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"Speaking in a different language"

Chapter 19: Breaking the wheel, part 1: If it's stupid but it works...

Anubis command ship, Delmak high orbit, now

Anubis was standing on his ship's Pel'tac, looking out the main view port. He was waiting for an update. He was expecting one. And he got one. The control panel alerted him to a comm request.

"Her'ak, I expect only good news."

"And I give good news, my lord. As you predicted, a Tereran fleet is approaching Demos in hyperspace."

If Anubis still had a face, he would smile.

"Good. The terrans will fall before me there. I gave you my flagship to cripple them. They are the biggest threat. Do not disappoint me."

"I will kill them all in your name, my lord." Her'ak announced, bowed down and deactivated the comm link.

Anubis then looked at the overall state of the galaxy as he switched the display to that of the galaxy. His commander in Xi has detected the System Lords and the one in Renan detected another Goa'uld fleet, or as he now knew, a fleet from the traitorous Jaffa. There was also something approaching Korinaros, but he ignored it, knowing that it was a distraction. The traitor did his work well. Anubis turned around, facing his mole who was flanked by 2 Kull solders.

"You have done well."

Terran flag ship BB-501 Excalibur, Terran task force 'Hollywood', en route, hyperspace, now

They all stood on the bridge, looking out the main view port. There they saw other ships. Other 501's, cruisers, destroyers and the rest. This was it. Admiral Vix was in command, looking over all the information arriving like a hawk. He didn't mind the guests, as long as they did not slow his work down.

"Admiral, 6 minutes." the nav officer reported.

"Hope your plan works, Yao." Vix muttered. He then turned to Adama. "And yours as well, admiral."

Adama, who was on one side of the planning table, overwhelmed by the military power and technological capabilities of their cousins, but was also somewhat familiar with it. It felt like being on a Battlestar again, surrounded with an entire Colonial fleet.

"If the data pans out, it will. That is Starbuck's strong point. She may be loud, insubordinate, undisciplined, but she can come up with solutions to problems in a way that others can't. Now..." he turned around to the bridge part that reminded him of a CIC and stepped to the planning holographic table. Vix joined him. "When are we to expect the telemetry?"

"Hopefully soon."

Ancient Puddle jumper code name 'Peeping Tom', hyperspace, same time

"You did test this prior of us just... jumping, Meredith?" Sheppard looked at McKay, worried at the shaking of his ship.

"Yes?" Sheppard looked annoyed at that response. "OK, no, but we didn't have time. I blame Radek! It was his project and..."

"By the predecessors, he is whiny. And annoying." Larrin remarked as she sat in the co-pilot seat.

"Why did we take Rambo Barbie along with us? And I am not whining!" McKay asked, ducking the same moment.

"I want to be at the front row, little man."

"So do I." Ronon concurred in the other rear seat. "And you are whining." he looked at McKay.

"OK, to all of you, stop complaining or I will stop this ship and you can walk home!" Sheppard joked, somewhat. "Besides, we are approaching in 10 seconds. Rodney, get ready!"

In space, the hyperspace window opened and the jumper entered normal space. The same moment it cloaked.

"We are we should be, Rodney?"

"Yes, right on target. Now... pass this molten moon and our target should be in front of us."

"You sure his scanners will not see thru the Ancient cloak?"

"Not 100%, but 99%?"


As they passed the moon, their target planet appeared on the main window. As well as the large fleet and orbital facilities defending it, including several Hasara space stations.

"OK, getting telemetry, linking up with 'Party crashers' and 'Hollywood' task forces." McKay went to work.

Terran flag ship BB-501 Excalibur, Terran task force, en route, hyperspace, now

"Sir, getting telemetry uplink, 'Peeping Tom' is on site." the comm officer reported. On the holographic display table, their target was now displayed with only a few seconds delay.

"Right, looks like we got all the info we need, admiral?" Adama looked at the fleet commander. He was for all intense and purposes, still an 'observer'.

"Looks good. Comm, get me 'Party crashers'. Is the 'Paparazzi' force still doing its work?"

"Yes sir. The Goa'uld defense fleet is still sitting on their hands, thinking that we are approaching that system."

"Good, the longer they need to put it together on what is going on, the more time we have."

The Phoenix and Valkyrie, task force 'Party crashers', 2 Ly from the target, running stealth mode

The prototype sister ships were waiting for their signal. They were phase 2 of the operation 'New Overlord'. Captain Smith was not happy. Her ship and the Valkyrie were not ready, but they were the fastest ships the Terrans currently had. And the only ones with the new stealth hyperdrive option. It drastically reduced maximum speed of the ship, but made it almost impossible to detect with current hyperspace sensors. This way, they managed to sneak up to their target system without being detected. And while normally not having any fighters on board was a self defeating concept, this was for this operation, something useful.

"Captain, comm from admiral Vix, phase 1 is good, we are to prepare for phase 3."

The captain just nodded and looked at her guests. Kara Thrace and Caprica.

"This is your barbie, ladies. Suit up."

Kara smirked and nodded to Caprica.

"Let's go then. When is phase 3 to begin?"

"Once we get confirmation from the Jaffa and our distraction fleet for phase 2."

"And those... System Lords?"

"They... are on their own." the captain remarked, no sign of regretting that last remark.

The Mirage 401 cruiser, task force 'Paparazzi', hyperspace, en route, same time

"Time?" captain Y'idris, a Serrakin, asked, looking nervous out the main window on the bridge.

"22 seconds sir."

"Our upgrade? Is it working well?" he looked at the chief engineer.

"Yes, the ZPM is helping allot. We are projecting a massive hyperspace distortion, one that usually only a fleet would do."

The captain nodded.

"Good, get the holographic projector ready. And charge the sensor scramblers. Everyone, battle stations!"

In normal space, the Mirage exited hyperspace, but the same second, a fleet of ships appeared all around her. It was not a large Terran fleet that was approaching the 4th planet of this double system.


"Projectors and jammers are working. Enemy fleet is not yet in short range sensor range, so they did not see the transition." the XO analyzed the sensor readings.

Y'idris looked out the main window again.

"Very well. Tactical, begin scan. Update telemetry to Excalibur. Once we have confirmation that the enemy is taking the bait, phase 3 can begin."

"Sir, I can already confirm that Vix and Yao were right."

Y'idris stood up to look at the tactical officers console. He then smiled.

"They are so predictable. Now we slowly approach the planet and see if they take the bait. The longer they waste here before they figure it out, the better for our main attack."

The Phoenix and Valkyrie, 2 Ly from the target

"Captain, 'Paparazzi' reporting that the bait has been taken, the Jaffa defenders are just waiting and not engaging. Also, command was right, IT is there." the comm officer reported.

Captain Smith tapped her comm device.

"Captain Thrace, you're up."

In Phoenix's hangar, Starbuck entered her ship, a Cylon heavy raider. In fact, the entire port hangar was filled with them. The other Raiders were getting manned with Cylon pilots.

"Good luck, Caprica. Monitor the situation on the CIC." Kara smiled at Caprica, who was remaining behind.

"I think they call it the bridge."

"Who the frak cares. Let's just hope your jump calculations are good."

"They are if the scout did his job well."

"And let's hope these toys of our cousins do a good job."

Kara closed the rear door of the heavy Rader. In the hangar, the launch doors opened, with the atmospheric barrier active. The raiders begin to take off.

In space, both ships have all their hangar doors open, letting hundreds of Raiders loose.

"OK, Party crashers, check your jump coordinates, weapons and give a green light. Then, we wait for the 'old men' to give us a green light."

Ancient Puddle jumper, minutes later

"You done yet, Meredith?"

Rodney ignored him and kept on working.


"Keep your shirt on! We now know they can't see us! We have time!"

"Not indefinitely! The distraction ship will engage any minute!"

"And the more time I have... there, got it!"

The Jumper HUD displayed the entire planet, with several spots marked with red.

"The planetary targets? You mean..." Sheppard tried to understand this.

"Yes, Party crashers will be able to initiate the first part of the bombardment themselves, not just the defensive forces. I'm transmitting the info now. Sheppard, NOW, you can get us out of here to a safe distance."

Sheppard complied and began taking the Jumper out of orbit, right under the noses of a fleet of Ha'tak's.

"Music to my ears."

The Phoenix and Valkyrie, 2 Ly from the target, a minute later

"Captain, we got an update! The scout gout all the ground based targets marked. Admiral Vix has given the green light and also said that Party crashers are to target the marked planeside targets."

"Good. Update the Raiders and let them go!" captain Smith smiled. Time to get this show going.

On her heavy Raider, Kara got the info update.

"Frak, this is detailed stuff. Sure we can target all of those factory complexes, so close to the population?" she asked the Phoenix captain.

"We have little choice. Collateral damage."

"Right, now we wait for the decoy and the main fleet."

Terran flag ship BB-501 Excalibur, Terran task force, en route, hyperspace

"Sir, exiting hyperspace in 3, 2, 1..."

The fleet arrived at its target planet.

"Report!" Vix yelled out.

"Sir, enemy defenders are reacting. Ha'tak's deploying their fighter screens and their frigates are preparing to take our missiles down."

Vix looked at Adama. Both men smiled.

"Party crashers are a go!"

Anubis super Anubu'rak, Demos defense fleet, high orbit, same time

On the Pel'tak, Her'ak saw the Terans approaching and smiled. Like lambs to a slaughter. But their approach speed was troubling him. Why take their time? Something was off, but he dared not deviate from his masters plan.

"Charge the plasma devastator weapon! And contact lord Anubis! Something is not right!"

His 2nd in command Jaffa bowed and went to his station.

"It will be ready in 15 seconds, my lord... My lord! Our communication is being jammed! I cannot reach lord Anubis."

Her'ak really did not like it. This was going too... well.

"Fire the main weapon and tell the fleet to leave their position to engage the enemy!"

"Lord Her'ak, lord Anubis strictly..."

The 2nd in command Jaffa, who wanted to protest, got no further, as Her'ak shot him with his Zat.

"Anyone else want to protest? No!? I will take the punishment from our lord if my decision brings us disaster, but execute my order, NOW!"

In space, the Anubu'rak had deployed its main weapon, having opened up the central cylindrical area. As the power spiked and the ship unleashed its main weapon, something happened that Her'ak did not expect. The defensive fleet, capital ships, fighters and escort ships broke rank to engage the enemy. They had similar success.

"What happened!" Her'ak screamed at the other Jaffa.

"My lord... the beam just... passed thru the ship!"

"I can see that, you incompetent fool. What I want to know... no!? They didn't!"

"My lord!?"

"To all ships, open fire and keep firing, hit something, anything!"

As instructed, the fleet opened up on the attackers, only to hit empty space. Their shots went thru the attackers.

"Treachery! Their distraction fleet is here! They are not attacking Demos!" Her'ak turned to his subordinate. "Get me lord Anubis, I don't care how you do it! Use the gate on the planet if you have to! The rest of you, find the ship projecting this!"

Anubis command ship, planet Delmak high orbit, same time

Anubis was standing on his ship's Pel'tac, looking out the main view port, not believing what was happening. He had it all planed out. How could it all go so wrong? His rage began getting the better of him. As he turned around, he stared down the Goa'uld who was standing behind him all this time, flanked by 2 Kull solders.

"You have failed me!" Anubis roared.

"But my lord, Ba'al made this plan and the Terrans agreed to it..." the traitor whined and began bowing, hoping to save his life.

"Nerus, you are of no further use to me!" Anubis then signaled his Kull's, who grabbed him by the arms and began dragging him off the Pel'tac.

"My lord, please..." He got no further with his pleades.

"Once I deal with this nuisance, I shall extract the little value he may still have in his brain." Anubis turned his attention to the problem at hand "Jaffa, mobilize the fleet! We need to..!" Anubis did not get to end that sentence. His ship began to rock as large explosions engulfed his fleet.

The Phoenix and Valkyrie, 2 Ly from the target, seconds earlier

"We have green light." Starbuck yelled out over wireless. "OK, Party crashers, jump in 5, 4, 3, 2, ..."

Delmak, high orbit, behind the defensive fleet and orbital installations, seconds later

In flashes of light, the Cylon raiders appeared right where they wanted to. At the soft underbellies of Anubis forces. Far from his fighters, orbital satellites and stations and most importantly, the new frigates.

"Jump complete. Everyone here?" as Starbuck got the affirmative from all wing commanders, she barked out orders. "OK, you know what to do, all of you! Select your targets and let loose! Let's see what our cousins nukes can do!"

The raiders launched their missile loads. Most of them at the orbital defenders, but some on the planet as well. Since the Raider force had split up into several groups and jumped at different parts of the orbit, they had plenty of targets to choose from.

The missiles were launched and the Raiders began to pull back. They were noticed, the staff weapons of the capital ships turning against them, but all missing. The anti fighter weapons were mostly still on the frigates that were in no position to engage the Raiders.

Starbuck then saw it on the Dradis. The Terran fleet had arrived, gaining all the attention of the defenders.

"Looks like the big boys have arrived. Would love to see this frackers face when he realizes that we caught him with his pants down!"

The first nukes went off, hitting their targets. Blinding flashes of light engulfed the defenders as the shockwaves of the explosions devastated the Death glider wings and the support ships, like the frigates and Al'kesh. The capital ships were mostly unharmed, but the damage was done. Anubis just lost his main defense against Terran missiles and fighters. Only a few capital ships were equipped with the new Zat cannons, not enough for what was in front of him. He also lost most of his unmanned defense satellites, leaving only the bulkier space stations standing. He was not prepared for a rear attack.

"Frak, that is a monster explosion! They weren't fraking around. Those Mark X as they call them pack a punch." Starbuck looked at her work in awe. The same was happening on the planet, but with the smaller warheads. Most got thru with only some getting shot down. Then she saw the shockwaves approaching them. "OK people, we outstayed our welcome, let's jump back!"

As ordered, the Raider force began disappearing in flashes, leaving a really angry Anubis behind.

Flashback: New Terra, fleet admiral Yao's office, days earlier

With Adama's advice, Yao had captain Thrace brought to her office. Adama, Larrin, O'Neill and Vix were already there.

"Captain, understand that anything you say is classified and I am only entertaining this notion because of your admiral. He made... some interesting observations that caught my attention. He seems to have the idea that you are the person to go to for an 'out of the box' idea." Yao said to Kara as they both saluted each other.

"Thank you, sir. And he is right about that, sir."

"Drop the sir for now. You are here to give your input on this OP, not to brown nose. Here on this holo table are all the information we have as well as our battle plan. Look it over ASAP and tell me what you think. I'll discuss the other matter with the others in the mean time."

As Kara began studying the information and plan, Yao and the others went to her work table.

"Admiral, one thing I do not understand." Adama began the conversation. "This plan is based on the recommendations of one of those System Lords. As far as I was told, they can't be trusted, so why...?"

Yao smirked.

"That is the revised plan. I never trusted Ba'al. Maybe he is telling the truth, maybe he is lying. But they might have a traitor in their ranks, so I just said yes to shut them up. I never had the intention to follow his plan."

Flashback in a flashback, New Terra, 1 day prior to fist contact with the Colonials

People were getting ready. The time of the operation was approaching. They all hoped that Ba'al could be trusted. They all hoped that they can deal a serious blow to Anubis megalomania. On the good side, the Pegasus expedition had made good progress. They, even if only by accident, made contact with the Travelers. The meeting was meant to happen soon.

Walking down the hallway of the special forces complex, Samantha Carter had been engrossed in a report on her PDA. It was the current know position of Anubis forces. She did not like it. It looked like the Tok'ra distractions were working. Almost too well. What she saw was the perfect position of enemy forces for the plan to get a green light.

What Sam did not know, was that an old friend wanted to talk to her. But he was stopped. No one saw them.

"Why? They need to be warned." Daniel Jackson said to Janus, who held him by his arm.

"You can't. The others were lenient, so far. But if you do this..."

"Yes, they banish me. As if that did not happen the first time! You told me that yourself. But these are my friends! They need to know that Nerus has betrayed the System Lords!"

"No! Besides, watch and learn, Daniel." Janus smirked as he went to the command center, dragging Daniel with him. There they began listening to the conversation.

"So?" Yao asked no one in particular, but everyone at the same time.

"So we never intended to implement Ba'al's plan in the first place. Nice thinking, sir." Hammond responded. "You don't trust him?"

"No. Not him or any of his underlings or the other lords. The plan Ba'al proposed was screaming betrayal. If not by Ba'al, then by someone else. I guess a mole could be a minor System Lord trying to get on Anubis good side. We said yes, but never intended to hit his proposed targets. We fear that it might be a trap. Now whoever the possible mole could be will be feeding Anubis information that will not be accurate anymore. At least for us and the Free Jaffa. We can't tell Ba'al about this." Yao explained.

"OK, but why keep my former team in the dark?" general O'Neill in holographic presence asked.

"We can't be too careful. And if the mission goes fubar and they get captured, they would have just confirmed the original plan, while our forces hit Demlak and level it. And I mean level it, space, atmosphere and ground. We will not strike at the population, but this is war and collateral damage is unavoidable. If Anubis leaves Delmak with only minimal fleet defense, we only have to worry about the planetary and orbital defenses. My main concern is to get that monster with that plasma super weapon away from Delmak. But it will still be a difficult battle. One way or the other, if there is or is not a mole, in both cases, Delmak will be far less protected than usual. SG-1's mission will remain unchanged as well."

"So if this is a trap, we are letting Anubis slaughter the System Lords? Not that that is a bad idea, but all those innocent Jaffa... not to mention that if the System Lords loose most of their offensive forces..." Bra'tac tried to argue back. While letting the false god's be slaughtered did not bother him, lying and letting fellow Jaffa die in vain was not honorable.

"Sorry, master Bra'tac, but here most of the military command agrees with the fleet commander. We can't risk warning them." Hammond stopped her.

"And the whole holographic decoy thing?" android general Aron asked.

"Still being used. But at the planet where our fleet should attack and Anubis might expect us. At the Demos shipyards. No point to use a diversion where they expect us to use it." Vix reassured him.

"I may have a suggestion, admirals and generals." Bra'tac stood up and leaned on the display. "We may not be able to warn the System Lords, but we may warn some of the Jaffa. The ones I can trust. But only if you agree, of course."

The military brass looked at each other. They did not like this. Hammond however trusted Bra'tac's judgment.


"Oshu, the prime of Yu. I can trust him. And if I warn him as late as possible, that should suffice."

Unknown to all of them, Janus and Daniel head all of this.

"See? Did I not tell you all will be fine?"

"You need to work on your delivery, Janus."

"Hmm, besides, I think my little side project is blossoming nicely. They are finally back to the galaxy of their origin." Janus smirked as if he was looking at a point in space that no one else could see.


"Patience, Daniel Jackson. Patience. They may have their part to play in all of this."

Flashback in the flashback end

Admiral Adama listened to Yao's explanation of their 'modified' plan.

"I like it. Let this Anubis and your 'allies' guessing. No matter if you use the original or modified plan, your best target would still be Delmak, Anubis seat of power. But this way, you remove the risk of walking into a trap. But many things can still go wrong and you will suffer losses."

"We know. That is why I am humoring your request. If we can speed up this OP and minimize losses, I'm all ears. Hopefully, your captain will be finished soon." Yao replied as she leaned into her chair and massaged her forehead. "Sometimes I hate this job."

Adama almost laughed.

"Care to swap? The past 2 years included?"

She and Vix looked at him, knowing he was joking.

"To quote you, admiral, 'frak no'." That got Adama to laugh.

"Sir." Kara said to draw everyone's attention. "I think I got the basic of it and... I think we can increase the chances of success."

The flak officers all got up and joined her at the holo planning table.

"Very well, captain. Let's hear it." Yao ordered her.

"Your plan is sound, but if your info pans out, they have a good way to counter your main advantages, fighter superiority and missile tech. If we knock those out, your back in the game."

"If we knew a good way to do that... we would. I guess you found one?"

Kara nods and looks at Adama.

"We jump a force of fighters armed with the best nukes you guys have behind their fleet, where they least expect it and let them have it. Now the nukes will do little to nothing to the capital ships, but the frigates and fighters... they will waste them, right?" Vix and Yao nod at this. "And according to your intel, these new anti fighter and missile weapons are mostly only installed on these frigates, so once they, the fighters and orbital satellites are gone, all you have left to deal with are these space stations and capital ships."

"Good plan, three problems. I thought about it, but our hyperdrives can't make such pinpoint jumps, yet. At least on the fighters. And anything bigger can't get the job done and will be wasted by the large anti capital ship weapons. Second, Anubis, like most of his planets, has fortified Delmak with hyperspace sensors, so they will see them coming. Third, our fighters have small hyperdrive engines, they need several minutes to cool them down before activating them again. During that time, the shockwaves would destroy them along with the enemy. Nice try captain, but..."

"We use ours." Kara smirked.

"Come again?" O'Neill asked. Adama got it.

"Our Raptors. We have jump drives. Something your enemies have never faced before. We can jump in and out before they can react." Adama tried to explain as he began to understand Karas plan.

"No, sir. Not Raptors, Raiders." Adama raised his eyebrow.


"Yes sir. They have better range, faster calculation and are more accurate. Besides, the Cylons have hundreds of them, we not so many Raptors."

"Uhhh, guess I'll see if they are willing to use them. The heavy Raiders can be piloted, but the regular ones... if they say no, since they are now free and have their own will..."

"We'll just ask them. Why would they say no? Cylons are our buddies now, right? And a way to redeem themselves, I'd jump at that chance."

"Perhaps based on that they don't want to be part of another nuking the planet operation. Maybe they don't want to do that anymore?" Adama asked Kara sternly. Then he sighed. "Well, asking them can't hurt. But then there is the logistical problem? We can't get them thru the gate and..."

Yao went to her desk and activated her comm device.

"Admiral Adama, please contact the Pathfinder. They have several Raptors, yes?"

"Yes, they do."

"My assistant, Yetrel, will connect you. We need to test them first."

"For what?" Adama asked as he went to her desk to begin the call.

"If our sensors can detect jumps, if we can mask them and all the small print stuff. Allot of 'ifs'."

"The Pathfinder can detect jumps, but only jump in and out points. Since a jump is instantaneous, there is no warning time." Adama logically argued back.

Yao was impressed. This might work.

"We still need to test them out first, but I agree. Make the call."

Adama just nodded and went to work. Yao joined the rest at the planning table.

"Captain, what is the range of these jump drives?"

"Ours? Around 1 to 1,5 Ly. The Toas... sorry, old habits. The Cylons around 2 Ly."

She activated another comm channel on her view screen behind the planning table.

"Eva, get me Narin, ASAP."

"Understood, admiral."

"Now, while we wait, what is the missile holding capacity of these Raiders?"

Kara began thinking hard.

"Don't know the exact number, but at least 4 to 6 missiles, if memory serves. No idea on the Heavy Raiders."

"Hmm, Vix, what do you think. We put a mark IX on all of them? That should do some damage?"

"It would, but we have the new mark X available. I mean, 11,2 gigatons is more than 2 gigatons, so..."

"We would be using up all the stock. But you are right. If there are enough of these Raiders and we handle the other problems... we could even spare some mark IX to preemptively hit the planet. What about scouting options? We need eyes there before we strike."

"Any Al'kesh would be detected. He has a sensor deployed on that planet that can see thru Goa'uld cloaks. And no spy had managed to infiltrate it." Vix shook his head. As he did that, the comm console began beeping. Yao activated it.

"Narim, sorry for waking you, but we need some info."

"No problem, admiral. What can I do for you?"

"The 2 hyperdrive based projects, how are they progressing?"

"You mean the hyperspace capable Ancient Puddle jumper and the stealth hyperdrive? Well, the first is still being worked on, first trials may begin in a week..."

"We need it done prior to the attack."

Narim almost fell off his chair.

"Madam, that is not possible. Dr. Zelenka has..."

"I don't care. Cannibalize anything and everything you need, this is top priority. With a Jumper with a hyperdrive we could get eyes on Delmak without getting spotted. We need that info!"

Narim tried to argue back, but stopped himself. When Yao was like this, there was no point.

"As for the stealth option on the hyperdrive, the Phoenix and Valkyrie are outfitted with them, but we haven't even begun the trial tests."

"Nothing like the present. And have the same stealth option on the Jumper ready. It will be needed!"

Before Narim could react to that demand, Yao cut the comm connection.

"That was rude." O'Neill remarked. "I mean, he can be a bit... too nice, but..."

"I am paid to win wars, not to hold people's hands, general and so are you." Yao shot back at O'Neill.

Adama joined them.

"The Pathfinder will have all Raptors landed in 15 minutes. You can then take your time testing them. Our pilots will be standing by. But what about the Raiders?"

"Admiral, I have a request. From one veteran to another. As soon as we get the results of these jump tests, I will order the Phoenix and Valkyrie to New Kobol. They will be the ships to deploy them anyway, if the plan is to be implemented. And they are the fastest, so it also makes sense there. You return via the gate and persuade the Cylons to cooperate."

"I'll do what I can, but the gate is in use, when...?"

"In 12 minutes, a large shipment of wheat, medicine, clothing and other essentials are being send to New Kobol, you can hitch a ride there, so to speak, without disrupting the traffic."

Adama understood. This was a good idea. He knew that the ring on New Kobol was now almost 23 hours in use, that planets whole day.

"Then permission to leave, admiral?"

"Granted. Your captain and we have other things to discuss. Don't worry, she is in good hands." Yao smirked as she saluted him. He returned the salute and began leaving, fast.

Yao then turned her attention back to the planning table.

"So, captain, any other brilliant plans you want to share?"

"I do have a question. This capital ship you want to avoid confronting. If he has 2 and another being build..."

"The one we want to avoid is modified with Ancient tech. 4 power amplification crystals that enable it to use a plasma super weapon."

"Like those power crystals or as you call them, ZPM's?"

"No, a real crystal that somehow amplifies power of whatever system it is part of, engines, shields, weapons, power generation... The System Lords called them the eyes of the Goa'uld. We got 2 of them before Anubis, he got the remaining 4. We then found the Eye of Kronus on Earth, but we are still one short." To hammer her point home, Yao showed her a holographic model of a crystal.

Eyes of the gods... Lords. The eye of Jupiter! Kara's eyes widen.

"We may have one of those on New Kobol."

The flag officers in the room stopped debating and looked at her, intensely.

"Come again?" O'Neill just dropped what everyone was thinking.

"We found this... crystal on a planet where a temple was build. The temple of Five. Baltar has tried everything to figure out what to do, short of dancing around it. And the Gemeniese want it for themselves. Something to do that it is a sacred object..."

"You mean those religious nut jobs?" O'Neill cursed and slapped his forehead. "Guess they will really hate us now. Captain, we need... scratch that, want that crystal!"

"Ok, but if you have 3 already..."

"We have the basic understanding how Anubis modifications work for his weapon, but have no idea of how to make another crystal ourselves or where to find additional resources. We know where to get the info, but that source is beyond our ability to hack for the moment." Yao tried to explain.

"Then it is best if we let the old man know that he has another headache incoming." Kara suggested.

Again, unknown to them, they were being watched.

"See, Daniel. No problem."

"So you keep saying, Janus. These Colonials were not there the first time. Is this your doing?"

"In a way. The original planners had nothing to do with me. But this one. Kara, she is special."

"You mean because she has flashbacks of her life she had in the original time line?"

Janus looked surprised.

"You surprised me, doctor and that is a rarity for me, thank you. You noticed it. Yes, she was the one leading the Colonials to their final destiny in the original time line. I think Maros or Kaira choose her for that honor."

"Or a burden, depends on how you look at it."

New Terra, gate room, 11 minutes later

Adama arrived minutes ago, seeing the convoy of vehicles designed to fit thru the gate, waiting for the connection to be established. general Landry saw Adama and approached him.

"Yao told me. Good luck admiral."

"Thank you, general. Will see if D'Anna and Cavil will be in the giving mood."

"Before you go, I do have another request. Your captain just called, that eye of Jupiter you have?"

"Yes?" Adama responded, not liking where this was going.

New Kobol, minutes later

Karl and Lee were in the ring room, overseeing the delivery, giving orders where to send what.

"Well, they are quite punctual, our cousins." Karl smirked, seeing that the food rationing will come to an end. "Not having to see children going hungry to bed every other day... sounds so nice."

"Oh yeah. I know what you mean. I mean, my 2 kids are still on mom's milk, but even she has to eat. Our harvest would be in a month, so this helps. Hey, Karl. I checked my weight."


"Back to my normal before I started not taking care of myself. Thank you."

"No problem, champ. Dee was chewing my head off, so I had to do it. Sharon as well, you know to help a friend. Besides, this food shortage helped as well, didn't it." They both laughed. "Hey... is that the old man?" Karl pointed to the ring.

"Yeah." They both went from the upper platform to the ring level to greet him. "Something's up, he wasn't supposed to be here, yet. And he looks depressed."

They saluted him as he passed them.

"Walk with me." They did as ordered.


"Kara's plan was... accepted. But now we need the Cylon's help, so.. I will need to speak with D'Anna. And... call Laura. I have a headache to share with her. Where is everybody anyway, I was expecting more people in the ring room?" the admiral wondered as they walked out to the main corridor.

"The Quorum, while pleased on the improvements on the current situation, food wise, well, you know which 2 members are still bitching." Lee said with a sigh.

"And when I ask for the eye of Jupiter they will really go insane."

Both Lee and Karl looked surprised.

"Why would our cousins want that, sir?" Karl asked first.

"Apparently, it is a valuable piece of technology. Their enemy, this system Lord has a ship with 4 of those crystals and that ship has everyone scared."

"Frak." Lee and Karl muttered in stereo. They had turned a corner when they bumped into Leoben.

"You, Leoben! Where are D'Anna and Cavil!? This is urgent!" Adama said with raised voice. Leoben saw the urgency in the admirals voice.

"Still on that Asgard's ship with that Harlan. They seem to..." Adama waved his hand.

"I don't care. I need to speak to them. How do I contact them? Can I use our cities comm system?"

"Yes, but only on a secure frequency. Don't worry, I have it, let's go to Tory's office, I'll call them."

As the admiral and Cylon began walking towards the political sector, Bill turned around to look ad Karl and Lee.

"You two go to the president and tell her what we just talked about!"

Both of them stood there as the admiral disappeared behind a door. They looked at each other.

"You want to tell her?" Lee asked Karl.

"Frak that idea. The admiral is your father, you tell the president."

Lee shook his head.

"Fine, I'll tell the president. You owe me, Karl."

The Daniel Jackson, high orbit of the plant New Kobol, minutes later

Admiral Adama found himself on a completely new ship, one he didn't know anything about. The only thing he knew was what Leoben had told him. Another Asgard ship had arrived, a more modern science ship, apparently, called after a human from Earth. And it was commanded by another Asgard geneticist. Loki. As in the enemy of the Lords Loki. Adama just shook his head and remembered that this is nothing strange now, when compared to what they had already learned.

He looked around, seeing a completely different interior on this ship when compared to the other one he was on not so long ago. But there was a similarity to the design. Spotting D'Anna sitting on a chair next to a... pod of some kind and an Asgads behind her working on their... consoles with those strange stones of theirs.

"Admiral, please, come here. I understand you wanted to talk?"

"Yes, D'Anna. I have a request... what the frak is this?" he nods to the pod that began glowing thru the partially transparent surface.

"A new body for... Cavil."

"Hm, so they... found a way to fix him?"

"Not entirely, but to replace the damaged parts. This Loki, after arriving, had some... let's call them strange ideas. He was fascinated by our version of their tech, but I think he almost went overboard. Anyway, this Harlan fellow, he volunteered to be scanned down to the molecular level. Now, Loki is creating an android body based on the same design, but with Cavil's looks. John even made a joke that he will now get what his brothers always raged about, a machine in a mechanical body. Oh, speaking of the devil..." D'Anna looked past Adama to the entrance of this chamber. Harlan had just returned.

"My friends, is it working?"

"Patience, the construction of the new body is progressing nicely, the transfer will be another matter, I still have some memory and motor routines to replace." Loki said with a bored tone.

D'Anna just shook her head and looked at the admiral again.

"Now, admiral, what is it you need?"

Bill took a deep breath. Hope this works.

New Kobol, Quorum chamber, same time

Laura took a deep breath. She had just told the Quorum of their cousins request. And predictable as the sunrise, the Gemeniese cried out like spoiled children.

Massaging her forehead, she had to keep herself calm.

"Madam president, I have to protest! The Eye is a sacred artifact! You promised...!"

"I promised nothing! I said that IF it was of no use for Baltar or the military, you would get it. You haven gotten it yet, have you. And guess what. It has become valuable! I think using it for whatever it can be used is better than a decorative piece for your beliefs!

"Our beliefs are your beliefs!"

"Not to this extreme!" she turned her attention to Lee, ignoring the Gemeniese representative. "Anything else?"

"Well, they are still asking for our inventory list of anything Ancient we found."

"Has Baltar not done that already?"

"You know him, he's on New Terra annoying them to let him see their laboratories. I think I'll have to do that, madam. Relying on Baltar now is pointless."

She just nodded.

"Agreed, get to it then, commander. Where is the admiral?"

"Asking something of the Cylons."

"Do we want to know what?"

"Not really." Lee replied and walked out, also not wanting to hear more questions from the Quorum members.

Flashback end

Anubis command ship, Delmak high orbit, seconds later

Anubis was seething. This was not going according to plan. These humans were making a mockery of him. They will learn that he has a surprise or 2 of his own.

"Jaffa! Are the modified Ha'tak's ready?"

The lead Jaffa kneeled down.

"Yes, my lord, but they were never tested..."

"Launch them! They know of their mission."

"But the amount of losses..." He didn't get to say more as a Kull shot him dead after Anubis signaled him with his hand. Anubis then looked at the second Jaffa. He did not hesitate.

"As you wish, my lord!"

"Lord Anubis!" another Jaffa ran to the Pel'tak and kneeled. "Lord Her'ak has contacted us thru the Chappa'ai. His forces are engaged with the diversion fleet, but his communication is being jammed. He send a transmission thru the gate, requesting permission to disengage and return here to assist us."

"OF COURSE HE SHOULD COME HERE! DON'T WASTE ANYMORE TIME! Tell him to leave a reserve force there but to take the rest back to Delmak!"

Turning to the main view window, he activated the tactical display. something caught his eye. A large energy discharge. Several of them, less than 2 Ly from Delmak. These 'new' interlopers had used a new form of FTL. That intrigued him. He detected the same energy signature when they appeared. That had to be their point of departure and it seems that they returned there. He activated his communication station. A face of yet another Jaffa appeared on the main view screen.

"My lord?"

"Take your force of Ha'tak's and go to these coordinates. Either destroy or capture what is there!"

"It will be done."

His ship began to rock. The Terran force had arrived and positioned itself. Those modified Ha'tak's would buy him time, but Her'ak needed to come or this might not end good for him. The problem was time. He needed to bog the Terrans down or he could lose control of Delmak. But if he lost Delmak, he would make sure the Terrans lost as well. He tapped his comm station again. On the screen, a young woman appeared.

"My lord. What is your command?" she asked with a distorted voice.

"Athena. Prepare all of my experiments and research on Delmak and move it to... that location."

"It will be done, my lord."

"I will hold you responsible should anything happen. Also, contact Ko'rus. It is time I put Nerus's research to good use."

Athena smiled perversely.

"Excellent, my lord."

Terran flag ship BB-501 Excalibur, Terran task force, moments earlier

"Sir, all ships present and accounted for. The fleet is in formation." the XO reported to the admiral as they looked at the holographic cable to see Anubis fleet status. "Also, Party crashers were successful. There are only a few fighter squadrons and frigates left."

Vix and Adama were looking over the situation. The fleet had split up and arrived at 3 different locations to start poking at the defenses, searching for a weakness.

The fighter screen had deployed as planned as well. At the fleets flanks, just like the destroyer escorts.

"OK, comm. The fleet is to initiate the attack. I have..." Vix began issuing orders.

"Sir, some of the Ha'tak's have broken off the formation and are coming at us, full speed." the tactical officer drew the admiral's attention. He and Adama saw the new development.

"What are you up to, Anubis?" Vix asked himself. "Tactical, if he somehow got word to his main fleet, how long till they reach us? Has the distraction force send an update yet?"

"Impossible to say, but best guess is 4 hours, unless they managed to improve their hyperdrives. As for our forces there, his main ship and fleet are still there. Sir..." the officer stopped and looked at the information on his display.

"What is it?"

"Sir, best you see for yourself." The officer then transferred the data on the holo table where Vix and Adama were looking at the situation. Vix got angry.

"That bastard."

"Am I missing something?" Adama wanted to know. All this info was gibberish to him.

"These readings... he has partially copied our Aegis shield tech! These Hat'ak's are emanating the same particles our ships do when that module is active. Not to the same extent... that's why they don't have the visual change. Tactical! How in the hell are those ships generating the energy needed for this?!"

"They aren't. They just transferred all power to the shields, short of thrusters and artificial gravity. Even life support is at minimum. This is strange."

"I say. Does he want to commit suicide with those ships?" Vix grumbled. Then he saw another development. A force of Ha'tak's split off the main force and enter hyperspace. "Sensor station, where are those Ha'tak's heading?"

"Sir... looks like they are heading for the Party crasher's location."

"Shit, that was faster than anticipated. Comm, warn them! They need to get out of there for their next operation. They can't get stuck there defending themselves." Vix had to hand it to Anubis. He was not making this easy. "To all ships, the incoming Ha'tak's are a priority target! Begin stage 2 of the operation!"

The tactical officer hesitated.

"Sir, those ships are..."

"I know! But I don't like this! We will never shoot those Ha'tak's down before they get to point blank range. And I think Anubis wants that!"

"I agree." Adama concurred. "We need to shoot them down, fast."

"Contact the fleet to make room for the Behemoth and Arrow. Time to give Anubis a dose of his own medicine!" Vix barked out loud. The officers went to work, not wanting to argue back.

The Terran fleet began rearranging. The ships in the middle of the formation, cruisers and battleships, moved apart, making room for 2 ships. 2 BB-502, a new version of the 501. It had the same hull design, but it's ventral hangar bay was replaced with 2 medium length guns and one long barreled gun between them.

"Behemoth and Arrow ready, sir."

"Then by all means, captains, open fire!" Vix ordered.

The 2 ships in the middle of the fleet aligned themselves to get the optimal shot. At this distance, no weapon of the Terrans they had on their ships could hit a target. Except of their missiles and torpedoes and those were already being fired at the approaching Ha'tak's, doing minimal damage. Anubis super plasma weapon could also be used at these ranges, but that ship was MIA in this battle. Seconds after aligning themselves, the 2 smaller cannons opened fire. They were a long range subatomic particle beams, much bigger and heavier than the standard models. That also gave them longer range. After the first salvo was fired, the large middle cannon began glowing. As it fired it's green anti particle weapon, the effect were much more impressive as 2 Ha'tak's were cut down and exploded.

On the Excalibur bridge the crew erupted in cheers and congratulating themselves.

"Keep it quiet! This is just the opening salvo!" Vix reminded them. "How long till they are recharged?"

"Sir, the subatomic beams will be recharged in 27 seconds, but the anti particle weapon will need 2 minutes, even with the naquadria reactor."

And that was the problem. Big punch, abysmal damage per minute. Those 502's had their naquadria reactors that would be used for the Aegis and Damocles modules, reserved for those big guns. And once depleted, the rate of fire would plummet even further.

"To all 501, thrust ahead, activate the Aegis shields and Damocles weapons system. We will have to take the beating for the fleet. The rest continue with the mission as planned!" Vix then looked at Adama. "Your thoughts?"

"He has something planned. Something we are not seeing."

"I know. But no point guessing. That is the worst we can do."


Vix, ignoring this situation for a second, had to smile. This Adama was a sharp one. Thrust into this situation with technology centuries ahead of anything he might have seen and also survived the destruction of his own world and yet, he kept his cool and professionalism.

"If this pans out and your people agree to the membership, I'll have a chat with Yao. An officer like you will be invaluable to us. So I hope you didn't think about retiring, yet."

Adama had to smirk as well.

"I did, but..." he looked at the holo table and the current situation. "... guess our job is never truly done."

The Mirage 401 cruiser, taskforce 'Paparazzi', same time

"Sir, look! Anubis monster and her escorts are breaking formation. I think..." the tactical officer was cut off as said fleet jumped into hyperspace.

"Guess the jig is up. Alert Hollywood task force. Now, what is left of the defenders?" the captain went over the situation.

"Around a quarter left, not counting star bases and weapons platforms." the XO reported.

"And our status?"

"We got his several times by that plasma super weapon, but the ZPM covered that. Some damage bleed thru, engineering teams are on it."

The captain nodded. As planned.

"Let's begin the next step."

In space, the holographic fleet began panning out as if preparing to attack. On the 'new' command ship, a Ko'tak, the head Jaffa was seeing the change of tactics.

"What are these humans trying to accomplish with illusions? They fight like cowards, hiding in this... ghost fleet!" Just as he spoke those words, his ship began shaking, as if hit by something. "What was that!?"

"My lord, we are getting hit by... human missile weapons!"

"Locate the point of origin! It has to be the ship projecting this illusion!"

"My lord... we tried. Multiple points of origin detected!"

The ship shook more, the lights beginning to flicker.

"Then there have to be more than one ship! Target them and fire!"

"We did, but our weapons are just going thru!"

And in fact, the plasma bolts were just going thru. Several destroyers that broke off the main force, fired missiles and torpedoes that when they hit a target, did not disappear like the holographic cones, but impacted like real weapons.

"What trickery is this!" the head Jaffa screamed.

On the Mirage, the captain had to laugh. These Jaffa were now truly clueless.

"The new 307 strategic destroyer. I don't think the Goa'uld would expect the Tollans to upgrade their matter phasing devices to be able to allow ships to fire missile weapons while still phased!" the XO smiled.

The 307 was a new type of destroyer designed to break blockades. It was still in experimental stages, but the Tollans were still not ready to mass produce their last ace. And to use it as a weapon was also difficult. The torpedoes with the matter phasing warheads were a testimony to that. But to develop a matter phasing generator that allowed the usage of weapons while phased was truly innovative. The only drawback was that only torpedoes and missiles were able to be used. Somehow the matter phasing generator prevented energy weapons and KEW to be used. Even missiles and torpedoes would be useless if they hadn't been equipped with a countermeasure that allowed them to return to normal phase seconds after being fired. The cloak was also out of the question, it could not be used while firing weapons. The 307 was simply a new experimental ship based on the 305 basic design, but a large dome on top of the rear dorsal section was added to house the new modules.

These ships were in the 'ghost fleet', acting as if they were holograms as well. Now that the big defenders were gone, they could go to work. Destroying the shipyards, ignoring, mostly, the defenders.

Of course, there was always the chance that an enemy might hit them with a weapon calibrated to the precise same energy or frequency calibration, thereby cancelling the matter phasing effect out. That was a one in a million chance. And with the 401 jamming communications and sensors, the enemy could not get a precise scan to even begin adapting their weapons settings. But since the shields were also down as long as the matter phasing device was active, they could be easily killed if a lucky shot hit them.

"Should we deactivate the holo emitters now, sir?" the scientist in the aft of the bridge asked. "They are taxing the ZPM."

"No, we might as well keep them guessing."

The Phoenix and Valkyrie, 2 Ly from the target, same time

Kara and the other fighter were making their landing approaches. This part of the mission went as planned. Now they were needed elsewhere for another strike. As she was making her landing, she heard an all out warning from the Phoenix.

"To all Cylon fighters, speed up your landings. We got a warning from the Hollywood taskforce. The Goa'uld are on to us and a fleet has most likely been dispatched here. That would confirm our readings that ships are approaching. You have 2 minutes, tops. Then we leave!"

"Frak! You heard the CAG! Get your asses in gear and begin landing faster. We just nuked that guys ass, he's sure to be pissed!"

Ancient Puddle jumper code name 'Peeping Tom', observing the current battle

"Hey Rodney! Go check the jumpers scanners. Can you get wise out of the info on those ships that are moving in on our guys but not firing!?" Sheppard asked Rodney. He had a bad feeling.

"I'm on it."

"Why would he leave the main part of his fleet at the planet but sent those... well, sacrificial lambs ahead?" a marine in the back said out loudly.

"That marine, is the million dollar question." Sheppard replied. "Anything Rodney?"

"I'm working on it, keep you... shit!"


"Remember when the Tok'ra heard the rumors that Anubis was prepared to do anything to get one of our ships to study."

"Yeah, so?"

"Those Ha'tak's are one way. They have small boarding... vehicles on their exterior hull." an image from the boarding vehicle was shown on the main display. "He wants to capture one or several of our ships. Those Ha'tak's were only designed to endure the beating and in the end be destroyed, but last long enough to get to point blank range to deploy their cargo. And we can bet those boarding vehicles don't have candy on them!"

"Yes, more like Kulls and Khalek clones! Damn. Rodney, are the cloak modifications ready?"

"Oh no! You are not taking us into battle!"

"The hell I am not! This jumper has a full arsenal of drones and they can pen those shields, knock off copies of our design or not, right?"

"Technically yes..."

"Good enough for me! Ronon, Larrin, marines, strap yourselves in. This ride just got bumpy!"

"Finally some action!" Ronon smirked.

"Agreed." Larrin added.

"Oh, I hate you people." Rodney whined.

"This is Sheppard to Excalibur! McKay realized what those ships are!"

"So did we. They intend to board us. We are dispatching security personnel and taking evasive actions!" Vix responded over wireless.

"And so are we. I have a Jumper full of drones. Enough to maybe knock out 4 or 5 of them."

"That's a negative. You are to stay put.."

"Sorry, sir. You can court-martial me later." Sheppard replied as he began accelerating. "Rodney, cloak!"

"Yes, yes, give me a second!"

In space, the Jumper appeared as the cloak switched to a shield. Several F-203's took position next to it.

"Sheppard, the admiral is furious, but ordered us to help you, since he could not stop you." the lead pilot said.

"Thanks for the escort guys."

The jumper got into weapons range of the lead Ha'tak, but ignored it.

"Sheppard, if you want to fire, then take the shot. What are you waiting for?" the pilot asked again.

"That ships shields are almost gone. Would be wasting ordinance on a dead ship." The Jumper passed said ship to target the one behind it. As the drones were fired, they effortlessly pierced the shields and hull, doing damage. Seconds later, secondary explosions ripped the ship apart.

"Rodney, can we take out a target with just one drone? I want to take as many out as possible."

"Not a chance, unless you get stupidly lucky and hit the main reactor and they don't shut it down in time."

"Can you paint the target area for me?"

Rodney sighed.

"Yes, I suppose I can."

The Jumper rolled over and began aiming for its next target. The Ha'tak to their left was blown up during the maneuver as several B-205's flew past the explosion.

"Rodney! Now or never!"

McKay transferred the data on the targeted location. Sheppard fired the drone on the indicated target area. The Jumper flew past, getting his twice by staff weapons.

"It's not working Rodney!"

"Keep your pants on. The ship is losing power. It's dead in the water, the reactor just shut down in time before the breach. We... shit!"


"Look!" Rodney pointed out the window to a Ha'tak who had reached the shield perimeter of the Excalibur. Both enhanced shields flared, pushing against each other.

"What's the worry, the Excalibur's shields got this. They... what?"

The attacking Ha'tak was somehow pushing thru the Excalibur's shields.

"Rodney! How is that possible!?"

"Best guess, Anubis has modified those shields to be able to invert the opposing ships shields. The drawback is his ship shields are also affected so it won't last long, but..."

"That ship is empty so if it dies, no one cares." Sheppard finished the sentence.

"Exactly. And that Ha'tak's fate is sealed, but it did its mission. It delivered the cargo." Rodney said in a depressed way as they all saw the boarding pods and vehicles undock from the doomed Ha'tak and go for the Excalibur. Several were shot down by the point defenses, but many got thru and burrowed themselves into the hull, piercing it.

Terran flag ship BB-501 Excalibur, Terran task force, moments earlier

The bridge shook as the boarding pods damaged the ship and delivered their cargo,

"Helm, full reverse, get our fighters to shield us more!" Vix yelled. "Status!?"

"Sir, boarding parties are on decks 12 to 14 and 6 to 8. The main force is in the ventral hangar. We are evacuating those areas." the security officer, a marine colonel, reported. "The good news is that the hull breaches are not venting, force fields are holding."

Vix gritted his teeth. He turned to the marine commander.

"Colonel, you take charge. Clean my ship of this infestation."

"Sir, if I may suggest. The transporters can't get a lock on them, some sort of jamming device. We should evacuate those decks and use the emergency defense protocols there."

"Good idea."

"If I may, admiral." D'Anna, who had patiently observed the entire development from the back for now, stepped to the planning table. "We have a dozen Centurions on board as part of our delegation. Use them."

"Nothing personal, miss D'Anna, but as intimidating as they are, a Kull would squash them, not to even mention the Khalek clones. Besides, the noise makers they originally had on their arms would not even annoy them." Vix declined her idea.

"Sir, we could give them our weapons, for now." the colonel replied. He the idea. "Plus they have never fought a Centurion before, might get them off guard."

Vix huffed. The colonel had a point. And he hated it. It was already a risk taking them along for the nuking part, even if it was successful. But Vix would be damned if he would ever trust a race that committed genocide. Not unlike the Goa'uld.

"Fine. But expect casualties. Your Centurions included." D'Anna nodded and went with the colonel. Vix turned to his CAG in the rear of the bridge. "Tell all our pilots to go to another ship for refueling and rearming. They can't land here for now." He then turned to his XO. "Any other ship get infected?"

"Yes. The Proxima and Victory, plus 2 cruisers and 4 destroyers."

"Shit. If the destroyers can't contain the situation, evacuate them and set the self destruct." The bridge rocked again and sparks began flying around.

"What's the status of the boarding Ha'tak's?" Vix demanded to know.

"Last ones were just taken out, sir." the tactical officer reported.

"Good. Now tell Sheppard to get the hell out of her or I will really have him court-martialed!" He looked around. He just lost one officer and is ship was for all intense and purposes out of the battle. "Order all ships that are boarded to pull back. We can't fight properly while we have to deal with this." he then looked at admiral Adama, who nodded in agreement.

Hasara space station, neutral grounds, same time

"Waaaahhh!" Ba'al shouted as he threw his food into the wall. The System Lords were all assembled. Ba'al, Yu, Kali, Olokun, Svarog, Bastet, Morrigan, Anmaterasu, Zeus and Ares. They were looking over the battle of their fleet at Xi system at the holographic display at the center of the room. The room was shaped in a circle, with the chairs of the members aligned the same way. The battle was not going well. The fleets were evenly matched. And now Ba'al had received the message from his home world that Nerus was missing.

"That fat piece of disgusting excuse of a Goa'uld! When I find him, I'll cut his heart out!" ba'al screamed and sat down, reluctantly.

"Your yelling will not help anyone here. Fortunately, my command of the fleet has turned the tide, somewhat." Yu pointed to the fleet status.

"Only because the humans warned your Jaffa of the possibility of a betrayal." Anmaterasu pointed out. "The humans betrayed us as well!"

"Or they were smarter than us! They learned our lessons a bit too well." Bastet added.

"No matter, if the humans are successful, Anubis might still fall! He will pay for what he did, how he humiliated me! He...!"

"Shut up, Ares! Your sister Athena did to you what Nerus just did to me! Sold you out to Anubis. And Anubis took half of your territory in days! The only reason you are on this council is because there are no other Goa'uld left!" Ba'al silenced him. "And your boring same old tactics just show how pathetic you are! I actually admire the humans for their tactic. Even if we win today, our losses will be such that the humans might become the dominant race in this galaxy. Then it is only a matter of time." Ba'al said what any normal sentient person should be capable to figure out.

"What I want to know is how Anubis was able to detect our fleets and set up such an ambush for them. Even now, our secondary fleets are engaging in battles all over the galaxy, like the enemy knew where they are! Did Athena or Nerus do this!?" Zeus wanted to know.

Ba'al remained silent. He knew how. Nerus took his own tracking technology he slipped o the ships of the other System Lords and gave it to Anubis. He could not admit it or the others would turn against him. But he would make that fat fuck pay! He swears. But this also played into his hands.

Before the conference could continue, a servant of Yu approached his master from the rear of the chair and began whispering into Yu's ear. Yu got angry.

"That bastard!" Yu shouted as he stood up and began pacing.

"What is it?" was the question on most minds.

"My worlds, including my home world are under attack! Thru the gate. Entire armies of Kull solders and those... clones! I need to contact my Jaffa commander..."

Several other servants went to their respective masters and did what Yu's servant did not too long ago. The System Lords looked at each other.

"All of our worlds are under attack!" Ba'al stated the obvious. "While our fleets are distracted, he attacks with his main advantage!"

"We need to revise our tactic!" Zeus suggested.

"Agreed. My home world at least is not under attack, I am least distracted. Go to your rooms and coordinate your planets defenses. I will command the fleet." Ba'al offered to the other Lords.

"Why is your home world not attacked!?" Olokun demanded to know as he and the others began to move out.

"I learned from the Terrans. I placed an iris on the Chappa'ai at my home world. I believe the humans from Earth have a saying: Learn from your enemy, for he can teach you much."

"I believe I use that line as well, Ba'al." Yu remarked.

"Yet you don't use that wisdom."

As the other System Lords left to their chambers to see how their empires could be saved, Ba'al looked over the battle screen.

"I underestimated you, Anubis. Yet..." He inserted a crystal into the main console of the command interface for the fleet on the display. As he inserted the crystal, a new fleet appeared in another part of the galaxy but close to Anubis teritory. "I never marked my fleet with those tracking markers. And I never told Nerus all my secrets." He began issuing orders to this 'new' fleet. The display showed the new target. The larger fleet that also possessed 3 Re'nak class capital ships, was heading to the Tritris system. "If your fleet is occupied with the Terrans, I can take your main R&D site and possibly... your forces as well. Let the other System Lords squabble for the scraps of this galaxy. And if all goes well, the Terrans are at Delmak right now, weakening you and themselves."

Ba'al's plan was simple. Let the System Lords throw away most of their forces while he sacrifices only a small portion of his fleet. If the Terrans and Anubis take each other out, he can come in and take the spoils. He didn't have any concrete proof that the Terrans were at Delmak, but if he was in their shoes, he would strike there. The traitorous Jaffa would also waste their fleet at their attack area, crippling themselves and he didn't have to do anything. If all went well, he would come out on top. Bu he needed to get the Tritris system. That is why he devoted all of his Re'nak's to that world. If he could capture the main Kull production facility next to Delmak, he could imprint himself as their new leader. And with all the distractions Anubis had, the planet would be poorly defended. He hoped. He didn't have any real info on the installation and defenses, but that also meant nobody else had that info as well. And he, unlike the other System Lords, did know where it was.

Ba'al removed the crystal to remove the 'ghost' fleets from the screen. A good thing the other System Lords never knew how much Sokar and Apophis hardware he managed to grab during their fall.

"Good. All according to plan." He then activated a comm transition and stood up. On the display where the galaxy was shown, the image of another Ba'al appeared.


"It is as we have foreseen. Mostly. The Terrans warned the System Lords of this possible betrayal. Their losses are smaller than anticipated."

"Unfortunate. Just as it is unfortunate that Nerus DID betrayed us. I now have my hands full defending 'my' territory."

"Yes. He will die by our hands..."

"He is already dead or whishes he was. Anubis must know that his plan is falling apart. And he probably blamed him. Continue distracting the others. Do not contact me again until the battle is over."

"Of course." The holo display changed back to the galaxy as Ba'al's clone sat down again and smiled.

Pegasus galaxy, unknown planet, same time

It was a prison, just for him. It was cold. It was dark. And he was hungry. Ao hungry. They only feed him when they interrogated someone for information. Never letting him finish his 'meal'. His life, no his existence was miserable.

"So, anything new with HQ?" one of the guards asked the others.

"No. The boss is still pissed that not all support him since the hostile takeover. And Kolya wants to overthrow him, of course." the other answered.

"Yeah. He wants to talk with these new humans. Heard he is getting soft. Kolya is better." guard one scratched his knee and put his gun down, yawning.

"Grab your gun again, moron!"

"The prisoner is too far away to get it, relax!"

"I don't care. Commander Kolya will feed you to this Wraith himself if he finds..." An explosion broke off their discussion as the prison began shaking.

Another guard ran into the room with the cell.

"A Wraith cruiser! We need to get out of here, warn Kolya!"

The guards began panicking.

"Let's go then. We need to get out of..." They got no further as paralyzing shots knocked them out from the other entrance. Only the guard that warned the other two managed to run for it thru the entrance he came in.

"You here to kill me?" the prisoner asked the Wraith commander, who approached the cell. He motioned his droned to open the gate. As the prisoner was yanked out of his cell, barely having the strength of standing, the Wraith commander looked him over.

"Guide. Look at how pathetic you look."

"Nice to see you too, Heraz. Now, you here to kill me?"

Heraz shook his head and removed Guide's shackles.

"I would love to do that after what you did in the past. But my commander wants you alive. A new player has appeared in this galaxy and... the Asurans might become problematic again."

Guide smiled and looked at the knocked out guards.

"That explains it. I am the only surviving Wraith who knows Replicator coding. Now... you mind? I'm starving."

"No. Be my guest. But make it quick. Our presence will be noticed. We had to destroy 3 human worlds to find you. Tell me, what do you know of these... Genii?"

The Phoenix and Valkyrie, 2 Ly from the target, moments later

Their time was almost up. Most of the raiders had landed. Kara was already standing on the hangar deck, her heavy Raider already parked out in the back. She shouted and clapped at the still landing Raiders.

"Come on! Move your wings! We don't want to be here longer than needed!" Kara, still shouting, noticed Caprica with 2 Terran marines approach her.

"How did it go, Starbuck?"

"Went as planned. Mostly. Only a few squadrons and frigates survived. They didn't know what hit them when we jumped again." She looked thru the barrier to the void where the last few Raider were making their approaches. "Wish your birds were as fast in landing as they are at jumping. So where is our..." The deck began shaking and people were tossed to the side. Kara and Caprica saw the reason outside. Several Ha'tak's had arrived and opened fire on the spot. The Phoenix took damage as her shields were still down for the landing procedure. Thankfully, the last raiders just landed and they could depart.

"Caprica to bridge, were ready here!"

"Understood. Valkyrie is finished as well. Would have been better is you finished faster, but we'll take it."

Thru the barrier, the void was replaced with the blue tunnel of hyperspace. As well as the scorched hull of the Phoenix.

"Hope her armor held. Let's go Caprica." Kara tapped her Cylon friend on her shoulder as they exited the hangar.

Korinaros star system, Free Jaffa fleet, Re'nak class capital ship

The battle between the Free Jaffa and Anubis forces were at full swing. On the command ship, Bra'tac and Teal'c were overseeing the battle. To say that it was not going as hoped was an understatement. The losses kept piling up.

"The Terrans are late." Bra'tac said as the battle progressed. "I would have thought that they value punctuality, hmp!"

"Patience, master Bra'tac. Those ships had been running ever since the beginning. They needed to be refuelled and get some maintenance, as I understood it. And I hasten to point out it was our leaders that pushed for this attack to take place earlier. The Terrans said they weren't ready." Teal'c tried to calm him down. His trust in the humans was unshaken. "Let's just hope the Tok'ra did their work well at creating false sensor data at Renan."

Out in space, the battle was heating up. The Korinaros shipyards were actually 3 shipyards, all located on 3 moons circling the same gas giant. Only one was habitable, but unlike most other System Lords, Anubis was far more practical. The other 2 moons that were being used, had large mineral deposits, excellent locations for a fast mining and refining operation.

The Free Jaffa had taken both of their Re'nak class capital ships, even if one was only 80% finished. The Jaffa were not great builders or engineers and the Tok'ra and Terrans had their own hands full. The Jaffa leaders realized that solders alone can't win wars, or hold the piece after the war, so rethinking was needed. But after millennia of indoctrination, getting the Jaffa to accept that the Goa'uld are not gods was hard enough. Doing everything else made it even harder.

The Jaffa organized their forces in groups of 12 Ha'tak's with one Ko'tak as a command vessel. Smaller ships were allocated where they were needed. Right now, the not finished Re'nak was engaged at Korinaros Three's second moon while the main force where Teal'c and Bra'tac were, was engaged at the habitable moon, the 7th one.

Anubis defenses were not as great as expected, capital ship wise, but he made that up with planetary installations at the 2 uninhabitable moons.

As the Pel'tak shook again when the ship got hit by a long range orbital satellite weapon, Bra'tac became more and more agitated.

"He is trying to slowly chip off our forces, war of attrition. And his standard fleet in this system is preventing us getting close enough to strike at the planet or those Hassara space stations. If this continues... we may have to pull back. I don't want a pyritic victory."

"Master Bra'tac, we have company." M'zel reacted as 2 hyperspace windows appeared above their command ship. 2 Aurora class warships jumped out of the tears.

"Greetings, master Bra'tac. Sorry for the delay, but you Jaffa need to learn a bit of patience." a man on the main screen said, smiling. And he brought smiles to Bra'tac and Teal'c as well.

"Hammond of Texas. Good to see you, old friend."

"Indeed, general. I did not know you would be given command of these fine ships."

"With all the madness today and all the ships and fleets around the galaxy engaged in their battles, a more seasoned officer could not be found for this so they choose me. Since this is your show, you just tell us where you want us and we will clear the way. But we have to hurry. We are needed elsewhere as well."

"Then by all means, Hammond of Texas, show us what Terran ingenuity and the ancient power can do. Make us a hole in their fleet!"

In space, both Auroras had their guns aimed, including the main course.

"Tactical, the main gun armed and ready?" Hammond asked, sitting in the command chair on the Orion.

"Yes sir. heavy ion cannons and subatomic particle beams ready, we can punch a hole."

"Then fire at will!"

Both ships powered their massive weapons from their numerous turrets as well as the main long range fun turret attached behind the bridge. The guns began glowing and seconds later, they fired, creating a wall of energy pulses escorting 2 orange energy beams, cutting thru shields and armor easily, thou some ships that were hit, managed to survive it. Their counter fire was, however, pointless. Each ship had at least 4 to 5 Ha'tak kills in that one attack. The defender fleet began scrambling, not knowing if they should plug the hole, attack the newcomers or just... run.

"Ahead full. We aren't called the 'Bouncer' task force for nothing. Let's bounce them out of this system." Hammond smirked as he gave the order. He was having way too much fun.

Both ships moved forwarded, ion cannons and subatomic particle weapons firing all the way.

Bra'tac too was smiling. The tides have just turned.

"Jaffa! Now we strike! Follow the humans, do not give them all the glory of this battle!"

Flashback: New Terra, fleet admiral Yao's office, days earlier

"So those are my suggestions, admirals and generals." Kara leaned back after explaining her other ideas on the planning table. "These holo tables are so much easier to use than our old ones."

Adama left several minutes ago, so she was now alone in a room with people she did not know, or entirely trust. and the feeling was probably mutual.

"We will look it over." Yao nodded. Then she looked back at the holo display again. "What is the status of the Orion and Velocity?"

"Being refueled and rearmed. It will be close, but they will be ready for the operation, mam." Yao's assistant reported.

"Wait? Our 2 functioning Aurora's?" O'Neill asked, not understanding.

"We hit Delmak, our decoy fleet will annoy the defenders at Demos, Renan is left alone, but the free Jaffa and our 2 Aurora's will hit the Korinaros shipyards. I have even allowed the usage of drones for this operation. 2 Auroras plus a small escort should be more than enough for that planet." Yao explained.

"Wait, what about their cargo? They were not supposed to be back for another week?" O'Neill asked as he remembered they were towing those ship killer satellites.

"For the duration of this operation, they were left in the void of space between the galaxies. We will pick them up after the mission." Vix answered.

"Now, gentlemen, based on captain Thrace's suggstions we need to make small adjustments to the operation." Yao leaned over the display of the galaxy and began pointing to target systems. "I suggest..."

Flashback end.

Earth, Cheyenne mountain, minutes later

O'Neill was bored. He was ordered back to Earth. And he hated it. Not Earth, the boredom. His office was finally fully equipped, char and all. But now he took some time off since the gate was moved back here. Some issues of where the gate should be, now that the outpostship Terra was fully manned. Some argued it should be there, neutral territory. But the new Earth council was also there, so a security risk. The moon was out as well, another security risk. Antarctica already had the gate used exclusively for the Pegasus operations. So for now, the original gate went back to the old SGC.

Until it was properly installed, O'Neill had nothing to do. Except watching TV in the guest quarters.

"You heard about those aliens that enslaved the galaxy?" one cartoon boy asked the other three waiting at the bus stop.

"Yeah damn those fuckers! They stole my idea!" the fat cartoon boy yelled out of anger.

"You wanted to enslave the galaxy?" the green caped boy asked.

"Yeah. How cool would that be. Then you would have to worship me!"

"Like hell, fat ass!"

"Your just jealous that no alien impersonated you burning bush. Haha." the fat cartoon kid mocked.

"Cartman, you racist!"

As they argued, a cartoon Goa'uld ship landed behind them and solders exited the craft, lead by a cartoon mockery of Ra.

"Now this world is mine!"

"Oh fuck, it's this ass hole! Hey dude, your late. We kicked your ass millennia ago!" Cartman mocked him.

"Insolent child."

"Really. I mean, you have all this fancy tech, yet we still kick your ass. Haha. What a bunch of losers!"

Cartoon Ra shoots the hooded kid in retaliation.

"You still think me weak?"

"Oh great, you killed Kenny. That has been done like... we don't even care anymore, dude." Cartman said, continuing the mockery. "At least he's not PC about it." he whispered to the other 2 boys.

O'Neill shut the TV down.

"Simpsons are still better. But I wouldn't mind having a guest appearance on any of these shows, once the world knows of me, of course."

He stood up and stretched. The loudspeakers activated.

"Unscheduled off world activation."

"Great, now what." He made his way to the transporter platform.

As he reached the dialing room, he looked at Walter who was manning his station.

"So, who's coming?"

"No idea, sir. No identification signals, no codes... nothing. I tried contacting them, but still. It can't be any of our worlds, they know the gate still won't be properly inserted for another 15 minutes."

"OK, keep the iris up, I'll call Landry." O'Neill made his way to his office in the upper level.

"Jack, I hope this is not important." genera Landry asked over the comm display as he sat in his chair on Olympus.

"Hank, did you dial us?"

"No. we Know of your gate schedule. But strange, we can't dial Tollana or several other worlds. I am contacting them to get some info. we are preparing for SG-1's mission. Will call you back."

Back in the gate room, the engineers managed to get the gate partially installed but could not get the job done until it was deactivated.

Walter and a scientist began a gate diagnostic when the scientist noticed something.

"There is a small power transfer in the lower bands. We would have missed it if not for these new sensors and diagnostic tools."

"What could this be?" Walter asked himself.

"What could what be?" O'Neill interrupted Walter as he returned from his office.

"Sir, what did general Landry say?"

"It's not them and they can't reach some other worlds thru the gate either. So, what did you find?"

"A power spike, small one, but constant. We don't know... sir?" the scientist saw O'Neill's face darken.

"Oh, you SOB! You didn't!" O'Neill slammed his fist on the table.

Unknown ice planet, same time

The gate was active, encased in a bubble of energy, as well as the surrounding area. In front of the gate was a large device made of crystals. It was aiming a beam of energy at the active gate.

In the command bunker, several Jaffa guards were watching the Goa'uld in charge of the facility.

"My lord, why did lord Anubis have this machine moved here? The other planet was much nicer."

"Do not question his decisions if you value your life! He has his reasons."

Excalibur, main armory, a minute later

The soldiers were arming themselves with anti-Kull weapons. 2 Master at arms were handing them out in an orderly fashion.

"Remember your training! Watch your corners. Only go in a 2 man team! Next!"

The colonel arrived, with the 'guests' All solders stood at attention.

"At ease. Chief, give them the new M-12 MA Mk. VI and the magazines. They are similar enough for them to handle it." the colonel ordered as he nodded to the Centurions.

"Sir... colonel Hendrix. This might not be a good..." the master at arms wanted to argue back.

"Shut it! We are boarded and I will take and back up I can get!" he replied with a look that shut up any other argument. The Centurions were handed the weapons.

"Impressive design, if a bit too... familiar."

"That was the point. The learning curve is minimal. Now, you take orders from me. Who's in charge of your group?"

A Centurion with a red stripe across it's torso stepped forward.

"That would be me. I am Centurion Ophirion."

"Fine. Go with major Burova to the port hangar entrance. I'll lead the starboard team."

The Centurions did as ordered. The colonel looked at the captain in the room.

"You go ahead, I need to check the security central first."

The security central was the main room for ship interior security and was located not far from the main armory in the middle of the ship. Next to the main medical bay, it was the securest part of the ship, intended as a good defensive position or a disaster shelter.

The colonel reached his destination.

"Report. How are our defenses holding?"

One of several security officers working the stations, looked at him with worry.

"Not good. The force fields that we installed every 2 meters in the hallways on all ships... these Khalek clones are ripping them apart. At this rate..."

"And the other protocol?"

"Sir... we could get our own people with that! And it is only meant as a last resort..."

"We are getting swarmed with Kull's! Those people are dead either way, they knew the risks! I'd rather lose some people than the ship! Do it!"

The officers, hesitantly, did as ordered. On the holo monitors the group of Kulls lead by a Khalek clone that were approaching another force field and a corner, suddenly stopped. They saw the Khalek clone fall to his knees and scream out in pain, but the Kulls only stood there.

"Sir, gravity plating at 20 g."

The Khalek clone fell to the ground and blood started pouring out of his head and torso as his body was getting crushed. The Kull solders, however... began moving again, only slower.

"What? These monsters can still move at 20 g!? Damn that Anubis. He must have improved them." Hendrix watched with both fear and interest. "Can you increase it more!?"

"No. For security and practicality reasons, the plantings can't go beyond that."

"Shit. At least it is slowing them down. And without that Khalek clone it will take them a while to break thru every force field by themselves."

Hendrix saw what he needed to see. He moved out of the room.

"I'll contact you when I want you to lower the gravity to normal again."

Tritris system, minutes later

The gate deactivated as the Jaffa and Kull's carried the floating cargo containers to the large building complex surrounded by lava pools. A blonde woman was coordinating everything.

"Get these to bio lab 1 on the spot! Thoth will need this!" she ordered a Jaffa who went to work.

As she entered the complex, guards flanked her and another Goa'uld began walking with her.

"Why are you doing this, Athena?"

"Lord Anubis orders. The plan is not going according... to plan. Nerus was useless. Prepare the mind probe, Lord Anubis whishes to probe him before killing him."

"It will be done."

"And our security status?"

"No sign of any enemy activities. This is still an unknown planet to them."

"Good. Best we keep it that way. Is the new Anubu'rak from Demos shipyards here in orbit?"

"Yes. Lord Anubis saw it fit to defend this world properly. He believes this world might not be as unknown to our enemies as we think. I personally believe he is a bit paranoid..."

"Be that as may, I dare not question him or cross him."

"Neither do I."

Back at the Platform with the gate, the Kull and Jaffa saw the gate dialing again, indicating an incoming wormhole. The barrier shield activated immediately encasing the gate in a bubble.

New Terra, same time, Olympus cityship, gate room, a few minutes ago

Landry assigned several scientist and engineers to figure out the gate issue on the worlds they couldn't dial at the moment, but he had a bad feeling about it. Nevertheless, he couldn't postpone SG-1's mission. The modified Jumper was landed in the gate room with Narim and Rush doing the last minute inspection. While Baltar was just jumping around asking questions no one had time to answer.

SG-1 arrived with Nomad, Psycho and colonel Fisher. They were all geared up and ready to go. Including their new nano-suits. General Landry was waiting for them.

"SG-1, before I say good luck, since we received the first updates on the battles, we know that Anubis has some new tricks waiting for us. Based on that, it will get clouded on that Jumper."

"Sir?" Both colonels asked as Landry looked behind SG-1. Jolan and Volnek had arrived, with Valla in tow, who had 2 MP marines next to her.

"We will accompany you. Our cloaks are still beyond Anubis understanding. Since your scientists can't copy it safely yet, it is our only option." Jolan explained. "And master Bra'tac and Teal'c would not be pleased if anything would happen to any of you."

"Well, we are happy to have you boys with us, but remember, this is a stealth mission. No shooting unless really needed." Mitchell reminded them.

"I know, Mitchell. And after this mission, we will have a rematch!" Volnek announced as he entered the Jumper.

"Was it something I said?"

"I believe my brother is still mad that you managed to fight him to a standstill in your last training session. He still believes that our fighting style should be kept a secret, but Lord Haikon's decreed has been made." Jolan explained as he passed Mitchell. "Also, while you are a good student, I think it Irks my brother how much... 'dumb luck' you had."

During all of this, Carher went to Vala.

"Why are you here, shouldn't you be..."

"The slammer? Is that how you say it? Love that word. Yeah, someone had the bright idea that having a good thief would be a good idea for a mission of this sort, so..." she removes her jacket to reveal her own nano-suit. "General O'Neill's idea. Pays to have friends in high places. Don't worry, after this mission I'll be hustling you out of your money again."

"Vala... uhhh, wasn't that the reason you are in this mess?"

"Speaking of messes, where is robot Daniel?"

"He's staying. We, organics, got our temporary mind probe inoculation, androids don't have them. You know, just ..."

"Yes, if anything goes wrong. So that was the point of that needle."

"Ehhmm... we all ready to go?" Mitchell coughed to remind everyone that they were on the clock.

As all were on the jumper, Fisher leaned over to Carter.

"Just a heads up. You may be in charge of this operation, but I outrank you. If I see a situation developing itself, I may choose to overrule you."


As the Jumper lifted off and the gate ended it's dialing, Landry whished them luck.

"Well, hold on to your lunch and put your seats in an upward position. Here we go." Mitchell announced as the Jumper disappeared into the event horizon.

Unknown galaxy, same time

The leadership cast was nervous. This had not happened in millions of years. These life forms were something different. A pure, natural energy being. As these orbs with tentacles floated in the blindingly white room at the top of the spire overseeing their glowing city, the leadership cast began to debate.

"This session will commence. Now, you all heard about it?"

"Yes, overseer. The time authority has detected a temporal incursion. We, the keepers have recorded it." the record keeper responded.

"So? We detected those in the past. Even made some ourselves?" one in the back asked. "Why is this one different?"

"It is of immense proportions. Somewhere in the depths of this universe, someone has altered the time line, and it affects us as well." the overseer answered. "Keeper, do we have any clues?"

"Only one. The galaxy where we created the artificial star and planet and the galaxy infested with those automated machines. It's effect is stronger there."

The debate began intensifying. For several minutes much was said on what to do, but in the end, the overseer decided.

"We must observe these galaxies intensely. I believe that those automated ships that were placing the space folding devices on the planets have something to do with it. Whoever is behind this, it would be the first time that a race created something like this that could be greater than us. We must be prepared."

Alterran galaxy, planet Celestis, same time

In the city of Celestis, the chamber of the Doci was filled with Priors. They all wondered why so many of them were summoned here.

The Doci stepped in front of the door leading to the Flames of Enlightenment and addresses his fellow worshippers.

"The Ori have summoned you here for you all to hear their wisdom." He turned around and opened the doors to the wall of flames. A part of the flamed entered his eyes and they began glowing red. The Doci turned around again.

"Someone has altered the time stream! The origin is the galaxy of evil. We decree that you build vast fleets of ships and recruit armies of solders that will march into battle. It will take time, but we must be prepared should evil come to us. We will continue our search for answers. Until then, do as we have told you." The flames left the Doci's body and the gate behind him closed itself again.

"We have heard of the god's wisdom. Hallowed are the Ori." the Doci proclaimed.

"Hallowed are the Ori."

BB-502 New Battleship of the Terran Federation. Based on the same hull design as the 501, but sacrifices the ventral hangar bay and gets 3 large cannons designed for siege operations and long range fire support. 2 of them are long range subatomic particle beams, the middle one is an anti particle weapon. The grange and fire power are still inferior to the Aurora version, let alone the original on the satellite. The rate of fire is also bad due to the power generation limits.

DD-307 Strategic destroyer based on the 305 hull but with an upgrade in the form of a matter phasing generator intended to make the ship intangible but still be able to fire it's misses while phased.