This is a story that is meant to be light, simple and have a bit of a Christmas spirit in it.

Is it simple? Yes.

Is it cheesy? In some parts, maybe a bit.

Is it original? Nope, but I don't care.

I want it to be something fluffier than the rest of the heavy, drama stories I wrote so far.

I hope that you'll enjoy it.

Have a nice, healthy and happy Christmas time everyone!

Chapter 1

"So where's your mother, foxy? Ain't got one?" The young woodchuck mocked the little red fox. Mike clenched his teeth and balled his paws into fists.

"I have a mom! She's just busy and couldn't come today!" He shouted back at the bully.

This day didn't turn up well for the fox kit. Even though he appeared in school in high spirits this morning, there was a small group of nasty mammals that saw this day as another opportunity to bully the red furred predator.

The Family Day.

Mike knew that it was coming, but was prepared to put up a brave face and get through it. Of course, there had to be some delinquents who wouldn't leave Mike alone. So they approached him in the school's courtyard, while all families were gathering inside for the events of this day. All classes have prepared something for celebrating the Family Day and his picked reciting poetry among other things. Their teacher provided them with proper text, but also encouraged them to write something on their own. But Mike completely didn't feel like it and made an elaborate excuse as to why he can't participate. And right now he would do anything to get out of this situation.

"Yeah, right. You ain't fooling us. I bet you don't have a mother at all." A nasty grin crept up the bully's face. "And all those stories you tell about your dad, maybe you made it all up, eh?" He nudged the fox in the chest.

Most children would probably cry at this point, but not Mike. Having to endure such treatment almost on daily basis hardened his spirit enough to resist these words. But one can endure only so much. Also, at that moment his homeroom teacher appeared on the courtyard and headed in their direction, no doubt to scold them and herd them back inside.

That's when his ears picked up laughter nearby. He cast a quick glance towards the direction he heard this sound and noticed a police officer. Right outside the school's gate, a young doe in uniform was saying something to a kid jaguar and petting him on the head. The small feline was the one who was laughing. Apparently, this bunny made him feel happy.

And then a plan instantly formed in his head. Being the son of his father, he couldn't stop himself from showing a little smirk.

"Mom!" When the little jaguar scurried off, the little fox yelled and dashed towards the bunny. This resulted in the bullies' jaws do drop down in bewilderment and the officer's ears to perk up. Mike was just few feet from her when she turned around and he saw a pair of amethyst eyes looking at him with surprise. But before she could say anything, the small fox tackled her at the waist and the two fell on the snow, the little predator's paws wrapped around her. "Mom! I'm so happy that you could come!" Mike yelled loud enough for the bullies and his teacher to hear.

"Wait, what-"

The gazelle who was in charge of Mike's class approached them and clapped her hooves.

"Ah! You must be Michael's mother! I'm glad to finally have a chance to meet you personally." She chirped happily.

The doe tried to say something. "Just a mome-"

"Oh, but it's rather cold today, please come in, we have various warm drinks." Mike's teacher wasn't one to be stopped once she got into her own flow. "And you!" She cast an angry gaze at the bullies. "I want to see all three in the class immediately! I have a few words to say to you."

"Excuse me, I'm-" The bunny tried again, getting to her hindpaws, which was a bit difficult with the boy stuck to her like a magnet.

"I'm so glad that you've managed to find some time today. Mike was all fidgety about his parents not being able to come for the Family Day." As she said that, the little fox slightly tightened his grip on the doe. This earned him a puzzled look from the police officer.

"I'm not exactly-"

"Yes, I know that police work can be hard. My husband has been in the force for two years now and I still sometimes hope that he would choose a safer line of work." The gazelle went on with her rant, apparently not paying any attention to what the bunny was saying. "So, let us go back inside Michael, don't make your mom stay in this cold any longer."

The confused doe opened her mouth again when she felt another gentle squeeze. Mike send her a pleading look and mouthed "Please." Her ears drooped a little and then she looked as if she reached a decision. The bunny placed an arm around Mike and gave the gazelle a wide smile.

"Well, I won't lie, a cup of hot tea would be nice."



While the female teacher went along with the bullies to their classroom, the doe and small fox were now more or less alone, apart from the crowd of parents and children engaged in various activities organized by all classes.

The duo walked side by side down the corridor.

"Soo, your name is Michael, right?"

The boy fidgeted a bit with his paws. "Yes." Mike tried to think of a proper way to explain the situation, he thought how would his father handle this situation. But as he imagined a response made by father, the smile on the bunny's face would probably fade instantly.

"Umm…" He began, still not sure what to say.

"I'm Judy." The little predator raised his eyes and met a warm smile. She was holding out her paw to him. A bit hesitantly a first, but he accepted it.

"L-look, I'm sorry… I-I got you into something troublesome…" Mike stuttered when he attempted an answer. But he didn't go much further, due to the fact that Judy put her arm around his small shoulders.

"Let me guess, you were bullied because your parents are very busy with their work and can't always find time to visit you at school."

The boy's ears perked up and he looked at her in awe. "How did you know?"

He received another smile in response. "Well, I am a police officer. Deduction is part of my job. Still, to run up to a stranger and pretend for them to be your mother, just to avoid bullies… I can't decide if it's very smart or very foolish." This time there was a little admonishment in her voice.

Mike's ears flattened against his head. "S-sorry…" He mumbled at the floor.

But then she reached out and playfully ruffled the fur on top his head and let out a chuckle. "Don't worry about it! I'm not angry at you. Just be sure that you talk to your parents about this. I'm sure they'd want to know what troubles you." They went past another laughing family, the parents engaged in a game prepared by their children's class. It damped the fox's mood.

"My dad is always at work, he barely has any time for me." He muttered, averting his eyes from the merry family. This movement did not escape the doe's attention.

"I see…" She said carefully. "And what about your mother?"

Mike's mood worsened at these words. "I… I don't have a mom…" This was said in a barely audible whisper and it took very keen ears, like those the bunny had, to hear it at all. Judy looked at him with a mixture of care and pity. She squeezed his arm to pull him to her side.

"I'm so sorry, Michael." She whispered back to him.

"Yeah…" He mumbled to the world in general.

They went on like that in silence for a moment.

"Say, if you're okay with me, I could stay here with you for the rest of the day."

His small ears immediately shot up at this suggestion. "You would? Really?!" But his shoulders sunk immediately. "But what about your job?"

"I'll handle that later."

"You don't have a partner or something like that? I thought that cops work in pairs."

The bunny chuckled. "My partner has house arrest since he's sick. I'm on my own today."

"So… can we really play together?" His eyes lit up with hope.

She smiled, seeing his reaction. "Sure. If you want me to."

Mike couldn't contain his joy and he threw his arms around her in a tight hug. "Thank you, Judy!" These were the happiest sounding words she heard him say since they met at the school's gate.

"Ok, Michael," she rustled his fur again with a smile "so what's fun to do around here today?"



This was, paws down, the best day in school since he got admitted here. Judy was cheerful, very friendly and a fantastic companion for playing around. For several hours, the duo went from class to class to try out as many games and events as possible. Michael showed off his vast knowledge about geography and technology in several quizzes while Judy displayed great prowess in agility based competitions, as well in those requiring quick thinking and linking the facts. For these few hours Mike was one happy fox.

But the life works in a way that makes all good things come to an end.

"Michael!" His teacher called out to him. "Your father is here!"

For a second Mike froze, suddenly realizing that he hasn't thought about how he will explain this to his dad. And it would NEED explanation, as suddenly dropping on him news like this will certainly tick him off. The clock was ticking in his mind, desperation trying to provide him with some kind of excuse for Judy's presence, but his time was up when he heard familiar claws clicking on the floor.

"Michael…" The adult fox's voice sounded like usual, no trace of irritation in it, YET.

The small predator turned around to his parent and so did Judy when she heard the voice.

"H-hey, dad."

In front of them stood a red fox, dressed in something that could be described with only one adjective: elegant. He was wearing an impeccable black suit, completed with a white shirt and a matching tie. One of his paws was holding a charcoal briefcase and the other was occupied with an expensive looking winter coat. And his looks were complimenting the smart outfit. Well-groomed fur, bushy tail and facial features that were border lining what vixens would describe as hot. His shining emerald eyes were set on his son, but quickly moved on to the bunny officer next to him.

Seeing this, Mike's body sprung to action, before the mind could even form any idea. He rushed forward and hugged his father. "It's great that both of you could come!"

The jade gaze moved back to his son again. "Both?" There was puzzlement in this question.

At this moment the gazelle teacher chimed in. "Oh yes! Michael was so happy that his mother could find the time today. I'm glad he could have some fun today."

Judy showed him a sheepish smile and raised a paw to wave at him with her fingers. "Hello, dear. Sorry I didn't text you earlier about this."

The boy got nervous. He knew that Judy was saying this to follow up with her act, but he wasn't sure how his father will react to this. And for a split second, Mike felt his parent tensing under his arms.

But then a smirk appeared on the adult fox's face. "Well, it's not a problem, honey. I just got held up in court for a bit, my bad." He replied with a smooth voice without a fraction of hesitation. The boy groaned internally. This was father's hustler attitude and it meant trouble.

"Ok, Michael. Time to go home, grab your things and dress up." He addressed his son and motioned him to go. Mike reluctantly did so, not keen on leaving Judy alone with his dad. The little fox headed for his classroom as fast as he could to grab his backpack.

When he was gone the teacher had to hurry off to take care of other kids and the fox and the doe were left alone in the corridor. They eyed each other for a brief moment, before Judy extended a paw. "Officer Judy Hopps, pleasure to meet you."

He did not accept it.

"Nicholas Wilde, likewise." He stated in a far rougher voice than before. "What is the meaning of this?"

Judy withdrew her arm, but still kept smiling, despite his cold attitude. "Michael was bullied in the courtyard and when I saw this, I decided to step in. But the teacher misunderstood that I'm his mother." It was a lie, but presenting the situation in this way would keep Mike out of trouble with his father.

A crooked smile crept on Nicholas' face. "How nice of you. It seems that I will need to have a word with Michael's teacher later."

At that moment, the little fox returned, fully packed and dressed in his jacket. He needed only one look at his father's face to see what was the situation.

"Dad…" He began but Nicholas cut him off. "We're going, Michael." He put on his own coat and grabbed his son's paw. But before leaving he turned to the doe. "Oh, and officer Hopps, do not associate yourself with my son again, am I clear?"

Mike's ears shot up at his words. "Dad!" He exclaimed, clearly disturbed by what his father just said. But the adult fox ignored him and headed to the door, leaving the boy no other choice but to follow him. The little predator cast an apologetic glance at the doe, hoping that she won't be mad because of this.

But she just smiled at him and waved her paw. "Bye, Michael. Stay safe!"



It took Judy ten minutes to get back to her cruiser. She jumped inside and rubbed her shoulders to rub some warmth into her arms. The doe ignited the engine and turned on the heating to avoid turning into a rabbit icicle. She was alone today as her usual partner got sick and the police chief didn't have any spare officers to assign with her at the moment. There was one more thing she had to do before driving back to the precinct. With a flip of a switch, the radio cracked alive and her paw grabbed the mic.

"Dispatch, this is patrol car 1153, and I'm currently on 10-53, sorry for the late call."

After few cracks a friendly voice replied. "Copy that 1153, good to hear you again Hopps. You're lucky that the chief didn't notice. What took you so long?"

The bunny rubbed her temples trying to form her recent brush with a smart young fox and his cold father into words that would make some sense. But ultimately failed, so she had to be honest with her friend.

"Benji, do we have a code for 'posing-for-someone's-mother'?"


"Never mind, I'll explain when I'm back at the precinct, I'll see you there. Hopps out."