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Deep space, unknown sector, Colonial refugee fleet, Battlestar Galactica.

Admiral William Adama sat in his private quarters on the Galactica, staring into the ceiling, an expression of utter shock seen on his face. His son Lee and president Roslin were sitting next to him, with similar expressions.

"If it is true, then we really fraked up. All of us."

"Look, there is no real reason to believe..." Lee tried to argue back.

"And why NOT!? What purpose would a deception like this have!?" the admiral shouted.

"Who would have thought that a bombshell would have been presented to us after we finally..." Roslin remarked.

The admiral interrupted her. "What is done is done. All that is left is for us to decide, where we go from here on."

Chapter 1, In the beginning.

6000 BC, Earth.

"We have to help them. They did not deserve a fate like this! The Goa'uld are..." said Figure 1.

"Not our concern. The human fate is their own, just as our fate was meant for us alone. We must not interfere. Besides, there are so few of us left. We barely have any strength or numbers left. We should go back to the south pole. Use the outposts astria porta to rejoin our brothers and sisters. Sooner or later we will have to ascend. It is the only way, we cannot repopulate the city anymore, not with so few of us left." responded Figure 2.

"The humans are our children, we adopted them all those eons ago when we colonized their home world! We cannot turn our backs on them like this! Yes, there are few of us left, but we can still do something! The technology of the Goa'uld is based on our knowledge and of the most simple variety of that. And if nothing else, we can contact the Asgard, Nox or Furlings for help."

"What part of no don't you understand? You are as bad as Janus, he never listened to Moros, and he was the leader of our people in his time! As for our old allies, they are partially to blame for the human blight! This Ra only found Earth, because he was fleeing from them!"

"Now or in a thousand years, it makes little difference, Earth would have been discovered by the Goa'uld sooner or later. No, we are to blame! If we had never left this galaxy in our "infinite wisdom" after we cured the Ori plague, there would have never been a power vacuum for the Goa'uld to exploit and no technology leftovers for them to use. The more you turn time back, the more the finger gets pointed at us! We let the Ori live and look how well that turned out. We left this galaxy and allowed the Goa'uld to run amok, our carelessness created the Wraith, our arrogance allowed them to defeat us and we created life in the form of the Replicators! The humans in Pegasus are already paying a price because of us, don't let the first humans suffer the same fate!"

"We seeded the Pegasus humans, so that is different than this! Besides, what would you have us do? No matter what we do, if it fails, can you imagine, how dangerous the Goa'uld will get, if they can infest even one of us, or get control of our city?!"

"I know it is risky, but we have to try something. Give me a few hours and I will think of something."

"Fine, but remember, I have to approve any "idea" you come up with. Besides, the way I see it, we cannot help the entire planet, all we can do is to give them a fighting chance."

"I know! Let's get back to the gateship, I'll come up with a plan at the outpost."

The two men silently slipped passed the many humans on the streets of the city. No one noticed them, no one would, since no one could see invisible people. In the distance, 2 golden pyramids were glowing bright from the sun shining on them. The 2 men looked around. The people here were living in such poor conditions that they could barely stomach it. As they passed a corner, a sound of metal steps could be heard. They entered a side alley to avoid the Jaffa patrol. As the solders that had snake, eagle or jackal heads, passed them, the humans working or traveling on the road, stopped what they were doing and bowed down to them. Behind the Jaffa, a carriage was being carried by several slaves. The 2 cloaked figures immediately knew, who was passing by them.

"These parasites really love the "grand" entrances, don't they? Heh, and here I thought that we or the Asgard came across as arrogant from time to time." remarked Figure 2.

"Did you see, what was next to him? For such an intelligent species, they sometimes do the most moronic things." figure 1 pointed out.

"You mean the power amplifier jewel? Yes, well, it is a good thing that they don't really know what they have or what they could do with just one of them."

"Perhaps, although I heard that one Goa'uld once collected 6 of them and almost build some sort of super weapon with them. But that was not what I meant. What I saw was a vacuum extractor module."

"No I did not see it. What was he doing with it?"

"Using it as a piece of decoration. Can you believe it?"

"It is for the best that way. Let's hope he never manages to put 2 and 2 together. As for this other Goa'uld, that is a bit concerning. Let's hope he never gets the vacuum extractor. He might realize what it is."

"I don't think that will be a problem. He is suppose to be dead."

The 2 figures reached the edge of the city and continued into the desert. A few miles out they found a small rocky hill. They hid the cloaked gateship there, to avoid the dessert sand exposing it. But even so, it was risky for them just to walk in the desert under cloak, for the same reasons. The first figure entered the ship and sat behind the flight control panel. The second figure sat on the other side and the ship came to life. As they took off, they observed the city below them.

"Not much taste for aesthetics, let alone efficiency or common sense. I mean, who builds a golden pyramid for a ship, for makers sake. That alone is a crime. Using pieces of our technology to create that. The Wraith would have died laughing." figure 2 snarled, while looking outside.

"You care about that, but not the people?"

"I do care, I'm just a realist. Give me 1 or 2 fully armed and staffed Drone battleships and I can send the Goa'uld packing. But do we even have one? No, so stop complaining."

The gateship reached the southern poles outpost. A melted hole that lead to the outpost, was clearly visible. Inside the outpost, the 2 men powered it up using the control chair.

"This vacuum extractor module has barely any power left. Maybe we should have taken the one Ra had. It is ours to begin with." figure 1 said while examining the crystal.

"This will be fine. Now let's see the tactical situation on Earth." figure 2 responded while he sat on the control chair. At that moment, above him, the planet Earth was shown in a holographic image. More and more red dots started appearing all over the planet image.

"Uhhhh, this will be even more difficult than I thought. There are just too many Goa'uld here." figure 1 moaned, seeing the state of the planet.

"Relax, each dot represents a concentration of Goa'uld, mostly in population centers. The sensors are not sensitive enough to spot individual life signs. The pyramid symbols represent their ships. As you can see, there are many in orbit too. No wonder, Earth is the main source of human slave labour at the moment. They are still seeding them all around the galaxy." figure 2 tried to reassure his friend.

"Seeding them? Seeding them... seeding them! That is it!" figure 1 yelled. He was clearly exited.

"What is it?"

"The plan. We do as the Goa'uld do. We use their strategy against them."

"OK, this I have to hear." figure 2 leaned forward.

"You doubt me and my plan?"


"Oh, haha. No really, this will work. All we have to do, is transplant a large enough human population to a safe haven planet, where that human population will be out of reach of the Goa'uld. That way, they will develop naturally and one day reach a technology level that might challenge the Goa'uld."

"Really? That is your master plan? OK, let's assume for a minute that I buy this idea. I see a big problem you forgot about. 9 out of 10 species don't survive their development up to a cretin technological and cultural level. What is to stop these transplanted humans to kill themselves off in a war against each other. Or a natural disaster. Or maybe one of their great discoveries backfires on them. We should know, since many did backfire on us. Just look at Janus, as smart and intelligent as they come, but his inventions were always overambitious. And then there are the 2 smaller problems. Number 1, where to transplant them to? It is not as if there are that many worlds out of Goa'uld reach, if they used their genetic minds properly. And number 2, how would you insure that they developed any significant technology to defeat the Goa'uld?"

"Details, details. You have a point, but it will work, I just have to find a way to solve these problems." figure one waved with his hand.

"And let's not forget, we can transplant them, but from what part of the planet. If we start to overdo it, as mentally challenged as this Ra is, he will noticed a decrease of his slave population sooner or later."

"I might have a solution for that problem at least. This part of the planet here" As he points on the continent of Europe, then on Greece "The Goa'uld concentration is low there. As I understand it, the Goa'uld all use Earth as a slave resupply planet, but they also all have specific territories on Earth, Ra just oversees everything. The Goa'uld that hold those territories are currently in a disagreement with Ra. Krinos and his sons as I understand."

"Cronus you mean. Well, that is an idea at least. How many would we need to have viable population and a diverse genetic pool?"

"As many as possible. Several 100.000 if possible. As for genetic diversity, we can take humans from other parts of the planet too, to add to the diversity. We will just have to take less than in the primary extraction location." figure 1 said, as he was looking at a particular part of the projection of Earth.

"Primary extraction location, eh? I still can't believe that I am actually entertaining the idea of listening to you. OK, for the rest of the plan we have to return to the city and seek the counsel of the others. I'll just load the tactical data into the gateship."

They reentered the gateship and activated the astria porta. Using the gateships weapons, they created an opening that led from the outpost to the astria porta.

"This was easier when we came here. Just jump in and cloak. No fuss like now. Still, can't risk the Goa'uld seeing the gate address, even if it also requires a code to access." figure 2 complained, when he took the pilot seat.

"If I remember correctly, there should be a frozen ancestor of our race somewhere in this ice. Should we not help him or her?"

"Uhhh, you are really taxing my patience. First the humans now this? No, we leave that person there. First off, it would be just one more of our kind, not a big difference in population there. Second, that person might still have the Ori plague in them. We might be immune, the rest of the planet is not. Even the Goa'uld can't survive that plague."

"OK, OK. You don't have to be like that you know."

Unknown location. Cityship gate room.

The gateship flew into the gate. Emerging on the other side, they appeared in the middle of the control room. Several people approached the gatehip as they landed it in the gateship bay. As they exited the gateship, the lead person of the group approaching them, a woman, spoke.

"How is it? We heard that the parasites have taken over Earth? Is it true Maros?"

Figure 2, now known as Maros, answered. "Yes, wife, it is true. Sadly, there is nothing that we can do for the entire population. But maybe we can give some of them a fighting chance."

"Really? That does not sound like you. What happened?.

Maros explained. "You can thank your brother for that. He convinced me to try to help, as best as we can."

Looking at her brother, Kaira spoke. "Really? Erian, have you been badgering my husband half to death again, until you got your way? You are almost as bad as Janus was! Or at least what was said about him."

Figure 1, now known as Erian, looked annoyed. "Not you too, sister. You don't know how it was back there. These Goa'uld are monsters!"

"OK, show us then. Let's initiate a telepathic link. Show us everything you saw there."

All the people in the room lowered their heads. After a minute they raised their heads again and looked at each other.

Kaira and the other Ancients looked horrified. "It really is horrible. But I think that the plan can be successful if we work together. You two take some rest."

Turning around, she looked at the tall blond haired man. "Ziros, search the cities database for good locations where we could send the humans to." Turning to the red haired woman next to him. "Amara, go to the laboratories. Search for all stored experiments and studies that deal with civilization development and civilization projection models. Maybe there is something that will help us aid those humans to survive and prosper until they mature as a civilization. I will search the database for any still useful, undiscovered assets that we have and that might be useful to them in the long run." Looking at the remaining dozen people. "The rest of you start preparing the city for flight".

Maros, after a brief moment of shock, shouted out. "What?! The city for flight? What are you talking about? We can't use the city!"

"My dear husband, my brother may have badgered you into this, but both of you think too small." Kaira smirked "What, were you thinking of liberating a few humans at a time with the gateships? The city has 3 vacuum extractors, the engines are in good shape, the structural integrity is intact and the cloaking device functions. The only thing we have to add is a transporter that does not require a platform. We developed those in Pegasus and have retained the knowledge of them. Some modifications and upgrades to our current transporter system should make it possible. If we had any drones or any other weapons installed, we could have liberated Earth just with the city."

"First off, the Vacuum modules are all nearing their limit. 2 of them are below 2% and the 3rd one is barely above 10%. Second, the power conduits are not in good shape, we will be bleeding power. Even more so if we use transporters in mass and have the cloak on. Third, the engines have not been used for a 100.000 years on this thing, not since our exodus. Olympus was the first cityship, the prototype and so it is the oldest one. If we had the newer Olympus cityship from Pegasus, this would be a whole different story." Maros tried to persuade her from the plan.

"Told you. We should have taken Ra's vacuum module." Erian argued back.

"Uhh, sometimes I question, if we are even related as a species." Maros almost face-palmed. "The VEM (vacuum energy modules) in this old cityship are the 2nd generation type. We also call them SVEM (small VEM), they are 33% smaller than the regular ones we left in Atlantis and have been using for the past 100.000 years. The ones here are also allot less powerful."

"Well, I knew that we started with MVEM (micro VEM) and went from there, but I always thought that all city ships had the same type of power source."

"No we didn't. It was a continuous development. Just like we then tried with the Arcturus project to go the next logical step, but it failed, and it failed because of the limited resources and time we had, because of the war."

"So this cityship is not compatible with standard VEMs?"

"No it is not, it would take some major redesign to make the power systems accept a regular VEM. "

"But the defense satellites we designed were compatible with any type of VEM. So why not this cityship?" Erian asked, still not entirely getting it.

"Those satellites were designed from the bottom up to be compatible with any power source. We designed them that way, because we could not be picky with power sources anymore. Standard VEMs were a luxury item, so we used anything else we had to power the satellites. And because of the general power adaptability, the satellites had their flaws too."

"OK, I get it now. So, sis, what do you think about all of this? Will it work?"

Kaira had enough of their bickering. "Either way, this will be our race's last gamble. It will work. It has to work. Now we only need a place to put them..."

With a last try, Maros pleaded with her. "Uhhh, I really can't talk you out of this can I. As stubborn as your brother."

"Love you too, husband. Now, let's get to work." Was the reply he got. Lowering his head in defeat, Maros went with Erian to get some rest. The remaining inhabitants of "old" Olympus went to work.

"Old" cityship Olympus, 12 days later.

"OK, when I said, they needed a safe heaven, I was thinking somewhere in this galaxy!" Maros rubbed his forehead. "You want to send them to the larger of the 2 satellite galaxies that orbit this one at a distance of 163.000 ly. There is not allot of naquadah in that galaxy, since it is so light and small. Second, do we even have any assets there, or astria porta for that matter? And planets that can support life? A galaxy this small will have problems in that department."

"That galaxy is beyond the reach of the Goa'uld." Kaira pointed out.

"For now."

"It has large deposits of proto naquadah and some concentrations of naquadah on singular planets. There are also some Earth like planets there."

"How do we know that?" Maros asked, looking at Erian.

"Our ancestors had an outpost on the planet Kobolous, on the other side of that galaxy. There were also several astria porta deployed on planets that could or one day will be able to support life. They deployed several terraforming stations as well. A double binary system was part of a large terraforming project." Erian awnsered.

"The astria porta there, are they part of this galaxies network?"

"No, they are independent." Kaira shook her head. "The good news is that the galaxies are so close that the need for a vacuum module is not needed to make a connection, but it still needs an 8 chevron location and a control crystal."

"And the outpost?"

"A predecessor of the cityships, an outpost ship." Erian answered. "They were used as temporary settlements until the planet could be fully colonized, or as the name suggest, create a completely independent outpost on a planet far from home. Allot smaller that the cityships, but more robust, they relied on the outer hull to keep atmospheric pressure, not the shield bubble the cityships use."

Maros felt a head ache approaching. "Great, an even bigger fossil than this! How will that help them vs. the Goa'uld?"

"We will leave clues to other locations there." Katira tried to convince him that the situation was not that bad. "But they will have to prove that they are worthy. Tests for them to solve to determine their readiness to confront the Goa'uld."

"OK, that is something at least. Any other assets in that galaxy?"

Erian hands him the list. "Several."

Maros studies the inventory and starts to smile a bit. "Maybe this could work" Then he sees something strange. "Why is this ship here marked as 'arriving'?"

"It is an automated exploration ship." Kaira explained.

"Like Destiny?"

Kaira shook her head again. "No, several generations more modern, not meant for astria porta construction or deployment. It was one of several automated scout ships that were send into deep space to survey several galaxies in the galactic neighbourhood and then return with the gathered data. They were, however, equipped with the same primary power source as Destiny, but with regular hyper drives."

Maros was not satisfied with that answer. "That is all fine and all, but why is this ship marked as 'arriving'?"

"The cities database predicts that the ship will be returning at some point in the near future back to its point of origin. The ship will pass close to the galaxy we will transplant the humans too."

Maros began thinking out loud. "The point of origin? Ah, I remember, the old Helix shipyards. In a star system that was ripped off this galaxy during a close encounter with the galaxy we are going to. A star system almost alone between 2 galaxies."

"Basically yes."

"OK, and all the other preparations?"

Kaira looked over the information of the cityship. "Engines are as good as they will ever be. Everything else has been checked. We launch in 1 hour. We have chosen specific parts of the city to teleport the humans to so that we can quarantine them there. We can't have them wonder around and accidentally pull a vacuum module out, now can we? After the extraction, we will take the cityship with the humans aboard directly to that galaxy. We drop them off on Kobolus and return here. I did the math, we will have the power to do this. The 2 low yield SVEM will be dead in the end, but the 3rd one will still be OK for our needs."

"What about the humans?" Erian asked, a sign of worry on his face. "Once we leave, they will have to fend for themselves. We should at least stay to help them settle in."

Maros was willing to do this, but no more. He let Erian know that. "And hold their hand, while we are at it? They are semi-intelligent beings, not amebas. They have survived for millions of years, while we studied them and not helped them, they will adapt and survive here too. We should however take their supplies with them, before we leave Earth and disperse them on Kobolous. Dumping over half a million people on a single spot on a planet with no infrastructure is just asking for trouble."

Kaira nodded. "Agreed. I will also talk with them to explain the situation to them. Hopefully they will understand."

"Try to dumb it down, or they will really not understand, what you'll try to tell them." Maros remarked, while smiling.

Erian stood up and began to exit the room. "OK, before you insult another race not present in this room, I'm going to the chair room, the rest of you go to the gate room. Once we reach Earth, we will need that cloak."

They all nodded and went to work.

Minutes later, Erian was sitting in the control chair. "OK, I'm starting the engines." The cityship slowly started to ascent into the sky, the shield activating and encompassing the cityship. Once in orbit, it changed course and opened a hyperspace window.

In the gate room, Maros was observing the power indicators. "As I predicted, the conduits are leaking, we are using 10 times more power than would otherwise be needed to. Still, you are right, Kaira, we should have power to spare, once we return."

Kaira smiled. "You ever doubted me?"

Mars orbit, Sol system.

An hour later the cityship emerged out of hyperspace in orbit of Mars and cloaked immediately.

Erian was annoyed. "OK, tell me again, why I had to drop us here, at the 4th planet of our old star system, that we wanted to, but never did terraform? We will need another 10 min at sub light to reach Earth now."

Karia was getting fed up with her brother. "For the last time, jumping directly into Earth's orbit would have made the Goa'uld aware of us! They may be egocentric parasites, but they are not blind or stupid. A large vessel entering orbit and then cloaking would have alerted them to our presence and a ship this size would be allot easier to hit, even if blind fired upon."

Now it was Maros who was getting annoyed. "We need to hurry, keeping the shields online to keep the atmosphere intact plus the cloak modification are not just draining our power but also taxing the shield generator, that is now doing 2 thing simultaneously. Let's just get on with is. Plot a course for Earth!"

Earth orbit, Sol system.

Maros was looking at the tactical display. "Look at all the Goa'uld ships here. Good thing they are not expecting a big raid like this. Are we ready to begin?" he looked at Kaira.

"Yes we are, but I will have to modify the targeting sensors to not beam any human with Goa'uld infestation. The good thing is that the bio data you collected on your first visit helps allot to separate the parasite free humans from the infested ones."

Maros looked at the view screen of the areas of the city, where the 'passengers' were to be beamed onboard. "Let's just hope that the doors and force fields will hold them there and that they will behave."

Kaira took a deep breath, knowing what she would have to do. "Don't worry, I'll go and talk to them, once were finished with the transport. Acquiring target location data. Beginning transport."

The transporters began to do their work. More and more humans started filling the previously empty parts of the cityship. The humans were shocked and scared as to what was happening.

"Looking good so far... oh shit."

Maros looked over her shoulder. "What is it...oh. Didn't you tell me the scanners would see the difference between a clean and infested human? How did a Jaffa get beamed here?"

"Sorry, he was apparently trying to grab that human and the transporter took them both. I'll just drop him back on the planed, no harm done."

"Let's hope there won't be any more slip ups."

27 minutes later, they had reached their quota. Kaira looked at her display. "Were at full capacity, 527.311 souls, we can't take many more with our current power reserves. Erian, take us past the moon and then set a course for Kobolous, full speed."

Her brother answered her over the cities internal communication system. "OK, making the course change. Will be past the moon in 2 minutes. Then 16 hours and 14 minutes until Kobolous. Just wish we had fully functioning engines and a full fuel tank to make this little road trip last only an hour."

"You can't have everything".

20 minutes later, "old" cityship Olympus, hyperspace, en route to Kobolous

Kaira opened the door to the biggest "holding" area for the human passengers. The people were scared and almost panicked at first.

Kaira tried to calm them down. "Don't worry, I won't harm you. We are helping you. We have freed you from your oppressors."

An elderly man stepped forward. "Who are you? Your dress, your look, blond hair... by the gods..." He almost fell to the ground at the speed he bowed down to her. "Oh great Athena, you have come to save us from the oppressor Cronus and Ra. We have not seen you or your father in years. It was said that there was a war between the gods and that you were fighting to reclaim our world. Have you won?"

Kaira looked stunned. "OK, they think that I'm a Goa'uld and their goddess? That was not what I had expected. Then again, the lesser System Lords have been banished from Earth by Ra for their attempted coup. Of those Goa'uld, only Cronus still has access to Earth. They are still so young, better play along with this. They will never understand or believe me, if I tell them the truth. Emm, what you need to know is that we are taking you to an isolated world called Kobolous, far away from Cronus, Ra and the others, where you will be able to live in peace."

The old man looked at her. "You are taking us to a safe place? The promised land perhaps? Oh great Athena, your wisdom and kindness truly know no limits!" Now they all bowed to her, calling: "all hail great Athena, our saviour!".

Maros came into the room after hearing the shouting. "What is going on in here?!"

The people looked at him. "It is Zeus himself! The posture, the voice, the beard... oh great king of the gods, we are humbled by your presence!" Was a general shout that was heard after Maros appeared.

"What have you been telling them, woman!? Zeus!? What is going on here!?" Maros demanded from Kaira telepathically.

"Relax and just play along. They will never understand the truth, not as they are now."

Maros look at her with an annoying look. "OK, but you better be right about this." Maros then turned to the humans. "Please, all of you, stand up, there is no need for bowing."

"The great Zeus is so generous. We bask in your glory!" The old man shouted as he bowed again.

Maros pinched his nose and tried to stay calm. "Uhh, this is getting old, fast. Anyway, to all the people on Olympus, in 16 hours, we will arrive at Kobolous, where your new lives will begin. Your old oppressors will not be able to follow you there. After you depart Olympus, we will return to our own world."

The group responded "You will leave us?" "Why, you are our gods, we need you."

"From here on you will all determine your own fate. You will decide, what to do with your civilization. We will not interfere." Kaira tried to keep them calm.

But her plan did not work as planned. The old man, clearly a leader, spoke. "My people, friends, this is a test! We will be given paradise and to prove ourselves worthy, we must show the gods that we can survive and prosper alone, without their guidance!" Turning to Maros and Kaira "We accept the challenge, we will prove worthy of your gifts and trust. And when the time comes for your return, you will be proud of us!" The old man shouted. The people behind him did the same.

"Well, not exactly as I imagined it, or planned it for that matter, but what is done is done. Hopefully, they will forget these old religions in time and focus on the important things in life." Maros cursed.

"We can only hope. Their religious zealotry reminds me of the texts about the Ori a bit. Concerning, if you ask me."

"As I said. What is done is done."

They left the group of people and closed the door behind them. Since only the important parts of the Cityship were locked out for the humans, the story of sighting of Athena and Zeus spread like wild fire among all the large groups of people. Maros and Kaira watched this development wit concern.

16 hours later, "old" cityship Olympus, hyperspace, en route to Kobolous

Erian, still sitting in the control chair, was having a discussion with his sister. "Really, they thought you were a goddess, and the Goa'uld one at that!? Oh man, why did I not go there too. Wonder what god they would have seen me as?"

Kaira, looking annoyed at her brothers antics. "As the god of fools, no doubt,"

"By the way, how did they understand you. Did you use the universal translator?"

"No, I wanted at first, but I decided to read their minds to learn their language as well as how to best approach this situation, based on their mental state. Because of that, I learned, that trying to tell them the truth would only have resulted in violence. That is why I went along with the goddess part."

Erian looked at his display, warning him of their imminent arrival. "Interesting. Anyway, we are reaching Kobolous in 2 minutes, better go back to the control room."

Space opened up in orbit of Kobolous, as the cityship entered orbit.

Maros opened a channel across the entire cityship. "To the humans on Olympus, we have arrived at our destination. We will transport you on the planet surface now. All your belongings and supplies will be transported along with you. Good luck!"

Maros looked at Kaira. "Begin the transport sequence, transport the groups on the predetermined locations."

"Already on it. While I'm doing that, you can use the rings to go and inspect the outpostship on Kobolous. It is on the bottom of the large ocean."

"Really, the underwater hiding place thing again? How did it even survive all these countless millennia underwater? The VEMs will be depleted in Atlantis in about 8.000 years, according to our calculations, then the cityship will be flooded. How did this outpostship endure so long?"

"As I said, it has a thick naquadah outer shell in the form of domes to protect individual parts of the ship. It doesn't require shields for space travel, or submersion."

"OK, good to know. I'll go check it out." Maros replied and went to the transporter platform.

The cold and dark room on the outpostship lit up as the ring transporters jumped to transport Maros.

As he looked around, he realized that for over 100.000 years, there has been no one on this outpostship. Going into the gate room, he activated the controls and lit up the entire outpost. The outpost was powered by 3 MVEM, but there was barely any power drain. The rest of the outpost seemed in good shape. 5 dome structures attached to a middle 5 pointed pyramid control structure. Each dome structure had a specific function. 2 were habitation domes filled with structures and an environment meant to simulate an urban city district. 2 domes were meant for agricultural development and the last one was the commercial/entertainment center. The central pyramid was both the military base on the lower and middle parts, and a control section for the entire outpiostship on the upper parts. It was here, that the gate room was located too. Each dome was connected to 2 neighboring domes, as well as the central pyramid and the lower industrial sector, that was beneath the domes and the pyramid. Beneath the industrial sector were the engines, generators and environmental systems. All the domes also had the option to "open up" if on a planet surface and the central pyramid had the same function, but only for windows.

"Not a bad design. Outdated, but not bad. Allot more durable than the advanced city ships, if there is insufficient power. A ship for simpler times, I guess. The only problem are the hyper drive engines. The interstellar part is mostly intact, but the intergalactic one is barely functional. Guess the hyper drive will never get past 2nd gear anymore, and I can't repair it without raising the outpost. Guess all those millennia underwater and these extreme pressures had to crack something. And they cracked the most exposed component, so that makes some sense. Sad, but nothing I can do about it. Better start programming some fail-safe's. I can finish the "tests" for the humans later, when I return via the astria porta."

2 hours later, "old" cityship Olympus, orbit of Kobolous

Maros returned via the ring transporters. Kaira approached him. "Well, how does it look down there? Is the outpost ship in working order?"

"Yes it is, the hyper drive will be slow, the intergalactic part is beyond repair at the moment. Also one of the MVEM is depleted, but the other 2 are in good shape. The long range communication array is also damaged. And here, is the resettlement complete?" he asked her back.

"Yes it is. They seem to be already scouting their new home for possible settlement sites. I think that they will prosper here. But how will they find the outpostship?"

Maros walked past her heading towards the control room. "There is a ring transporter access platform on the planet. All we have to do is at one point give then the remote control unit. Then they will get access to the outpostship and see the messages I left for them. You should record some too."

As she walked by him, she sighed. "Heh, and say what, 'Hey people of Kobolous, this is your real history and I'm the woman you mistaken for Athena, while the real Athena was a monster...' yeah, that will work fine. By the way, I'm being sarcastic here."

"I know, but we will have to return via astria porta anyway, to complete the reprogramming and everything else. You can do it then, if you want. Besides, the only astria porta on this planet is in the outpostship, they can't access the gate network otherwise. The other astria porta in this galaxy are well hidden."

As they reached the gate room, Maros contacted Erian via internal communication. "Erian, were done here, take us back to our home planet."

The cityship left orbit and entered hyperspace.

Hours later, Cityship "old" Olympus, orbit of unknown planet

Erian walked into the gate room, stretching his arms and legs.

Kaira looked at him. "You are not going to land us?"

"No, I have been sitting in that thing for hours, Amara is landing us. How is the SVEM status?"

Kiara looked at the power console. "As I predicted, the low power ones are dead, the 3rd one is at 9%. We were bleeding allot of power, and may lose another 0,1% during the descend, but then we are in the green."

Erian looked at the landing screen. The cityship was making its reentry into the atmosphere.

Hours later, Cityship "old" Olympus, unknown planet surface

In the mess hall, Maros was having a meal, when Erian and Kalia joined him.

Maros spoke. "Did you hear?"

Kaira smiled at him. "I hear allot of things, you have to be more specific."

"Ziros is thinking about doing something by himself to help some races in this galaxy."

Erian looked interested. "Oh, and what is his idea?"

"Genetic manipulation. As I understand it, he wants to genetically change a species on a planet to make them immune to Goa'uld infestation. I don't think I should allow him to play god." Maros had to keep his displeasure in check. "He even found a perfect planet to do this. The planet Atropos. There is a near human race there that he wants to immunize."

Erian looked impressed. "But is that not a good thing? If they are immune, they can fight the Goa'uld with no fear of infiltration."

Kaira responded. "I agree with Maros on this one. Immune or not, the Goa'uld will simply eradicate them, if they won't have any superior technology to defend themselves."

Maros nodded. "I will have to have a talk with him about this."

Kaira replied. "You should also talk with Bamor. He has an idea that you will not like. Also part of "stop the Goa'uld" plans."

Maros looked even more annoyed. "And what is his plan?"

"He is going to lead a group of rebel Jaffa called...give me a sec... Sodan I think. They rebelled and asked the other Jaffa to follow them, but they refused. He wants to show them a safe, hidden planet. I think that the planet in mind has one of our transportation monolith devices as well a stash of hidden technology, including personal cloaking devices." Kaira replied.

"I know of the planet." Maros nooded. "Those devices were advanced, but lethal if used long term, due to the radiation of the other dimension. As Jaffa however, they should not have any problems using them. I don't like this as well. I guess I now have 2 people to talk to. Anything else? No? OK. As for the Kobolous project, we will have to return to the outpostship via the astria porta soon. We still have things to do there. Let's just hope that the humans there will not mess thing up!"

Erian looks at him. "You mean like we did, oh great and powerful Zeus?"

"Oh shut up."

Years later, outpostship, planet Kobolous

Maros looked tired. "Well, that should do it. Everything is set. The fail-safe's are in place, the tests for the humans are prepared and the outpost itself is in the best shape we can make it. By the way, where is your brother?"

Kaira looked tired as well, sitting behind the control panel in the gate room. "On the surface again, having some socializing with the humans. Hope his cover will hold."

"It should. I'm more concerned about him doing something stupid than that."

Just then the ring transporter activated and Erian returned from the surface. "Hello you two, I'm back."

Maros looked at him with suspicion. "And? I hope you didn't break something or told those humans something they should not know yet."

"You worry too much. They are prospering really good. All of the groups have settlements now. 12 distinctive groups have formed."

"Well that is nice and all, but we have to leave now. I don't think we will be coming back as well. After this, ascension awaits us."

"This ascension thing is so overrated, if you ask me." Was Erian reply, clearly showing no interest in that.

Kaira listened to their bickering and decided to not say anything. Deciding to start the dialing of the astria porta, she got the attention of the other two. As the gate opened, she and Maros left immediately, but Erian stayed for a moment. He smirked. "Oh, I'm not done yet. I still have things to do." Then he entered the event horizon of the astria porta. Moments later, the outpost ship shut down all activity and went into deep slumber again, awaiting the day that the people of Kobolous would awaken it again.

Same moment, somewhere on a higher plane of existence

3 individuals were looking at what was happening on the lower planes. Janus, Moros and Oma.

"This Erian is going to be trouble. He reminds me too much of you, Janus." Moros said, while stroking his beard and looking at Janus.

"I'll take that as a compliment."

Oma interest was clearly more focused on the people. "What about these people? Do you think that they will succeed?"

"What do you care? Janus was breaking the rules on the mortal planes, you are breaking them here on the ascended planes. One human planet in the middle of nowhere will hardly change anything. Like you Oma, this Erian focuses too much on small issues or on individuals. The Ori are still a threat to us an all on the lower planes. You two, who are known for breaking the rules do not agree with me?"

Janus nodded, somewhat. "I agree with you entirely, but I still can't believe it, you the biggest rule follower is thinking about breaking the rules himself! I just love the irony of that. All the crap you gave me for years: 'Janus, stop with the unsanctioned experimentation! Stop with your attempt to correct the replicator nano cell problem, stop with your Attero device nonsense, stop trying to make the Arcturus project work, it never will. Stop you attempt to create a working time drive...'. And now this. Haha, you descending to make a weapon that can kill ascended begins."

Moros, not wanting to listen to Janus and his antics any longer, began to leave. "Yes well, you never did listen to me, now did you? I guess you became a bad influence on me."

"I guess we all have an affinity for disobedience." Oma smirked. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with us. I just hope that Ganos Lal won't be too much of a problem for you. She still carries a torch around for you."

"Let's hope so. Well I have to get going. Hope we meet each other somewhere, someday, someway, somehow. Bye."

As Moros disappeared, Oma asked Janus. "What do you think, oh great inventor, can these humans do it?"

"Don't know, but I have a feeling that things will be repeating themselves somehow."

Oma looked at him puzzled. "Repeating? OK, now you are just speaking in riddles."

"Call it a hunch." Janus replied.

"Oh wait a minute! Your time ship! You build one in the other timeline, but when Dr. Weir appeared in Atlantis just before the exodus, Moros forbade you to construct it this time! But you must have gotten a view of the future. Maybe you read Weirs mind?"

Janus smiled. "Maybe. Let's just say that all that will happen, will happen again. I really can't get into details."

"Shouldn't you have told Moros?"

"And what would have been the point of that? He will descend in about 6.000 years, when he is certain that the others will not be monitoring him so closely. He has his part to play in all of this as well."

Oma looked at him with suspicion. "You are hiding something? What could it be? Wait... the time ship, you did build it, just not in Atlantis! You really don't know how to listen to reason do you? Tampering with the timeline is dangerous! Look at your student Ikaros who created a machine even you feared, since it could create time paradoxes on an unimaginable scale."

Janus smirked and grinned. "A time ship? Really? And why would I do that. I already build it once, in that other timeline. Building the same thing again would not have been a challenge. And as a great inventor, I seek the challenge."

Oma looked shocked.

"And besides, you yourself said that we have an affinity for disobedience. You of all people should not lecture me about doing what is forbidden. You are walking a very thin line Oma. It might one day come back to bite you." Janus disappeared leaving a stunned Oma wondering what he meant with that.

Well, that is it for the opening chapter. Hope you liked it. I was inspired by many writers here at Fanfiction and decided to try it myself. Am a big fan of science fiction and crossover stories that make sense.

Before anyone starts asking about things, here are some information:

The Ancients did not use Earth terminology, so that is why I used other words for them.

You probably figured it out by yourselves, but just in case, let's go over them:

Any type of VEM = ZPM, and yes, I decided to implement various sizes for ZPMs, micro ones are mark 1 or first generation ones, small ones are 2nd gen. and the standard issue ones (the only ones in cannon) are the 3rd gen. The Arcturus project would have been an attempt at a gen. 10, if it had worked, thereby skipping many development stages. Well it failed.

Astria porta = Stargate (duh).

Gateship = Puddle jumper.

Power crystal = Eyes of the Goa'uld.

The unnamed galaxy = Large Magellanic Cloud.

Drone battleships = Aurora class battleship

There are also some rules for this story (that I will also use , if I ever write any more, that is): The Colonial jump drive has a range limitation of 1,5 Ly every 33 minutes, the Cylon one has almost 2 Ly limit, since better tech. The speed of jumping is determined by calculating speed and ship size. Capital ships like Battlestars or Baseshipin other stories of this types have a 33 min limit (but more than 1 jump drive to compensate for it) for the jump drive, not the calculation speed. Small ships like Raiders or Raptors have much faster jump drive recharge rate, but at a price. They don't have the same range on a full tank like a capital ship would have and their FTLs burn out allot faster than the big ones and/or need allot more maintenance.

Hyperdrives have bands (and yes, the idea is from Honorverse). The upper bands (Alpha, Beta) are closer to real space so they need less power to reach, but their top speed is lower (first gen hyper drives). The deeper you go into Hyperspace, the faster you can go, but you need more power for it (Iota, Kappa). The tpe of Hyperdrive also determines the bands it can reach (Alpha - basic interstellar hyper drive, Theta - basic intergalactic, Kappa - transgalactic...). Each band also has a minimum speed, maximum speed and everything in between.

Also in this story I will use Subspace and Hyperspace as separate dimensions, and not as one and the same.

Proto naquadah = Tylium (found in Milky way galaxy as well, but not valuable, until refined into proper naquadah. The Goa'uld only focused on mining on habitable planets with any naquadah deposit, but proto naquadah becomes regular naquadah on habitable planets (read atmosphere) much faster than in space, that is why tylium/proto naquadah was rarely found and only refined, when it was the only thing left on a planet to mine).

Tylium, unlike naquadah, if not refined into naquadah itself, can only be used for liquid fuel (like the Colonials do) or into a solid non radioactive material that can be used for a form of fusion (much like energy grade/weapon grade naquadah can too, but the Colonials never developed even simple deuterium fusion, let alone naquadah fusion (read naquadah reactor tech)). Also energy grade tylium is very energy potent (more than its liquid form), but pales compared to its big brothers energy potential (much like naquadah pales when compared to naquadria).

When it comes to technology, any tech talk will have a hierarchy for energy and advancement (no matter if shields, weapons, sensors... ): Mono, Dual, Tri, Quad, Inter, Multi, Meta, Trans, ... (like simple Mono shielding is significantly weaker than multiphasic-transdimentional shields). If you have any ideas for additional fancy words for this tech talk, tell me.

As for the automated exploration ship. The whole concept of Destiny intrigued me, but I thought that the Ancients would have send allot more ships just to scout the galactic neighborhood (and I am still sad that it and Atlantis were canceled). That is why I have added this into the story.

Also, any stargate dialing any other stargate in another galaxy will need a control crystal (unlike in cannon, where only the Pegasus ones needed it). Only an Ancient or someone with Ancient knowledge could do it without a control crystal.

Next chapter: Time jump, but not to the present yet.