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Title: Can't Imagine Life Without You

Author: Witches Runes

Summary: After year 7! How is it that someone who was thought to have died all those years ago, could have somehow cheated death? How is it that even though he has moved on, he still finds himself lusting over the other, even after all these years? Harry thought that he was long dead. Draco didn't think that he'd see him with another person and with a family of his own!

Chapter One: A Hidden Love:

Harry James Potter didn't know how everyone would react, not that everyone knew about it, not even Hermione knew about it. Yet everyone else simply thought that he was happy, having married the girl of his dreams, now Defense Professor, have a family of his own, became friends with a few Slytherins, and was now able to move on from the war, not to mention, help rebuild Hogwarts to its former glory.

Or so he made everyone believe that…

However, only to him, when alone in his office, would he think about a hidden love once long ago.

As he sat on the plane with his wife and four children, his thoughts drifted back to a lost long ago memory, it was one of his many memories that made him travel down memory lane once more;

Two boys, a Slytherin and a Gryffindor, were in an argument, however, no one didn't notice that the Gryffindor, unnoticeable to the Slytherin, had a look of lust on his face.

As the argument grew more and more heated, the two boys found themselves rubbing against each other, as they both came hard down on one another, each shouting the other's name, it seemed like the Gryffindor's dreams had come true at last, for he had been falling hard for the Slytherin.

It didn't seem like they both were stopping, after a few hours of them going at it on each other, the Slytherin smirked, and whispered in the Gryffindor's ear, one hand firmly on the other boy's cock, "We must meet again…"

However, the only answer he got, was a mad kiss from the Gryffindor, who eventually went crazy over the Slytherin boy, who in return, became obessed with the Gryffindor boy, so obessed that they both got married right after Hogwarts.

Harry woke up with a start and he was hard, his bright green eyes were about to cloud over, when he got up, and quickly rushed to the bathroom in the back of the plane, not even bothering to answer his wife's question.

The moment he was in the bathroom, he quickly put up the Silent charm, known that he would eventually get loud, and he didn't want to draw attention from anyone.

From the moment be began stroking himself, his cock hard and struggling to get free, however, at the first few strokes, he's eyes slowly clouding over, imaging the Slytherin blonde, who now haunts him at night, he held on until he found himself slipping, craving, wanting, and needing the blonde more than ever.

By the time he came, he was in a desperate need for the bloody Slytherin blonde, however, he found himself almost driven mad for the blonde, it just wasn't fair!

After cleaning up his mess, he swiftly hid his wand up his sleeve, after making sure to fix his hair and cloths, he walked out of the bathroom, and made his way back to his seat next to his family.

Once he was seated, Ginny asked him quietly, "Dear, is everything alright?"

He said, "It's alright, Gin. Don't worry."

However, he knew that he was lying to her, he had been doing that ever since he asked her out on a date about seventeen almost eighteen years ago, the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to tell her the truth, however, long before he moved on, he had been in love, indeed with the bloody Slytherin blonde prat, it was a love that started from hate and jealousy, not to mention, it was in their fifth year.

He forced himself to not talk about him when around the Weasleys', knowing that he'd be question as to why he had mention the Slytherin, and it pained him to think that he wouldn't get to be with the bloody prat.

Or so he thought…