In a galaxy far far away

Two Imperial Survey Corps scouts are making their way through the dark reaches of space

"Kent,we got trouble"Will said worriedly.

"What is it?"Kent sighed.

"The scanners are acting up again"

Kent jumped off his bed and walked over to the bridge."I told the commander to give us a real ship. These Pacifier scout ships may be fast but they breakdown to fast."

"Just fix it so I can finish the scans"

Kent took his creeper,rolled under the console,popped a hatch, and got to work.

"Nothing is wrong down here"

"Then whats on the screen?"Will replied Kent got up and looked over will's shoulder"

"The energy spikes coming from the planet are huge."Kent said in awe

"I am going to contact the Intelligence"Will replied while turning the com-link on.

"We have discovered something Very interesting"Will said into the com-link.

"And I care,why?"A man in a white uniform said in a harsh tone.

"Because we ain't good enough diplomats to get a civilization we've never seen to hand over a power source more powerful than the death star laser"

"We will dispatch a Agent to your location. Thank you for this information"The Operator said.

"Those guys give me the creeps"Kent said shakily"Its their job,Kent"replied Will.