomfortable," he whispered, nibbling her ear as he spoke, "but the soreness will only last a little time," he assured her.

"Do it," she replied, taking his face in her hands and locking her eyes with his as she said it.

Her words urged him on, and Severus couldn't hold back any longer. He surged forward, filling her.

Pain passed through her eyes momentarily, but she held his gaze, and as she became accustomed to the invasion into her body she experimentally squeezed her internal muscles around his girth and moaned. "Move… please," she demanded.

Severus pulled almost out and pushed back in, and she moaned again, so he did it again, harder this time. Then he was lost, and he took all she was offering him, whispering a contraceptive spell as he started working on giving her another orgasm before he lost his battle with his own.

He didn't last long, but he made his point, and he did indeed hold off long enough for her to come once more before he did the same with a long growling groan, after which she welcomed him into her arms and hugged him.

"Thank you, thank you," she mumbled, kissing his neck and face as he regained his breath.

"You speak like this is a one off," he said, his voice still breathy. "We can do this every day, twice a day if we want."

Hermione giggled. "And I can't wait, because this is amazing."

Severus groan. "A monster I've created," he laughed.

"Your monster, Sev," she corrected, and she laughed, kissing him sweetly.

"My lovely monster," he crooned softly, kissing her lips before they dozed off again.


Once they had managed to drag themselves from their bed Hermione spared the time after breakfast to write to Harry and Ginny, as well as Neville, telling them that she had been handed the perfect revision opportunity and inviting them to attend with her.

By the evening, Harry and Ginny had replied that they thought it would be very difficult for them. They seemed so uncertain that Hermione became convinced that they would say no.

Neville on the other hand was very positive. He really had grown up well, and she suspected that it helped that he would get to spend time with Luna as well, and he said yes immediately. The Longbottoms also lived in Wiltshire near the Malfoys, and Neville wrote back saying yes, and asking when it would start.

Severus wrote to Narcissa and told her that Hermione and her friend Neville Longbottom would be attending, and she'd written back that she had her Transfiguration tutor organised for the next day if they so desired, so they could start then.

On reading this, Severus hoped that it was not Sabrina Nott; he could not abide that witch, but she was a friend of Narcissa's and she was quite a talented at Transfiguration. However, last time she and Severus been in a room together she'd spent the entire time trying to tempt him to her bed , and he'd spent the entire time scowling at her and removing her wandering hands from his person.


Harry and Ginny had indeed decided that it would be too strange, but Neville was already there when Hermione and Severus arrived at Malfoy Manor.

"Hey, 'Mione," Neville said, but that was as far as anyone get before Hermione was pushed away from Severus in a flurry of perfumed silk.

"Severus, dear," Sabrina Nott simpered coquettishly. "It's so good to see you."

"Unhand me, Madame," Severus snapped, and glared at Narcissa who was rushing to intervene as Severus slapped the witch's hands away and turned to find Hermione.

He was livid when he found that Hermione had been knocked to the floor by the witch's hearty shove to get her out of the way, but he was also surprised to see Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy working together to help her up.

"Are you injured, Hermione?" Severus asked, as Hermione was sat in a chair.

Hermione smiled at him wanly but nodded that she was all right, and he then turned on Sabrina. "What was that? You are the rudest witch I believe I've ever met," he ranted. Then he turned on Narcissa. "If she remains, we do not. You know my history with this witch, why did you think that anything would have changed, Cissy?"

"Now come, Severus," Sabrina interceded. "You can't honestly tell me that you're with this… child," and she sneered at Hermione. "Isn't she a mu…"

"If you finish that word, you will never speak again," Severus seethed.

"Yes, Sabrina, that word is not used in this house," Narcissa cut in angrily.

Sabrina sneered. "It used to be, and it's quite fitting I think," she said.

While this had been happening, Hermione had recovered and she was now stalking towards the dark-haired witch with a scowl on her face. "I assume you're Madam Nott. I am Hermione Granger, and I wish to inform you that there are now anti-discrimination laws in place in the wizarding world. If you wish to call me derogatory names then do so at your own risk," and her eyes travelled around the gathered company once they'd made their point with the witch in question. Then she turned to Narcissa. "My apologies, Madam Malfoy, thank you for your kind invitation, but I will not be staying to be insulted. Transfiguration is not a subject I have any issues with."

Narcissa thought quickly. "Then perhaps you would consider helping instead of Sabrina," she replied slyly, as she froze the dark-haired witch out.

"You can't be serious, Cissy. Wouldn't you rather have me than…" and she scowled as she looked Hermione up and down, "this?"

"When I invited Miss Granger, I asked her not to include any trouble-makers, but I've just realised that I have inadvertently included one." Narcissa turned to Draco. "Draco, please see Madam Nott off the property!"

"Yes, Mother," Draco said, and extended his arm to the livid witch. "This way, Madam."

As soon as they were gone, Narcissa turned back to Hermione and Severus. "My apologies, Severus, Hermione. I must admit I'd forgotten what a nasty cow Sabrina could be." She indicated the door. "Shall we get started?"

"Are you certain you're all right, Hermione?" Severus whispered, taking her arm.

"I'm a little shaken, but I am fine. I suppose I will always meet that sort of discrimination from people like her, so I must learn to overcome it."


That evening over dinner, Hermione was still saying how much she'd enjoyed teaching the Transfiguration class.

"It helped that everyone there wanted to learn," Severus added.

There had been a class of ten, and Hermione had to admit how shocked she'd been that so many of the Slytherins from their year were now Azkaban residents. The class had consisted of Luna and Neville, Draco, Blaise Zabini, Daphne and Astoria Greengrass, Pansy Parkinson and Tracey Davies, and none of the Slytherins had given her a moment's trouble. There had also been Susan Bones and Mandy Brocklehurst, and Hermione had found the company of the lot of them very pleasant.

"Yes, I suppose so," Hermione replied, smiling. "Mind you, I did think there for a moment that the whole thing was going to stop before it had even started this morning."

"Yes," Severus said, blowing a plume of smoke away from her as he took a drag of his cigarette. "I suppose I should have warned you about her."

"But you didn't know she was going to be there."

"No, I didn't. Although, I had spared a hope when I learned that it was Transfiguration today that it wasn't her that Cissy had organised." He stubbed out his cigarette and freshened the air with a charm. "And you were right with what you said this morning, you will still find a lot of pure-blood witches are that nasty." Then he chuckled wickedly. "However, word will have spread now that you've stuck up for yourself, and that you have the Wizengamot on your side. I do not think you will have any more problems like that," Severus said.

And she didn't. The entire two weeks of the revision school went like a dream, and she was now facing her first exam the next morning. However, she was facing it with new allies on her side. Whilst she could not say that she had new friends yet, they had all made significant progress in getting to know people who had turned out to be nothing like they'd expected.

However, the test would come when they were all at Hogwarts. Hermione, Harry and Ginny were the exceptions to the rule; most people were already there in preparation for tomorrow, but Hermione and Severus were Flooing into Minerva's office at eight thirty the following morning.

"It is time for bed, dear heart," Severus declared after watching her trying and failing to manage a wand movement that he knew was securely in her head. "Come, you have stuffed your pretty head with so many facts, now allow them time to sink in before the morning."

"I wish I could stop thinking," Hermione said nervously.

"You know everything you need to know, you'll be fine."

"But I can't just be fine, Severus, I must be wonderful. I must get everything right."

"You will, love," he said, rubbing her shoulders. "Stop panicking." He took her hand and started leading her to bed. "Come, allow me to relax you," and as he was speaking he started undressing her.

"You're being very understanding," Hermione told him.

The corner of his mouth tilted up. "Who says I'm not doing this because I want something," he whispered close to her ear before placing a kiss under it.

She stepped out of her skirt and laughed. "Beware the Slytherin telling you he's doing it all for you," she said.

His mouth arrived on her neck. "Indeed, my darling, you're learning," and then he was kissing her as he undid her bra. "It's very suspect when that happens, isn't it?" Now he was backing her towards the bed. "In you get," he told her as he started undressing himself, then becoming impatient and vanishing his clothing as climbed in after her.

"Oh, Severus," she murmured, welcoming him into her arms.

His mouth arrived on hers and they kissed for some time as his hands wandered over her body while hers did the same to him.

"You're doing well, relax for my, love. I'll turn that brain off yours off," he murmured, chuckling darkly as his hand slipped down between them.

Her legs opened without her thinking and he set up an unhurried pace against her slippery quim, his fingers dancing over the soft flesh.

Hermione quickly became lost in his ministrations, and his rumbling chuckle of victory at relaxing her sent her over the edge into a toe-curling orgasm. As she came down from her high, her feet started pushing him closer, urging him to go up inside of her.

"You make me forget everything," she purred, as he took the hint and started joining them together. "These last weeks have been blissful," she said, giving him a kiss. "I can't wait for the next year, the next ten, twenty… the next forever," she gushed, her exhausted brain babbling as her eyes closed in pleasure.

Severus smiled at her, even as his eyes rolled back in his head once he was sheathed inside her and had started moving. "Neither can I," he murmured, and set about relaxing her further.


The next morning Hermione stood outside the doors of the Great Hall with her fellow NEWT examination candidates, and she smiled at the wizard in black waiting with the Headmistress for the doors to open and admit the candidates.

They were all very quiet, too nervous to speak, and then suddenly the doors creaked as they opened, and they were admitted to the hall.

"Please take your seat. One person per desk," the invigilator stated evenly. "Don't touch your paper until I give you permission. Firstly we will make certain that you're all here." He looked at a floating list off to his left and said, "Bones, Susan?"


"Brocklehurst, Amanda?"


"Granger, Hermione?"

Hermione answered that she was present and then listened as the elderly wizard went through the remainder of the names. Once he'd asked Ginny if she was present and her friend had answered, Hermione was shocked that he then asked Blaise Zabini if he was there. There was no Ron, and she realised that this was the first time she'd even noticed. She glanced at Harry who seemed to know what she wanted, and she saw him mouth, "Later," and she looked back to the front.

Hermione did not give it another moment's thought as she completed her paper, but once they were walking out afterwards, Harry and Ginny caught up with her.

"Molly's livid, he's gone to work with George. He told his mother that he was never coming back to school, that Fred and George hadn't finished their NEWTs either and look what they'd managed to do."

"Mum will settle down though," Ginny said, as they stopped at the Great Doors.

"Hello," Hermione said to Severus.

"Hello, Hermione," Severus replied, and then nodded to Harry and Ginny. "Mr Potter, Miss Weasley."

"Sir," they replied in unison.

"Are you ready to go home, Sev?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, love," he replied, and she smiled at the looks of shock on her friend's faces at his unguarded banter with her.

She chuckled softly as they bid everyone goodbye and started towards the gates. She liked having Severus all to herself, and she hugged his arm as they walked. "Thank you for doing this for me," she said softly, as they walked.

"Doing what?" he asked, turning his head to look at her as they strolled.

"Being there for me," she replied.

"I will always 'be there for you', as you put it. If you would like me to be," he replied.

She smiled. "Yes, Severus. Yes, I would like that very much."

"Then I shall be, little witch," he replied, and they stopped at the gate post to kiss.

In some ways this was better than a flowery declaration of love, but Hermione would soon find out that there was much more to come.


Much to the surprise of both Hermione and Severus, Hermione received an owl from Ronald Weasley almost exactly twenty eight days after she'd punished him for his infidelity. She read the carefully worded apology and looked quizzically at Severus. "Why now, what's it been, a month?"

Her question made the Potions master burst into peals of laughter.

"What's so funny, Sev?"

"Yes, darling girl, it's been exactly enough time for one cycle," and he collapsed into helpless laughter in his favourite chair.

"One cycle? What?"

Severus wiped his eyes and managed to say between snorts and chuckles. "I'll bet you any money you wish that Mr Weasley is experiencing menstruation for the first time."

"Oh? Oh!" and Hermione started laughing too. "Then I believe I shall need to consider his request for approximately five days," and she grinned wickedly.

"That's my girl," he managed, before they both started laughing once more.

Hermione sent Ron an answer exactly six days after she received his owl informing him that he was to meet Professor Snape in Headmistress McGonagall's office and that the Professor would rectify his problem.

Severus had come home very happy that day, and with a glorious tale to tell her via their small Pensieve.


Of course, Hermione did spectacularly in her NEWTs, and as a result she was offered many apprenticeships and scholarships. She ended up studying at Cambridge, the wizarding branch, and she obtained masteries in Transfiguration, Charms and Potions. Although, her best Potions tuition came from her partner in all things in the privacy of their lab in the back yard of their home.

They researched and developed together, while tending their mail-order Potions business – Owl Wings Potions. They were prodigiously happy, and did very well living on the edge of the North Sea. The isolation suited them perfectly; there were no uninvited guests.

Hermione completed her studies, but they hadn't done anything about making their arrangement more permanent. It was the birth of Harry and Ginny's first baby the year Hermione graduated from university that prompted Severus to ask Hermione to marry him.

Severus had watched Hermione accepting the tiny newborn into her arms with the care and reverence of someone truly awed, and he wanted her to be able to do that with a baby of their own too. So that night he made a plan. As with all things, their most happy moments happened at their cottage, and after dinner that night he went down on bended knee, having disappeared for an hour that afternoon to procure a ring.

"Hermione, you have become as essential to me as breathing. We live, work and love together, and I could not think of it being any other way. I love you." He waited while she gasped and caressed his face. "Will you marry me, dear heart?"

Tears sprang to her eyes. "Yes, oh yes, Sev," and she came down to meet him, kissing him and murmuring between kisses, "Yes," and then she pulled back and looked at him. "I love you too," she told him.

Then they wasted no time in organising a small wedding. Hermione's parents and her little brother had come back to England just after Hermione's NEWT's , and to her surprise had settled and opened their practice in the closest village to Severus and Hermione's cottage, so they were within driving distance of them, even though the last fifteen minutes of the drive was strictly four-wheel drive only.

It was summer, and it was easy to find a suitable place for a wedding in the picturesque village where the Granger's had come to live. Hermione's father gave her away, and Ginny walked down the aisle with her, just as Hermione had done for her just after their NEWTs had finished.

Draco stood with Severus and Hermione and he married quietly, and celebrated with their small group of friends into the wee hours of the next morning.


It was now ten years since the war, and Severus had watched Hermione being handed their first child as soon as she'd laboured through the night to bring him into the world. That had been almost three years ago now, and he watched now from the comfort of his favourite swing seat as their son Thaddeus played with the Potter and Malfoy children on the lawn in front of him, supervised by Thomas Granger, who was a first year Gryffindor this year. His in-laws sat beside him, chatting quietly, and the other couples formed a larger circle around the grassed area.

Never had he envisaged having such a perfect future when he'd woken up from his coma in St. Mungos instead of dying after the Great Battle of Hogwarts all those years ago. His eyes panned over to Hermione carrying a heavy platter of cold meat out to the table, and he rose gracefully from his seat and took it off her. "You shouldn't be carrying that, dear heart," he told her, and placed it on the already laden table.

It was their turn to host the Sunday gathering of friends, and their garden was alive with everyone in their circle of friends. Harry and Ginny were sitting next to Draco and Astoria, with Neville and the heavily pregnant Luna on the other side of them. Luna and Neville were expecting twins any day.

The only one without someone with her was Narcissa, she was still wearing black, but at least she was socialising again. Lucius had died in Azkaban last year. He'd been a wreck of a man when he'd gone in, and he'd just slowly faded away. It had all been very sad, but Severus thought it best not to comment on what might have been.

He curled his arms around Hermione from behind as they watched their guests before lunch started, and the little resident in her belly tried to kick his hand away as he rubbed her distended tummy. He chuckled, "Temper, temper, my little one," he told his unborn daughter.

"Ow!" Hermione complained, before looking around and pulling his head down for a kiss. "Isn't this just perfect?"

"Yes, most acceptable," and he kissed her again. "Thank you for insisting on seeing me all those years ago when I was in the infirmary."

Hermione smiled. "Thank you for allowing it. While I did enjoy being your reader, my love. I do much prefer being your wife."

"Yes, I prefer it that way as well, little witch. Yes, indeed," he chuckled, and they went to sit with their friends.


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