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Standing before a small child, the king of fire dragons Igneel looked down upon him. "Natsu, the time has come." He took a deep breath, causing flame to rage out from the corners of his mouth. "Your enemy with be like no other, and thus you will need great strength. However, with this power comes equally great sacrifices from you. By accepting this power, you relinquish all access to the magic you carry now, you will now longer be able to control your actions as well as you have before. Until you master this new power it will seem as though you are starting your training from the very beginning, and if you are not careful this power will destroy you." The dragon's body turned to fire, blinding the child by its radiance. "But know this. Whenever you are in need of strength in your battle, I will always be by your side."


Chapter 1- Legend of the Torchbearer

Year 784, July 10


"Natsu, hurry up!" Shouted a blue, upright walking cat with a large crowd of people at the harbor town's market area.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Came the tired voice of a young man with spiky pink hair, wearing a black, gold trimmed vest with long white pants, black shoes, bandages coving his entire right arm, and a white scarf with a scale like pattern. As he made his way through the crowd he dragged behind him a wagon overflowing with various items. "I know you love fish, but it's not like they're gonna run out."

"But if we take too long they won't have as much left for us to get. Especially my favorite kind at the other end of the street." the cat pointed out with drool running down his mouth as he led the way.

"That doesn't mean I'm buying all the fish you want!" Natsu shouted back, only to be ignored by his little buddy. He sighed in defeat as he pulled the wagon along, looking at the all the booths in the market. "Can't we just get some fish from the people we're going past instead of me dragging all this stuff further than I need to, Happy? We still need to get more supplies and we have no idea long that'll take-" he stopped in place before suddenly swinging the wagon around back to one of the previous booths. "What's that!"

The old merchant turned to look at what caught his attention. "Oh, that thing? I found it in my net with the rest of my catch. I'm not sure what type of fish it's supposed to be… if it is a fish."

"I want it." Natsu told the man with sparkles in his eyes.

"Are you sure? I don't think it'll do you any good. I don't even think you're supposed to eat this-"



-Hargeon, Proper Grocery-

"What?! This is the only place in town that sells magic?!" came the feminine voice another pacing mage. She appeared to be in her late teens, wearing a white vest with blue trimmings, blue skirt, and black knee high boots. Her body had a healthy amount of curves and shoulder length blonde hair with some on the top right side of her head held up with a blue bow.

"Yes. You see, this town's people are more fishing folks than magic folks. I don't think many around here even know how to use magic. I run this shop for people that come through these parts." the store owner replied much to the girl's dismay, neither one noticing the pink haired man walk into the shop.

*Sight* "So I came all this way for nothing."

"Don't be upset young lady." He told her while he rummaged through one of his drawers. "This ColorS magic is popular. The girls really seem to like it. It lets you change the color of your clothes to anything you want." He said before using it himself to turn his clothes purple.

The girl just continued to sigh. "Is there anything you have that can be used on magical quests?"

"Hmm…" the shop owner went into the back room before coming back out with a small box. In his hands. "They might be old, but these few items can really come I handy." From inside the box he pulled out a flute, a small bag filled with colored stones, and a metallic ball. "The flute and active certain abilities depending the song you play, the stones each contain spells that can be added to other spell, and the orb can be used to contain creatures you come across."

"Now that's more like it!" the girl cheered as she saw the items. "You should have just pulled these out sooner."

"I would have if age wasn't the only problem with these things. The real reason I had these in the back was because most of the people who come here aren't interested in paying for how much I charge for these things, and since these items helped me out in my adventuring days I won't really budge on the prices." He explained to the girl, instantly bumming her down. He reached back inside the box and pulled out what appeared to be a hammer shaped copper keychain. "Out of all these, this is the least expensive. It might not look like much now, but it can grow into a full-sized weapon in an instant."

She sighed once more "It's simple, but it will have to do. So, how much?"

The owner held up two fingers. "20,000 Jewel."

"… How much does it cost?" she asked again with a cringing smile."

"20,000 Jewel, and not a single Jewel less."

There was another awkward silence. The blonde then got up onto the counter, unzipped her vest to expose her cleavage, and made a 'sexy' pose. "Please~." *Wink*

Before the shop owner could reply Natsu placed his items on the counter next to the girl. "I'll pay for it, just add the cost to my bill."

"Huh?" the girl snapped her head to the man in shock.

"Are you sure, sir?" the shop keeper asked.

Natsu shifted his eyes back to the girl and her-*Boing, Boing*… he immediately looked away with a small blush. "Yeah, I'm sure." He then payed for the goods and left through the door, storing the items into the wagon.

"Is that everything, Natsu?" Happy asked from on top the wagon.

"Let's see… Replacement booze?"


"Books for the library?"


"Supplies for the repairs?"


"Cute plushy to use in an apology for something stupid I'm going to do by the time we get back?"


"Hey! Wait a minute!" The two turned around to see the blonde walking up to the. "Thanks for helping me get the item."

Happy looked at the girl, then back to Natsu, then back to the girl and noticed her vest was still zipped down, then back to Natsu. "You fell for that again, didn't you?"

"I was being nice!" Natsu shouted back.

"Anyway…" the girl fidgeted. "I was hoping I could pay you back. Well, 'figuratively' at least. Let me by you lunch as a thank you."

The duo turned to look at one another right before their stomachs began to growl.


-At a nearby restaurant-

"Thanks for the food. We really appreciate it, Miss… um…"

"Lucy…" she told the man from across their table covered with stacks of dishes. 'So much for me paying less.'

"Yeah, sorry about the mess." Natsu nervously scratched the back of his head while Happy sat next to him on the table eating a fish. "So what brings you here?"


"Oh, right. I'm a mage, though I don't belong to any guild yet." she told him with slight embarrassment in her voice. "I haven't developed my own magic yet, so until then I can't really join a guild."

"That explains the hammer." Natsu muttered to himself.

"Yeah, especially since the guild I plan on joining is the best one ever!" she swooned over her own fantasy that confused the other.

"She's a weird one." Happy commented in-between munches on his fish.

"By the way, I'm still confused about the talking blue cat, but..." Lucy looked over to the other side of Natsu. Sitting there was a small white creature with a gold horn for a nose eating candy while constantly shivering. "what exactly is the other one supposed to be."

Natsu just looked at the creature before looking back at Lucy. "I'm pretty sure he's a dog."

"That's a dog?" her jaw dropped.

"That's a he?" Happy asked right after.


-Town bridge street a few minutes later-

The group was walking through the streets, still talking to each other. "Happy and me are heading out tonight, are you gonna stay in town a little longer?" Natsu asked as he dragged his wagon.

"I haven't decided yet" Lucy answered him, not really sure what else to do in this town. She was dragged out of her thoughts as she overheard a mob of girls cheering below the bridge and again when two girls walking past her spoke

"Did you hear? Torchbearer is in town"

"I know! I can't believe such a famous mage is here!"

"Torchbearer…" the blonde whispered for a moment before it dawned on her. "The mage that uses the strongest form of Fire magic known!" she clasped her hands in delight before dashing off to the forming crowd.

"So much that conversation." Natsu remarked. He and Happy then turned to their newest friend on the wagon. "Before we get back we should really pick a name for this little guy."

"Aye. Any ideas?"

"Since he's a white dog, how about Terry?"

"He seems too small for a name like that."


"If he's three, what happened to One and Two."


"Does that mean he's evil?"


"His nose isn't blue."


"He doesn't have the cheeks for it. It might work better if we put a sheet over him."


"Not fluffy enough."


"That makes him a pervert."


"He's not a dragon!"


"Only if he can get bigger."

"Mr. Toots?"


In the center of the crowd of beautiful women stand a rather smug looking man. He had dark blue hair a tattoo over his left eye. He wore a white button shirt, red pants, black suede shoes, and a cape over his shoulders. On his right hand he wore two rings, one featuring a pink heart with a navy background while other showed a crescent moon with one eye closed in the night sky. Amongst all of the other girls Lucy stood there, staring in confusion. 'My heart feels like it's trying to burst out of my chest. So this is what they call the 'Male Protagonist Effect'.'

(Quick Exposition: In this world, having a harem is considered a normal thing, but since not everyone can do so without if blowing up in their faces only a few people actually have one and is otherwise known as the "Main Protagonist Effect". If this seems like an excuse to have a character paired with various others… Shut up!)

The moment he sent her a wink she could stop herself from walking straight up to him with hearts in her eyes. "Torchbearer!"

Torchbearer turned towards to girl and let his eyes wonder over her young body, especially her huge breasts. He smirked to himself before elevating himself into the sky above them on a stream of violet flames. "I'll be holding a party later tonight on my boat. I hope to see all of you there."

He flew away from sight of the girls, punctuated by one last cheer of "Torchbearer-sama!"


-Night time, Hargeon Station-

Natsu and Happy looked over the 'dog' with serious glares, the former leaning down to eye level to the shivering member. "…Plue…"

The small 'dog' smiled and raised its paw. "Pun-pun."

"FINALLY!" the duo cheered before falling backwards on the station platform.

Natsu plopped himself back up, smiling at 'Plue'. "From now on, your name is Plue."

"Aye!" Happy replied as he stood up and pointed to the train next to them "Now that we finally have that settled we can finally head back home?"

Natsu cringed at that statement. "Do we have to take a train back?"

"You know we don't have time to walk all the way back. Besides, we already have the wagon stored onboard." Happy broke the news to him as a group of girls walked past them.

"Look, its Torchbearer's ship!"

"I wish I got invited to go aboard Torchbearer's ship."


"You haven't heard? Torchbearer is a famous mage who's in town right now!"

"Yeah, he's a member of Fairy Tail!"

"Fairy Tail?" Natsu's expression turned dead serious as he then faced the sea. "He's Torchbearer from Fairy Tail, huh?"


-Torchbearer's ship, in a closed off room-

After arriving from the top deck and going by one the table, Torchbearer spoke to all his guests with a glass in hand. "I sure hope everyone is enjoying themselves."

"We are! We are, Torchbearer-sama!" they all cheered in pure joy. They were all beautiful women having the times of their lives who, upon arriving were informed that there was possibility going to be a midnight ocean swim once they reached their destinated distance from the shore, were now all dressed in rather revealing swimsuits provided by Torchbearer himself. Amongst the scantily clad women, Lucy could help but feel giddy like the rest of them. 'I can't believe I'm actually here with 'the' Torchbearer! Not only is he apart of Fairy Tail, but his magic is so intense that when he finally appeared in the Grand Magic Games a few days back only the people who attend can describe what he looked like because his magic destroyed all footage on him! What if he asks me to join his guild? What if he wants me to join his rumored harem? What if he wants me to join BOTH!?' She was swooning over the possibilities that could happen when all of a sudden, she started to hear thumping sounds all around her at once. "Huh?" When she looked the room, she saw that all of the other girls had somehow lost consciousness. "Wh-what's going on?"

"It looks like you know some magic." She turned to see Torchbearer, seemingly taking amusement in seeing her. "I was hoping this would run smoothly since this town doesn't have much in magic users. And now that you're still awake, the Charm will certainly start wearing off as well."

Lucy was going more worried with each passing word he said. "What's the meaning of all this!?"

All he did was sigh before deciding to speak up. "It's actually quite simple really. I come to town saying I'm some fancy celebrity you hear about in rumors, find myself as many hotties as I can, get them to come onto my ship, and do one of two things to each of you. Sell you off as slaves to the highest bidder, or…" He gave her a perverse smile that made her skin crawl. "I keep whichever ones I like for my own personal use."

"You sick bastard!" Her body tensed up with equal parts rage and disgust for the man. "If you think you're getting way with this you-!"

Torchbearer snapped his fingers, causing streams of fire to burst out from his hand before going past her. "Don't get too confident in yourself. You might be able to resist my sleep spell, but I can tell you're nowhere near my level. Now then, …" He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a bronze metallic collar. "how about you stop your needless resisting? Otherwise this will only get harsher for you."

"No… NO!" Lucy tried to back away, but her body wouldn't listen to her. She just stood there shacking as Torchbearer got closer to her with the collar as everything around her seemed to be spinning. It looked as though nothing could save her from this cruel fate, until the 'seemingly' spinning became 'literal' spinning.

The two were suddenly thrown to the sidewall of the room as the ship made a hard turn. "The hell?! The ocean was calm with no other boats to be seen, what could be throwing s off course?!" Torchbearer yelled. He climbed back up the stairs and knocked the door off its hinges with a fire blast before turning to the helm to see who was messing with the wheel, only to find the wheel missing completely. "How that happen?! G-ah!" The ship suddenly increased its speed dramatically, causing Torchbearer to fall back down the stairs.

Once Torchbearer had fallen back inside the room, Lucy made a quick dash past him back up the steps to the deck. As soon as she reached the top she could see the shoreline of Hargeon growing rapidly closer. "THIS SHIPS GOING TO CRASH!"


"Aye?" Lucy turned around to see Happy standing behind her. "Happy? What are you doing here-" She stopped mid-sentence when she noticed the feathered winds on the cat's back. "You have wings?!"

"Aye! Because I'm a cat." Happy pointed out like it was normal response. "If you're planning on staying on the boat, I suggest you get back inside somewhere. You don't want to be up here when it stops."

"Get back here this instant!" Torchbearer shouted as he climbed back up the stairs, only to find the girl nowhere to be see. "What is happening on my ship?!" It was at that point the ship reached the shore, crashing onto the beach and Torchbearer being flung off onto the sand head first.

Off to the side, Happy was carrying Lucy in the air above the beach until his wings *poofed* out of existence, dropping her onto the sand. "That didn't last long. You're seriously heavy, Lucy."

"The hell are you talking about, you stupid fur ball?!" the blonde creaked at the cat.

While they were bickering, Torchbearer finally pulled his head out of the sand. After hacking up a mouthful of sand he looked up to see a man further up the shore.

Lucy was more than confused at this point. "What's Natsu doing here?"

"Hi there, Jackass." Natsu waved to the man. "You wouldn't happen to be that guy saying he's from Fairy Tail, would you?"

"Who are you?! Wait, was this your doing, Pink?" Torchbearer spat back at him.


Torchbearer growled in rage from all of craziness happening that night. "Enough of this!" He extended his arm towards the man. "I've waisted enough time as it is. Now die! Prominence Typhoon!" A vortex of violet flames was sent straight toward Natsu, engulfing him fire.

"Natsu!" Lucy cried out as she watched get burned alive.

"Pitiful." Torchbearer turned his attention back to the blonde. "I need to vent so of this frustration."

*Gulp!* *Gulp!* *Gulp!* *Gulp!*

The two looked back at the raging flames as they seemed to implode in on themselves. They continued to get smaller and smaller until they could see Natsu's body unharmed as the last bit of the fire was sucked into his mouth. "He ate it?!" They both shouted in disbelief.

With one last gulp, Natsu looked straight at the man like nothing had happened. After a few seconds, his face started to turn blue. Then, covered his mouth with both hands before leaning back a spew the previous flames out of his mouth violently. *Bleh!* "That was awful!"

"Quit being so picking about the taste." Happy told him like a parent to a child.

"But that had to be the worst fire I ever ate." he cried as he tried to spit out any aftertaste from his mouth.

Torchbearer's eye twitched as he continued to watch. "Hurry up and burn to death!" He conjured a large ball of fire above his head, throwing it at Natsu with full intent on turning him to ash, but Natsu just backhanded the ball away to the side where it then exploded. "…"

Lucy was dumbfounded. "First, he regurgitates a fire blast, then he bitch slaps a ball of death that only explodes after it happens? THE FUCK?!"

"Aye! That's how Natsu's magic works!" Happy cheered next to her.

This caught the blonde's attention. "Natsu's magic?"

"Aye!" the cat explained. "Unlike other types of Fire magic, Natsu's lets him imbue his body with the ability to channel it through is body, become completely impervious to it, and even eat it to increase his magical reserves. There are some more cool things about how it works, but the main thing is that it's so strong it can defeat dragons, giving it the name Dragon Slayer magic."

Natsu stopped spitting out the taste from his mouth, staring down the man in front of him with his bandaged hand clenched. "Happy, you think 7% will be a good enough punishment?"

"Better leave it at 5% at most. You know you'll get in trouble if you go overboard again." Happy pointed out to his friend.

"5%?!" Lucy snapped back to the cat. "That Dragon Slayer thing might sound pretty good, but you can't seriously think he can win if he starts making himself that vulnerable!"

"Hm?" Happy cocked his head before fixing it back up. "Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention the rest."

As he explained Natsu pulled his arm back. "While he might have had regular Dragon Slayer magic at first, he's long since traded it in for a stronger version." He shot out his fist, streaks of fire erupting from his arm and burning the bandages to ashes. "This one's so strong, he wasn't even using 1% before."

"Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist!" An inferno of flames was launched at Torchbearer in less than an instant, blasting him backwards across the ocean's surface and into the horizon, leaving a path of fire all the way out.

Lucy's jaw dropped. "There's fire… on top the ocean… for farther than I can see…"

Relaxing after his attack, Natsu looked back at his arm, clamping his hand shut and swinging it around a few times. "Look at that, all fixed up. Could have sworn it was gonna take longer to heal this much." He then made his way to the traumatized girl and offered her a hand up. "Looks like staying here a bit longer wasn't the best choice."

She was so confused. She meets a nice idiot, finds Fairy Tail's Torchbearer, learns he wants to either sell her of keep her for himself, the idiot's talking cat suddenly has wings and crashes the ship, and then the idiot fights Torchbearer in the most impossible way. All she could look at him holding out the hand that was bandaged all the way up his arm and over the red Fairy Tail stamp she could see on his shoulder until now. "Wait! That mark!"

Natsu looked at where she was pointing. "Oh, right. You see, the reason I came back here was because I heard there was a guy saying his was from Fairy Tail, but that guy didn't look like any of the other member I know. So, don't worry about me being like him, he was just some imposter."

"Imposter?" Lucy tried fitting in the piece inside her head. 'If he's from Fairy Tail, and has that type of Fire magic, then...' "You're… the real…" Before she could finish, the sounds of heavy footstep and a loud siren could be heard coming closer.

"Oh crap!" Natsu gasped. "Hey, Lucy. Could we finish this conversation somewhere else? Maybe somewhere else right now?"

She turned back, confused. "Why do you want to leave so bad? All you did was stop a crime from happening."

"True, but I tend to either get myself into trouble or into further trouble whenever I get called in for questioning."

Lucy sweatdropped. "That's a pretty lame excuse."

"Okay, counter argument. Do you really want all those men to see you dressed in…" He looks beneath her line of sight. "… that?"

Looking down, she realizes she's still in the perverted swimsuit the imposter tricked her into wearing. "You win!"

"Aye, plus was left Plue with all our stuff back on the train." Happy reminded his friend.

*Train Whistle!*



-Elsewhere, at the same point in time-

[Fireball, we need an extraction now! What the hell is taking so long?!]

Traversing over a barren wasteland as thunderstorm raged in the sky, a four-wheeled boat-like vehicle raced across the rough terrain, leaving behind a burning dust cloud behind it. Inside the vehicle, the driver grabs the microphone from the dash. "What do you think is taking me so long?!" A second four-wheeler emerged riding out from the dust cloud, this one covered in thick black armor plating, large spike protruding from the sides, and a ram's head in the front. "You guys aren't the only ones trying to get away from somebody!"

[Don't make excuses and get rid of her already!]

"I'd more that love to." He rolled down his window and stuck out his arm, holding gun with what seemed to be a red gas cylinder running along the barrel. Making a sharp turn he pulled the trigger, shooting a stream of fire at the other vehicle. "But there's a reason they call the other seat 'Shotgun'!"

Further off, at a large tower on top of flat circular building, alarms were blaring as the scientists inside panicked. They all shout *How could it have gone wrong all of a sudden?!* *We were so close!* *We followed the Professor's instructions perfectly! We accounted for any abnormalities! None of this should be happening!* In the center of the building, a glowing orb of light flared exponentially as the gear revolving around it move erratically until the orb exploded, taking out the building before encasing the outside world in its burst of energy.

The two vehicles racing on where caught off guard as the burst of energy came there way with no time react. "Oh, son of a-!"



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