The days of early summer were always Lucifer's favorites, long hours with sunshine and still not too hot to enjoy being outside. Chloe thought such days were perfect for crime scenes. Lucifer usually found the crimes they investigated fascinating or amusing, but this latest one could only be called boring.

Lucifer leaned casually against the wall, watching Detective Espinoza arrest the perpetrator who has become a quivering mess of tears and babbling in public as he is led away to the waiting police cruiser. Lucifer shook his head in disbelief, "Love, it's such an artificial emotion. It's simply nothing more than a chemical fixation to inspire procreation in the human species. Why not simply get on with a good shag and call it what it is? Lust?"

"Lucifer, you are such a cynic," Chloe rolled her eyes. She was the one who stopped the perpetrator, bringing him down before he ran and she had blood and dirt on her tee shirt for her trouble which she wore like a badge of honor. "I can understand why he did what he did and I don't have to agree with it. I'd do it for the man I love."

Lucifer sneered at her. "Your divorce has been final for a month and you're still in love with Detective Douche?"

Chloe gave a quick shake of her head, giving him a look that tugged at his heart that he didn't want to exist. "No, Lucifer, I once loved Dan. I've learned to love again."

"You're in love?" Lucifer choked on the words.

"Oh, yeah. I never even saw it coming. But, OMG, when it hit, I thought I'd been bricksmacked." Chloe's lips grinned and she playfully punched him in the arm. "Who knew it could happen to me again?"

"And you didn't see fit to tell me about this?" Lucifer asked, somewhat offended by the turn of news. He felt the twin fires in his eyes flash with that raw red emotion that he called jealousy. "So who is the lucky chap?"

"Not now," Chloe gave a quick motion to end the conversation. "If you really want to know, I'll tell you later, but not here."

"Oh, you will tell me, Detective," Lucifer replied with more snark than he intended. "I will find out."

On a Friday night, it wasn't surprising to see Lux have a waiting line of people half a block long and curling behind the street corner. Lucifer watched out the second-story window, tapping his foot impatiently for Chloe to arrive. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he paced for several minutes before he made his way to the ground level of Lux and over to the doorman.

"When Detective Decker arrives, you will let her in immediately and have one of the staff escort her immediately to the V.I.P. room."

"Got it, Boss," the burly doorman gave an understanding nod.

Lucifer found that the wait wasn't long for Chloe to arrive. As she made her way up the stairs, he noticed a grace in her walk that he hadn't noticed before that evening. He found that his stomach felt queasy and, perhaps, didn't truly want to hear about the new lover in Chloe's life. With all the attempts he'd made in the time they'd known each other, she was the only woman to cockstop him.

"What's up with tonight?" Chloe asked, wearing a soft cashmere turtle neck and a brown leather skirt. "You said you wanted to talk to me, but made it sound like the sky was falling. Are you okay?"

"Detective, please have a seat," Lucifer motioned to the oversized black leather sofa. "Your usual, Detective? Tequila shot?"

"Please," she replied. "So, Lucifer, what is so urgent that you had me stop tonight and why ask me to dress up to the nines?"

"I like to see you in more than just jeans and a tee-shirt, Detective," he quipped, lighting a Morley. "Lux does have a reputation to uphold and I can't very well have a V.I.P. show up looking like a drenched rat, now can I?"

"Gee, thanks, Lucifer," Chloe retorted, taking the shot from him when he offered it. She downed the golden liquid burn in one gulp. "I love you, too."

"I wish you did, Chloe," Lucifer murmured under his breath while he had his back to her. He turned around and flashed her a dazzling smile. "So, tell me, Detective, what is this new man in your life like?"

"You called me all the way across town to find out about my love life?" She gave him a look of disdain. "Oh, please! What are you, twelve?"

"You're also my friend, Detective, and I want to make sure he is worthy of you."

"Lucifer, thank you for caring, but that's my choice to make," she said softly. "I've decided he is fine as he is."

"I see," Lucifer sat down across from her, crossing his leg and steepling his fingers. "Tell me about him."

"Well, he is incredibly smart," Chloe smiled, looking at the leather trim of the sofa, a soft rose stained her cheeks. "He's the most baffling man I've ever met. He has a dysfunctional family, sleeps with anything on two legs that has genitalia and a pulse. He hides his pain behind charm and bullshit, but he lets me in past that invisible wall."

"Darling, are you sure you're well? He sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen," Lucifer's eyes widened slightly. "You're always a woman of sound judgment, but I am worried about your choice of potential partner. Does he work?"

"Oh, yes. He's as rich as sin. He works for fun," she smiled with an unusual twinkle in her eye. "He's been rejected by those he loved most, but he allows me a glimpse now and then of the man within. Lucifer, I think he knows me better than I know myself. He can tell me exactly what I'm feeling and thinking before I tell him. When we first met on a case, I thought he was delusional, but now it's simply part of who he is."

Lucifer spat out the scotch in his mouth and dropped his cigarette, burning the black Italian leather. Seeing the wet spot in his crotch and the burn mark and $5,000 leather, a curse of blue air came from him with the mildest being, "Bloody Hell!"

He knew that she meant him until she spoke again. "Underneath it all, he is a bad boy with a big heart and is loyal to a fault."

Lucifer knew in an instant that she didn't mean him. Damn.

Chloe giggled at the sight of seeing Lucifer jumping off the sofa as though he had ants in his pants. "You could just take them off, you know. I've seen in less than your boxers."

"How would your lover like you having another man traipsing around in front of you half-naked?"

"He'd be quite fine with it," she smirked. "He sleeps around a lot."

"Unholy Hell, Chloe!" Lucifer sputtered, undoing his belt and shoving his trousers off his body. "These are dry clean only. What in sodding blazes has take you over, Chloe? Is he really that good of shag that you would through all of your sense out the window and go sack of hammers?"

"What do you mean?"

"He only wants the quim between your legs, Luv." Lucifer said softly. "Chloe, if there are two things I know: they are lust and sex. You said he is rich, delusional, shags anything that moves and does threesomes. How can a man like that respect and adore you as you deserve? How do you know that he won't cast you away like old rubbish once you become boring to him?"

She shook her head, "Oh, Lucifer! He isn't like that at all. Quit hopping around like you're doing a rain dance and sit down."

"So, when did you fall for this prat?"

"Shortly after he brought take-out and a bottle of wine to my house after he stood me up on our first and only date."

Lucifer froze. Dark eyes framed in thick lashes widened to the size of dinner plates. His breath caught in his throat as he gawked at her. All the things she had said came rushing in one Add to epiphanous moment. He loved threesomes though he hadn't had one in months when he lost the desire for sex after he realized he loved Chloe. She had ruined him from bloody good sex with men and women.

She thought he spoke in metaphors, though him delusional when he said he was the devil and he was undeniably wealthy. He dare hope that Chloe was talking about him, but the facts pointed to him. More than once Chloe had said that he was her best friend, the best partner she ever had and she could let her guard down with him. Was it possible and could it be true? Did Chloe Decker love Lucifer Morningstar?

Dark eyes met crystal blue when he took her hands in his. He gazed directly into her eyes, searching for tangible truth supporting his epiphany. Chloe didn't look away or move, she simply smiled and softly sighed.

"He's incredibly charming and very handsome," He smirks a little. "He can get anyone to tell him their deepest desires and he doesn't use it to his advantage. He's made me tell him mine and it freed me from too many chains that have held me down. Hey, Lucifer, where are you going?"

"While I wish you and your chap the best of luck," he said stiffly. "I really need to find some trousers, Detective. I wouldn't want to sully your reputation by having you caught in a compromising position."

"I hardly think that's possible," she laughed. "We seen each other naked at least twice and I've been in your bed once already."

"I don't think your man must think much of you if he didn't get at least a little jealous and think of you as some cheap Brittany." Lucifer retorted.

He knew he wore his heart on his sleeve for Chloe, but didn't care in that moment when strode to the wet bar across the suite, pouring himself another drink. For one brief, beautiful minute in time, he hoped that Chloe had been talking about him.

Lucifer didn't know who was crueler to him at that moment: Father or Chloe. Oh, she didn't mean to be as she told him of her new love. He had been the one to invite her over for drinks to find out more about this mystery love invading her life.

It was despair to have his hopes and dreams revolve around a mere mortal woman, only to have that same woman destroy them with a few sentences. He felt wretched and broken, unloved and unwanted by the one person he cherished most on the earth. He felt his eyes burn with raw, wet heartbreak. "Please go, Chloe."

"Lucifer, there's more that you need to know-"

"I don't want to hear it. Just. Go. P-please." Lucifer bit his lip to stifle the sob captured in his throat.

"I didn't think that you'd react. . .like this," her voice caught and he thought he heard tears in her words. "I'm sorry."

He stared at the door after she left, leaving him to wallow in his heartbreak alone with his scotch. Lucifer had been the most glorious of his Father's creations, one of the most beautiful men to have walked the Earth and he wanted nothing more that to be the man who filled Chloe Decker's heart.