Hello everyone. I wanted to say now that I'm going to restart the entire entire Harry Dacula series. I am working on the first new chapter now. *Sigh* (I looked to the side) I have been away, working on some stuff in the real life and when I back on, I decided to take a look on my reviews for all of my stories. (I looked at the reader) Guess what I found?

Noctus Of The Thousand Blades: "aaaand, this fic just took a colossal nosedive. you were doing great, until you added yourself and the multiverse to the fic. that just killed a LOT of this fics potential. moves like that KILL fanfics. its why many fics that go that route wind up abandoned. by either the authors, or the readers. but they ALWAYS end up abandoned."

Lukebuzo1245: "Yas instantly ruined the moment you added that DE symbol. Delphie I could forgive. But then Nyx in a random tree that any student with a telescope could find."

And then there is was this…

Time Emperor: "Never mind, this story is horrible and doesn't deserve to be on this site. Stop with purring useless characters in the story, not cool. You should just die. Go hang yourself."

(I closed my eyes and sighed.) I can sort-of understand Noctus. Luke, the symbol was never intended to be part of the story. When I uploaded the picture to be my profile picture, it just ended on there. Don't know how and I don't know how to get rid of it so I left it alone.

But you, Time Emperor… *sigh* Saying stuff like that really makes people want to die. So in response to your wonderful (sarcastically speaking) comment. I'm going to ignore you since you aren't even worth my time. I do hope someone, or a lot of people, report you for telling someone to commit suicide.

Now with that out of the way. I will say now for the true purpose of this chapter. I plan to remake this series into a single story. Which means, I'm deleting all three of my stories. This new story will be changed up and remade, though Harry will be changed up a lot (not much in personality). This story will be deleted a week after the first two chapters of the remade is done. One more thing, by the way.

My crisis has been temporarily stopped but I will eventually go back to solving that. Until that happens, you guess what happens now.

I'm back!

(Cue Song: Bendy And The Ink Machine OST "Drawn To Darkness")