Hi! Newbie here. This is my first fanfic, so please be gentle J Ever since I watched the first episode, I have become true Walker Trash. If you read my bio, I'm also GM Trash, so my two loves had to come together, they had to.

This story has been bugging me to write it and I hope you stay with me on this journey. I'm not sure where it's gonna go. So far, it's been a fun ride.

This is all about Richonne, starting with… well, you'll see. Ms. Chonne doesn't make an appearance in the first chapter. Don't worry, I'm working up it ;)

So, relax, have a chuckle or two, and fall into the TWD, EK style. As a Greek Mythology nut, I wanted to see which god fit Rick and Michonne's characters. Well, that would be Ares the God of War and Nike, the Goddess of Victory, very fitting I'd say.

I do not own the rights to the characters of The Walking Dead, just a crazy fan.






"Wake up, Rick."

Rick's eyes fluttered opened to a stark, white basic hospital room. Turning his head, Hermes, the brother he hadn't seen nor spoke to in over 40 years, stood over him. Sitting up quickly, his body aching, he grabbed his sibling by the forearm, "Are you here to take me home?"

With sadness, his brother shook his head, "Sorry, no. Father has not asked that of me."

"Then why are you here? Why am I in this hospital and where is my son?" he angrily retorted. Hermes stood there in his signature white and silver armor and his stupid winged sandals, staring down at Rick with his stupid grin. "Stop smiling at me and tell me what's going on. Talk like a normal person. I ain't trying to hear that cryptic shit."

His brother laughed inwardly at the southern twang Rick took on spending his life as a mortal. He started to speak, "Ar-", Rick cut him off, "As long as I am in this form, you will address me as Rick." He gestured, "Continue."

"Still bossy," shaking his head, "Okay, Rick. There's a war out there, the same war you tried to prevent and the reason why you were banished. Alright, you can stop with that."

"Stop what?"

"That fuck me look won't work on me."

"Whateva, just answer my questions."

"You just had to be a sheriff, didn't you? To make a long story short, you got shot and you died."

Rick's brows shot up, "What?"

"I came here to take your soul to Tartarus, but dad said, no."

"Are you saying, Zeus was actually going to let me stay dead? What the fuck!"

"No, he wasn't. He hasn't finished punishing you, yet. He told me to wake you up before your body gets eaten."

"What do you mean, eaten? By what and what is this war? Did he destroy everyone? Again, where is my son?" Rick leaped off the bed after tearing out his IV. He was dressed in a hospital gown and naked underneath. Feeling a slight pull on his back shoulder, he reached behind and pulled off the dressing that covered unblemished skin. "Where are my clothes? I have to get out of here."

"Wait… wait." He stopped him from running around the room, trying to find his boxers. "I'm serious, I won't be able to assist once you leave this room and I want to give you a head's up on what's out there." Hermes took a deep breath before speaking, "Dad did it, he destroyed humanity. Many perished, some walk as the undead, but he left survivors. He said, 'Man has lost their way. Their taste is questionable and they need to learn.'. Whatever that means. All I know, is that you have been in a coma for 2 months. Your wife and so called best friend abandoned you." A single lightning bolt flashed and struck the dresser across the room, turning it into a pile of burning wood and plastic. Hermes sighed, "Well, that was my warning shot. I can't tell you anything else, nor give you your powers back, which I was about to do, however, he didn't say I couldn't warn you.

"When you leave here, you'll be on your own. Make your way north. If you die again, I'm not sure if he'll let me revive you again, so make sure you do everything to prevent that. Find your son, Rick…survive. Things break. But they can still grow. Whatever you do, whatever situation you find yourself in, do not call upon Olympus. He's itching for you to do that, because he thinks you need him."

Rick leaned forward and put a hand on his brother's shoulder, "I can't… I won't.

Reciprocating his move, Hermes had one more piece of advice. "Use the skills you've utilized all these past centuries, only modify it in mortal form. You're gonna need it."

"Is it that bad out there?"

"It's worse. Gotta go, brother. I have a long line of souls to deliver to Hades. Who knows if we'll ever see each other again." He disappeared right in front of Rick's eyes.

Once his form was gone, his voice trailed behind, "Oh, I forgot to tell you, you aren't the only one he's banished."

"Wait…what? Who else is here?"

Hermes didn't respond.

Rick took a few moments to reminisce on how he ended up in this predicament…

Forty-two years ago…

"You can't do that!" Looking regal in his black tunic and silver greaves glowing brightly under the torches of Olympus, Ares paced back and forth in front of his father's throne, "You can't wipe out an entire planet because you're pissed they keep creating music that's not to your liking. Why the fuck do you even care? You don't have to listen to it."

Zeus' haughty ass sat up with his back straight, "I can because I am the king and these mortals suck, their taste in music sucks and they refuse to worship me. So, I say fuck em' and they can all fucking die for all I care."

Ares just shook his head and mumbled to himself, "Jeez, when Homer said the gods were fucked in the head, he wasn't kidding."

"What was that?"

"Nothing." With his hand on his hips, his finger tapped on his silver belt, "Since when did you start talking like that? Even if you went ahead with your asinine plan, how is man going to worship you if they're dead? Where's your wife? Surely, she thinks this plan is just as stupid as I think it is?" He swung his head around the palace hall looking for his mother.

"Your mother is not the boss of me. If I want to get rid of mortals, it's my call, no one else. What you're gonna do, is take your brothers, sisters and all the other ungrateful gods, go down and fuck some shit up." He wagged his finger at him, "Except for Greece. Leave them alone. Those are my peeps."

Ares cocked his head in question at the slang, "I don't know what's got into you, but fuck no! I'm a fucking warrior. I love you cause you're my father, I respect you because you are king of the gods, but I will be damned if I go around slaughtering innocent mortals over your distaste for pop music, and I'm not gonna recruit my family into this bullshit either."

"Why you ungrateful little shit! After everything thing I've done for all of you. Do you realize that when you all were born, I could have kept you from existing just by swallowing you? Y'all walk around here like your shit don't stink. When the humans stopped worshiping, did any of you give a damn? Did any of you fight for the right for people to kiss your asses? No, you didn't. You don't work, you don't do anything except glory in the fact that you are immortal and will live fucking forever!"

More agitated, Ares shifted his feet, "Uhm, your own father swallowed you at birth and yet," he spread his hands wide, "here you are. And what the hell does not caring to have mortals suck my dick, have anything to do with you destroying mankind?"

Frustrated, Zeus slammed his hands on his armrest, "Weren't you listening? They suck at making music and you guys need something to do. There's one other thing. You have some business to take care of."

He glared at his father as he pointed to himself, "What about me?"

"How many times have I told you I want grandchildren? You may be the god of war but you have got to settle down sometime with a goddess and give me some grandbabies. And not just any goddess, she can't be some whiny, wimpy bitch either."


He snapped his finger with an idea, "What about Athena?"

"She's my sister, dad."


"Sister, too."

"Well, what about Persephone?"

"She's my cousin, what is wrong with you?"


"The Nubian Goddess? She hates the Olympian gods, so that would be a hell no."

"Okay, I get that one. She's mean, she did call me an old bastard. How about Gaia, she can still have kids?"

"That's my grandmother! Stop trying to pawn me off to any female name that pops in your head! I am not and will not marry some chick to give you grandkids, I am not and will not destroy this planet's mortals because you want to teach someone a lesson." Pinching the bridge of his nose and sighing, he lifted his eyebrows with nod of his head. "Dad, I love you and I mean this in the most loving way… but you are an asshole."

The great Zeus, father of the gods and king of Olympus, stood tall in front of his throne, straightened his alabaster chiton and then cleared his throat, "It is not I, who has lost their mind. It is you, my son, my most trusted warrior that refuses to understand and obey my request."

Ares interrupted, "You didn't request anything, you told me to go kill people."

"Be that as it may, for your disobedience, I have no other choice but to banish you."


"Since you will not do as I say and destroy them, you will join them. Be prepared son…cause you're gonna be a baby." Zeus reached to his side and grabbed one of the many lightning bolts perched next to him at the ready. Before Ares could even put up an arm to defend himself, Zeus struck him in the chest and everything went black.

The next thing he knew, he was surrounded by and floated around in warm fluid, he couldn't breathe through his mouth or nose, yet his body received oxygen. He couldn't see, for his eyes were covered with skin. He felt around with fingers that were little stubs and not the tapered strong hands he worked with for eons. Reaching around with his nubs, while floating in warm goo, he discovered he was attached to a vibrating cord. "I don't believe this. I am a damn fetus. That old fucker is gonna make me go through birth, childhood and puberty. Do I still have my powers?" He tried to zap himself out of whoever's belly he now resided in.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck! I don't remember how to be a freakin' baby!" The clear liquid was comforting, he could at least give it that. It was also making him sleepy. Resigned to his fate, he sighed in the only way a fetus could, by doing nothing. "I guess it's better than him killing me. Better he punishes me than destroy the world, which I hope he doesn't. Especially now that I'm stuck here. How bad could it be?"

Conscious the entire gestation period, except nap time, long months passed before he finally got to see the light of day and it sucked. Not only did these people tug, pull and squeeze his head out of a tiny-ass opening, the bitch of a doctor, smacked him on his butt to get him to cry. Inwardly, Ares yelled, "Oh, no you didn't. Don't you know who I am?" (Apparently not, cause the doctor smacked him again.) Outwardly, were the first cries of a newborn babe. He was pissed until they lay him on his birth mother's naked chest and she rubbed his back while crying her eyes out.

"This is nice." Ares stuck his thumb in his mouth and went back to sleep.

Present Day…

The search continued for his clothes. It was gonna be a real shit if he had to walk around naked. Quiet surrounded him, except for the crackling of the still burning dresser and the buzzing and clicks of electrical appliances on the fritz. With no clothing to be found, he had no choice but to venture out onto the hospital floor bare-assed.

His thoughts drifted back to growing up human. He'd made the best of it. He was normal in all ways with a few exceptions. Went to grade school, hated it. Went on to high school, it was okay, except…mortals talked and gossiped too much. His top saying throughout his school days was, "Would you please, shut the fuck up."

After high school, he moved out of his childhood home. His parents were nice enough, he had no complaints, but having a curfew for man who'd been alive since Methuselah, yea…that wasn't happening. He sought to do what he'd always done, enforcement. So, he and his best mortal buddy Shane, joined the sheriff's department.

It was cool, he got to ride around in a police unit (the car was a buster, but it got the little townspeople's respect), wear a cool hat, holster and he got to carry his awesome colt python. Not standard issue, but he was Rick Grimes, Sheriff's Deputy of King County and none of those yokels was gonna stop him. He knew to be patient and not pester Zeus into allowing him to come back to Olympus. He also needed a break. A break from a megalomaniac father, a respite from snooty deities with superiority complexes so annoying, he wanted to take his spear and shield and shove it up their collective asses. So, he'd take his time till he could go home. He was sure his father would change his mind at some point. He would live his life as a mortal, heck, he would even marry one.

Marriage to a human was okay, she was alright, a local girl that didn't make waves or get on his nerves. Their wedding night, she thought he was a virgin and it pissed him off he had to play as if he was one. If he did what he really wanted to do, he'd blast her ass off the planet. So, he kept it vanilla and boring.

After a few years of being married to her, the gittin' on his nerve thang, became a thang. She started nagging and whining about how he should get a better paying job, how the sex was boring, and while he agreed that it was a snore fest, he couldn't put it on her like that. Mortals couldn't handle immortal sex, even if they didn't have their powers. He had only one question, though. He didn't know if he was immune to death. He hadn't spoken to anyone from home, not a peep. As far as he knew, he could die from tripping and busting his head on the curve. Not wanting to take a chance to find out, he did everything as humanly as possible to stay safe.

Lori Grimes would have been ex-Mrs. Grimes the first time she called him a 'little bitch', if it wasn't for the one thing that kept him tethered to her, his son, Carl. He prayed that his father wasn't keeping tabs on him and knew that he had a son. No telling what the old man would do, if he did. Carl was the light of his life, so he took whatever bullshit Lori dished out to him.

Back in the day, she wouldn't have spoken past the word, little, before he'd unleash hell on her ass. However, she was the mother of his sweet little angel. If taking her shit was the price for his baby's happiness, then so be it. For eight years, he dealt with it, eight years. Then that fateful day came when he and Shane sat in the squad car and Shane suddenly became Mr. Nosey Ass Shane. Kept askin' him how was the family, how was Lori, how married women acted and how they nagged their husbands. And then had the nerve to give advice on marriage, even though he was never married. "Why the fuck are you talking so much about Lori? Did she say something to you?"

Unshakeable Shane's ass stuttered, "N-No, I'm just askin'. You didn't look so happy when you picked me up this morning. Shit, I'm just worried 'bout you, that's all. Just tryn' to be a friend, jeesh!" His ass looked like his feelin's was hurt. Rick took pity on him and admitted there was some stuff going on. He didn't go into detail, but that conversation stood out for some reason. Before they were able to finish eating, a call came over the radio, "All available units. High speed pursuit in progress, Lemon County Units requests local assistance…highway 18 eastbound, GTA ADW-217-243. Advise with extreme caution." While listening the two were busy gathering up the empty wrappers of their meal. With Rick being such a neat freak all the time, they automatically placed the garbage in his 'always in the car' trash bag.

Rick drove off, forcing Shane to hang out door and toss it into the curbside waste bin.

Later that day…

The road spikes did their job, the perp's car had crashed and landed on its hood. Rick forgot that his ass wasn't immune to bullets. Looking back, he didn't know what the hell was on his mind. Leaving the safety of the patrol car door to walk directly in the line of fire without checking for more hostiles. No one knew how many people were in that car. And he walked up to it like, "Hi, I'm Rick Grimes. Go ahead, shoot me."

"They shot my ass, alright," he spoke quietly to himself as he navigated the trashed hallway. "The bitch shot me right in the back." The hospital was empty as he wandered. He tried the phones with no luck. He needed to find Carl. Whatever the hell was going on could wait until he made sure his son was safe. During the time he was in a coma, it looked like someone started a war within the hospital. Bullet holes and shrapnel littered everywhere. There wasn't a single human in sight.

He needed to get out of there. He found his way towards the elevators, and looked for the exit sign leading to the stairs until he heard a low growl and the jingle of chains.

He still had no idea what condition he would find this world.

One year later…

Rick was sick of this shit. It's been over a year and hell has not calmed down. He'd lost a lot of good people in his group, either from walkers, stupidity, a combination of both, or just plain old bad fucked up luck. He even had to put down his own best friend from childhood, Fuckin' Shane. He didn't want to do it, but Shane gave him no choice. He did, however, have good reason to blast Shane to Hades: First, he told Lori and Carl, he was dead, had an affair with her, then had to balls to tell him that he was a better father. Him? A better father than he? The fool pulled a gun on him when his back was turned. Fuck that shit, as soon as he talked Shane into lowering his gun then walking up on Rick like he was his daddy, he shiv'd his ass so far into his gut, Shane was spittin' blood before Rick could finish the rotation. Then Lori had the nerve to be mad at him. It was her ass that said Shane needed to be put down. Her and her fuckin' back and forths. He had to be nice though, she said she was pregnant and that the baby was his.

Whateva, he'd know once the baby was born. He may not have his power, but he would be able to tell if a child was a demigod or not. Carl definitely had the spark. Months on the road was a hard one. He surely wished he had his full powers now, would've made things so much easier. Fortunately, his centuries of fighting gave his mortal body something a little extra, which gave him an advantage over the undead. That advantage didn't include being able to be in more than one place, though, which was unfortunate for Lori. She died giving birth to Judith. He was really disappointed he wasn't there at the time she was born, he truly was. Because his son had to be the one to put Lori down before she changed into one of those things the world had been overrun by, and he hadn't wanted Carl to go through that. It should have been him. Alas, little beautiful Judith did not have that spark, but Rick didn't care, she was his and wherever he went, Judith would be there too.

"She's mine."

He'll admit, he did go a little crazy, he and Lori were married for over eight years. That's a lot of time to spend with someone. So yea, he was sad…very, sad :(

Remembering what his brother told him in the hospital, he had been on the lookout for his fellow Olympians. The first one he ran into was Morgan and the only way he knew they were from the same Pantheon was from the slight tingly feeling of his senses and his aura gave off a warm glow whenever he came near him. It was Morgan who explained what happened to the world. As they were talking, Rick mentioned Zeus and the man looked at him as if he were delusional and threatened to shoot Rick in the face if he didn't snap out of it.

He might have been a minor god and didn't retain any memories of his origins, Rick thought to himself. Unfortunately, he and Morgan parted ways and Rick couldn't change his mind. From that point on, Rick kept his knowledge of the Greek gods to himself. He would test them with the phrase, Deux ex machina…in Greek. When he finally found Lori and Carl, there were three among their survival camp, Glenn, Carol and Daryl. During times when he was alone with them, he would say, "Apò mēkhanês theós, and each one looked at him like he was off his rocker. It was through Carol's daughter Sophia that Rick discovered that immortals banished from the heavens were capable of becoming walkers, including their offspring. It made him more protective of his son and his group than ever.

He no longer had any guarantees who would live and who would die.

He and his surviving group had been holed up at an empty prison for the last few months after they finally cleared out all the walkers from within. Two sets of barbed wire fence kept the others out. It was a daily job to stab them in the head through the chain links, preventing other walkers from coming and possibly knocking it down.

It was that early morning while heading out to inspect the fence, when he sensed…her.