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"Thinking/Centurion or other wireless machine talk"


"Speaking in a different language"

Chapter 20: Breaking the wheel, part 2: SG-1 squared + O'Neill tripled= improbable temporal mechanics.

Unknown location.

It was a large laboratory... or was it an observatory? Clearly of Ancient design. State of the art Ancient technology. In any case, it was on an unknown world. No way to get out and to the surface. If it had a surface. In the command room, there was a display of the galaxy hovering over a table. The galaxy display was blinking, the galaxy graphically cut in half, a red and blue. And the blue half was getting smaller. Behind the round table were many consoles and seats with a large monitor showing data of something currently happening.

"No! No! This should not be happening!" a young blond girl was screaming at the monitors as she saw data in ancient that made no sense. She was behind the main command console sitting in an Ancient command chair.

"What?" the voice of an elder man snapped her out of her scream.

"Dad... sorry. But this is not making any sense!"

"OK, you have your mother's brains... so I won't ask. But are we ready?"

"That is the point! We are, but... there is a massive temporal shockwave approaching! The lab's sensors are detecting it! Something in the past was massively altered! We are about to be erased from time!" she yelled out and jumped off the chair, grabbing the man's arm and begin dragging him to the exit.

"OK, what?" was his only response.

"We don't have time for me to explain why we don't have time, dad! We need to get to the Jumper and dial the planet Kytos!"

"Plan B? What about those time pods you wanted us to use?"

"What part of no time don't you get?!"

As they ran thru the connecting corridor to the main hangar and gate room, the man yelled to the one guarding their jumper.

"Ite-kh, get in! We are leaving!"

The Reetou did not hesitate and entered the Jumper. Mere seconds later, the man and girl joined him.

"I'm taking off, dial the planet. Will this..."

"No idea, dad! This new problem might throw my calculations on the solar flare needed for our trip way off course!"

The man looked out the main window and saw a form of transparent wave approach them as it passed thru matter as if it weren't there.

"Shit! Guess time really is up!"

The Jumper entered the active Stargate.

Planet Kytos, the present.

The Jumper exited the gate and cloaked on the spot, gaining some altitude. The girl went to the back, where a work station was added to the Jumper in the middle of the rear compartment.

"So, we when we are suppose to?" the pilot asked.

The console began showing numbers, indicating it was calculating something. When the number 2003 was shown, the girl paled a bit.

"We are in the past, but off by a year."

"Perhaps we can use this to our advantage?" Ite-kh asked.

"How?" the pilot asked back.

"We can't dial Earth, so... the laboratory again?" the girl threw an idea out.

The pilot sighed. Not there again.

"Fine. Dialing."

As the 7th chevron lit up... nothing happened.

"What? Jade, darling, you sure we are at the right time?" the pilot asked to confirm the information.

"Yes, I am. Damn it! Why is the observatory blocked... unless... oh no! This is the new timeline! The shockwave already passed thru this part of the past! Our knowledge is not accurate anymore!"

The pilot and Reetou looked at each other, not getting any of that.

"Look, Jade. I am glad you made that armband for Ite-kh here to enable us to see him, but... staring at his face that reflects mine in the 'what' department... please, what are you talking about?"

"That shock wave of time had to have come from somewhere... or some time, to be precise. We are not the only ones traveling thru time! This 'past' has already been altered and this alteration... erased our present we came from. I set of events have to take over the other! And the only reason we even know this is because the observatory offered some form of limited protection and enabled us to escape!"

Once again, the other 2 passengers in the Jumper looked... lost.

"How many people could do shit like this! We found Janus damn temporal lab, for Christ sake! Any why do you insist on calling it an observatory anyway?"

"Because it is more accurate. It is not a simple lab, but it can scan the timeline itself and calculate almost limitless possibilities on time alterations. Janus designed it as the final upgrade using Ikaros own temporal probability machine. The Charybdis. Only guess what. Janus device actually works!"

The Reetoue stood up and went to the cockpit, sitting in the co-pilot chair.

"Colonel O'Neill, perhaps the best course of action would be to contact an Earth outpost, possibly the Gama site. It did not have an iris, right? I can then scout the place out, once I take my armband off."

Colonel O'Neill grit his teeth.

"God damn the Aschen and their bio weapons. Now we got this mess. Your... right. The Gama site should still be under construction... so space to maneuver and land somewhere."

The gate was getting dialed again.

Gama site, seconds later.

The Jumper cleared the gate. When colonel O'Neill looked around the ship while piloting it to a higher position and activating the cloak, he was surprised.

"OK, this makes no sense. I remember that this was planned to begin construction in months, if it really is 2003. Nothing but open forests!?"

"Like I said, dad..."

"I know, I know! Damn. Any other bright ideas?"

"I think we should return to Kytos. Maybe we can get some info from the locals in a village.

Planet Kytos, a minute later

As the Jumper repeated it's now familiar procedure, the Reetou noticed something different.

"O'Neill... there is a crash site in that tree line left to the gate."

O'Neill saw it.

Minutes later, after they landed their jumper but leaving it cloaked, they managed to reach the crash site. after clearing the leaves, branches and other tree remains, they saw it. Another Jumper. Badly damaged, showing signs of battle.

"This was not here when we first came thru, right?" O'Neill asked.

"No, this is new." Ite-kh responded while attempting to get the rear door open. Jade and O'Neill began helping him, forcing the door open.

Inside it was a similar scene of devestation. 2 dead human marines with wounds made by energy weapons. They also wore uniforms and body armor the 3 time travelers did not recognize. O'Neill turned one of the corpses over.

"Lt. Sekmeth? Terran federation marine corps? What?"

"That is a typical Langaran family name. What has happened?" Jade also wondered as she began moving to the cockpit, that was closed off. As the door opened up, the stared at the point of a weapon.

"Who the frak are you?! What date is it!?" an angry, badly wounded blonde woman at the cockpit controls asked. She was bleeding badly and was pointing a strange staff like weapon at her.

"Jade. Jade O'Neill."

"Never heard of you. What time is it? Date?!"

"OK, drop it!" colonel O'Neill yelled as he and the Reetoue pointed their guns ah the pilot.

"General... O'Neill... How, your dead?" was all the woman said as she lost conciseness.

As Jade stepped back to allow her 2 comrades to enter the cockpit, she realized something.

"She said you are dead and called you a general? If this is 2003 and you are a general and dead.. that means I will never..."

He stopped her train of thought.

"Don't go there!" he held her tightly. "We'll figure this out. You got Sam's brains after all, you can do anything." That got her to smile a bit.

"Thanks, dad."

"I think I might have an explanation." Ite-kh caught their attention. "This ship's chronometer is showing the year 2008. I believe we are not the only time travelers today."

Around 10 minutes passed as they moved the wounded woman to their jumper and patched her injuries. Jade returned and sat down on the rear bench.

"The log is coded, we need her to know what the info on that ship is... and why she is here."

"How long should we wait? The way she looks, she will be out for hours if not days." O'Neill responded.

"IF she came to this exact time, we might not have that long." Jade stood up and reached up to the top compartment and took a medical kit out. "Some adrenalin should wake her up."

"Or it could kill her."

"Look, dad. We have to risk it."

O'Neill just nodded, knowing his daughter is probably right. Jade pushed the needle into the woman's arm. Some seconds later, the woman shot up, as much as she could. She took a deep breath.

"Frak me! What!?"

Jade held her down and began reassuring her.

"It's OK. Your safe. Your 2 friends, not so much. Now... I'm Jade O'Neill. You already know my father. And this is Ite-kh."

The woman narrowed her eyes.

"The general never had a daughter!"

"Yeah, about that. How in the hell am I a general?" Jack became curious.

"If you don't know any of this, this is a trap! Who in the hell are you people!"

Jade realized that the adrenalin might push her to this, so she had to tell more than she was willing to.

"We come from the year 2032! We returned to prevent the Aschen of whipping the majority of humanity in the galaxy with a bio weapon as an act of revenge for using a black hole to destroy their home world!. I also believe you did something similar, or does the year 2008 not ring any bells?"

The woman calmed down. Her eyes moving around erratically.

"Yes... I remember. Daniel explained this to me. Agghhh...!" she yelped as her shoulder began burning in pain." Frak... But... that time line should be gone! When Janus altered the future after dr. Weir accidentally traveled into the past of Atlantis, he altered everything! You should not be here!"

Jade began realizing. Janus. Always him. He altered something over 10.000 years ago, long before they even went back. He altered it at a point of time when their time line could be altered to achieve something like this.

"That would explain the shock wave of time that was turning our time line into yours. But by you being here... something went wrong with Janus plan, didn't it?"

The woman nodded.

"But he planned for that as well. He left this Jumper I came in to correct his alteration. Frak!" she snapped her fingers. "The instructions even said to use these coordinates at that exact time! He must have known! Of you. Of me! I piggybacked your time traveling wormhole!"

Jade nodded, understanding. The other 2, not so much and Jade saw it.

"She comes from the future of this new time line, while we come from the one that no longer exists, thanks to Janus."

That was good enough for her dad, who kneeled down to the woman.

"So if I understood this, we have the Biff messing up the past, like in Back to the future?" O'Neill wanted to understand this... mess.

Jade just rolled her eyes. Dumbed down... for the dumbed down. Only she knew that her father was not as dumb as he played it.

"Yes, dad, just like with Biff."

He smirked and kneeled down to their patient.

"Fine, now that the techno talk is over, who are you? And what is it with this frak thing you keep spamming out?"

"Major Mary Stone, Terran federation space forces. The frak basically means fuck. My friend and... in a way older sister Kara Thrace from the Colonials... she rubbed off on me... the wrong way. Mostly the drinking and pissing my superiors off part."

Jack smiled and nodded.

"Like her already. Sounds like a handful. Anyway, why are you here?"

"We need to get to New Terra, the HQ of the Federation. If we are not too late, they are attacking Anubis at the moment. I need to warn them!"

The 3 people around her did not know what she was talking about, but the urgency in her voice said it all.

New Terra, minutes after SG-1's mission began.

Hank hated this. He was at the side lines. Yao was coordinating everything in the C&C site and the eggheads were working on this gate attack that Anubis was doing.

His thoughts on worrying on these matters were cut short as the gate activated.

"Unscheduled activation!" the gate control officer announced.

Hank ran to the command room from the gate room as the iris activated and the shield encased the gate room.


"Sir... we are getting an ID code... It's SG-1."

"Let's hear them."

"This is Jack O'Neill, request iris deactivation."

Hank and everyone in the room was silent. How did O'Neill get a connection, if Earth was blocked. And why use SG-1's code.

"Jack? Care to explain?"

"General, no time to explain, sierra, delta, zero, omega, 4, the hammer falls!"

The code of a flag officer, saying a level of emergency that overwrites everything.

"Open the iris!"

Seconds later, a Jumper exited the gate and the gate shut down. Inside the ship, the 3 people, who were seeing this for the first time, were slacked jawed.

"What in the hell were you people doing!?" Jack asked.

Jade, who was looking after Mary, helped her up.

"Thank god the code you were given, worked."

As the ramp was lowered, the security detail approached the ramp to raise their weapons. They did not expect this scene.

"Whoa, guys! We are all friendly here!" Jack tried to reassure them.

"Who are you?" a solder asked. "You are far too old to be general O'Neill.

"Would you believe me that I'm from the future?"

Hank came around the jumper and saw this strange collection of people.

"Why have the Reetoue not informed us of this? We are still allies after all. And who are you people suppose to be?"

"Sir, that man said he is general O'Neill." the solder repeated what O'Neill just said.

Now Mary had enough.

"General Landry! I'm Major Mary Stone, one of the few survivors of the federation military from the year 2008. Is the mission against Anubis under way?!"

"If you really are Lt. Stone, you would know that that attitude will not get you far with me. Now..."

"We don't have the time! After Anubis, one enemy after another will come, until the Ori finish us off! We need to hit Anubis harder if this messed up future is to be salvaged! As for them, they came from that other future where the Aschen killed everyone with their bio weapon. Janus changed that! Sir, we really don't have the time!"

The guards were utterly confused.

"What? What... that makes no sense!" one of them whined.

"Temporal mechanics do not always make sense, but are always logical." Jade tried to explain, to no avail.

"We don't have time, you say? We will make time!" Landry ordered. "Now, you will come with us to the military medical wing to get examined. Once we confirm your identities and story, we can talk!" He signaled his men to get serious if the 4 people in the Jumper don't comply.

O'Neill removed his holster and put it down.

"Guess we have no choice."

Tritris system, same time

The commotion on the hidden base died down. For some strange reason, the Stargate activated for a few seconds, but nothing came thru. In the command center, Athena and Thoth looked over the info they got. Thoth looked at the base commander.

"Was anything detected? Any stealth incursion?"

"None, my lord. And even if they had cloaking systems to bypass out TER tech, the force field would have stopped and paralyzed them." the Goa'uld commander reported as he ordered the Kulls and Jaffa to resume their original patrol paths.

"Remain extra vigilant. Lord Anubis does not tolerate failure!" Athena emphasized that part particularly. "Now Thoth, best we continue with our work. Being late is also not tolerated by him."

Thoth nodded. He too knew of Anubis lack of patience.

On the outside, near the main comm dish, no one noticed the cloaked Jumper. In the rear compartment, the newly installed phase device was sparking and smoke was coming out of it.

"As expected, this generator is now busted." Sam sighed. "But we knew that. And the cloak remained operational in transition thru the wormhole. Our R&D team came thru."

"Fine and dandy. Now..." Colonel Fisher stood up and put his red visor on, covering him completely in the nano suit. "You know the plan. Nomad on me, Psycho, back SG-1 up."

The back door opened and Fisher's people took point as the rest of the team put their visors on.

"Jonas, you stay here and have the Jumper ready for an escape." Same said to Quinn as she put her hand on his shoulder.

"I hope I can fly this thing well enough. Only had a crash course and the ATA therapy."

"You'll do fine. Now..." Sam turned to Vala. "Vala, you are on theft duty. Mitchell, you go with her. The rest of us, we go in and do damage." She put her own visor on as they left the cloaked Jumper.

They saw the base. A massive structure, partially build into the mountain, suspended over a river of lava. Connections to other parts, like the Stargate platform, landing bays, hangars, Jaffa barracks and so on were made via bridges and ring platforms.

As SG-1 approached the edge of the top of the comm building where they landed, 3 Kulls approached them. One of them spoke.

"The holo masking works. We just peaked at those patrols and the suit did the rest. "Fisher announced.

"Good. Best not copy a Jaffa, they might recognize the faces." Sam added. SG-1 crawled to the edge to spot a patrol and scan it. Seconds later, they all looked like Kulls.

Once they were all incognito, they split up. Fisher and Nomad jumped up onto the cliffs and ascended to the peak of the cliff that the base was build into. The rest jumped down onto the walkway connecting the base facilities, once the coast was clear.

"This steam and heat is annoying." Young remarked.

"There is lava under this base, what did you expect?" Psycho replied.

"Figures. Evil bad guy lair. Next thing he will have is freaking sharks with freaking laser guns." Mitchell joked.

The Excalibur, orbit over Delmak, main corridor on the port side of the ventral hangar, minutes later

2 marines were taking cover at each side of the corridor where it splits off into 2 different directions. They were completely suppresses by the plasma staff fire from said corridor.

"Shit! Even with 20g, those monsters are only slower!" the marine on the left cursed, gripping his MAC SMG.

"You don't say!? I haven't noticed! I thought we were looking at a movie in slow motion!"

"Oh, shut up, you ass hole!"

"Grenade!" was the shout of major Burova as she and her solders reached the position of the 2 marines. The grenade flew past them at the Kulls... but once she reached the high gravity field, it mostly rolled there. As the grenade exploded, creating a small energy shock wave, the front Kulls fell to the ground. Those behind them began climbing over the corpses of their fallen comrades. Then the 2 marines noticed the Centurions.

"Mayor, what..."

"Backup. Now, how many do we have?"

"At least 30 here alone. With their fire power, we can't get into the corridor to repel them and sooner or later..:"

"That is why we have these!" the major pointed to a small disk like device at her back as she took it off. "Centurions, can you handle 20g gravity!?"

"For a short time, yes."

"Good enough for me. Once I throw this disk it will create a small localized force field. One way. Our shots go thru, theirs don't. But it will not last long, so... we open the first salvo, then you push into the high gravity part while we continue the support. Keep you left and right flank clear, we'll shoot thru there, so stick to the middle. The corridor is wide enough for that."

Ophirion, the Centurion leader here nodded.

Burova then leaned to the edge of the corner and threw with one hand the disk into the corridor. It fell on the ground in the high gravity part of the corridor. Enhanced armored suits or not, she could not throw it any further with 20g.

As the Approaching Kulls noticed the dist, a new barrier appeared in front of them, soaking up their shots.

"Now!" the major yelled as her solders on both sides turned around the corner and opened up, beginning to mow down the Kulls.

"Go!" she yelled at the Centurions, who began their own push.

As the Centurions stepped into view of the Kulls, both sides saw each other for the first side. And both continued firing. The number of Kulls were diminishing fast, but not fast enough. The barrier began to fail.

"The Centurions reached the 20g area!"

As they did, they also slowed down.

"These opponents are like nothing we have seen before!" Ophirion told his brothers.

"We noticed, leader."

The barrier failed. Both Centurions and Kulls entered a slug match. And the Centurions were not doing well. But well enough to mop up the remaining Kulls, with the human's help. Ophirion engaged the final remaining Kull in hand to hand combat and the Kull closed the gap. Ophirion deployed his claws on the hands. As he swiped across the Kulls torso... nothing happened. The Kull armor was too tough for simple claws to have any effect. Ophirion tried again, only to have the hand grabbed by the Kulls own hand and begin to get pushed back. The Centurion tried to use the weapon the humans gave him, but the Kull, while driven by instinct and programming more than intelligence, reacted and grabbed that hand as well, twisting it and breaking it. With it's now free hand, the Kull began taking aim at the Centurions torso with its plasma caster only for a Terran marine to shoot it in the head several times. Ophirion was lucky. The remaining Centurions and marines had just finished up the other Kulls to assist him.

"This is Burova to security control. Port main corridor of Hangar one is secured. Lower gravity to normal!"

"Acknowledge. We see it. Lowering now."

As her people went to see to the Centurions, Burova tapped her comm device again.

"Security, how is colonel Hendrix doing?"

"Same as you, starboard is clear. Now for the main hangar."

She approached the fallen Centurions and asked Ophirion of the situating.

"We lost 7 of my brothers."

"My condolences, but you wanted to help."

"Oh, they are not dead. Not completely." He lowered himself to the remains of a destroyed Centurion, only to open its torso open and pulling out a blinking module. Burova raised an eyebrow. "His main programming is in here, as a backup. "Since we don't have resurrection, we needed a new approach. All he needs now is a new body."

"As the Americans say, the need for something is the mother of innovation."

"We are inferior in both armor, fire power, speed, strength and durability. This is concerning. Finally I understand how the Colonials once felt when they encountered us in battle." Ophirion spoke wireless to the other remaining Centurions.

"It is a worrying development. I think we should ask for our hand weapons to be reinstalled if we intend to work with these humans."

The Excalibur, orbit over Delmak, battle for Delmak, minutes later

On the bridge, Vix was trying to use his resources as efficiently as possible. And not lose too much at the same time.

"Sir, the destroyer Triton and Bruiser are getting overwhelmed by the boarders, they can't hold them!" the comm officer announced the update she just received.

Vix slammed his hand on the planning table, gritting his teeth.

"Begin evacuation on the spot! Set them to overload and tell the fleet to both target them and get some distance to them. Order the destroyers to go on a collision course, if possible. If Anubis wants them, he can have them!"

Out in space, the front lines of both fleets had engaged in close range battle. The Excalibur had pulled back to get her infestation problem under control. Other 501's remained on the front. That is what they were designed for. Adama and D'anna were watching all of this unfold.

"Frak me. Makes our encounters almost look meek." she spoke with a stuttering voice.

"Putting it mildly." the Colonial veteran replied. Outside they saw another green energy beam shoot from behind the Excalibur, hitting a Goa'uld Ha'tak, ripping it to pieces. "But I do see a massive mistake on the enemy hand here. Shows me that they are not prepared fighting a battle like this, when the enemy is on equal or superior footing."

D'anna looked at him with interest.

"Oh, and what would that be, cause I can't make heads or tails out of this?"

"Same issue we had with you. You outranged us with your superior missile and nuke weapons. If you kept us at arms length, we would have been fraked. But our Battlestars were meant to get close and rip you apart. This Anubis, genius or not, it letting this happen to him. The Terrans have greater missile range, better fighter and then this new siege ship. They turned the tables on him. If I remember correctly, his flag ship has an even more powerful siege weapon. If he keeps defending and camping, he has already lost. If I were him, I would send everything he has to point blank range."

In space, a 501 to the Excalibur's port opened with her subatomic beams and ripped another Ha'tak apart while her ion cannon turrets focused on a Ko'tak along with another 501 that engaged from the rear. During all of this, several death gliders flew past the Excalibur's shield perimeter. One came too close and slammed into it, exploding.

"I think they are close enough. I don't understand what difference that would make, admiral?" D'anna asked, seeing the battle unfolding.

"That way he could at least increase the damage and casualties to the Terrans. Otherwise, dying there in the planets orbit with a finger up his ass or here... yes, he would lose badly either way but here he would do more damage."

"You explained it so colorfully, admiral."

A large explosion caught their attention. One of the 2 destroyers mentioned before, exploded on a self destruct command. The other was accelerating to an enemy formation. Guess that one was taking the ramming option.

"This situation is getting crazier by the minute." D'anna remarked, observing the battle.

Anubis had the defenders advantage and numerical advantage. 3 to 1 to be precise. The Terrans had quality advantage if you ignore his command ships, as well as range (again ignoring the command ship with the super weapon, since it is not here, yet) and fighter superiority due to their opening attack.

The longer this battle lasted, the more it would work to Anubis favor. The Terrans could not have this turn into a slug match. They could not replace their troops by growing or cloning them. And shipbuilding was also on Anubis side.

All the Terrans needed to do was destroy his largest center of military, command and logistic. The entire planet surface and orbital installations. This was not a KO blow, but one that can buy them time... and tilt the balance in to their favor.

In the back, a cyber security officer noticed something alarming as his digital console turned red, indicating a hack attempt. From the inside.

"Sir, admiral! We're getting hacked from the inside! Must be one of the invading teams!"

Vix did not expect this. Anubis was prepared. He ran to said officers console.

"XO, take over. Now... can you pinpoint the hack attempt?"

"Not precisely, but it is on the ventral hangar deck. Firewalls are holding... for now, but these are some good coding. It's only a matter of time."

Vix tapped his comm wrist.

"Hendrix, come in! We have a situation."

"Sir, we have multiple situations, be specific." Hendrix responded, clearly in a firefight situation with all the fire and shooting noise in the background.

"Somewhere in the hangar some of Anubis forces are attempting to hack our database!"

"Shit. That would explain their suicidal tactics. We can't reach the main hangar. Every time we clean one wave, another comes into the same corridor, just to stall us and die. The major has similar difficulties on her end."

"Colonel. I don't care how you do it, get in there and clear them out! Decompress the entire hangar to flush them out if you have to!"

"Already tried. First thing they did after boarding was to overwrite the local atmospheric barriers and hangar doors. We took those blocks out, but they welded the doors shut during that time. We can't open them without welding tools and... not getting shot at!"

Vix gritted his teeth. That clever bastard.

"Do what you can, Hendrix. Guess we have to go plan B. Vix out." He then looked at the cyber security officer. "Activate Sentinel."

"Sir, we only got the prototype. It might not work."

"I don't give a shit! Eva is getting demoted to civilian duties and replaced by Cabal anyway, Sentinel is on the other hand designed for cyber warfare! As a DAI it was designed for such occasions. Activate it!"

The officer nodded, knowing that the situation called for it. On the main screen at his work station, a digital humanoid face appeared, speaking with a calm male voice.

"Sentinel Defense-AI active. Admiral Vix, I was not meant for activation during this time."

"Can't help it. Eva can't handle this, but you can. You have detected it, haven't you?"

"Of course. Cyber intrusion detected from the main hangar, fighter diagnostic station 47. They are connected to the main data core for repair and diagnostic purposes."

Vix smiled. It is working... so far. It found the exact point of attack.

"Can you do something about it?"

"I assume you don't care if the attackers survive?"

"No I don't. Be creative. But try not to do too much damage to my ship down there."

"Affirmative. Activating defense protocol 3 beta. Energy feedback initiated."

Seconds later, Hendrix called Vix over the comm.

"Sir, there was a large explosion from the hangar. Was that you?"

"I activated Sentinel. I guess he took my order to be creative in stopping the cyber attack a bit too literally."

"The hangar is badly damaged anyway, one overloaded fighter station more won't make a difference. Besides, the Khalek clone and his hacking equipment are destroyed as well. I also managed to jam their comm channels."

"You heard that, Hendrix."

"I did. Can that AI help with our mopping up operation?"

"I am designed for cyber security. My ability to act autonomously and in the physical world are limited, colonel."

"Sorry, colonel. You will have to do that the old fashioned way. Vix out. Sentinel, keep an eye for any other hack attempts."

Vix moved back to the front of the bridge, next to his XO.

"Eva, since Sentinel has the security covered, how is the battle progressing?"

"Not well. Anubis forces are holding their ground."

"Damn. XO, any ideas?"

"One. Once the Orion and Velocity do their thing, they need to come here fast to aide us."

Vix agreed. And hated it.

"Then it will be a race of who's main capital ship comes here first, ours or his."

"Admiral, if I may." D'anna butted in. "I may be only an observer, but are using AI's to do your work?"

"I assure you, they are not true AI's. until recently, we called these things Virtual intelligences, but since that did not really apply to programs like them in a correct ways, the egg heads renamed them dumb AI. Not fully sentient. I think they call it..." Vix began thinking hard. Damn the programmers and their smart sounding words.

"Pre-sentient algorithms and programs. Sir." his XO came to the rescue.

"Yes, that. Like Eva, her military replacement Cabal and now Sentinel. Harlan's people are considered SAI, or smart AI's, while you... well, you are organic with cybernetics, so CI, or cybernetic intelligence. Both CI and SAI are considered sentient and thus given the status of a life form."

D'anna narrowed her eyes.

"Sounds like splitting hairs to me, admiral."

"You can file a protest with the council... after this mission."

"You can count on it."

The bridge shook. The Excalibur was hit, hard. During this commotion, in space, 2 Re'nak's approached the Excalibur from the port ventral side. Their Ha'tak escorts cleared the way for them, pushing and engaging the smaller Terran ships, forcing them into close range battle. The 2 Re'ank's opened up with their weapons, pummeling the Aegis shields.

"Sir, the Aegis module is fluctuating, we can't hold it for more than a minute." the engineering officer at the back yelled.

"Damn. Helm, full reverse. Get some distance to them. If we can get some pressure off of us, we can go to a recharge cycle. our Aegis will be depleted no matter what, but our regular shields can get some rest."

"Sir, comm request coming in. It's admiral Yao."

"Now what?"

Flashback: New Terra, minutes earlier, Yao's office

She looked with an intense stare at her... 'guests'.

"Let me get this straight. You..." she points at the elderly O'Neill, his daughter and the Reetou. "Come from that future Jackson wrote a report not long before his ascension. The whole Aschen destroy humanity thing? Correct?"

"Correct, mam." the elder O'Neill responded.

"And you came back as well, but from 'our' future, to warn us about something? Correct?" she looks at major Stone.

"Yes mam."

Yao massages her forehead. How do these things happen.

"Your story can wait." she looks at O'Neill. "Yours can't. Talk." she orders Mary.

"Mam. Your attack will be both a victory and disaster. It is the disaster part I want to prevent."


"You know that Earth's gate and several other gates were dialed? By Anubis?"

"We know. The gate destroyer weapon. We have a mission scheduled to attack that planet..."

Mary shot up, walking over to the admiral's table, putting her hands on it.

"It will be too late! He moved the weapon! You won't find it there anymore! And you don't have the time as well!"

Now Yao stood up, eyeing Mary.

"Too late? How? He dialed multiple gated, using Nerus knowledge of the gates. Reprogram one to dial multiple gates at once. As the R&D department reported, this would slow the power build up and overload time since the power get's redistributed to multiple gates. You telling me we don't have a week?"

"This attack started 12 minutes ago?"


"Then we have exactly 56 minutes until all the gate go gigaton boom!"

The room went silent. Yao did not buy it.

"How is that even possible, unless Anubis found a ZPM. Did he?"

Mary looked at Anise, who was present with android Carter and O'Neill as well as a detachment of security personnel.

"She knows why. She just doesn't realize it."

"What do you mean. How would I know it?"

Mary walked over to her, mere inches apart.

"Think. Does the name Arus'us ring any bells?"

Anise nodded.

"Yes, he was one of our spies in the ranks of Anubis. One of our best, but he stopped transmitting months ago. We assumed he got captured but committed suicide."

"Didn't work out so well for the Aschen the last time one of your people got captured and committed suicide. Now, what other research did Arus'us have inside his brain that could do great harm in the hands of... oh I don't know... ANUBIS!"

Anise paled. Shit, how could they forget that. Anubis mind probes, even in suicidal death can still extract some information. And if he got that...


"Exactley! Naquadria research, how to tap into naquadria deposits on an Icarus class planet! Just like P4X-351 that you found not too long ago as well of course Langara!"

Now it began to make sense to Yao.

"He got some of that research from the dead Tok'ra infiltrator, found another Icarus class planet, transported the gate destroyer there and is now using the naquadria deposits by tapping into them to speed up the overload!?"

"Finally someone put 2 and 2 together!" Mary clapped her hands. "A miracle!"

"Stow the sarcasm!" Yao shouted. "Where is that planet. I assume you know?"


Yao activated her holo controls on her table.

"Eva, holographic display of the galaxy, coordinates of P2C-211 relative to New Terra."

Eva did as ordered.

"Shit. It's on the other side of the galaxy in an isolated area, so far away from our main forces..." Yao stopped and looked at Mary again. "I thing you did not come here just to tell us we can't stop this?"

"The Velocity and Orion are needed with the Jaffa and would still be too late since the Jaffa target is so far out, the Phoenix and Valkyrie can make it, but they are damaged and only 2 ships can't break the blockade around that planet. We have to get the gates off the planets. Let them blow up harmlessly in space."

"Perhaps not. Maybe we can still get that damn thing. Now, major. While all of this sounds plausible, we would lose a large logistical tool, the gates, if we do this."

"It's either that, or we lose 7 member worlds. The strongest ones. The Federation never recovered after this! Do NOT underestimate that monster! Besides, the Tollans can always build replacement gates and Earth still has the Antarctica one."

"There is one issue. The Tollans. There is not a single hyperspace capable ship in that system at the moment. How do you propose to get their gate off the planet and far away in time?"

Mary smiled. She knew this was coming. That they forgot.

"No hyperspace capable ship, yes. But one with a jump drive."

Yao almost slapped herself.

"Of course, the Colonial Raptor they are inspecting. Well, their jump drive anyway. If the gate is attached to it and it is sent on an autopilot jump... I need to make some calls."

Yao went to work, while the elderly O'Neill just stared at his android counterpart.

"So, you are still around in this... past?"

"And you still have all your hair, old man."

"Great, 3 of us now... how annoying."

"4, actually. Junior makes me prouder every day."

The elderly O'Neill didn't even dare to ask what that meant.

Flshback end. The Excalibur, orbit over Delmak, battle for Delmak.

Vix was in the rear of the bridge, behind the planning table, flight command station and the holographic comm device, talking with the Phoenix captain, Hammond and Yao over a conference link. Yao had just briefed them on the situation, emitting the fact where they got the info from, since the Colonial and Cylon people on the Phoenix and Excalibur were present. No point in telling them that time travel is possible. With the Colonials this would open a completely new can of worms. Also, convincing them that Janus had modified the gate system with a command update, completely preventing and time travel, unless it originates from a timeline where it does not exist or uses a Janus program designed to bypass it, like with Major Stone. She guessed that Janus had good reasons that he did not save the colonial civilization from being nuked. Hopefully they learn of that reason one day. Hopefully it is a good one. That is why she already sent a request to Weir on Atlantis to question the Janus program.

"So now we need to alter the plan." Vix summarized.

"No, just modify it." Yao corrected him. "The Phoenix and Valkyrie are to pass near Langara to get the object that will destroy the gate destroyer, if all works."

"What object, admiral?" the Phoenix captain wondered. "We used up all of our nuclear arsenal on the raid and Langara has no current WMD's stored. On top of that, with the gate blocked..."

"I think that is the point, right?" Hammond said, getting the admiral's plan. "The overloading gate on Langara. we use it on the thing overloading it."

"Exactly. If Anubis wants to destroy our gates, we shove one of them down his throat!" Yao smiled with a perverted sense of justice. "Phoenix, you'll have to floor it. Use the power source for the Aegis and Damocles modules as well. If all goes to plan, you will not need them anyway. Once you have the gate, attach it to a Raptor and connect it to the Phoenix targeting sensors. Once you arrive, scan the planet for the biggest power source. Then just let the Raptor go on autopilot and upload the coordinates. Guess we'll be reimbursing the Colonials for 2 raptors now."

Adama chuckled. In a way, they did that in spades anyway, but it was a nice way to perhaps ask for one of their fighters to test in exchange.

The Phoenix captain nodded and the comm to the Phoenix cut off. The rest remained.

"My plan doesn't change, right, Yao?" Vix asked for confirmation.

"Yours not Vix, but yours does, Hammond. The moment the free Jaffa can handle the situation themselves, break off and head for Delmak. If it speeds the operation up, I'm authorizing Drone usage."

"If I may ask, admiral. What is the status of Mirage force?" Vix wondered.

"Latest update shows they are finished and retreating. No casualties. However we can expect that snake to come up with a counter measure in the next engagement. He always does. Yao out."

The comm went silent as Yao and his guests returned to the front section of the bridge ,observing the holographic screen of the battle, since the armor was deployed.

"Eva, loss status of the fleet." Vix demanded an update.

"Admiral, 8% of capital ships either badly damaged, being boarded or destroyed. The boarded and damaged ones are in retreat. Based on current battle progress, I can calculate an 88% chance of victory within 2 hours. However, losses will increase to 35%, 60% for fighter and bomber forces and the command ship from Anubis could arrive in less than 90 minutes."

"35%? Damn! That is unacceptable! Anything above 20% is."

"Admiral. We Colonials had much greater losses during the first war. I admit that 35% is allot..." Adama tried to share some of his experiences, but Vix cut him off.

"The issue is that Anubis can take the losses, we can't. And we have other issues on the horizon then just him." Vix looked at his XO. "We still out of the fight?" The XO nodded.

"Until we get the boarding issue under control, we can't risk it. It's contains, but those Kull's are stubborn. And our main hangar is out of action for this entire fight."

"There is no way around it then. I wanted to spare the population of this word. To not use that. Tactical, rearrange the fleet. We use plan C."

Light-years from planet Delmak system, same time

3 401's cruisers were hiding in an asteroid field in a neighboring system. There was a fourth ship there, a modified cruiser of a new class. They were plan C. They took position around a small planetoid, not large enough to begin taking a spherical shape, but at its longest it was around 22 kilometers long.

On the lead ship, the command from Vix was received, so all 4 ships began closing the gap to the planetoid from four different directions. Once they were close enough, they activated their graviton beams, attaching themselves to the planetoid. All 4 ships then aligned themselves to look at the same directions and... began pulling the planetoid with themselves.

They began accelerating, using every energy source, including the Aegis and Damocles power source to pull their cargo with themselves. After a few minutes, they reached 0,2% of the speed of light. Fast enough for their needs. Getting faster with this cargo made little sense, it would be only a loss of time getting up to higher speeds. They stopped accelerating and engaged their hyperdrives, entering hyperspace with their cargo.

New Terra, same time, Yao's office

Vix made the call to use that plan. Yao didn't like it, but understood his decision. If it was good enough for Anubis, it is good enough for them. Only they upscale their present for him.

Right now, her attention was still on her guests.

"Now, what are we to do with you? You, major Stone, can adapt quickly, even if it will be strange encountering your... past self."

"I understand that, mam. I understood that the day we came up with this plan."

"Good. you also know..."

"Yes mam. Not a word to the Colonials or they might get crazy in undoing their own destruction."

Yao smiled. That was... easy. Now comes the uneasy part. She eyed the other 3 guests.

"You people need to be brought up to speed. Colonel 'android' O'Neill. Please take care of this."

Android O'Neill paled, if androids could pale.

"Mam, why..."

"Why you? I learned from reports as well as dealing with O'Neill's that only an O'Neill can truly handle an O'Neill. Dismissed."

Yao sat back down behind her desk, activating her work station, where reports were piling up. As her guests began leaving, with escorts of course, android Carter stopped.

"Mam, I would like to accompany both O'Neill's, if at all possible."

Yao looked up from the reports.

"Why, you have work to do at the R&D sector and you know it."

"Mam... I want to learn what their lives were like."

Yao didn't buy it and went back to work.

"What's the real reason." she askek, showing Carter she has to try again.

"Uhh... to avoid that Colonial ass."

Now Yao stopped and looked at her again. And understanding.

"I heard some reports that dr. Baltar is a bit... flirtatious. Doesn't he have a Cylon girlfriend?"

"I can assure you, he's worse than Rodney. Rodney tries awkwardly and is clueless, but this guy... He ... doesn't get the hint and I really want to punch him. He even doesn't care that I'm an android. Guess he's immunized to that fact since his girlfriend is a cybernetic life form."

Yao went back to work.

"Very well. I will talk to the Colonials to get a leash on him, or I may have him prosecuted for sexual harassment... on an android. That would be a first in the law books. And when this mission is over, you might want to have a talk with miss Caprica."

New Terra, R&D sector, Eli's lab, same time

Baltar was in candy land. All these projects, devices, sciences, experiments... he was getting excited (in every way) by this alone. Add the many beautiful females working here, that had brains as well almost made it too much. Right now however he and Rush were looking over the Destiny initiative info they managed to gather. And it fascinated them both.

What did annoy him were the 3 lead male scientists here. Rush was arrogant and McKay was annoying. The fact that he shared those traits was not noticed by him. Eli on the other hand annoyed him for the same reasons he annoyed Rodney and Rush. A young college dropout was smarter than them on several fields.

While he and Rush were busy looking ober the Destiny data, Eli was looking over the data recieved from Lee Adama who had to do Baltar's work. And Eli was showing his nerd personality all over the place.

"Really!? A Star Trek multiverse! Really!?"

Rush was done sighing over Eli's endless questions.

"For the 50th time Eli. Apparently yes."

"And an Marvel multiverse, DC multiverse... even Alien and Predator one! If that is the case, there has to be a Star Wars one as well! Or..."

"Who cares!" Rush and Baltar both shouted in sync. "Those are just shows you like to watch. We have real work to do here, Eli!" Rush ended the sentence, returning his attention to the display showing the Destiny.

As the room went quiet again, Eli came out of his shock of being screamed at.

"Told you, jealousy." Ginn, who was assisting Eli, whispered to him. "But I have to ask, Eli. Why is this so important to you?"

"This might mean that some people in our universe somehow on some level of awareness saw things in these other multiverses and wrote those things down. Either that, or there are really so many possibilities that anything we write, film, sing or whatever, is a reality in another universe or multiverse. And if that is true..."

"We might be a character in another multiverse as well." Ginn understood his train of thought.

"Exactly. A frightening thought, if you ask me. Althou..."

"You would love to meet some of the 'real' heroes from those realities that your childhood shows are based on?" Ginn smiled, showing her knowledge of Eli.

"Well, yes. Like meeting Picard, Or Luke... like unlimited possibilities!"

"We told you to be quiet and get back to work, Eli!" Rusk reminded him again.

Ginn smiled again, having an idea. She pulled Eli from his work station.

"Let's leave them to do their thing and have a break."

"But this is my lab. Let them do their 'work' somewhere else." Eli protested while still letting himself get dragged out. Ginn looked at him with a smirk.

"Would you rather stay with these 2 'old' men, or spend time with me?"

OK, that was a... none question. So he went with her.

Tritris system, minutes later

Vala was in her role. Sneaking. Spying. Stealing. How... wonderful. She only hopes there would also be shiny and valuable things as well, not just... tech stuff. And Mitchell was seriously cramping her style. They acted according to her disguise. Mindless Kulls. Acting as if on patrol they bypassed several security points and reached a high security building. Fisher was the first to reach a station with a base layout. He transferred said plans to all involved party member. Vala say her target on the plan. Lowest levels, if you ignore the geothermal plant on the north side of the base. Here in the south west, the large underground security fortress with several storage rooms was located. For storing of stolen technology, artifacts or other objects of interest. For later study. Or Anubis most valuable innovations, prototypes and such.

The other thing Vala missed was the ability to bullshit her way out of a situation. Still might happen.

They passed the main entrance, fooling the dozen other Kull's to let them pass.

"According to the plan, we go left here, past the next security station. Then there should be a ring transporter leading to the lower levels." Vala said to Mitchell over the nano suit built in comm system. They could not afford to actually talk with their voices right now. 2 Kull's debating would be spotted.

"You lead the way. You're the thief anyway."

They reached the platform and ringed to the lower levels. A hexagonal ring chamber with 3 exits. Each leading to a storage area.

"Wait. We can't go yet. Someone's is coming!" Vala heard voices coming from one of the chambers. "Quick, stand next to a wall and act as if you're a guard. Don't move."

Mitchell did as she suggested. They both played their role again. Then they waited. A minute later, a blond woman with 4 Kull guards and 1 Goa'uld scientist exited one of the storage areas, closing the door behind them, activating a force field. As they passed the 2 disguised Terran infiltrators, the woman passed a Goa'uld computer tablet to the scientist.

"I want this research to be prioritized. Anubis ordered it. No excuses!"

The scientist just lovered her head as they all stepped on the platform and ringed out.

Checking that the coast was clear, Mitchell and Vala moved from their positions to the entrance the blonde woman originated from.

"Great. This is now locked like a gold depository!" Mitchell cursed. "How will we..."

"Keep your pants on. Or not. I always like a peep show." Vala began typing the combination into the console on the wall next to the entrance. It worked, as the force field was lowered and the door opened up again.

They entered the storage vault.

"How did you know that combination?"

"Please darling. One does not become a great thief by not seeing a combination being typed on the console from a weird angle." Vala replied with amusement in her voice. Then she got serious. "Besides. I still have a score to settle with that blonde bitch!"

"The blonde Goa'uld that passed us? Who is she?"

"The bitch my old snake plotted with all those years. The one who sold me to Simmons. Athena."

"Oh. Her. Will she be a problem?"

"Maybe, maybe not. Can't tell." She reached the only console in the vault, right in the middle. "Ah, the inventory list. Let's see what goodies are stored here."

During all of this, Carter's team reached the main R&D building. It was not hard to get to, it was smack in the middle of the entire base, the most heavily defended structure. Of course finding it was the easy part. Getting in was another matter. Here is where the lava pools below the base came in handy. One could dispose of killed Kull corpses easily so no one would stumble upon them.

As 2 more Kull corpses fell into the flowing river of lava only to disappear in it, on the connecting bridge from where they fell from, Psycho smiled.

"Talk about effective garbage disposal."

Carter looked around. No one spotted them. This back entrance was... a bit cliché, but if it works... no arguing.

"Fine. Young, stay here and play guard. If anyone approaches this entrance, alert us. Jolan, Volnek, stay cloaked and shadow us. Psycho, were up."

Sam then bypassed the security console and opened the door. Good thing they knew how to bypass the hidden silent alarm triggers. Inside she saw the main laboratory behind a transparent surface. Several Goa'uld were working on either analyzing something, dissecting something, assembling something or disassembling something. What worried her were the Kull's and Jaffa guards in the security room.

"Jolan, Volnek. Can you take them all out without triggering an alarm?" Sam asked while looking at the security room that was overlooking all the laboratories. Apparently Anubis made them transparent to ensure that no scientist would get a chance to betray him and steal anything. His guards were loyal. His scientist however could turn against him.

"Consider it done. With these new EM disks you designed to take a Kull out silently, it will be doable." Jolan replied, smiling under his cloak as he readied his new staff weapon in one hand and the disks in the other.

"Just remember, they only knock them out, you'll have to finish them off in 3 minutes or the stun wears off." she reminded him. The 2 Jaffa went to work.

"What about us, boss?" Psycho asked.

"You go to the main entrance and get the security override attached to the main door, like we practiced."

"Right. If we get discovered, we can lock ourselves in here and buy time. got it." He began moving down the main hall, still acting his part as a Kull.

Sam remained there, also pretending to be a guard, but scanning the laboratories, seeing what can be of interest to her and what can just be blown up when they leave. And she did spot something. 2 scientists, working on a coding in what she assumed was a programming lab. She recognized the coding on the main display that her visor managed to amplify.

"Replicator coding? How in the hell did he get his hands on that. For what purpose?" This mission just got a whole lot more interesting. She activated her comm system again. "Carter to Fisher. We are in the laboratory complex, making the final preparations, but I may have found something disturbing."

"So have we. Nomad and I reached the secondary command room. The primary would have triggered every alarm here. We found out that Anubis is currently building 3 more Anubu'rak ships. But the disturbing thing is that they have the same modifications for the plasma super weapon getting installed as well as a number of upgrades I never saw before. Based on some form of Ancient tech." was the answer she got.

"Damn. and I think I know where he is getting ht upgrade. Replicators. He somehow got his hands o Replicator tech. 2 of his scientists are working on Replicator coding right now."

"That... is not good. Does that mean he has more power amplification crystals lying around as well?"

"I really hope not. Wait a minute. Vala, come in?" A few seconds later, she got a reply.

"What is it darling, I am working right now."

"Vala, are you in the vault?"

"Of course I am, where else would I be?"

"Emm, Mitchell, please if you are there, have you found anything connected to the power amplification crystal tech down there?" Carter switched to Mitchell knowing she would get an answer faster that way.

"Now that you mentioned it.. damn. Why did we not see it before."

"What?" Sam and Fisher both asked over wireless at the same time.

"There is allot of research on these crystals here, but no crystals. Sam, what materials are needed to make them? The crystals I mean?"

The Federation learned of the materials needed to make them from Ancient research on this subject, but not the procedure of how to make them. In the end it did not matter, the materials were rare.

"Yurantic crystals and Lythuric ore." was Sam's answer.

"Shit. I was afraid of that. There are 3 vaults here, we only have access to the one that was used by Goa'uld scientists here as we arrived. The other 2 are locked and inaccessible. But here in the inventory log we can see that one of them is full of this... ore thing, the other with these crystals. Several tones of each. Also, FYI, there are some Replicator building blocks stored here. Guess that is not good as well?"

Sam began to sweat. Anubis knew how to make more of them and had enough material to make several hundred more. Fisher broke her from her thoughts.

"That would explain this as well. We also found another complex under construction in the lower levels in the east side of the base. A manufacturing line. What do we want to bet..."

"That it will be used to manufacture more of those crystals." Sam finished the same train of thought. "I think we all know what we have to do. Let's hope he didn't have time to make any, yet."

"Hey Mitchell, can we possibly get some of that stuff, steal it?" Fisher asked.

"Vala already tried. No way in hell unless we blow the doors wide open and that would bet us unwanted attention."

"Understood. Then... Jonas. Get the package in the Jumper ready." Fisher contacted Jonas.

"Colonel, you really think it is time for that already?" Sam asked Fisher over the comm link.

"If we can't take it with us, we blow it. Now a distraction would be welcomed, so let's prepare for..."

The alarms went off, sounding over the entire base.

"Shit, were we spotted!?" Sam asked over the entire ling every member of this raid.

"Not here in the vault." Vala responded.

"It's not us." Nomad responded, alerting Fisher to get to his console. "A large Goa'uld fleet is approaching. And it isn't Anubis."

"That would explain the Ha'tak's taking off from the shipyard area. Among other things." Young reported, having the best view of the area. indeed the entire force of constructed or even half constructed ships took off for orbit, followed by every death glider and other support ship there was. At the same time the base's shield went off, encasing it in a defensive bubble.

"Any bets on this one. I say It's Ba'al who screwed us over after we screwed him over." Mitchell asked everyone over the comm.

"Good guess. But also an opportunity. The distraction we needed." Fisher said, seeing the advantage of this development. "OK, everyone double time on what you are doing. Jonas, set the packages to stage 2 and get the Jumper ready. We may need to leave in a hurry later. Psycho, Jolan and Volnek. You finished with your tasks?"

"Sure thing, boss." Psycho confirmed.

"We as well. Not that it matters anymore, the scientists are going to the secure shelters, it seems." Jolan reported.

"Cowards." Volnek added.

"Will make my job easier." Sam said as she entered the main laboratory and began hacking the computer network.

"And while you do your job, you 3 get to the Jumper and bring the naquadria nukes to the vault area and the main lab. We will monitor the situation down here and in space." Fisher said, liking the current development.

"One last thing, colonel. I would like to capture an old 'friend' of mine." Vala said with a serious voice.

"Who are we talking about here?" Fisher asked.

"Athena, sir. She is a head scientist here and... Vala has a score to settle with her." Mitchell explained the situation.

"While we cannot allow personal vendettas to get in our way, if we can capture a head scientist like her or Thoth, go for it, but not at the expanse of the main mission!"

Carter cut her comm link off, concentrating on her task at hand.

Korinaros system, the Orion, minutes later

Minutes earlier the battle was at a stalemate between the free Jaffa and Anubis forces. But the 2 Auroras turned the tide of the battle fast.

But that one update from Yao changed the plan. Hammond needed to hurry up and get to Delmak ASAP. This gate destroyer counter attack threw a wrench into their plans. They needed to finish this fast incase he had any other surprises ready.

Breaking the backbone of the defense here was paramount. 3 space stations armed to the teeth, defense satellites surrounding them, not to mention the still remaining fleet. He knew what he needed to do.

"Tactical, prepare 10% of all of our drones. The Velocity keeps using conventional weapons only."

"Sir, are you sure?"

"I am, Yao gave me the green light."

The bridge crew went to work as both Auroras were deep in the enemy defense perimeter. Seconds later, the Orion's guns went silent.

"Sir, drones ready, drone chair officer standing by."

"Then by all means. Fire at will."

In space, the Orion began firing her drones. She began getting surrounded by a small but growing cloud of glowing dots. They began flying to the Goa'uld defenders, piercing anything they hit and continuing on their trajectory. The Drones were in a way cleaning the road of obstacles. Several of them managed to reach the defensive stations and satellites, ripping them to shreds.

As the defensive perimeter began to show a massive gap that began getting bigger by the second, the defending Jaffa panicked as several ships and formations began breaking rank in an attempt to get out of the battle.

Hammond saw the results and contacted Teal'c and Bra'tac.

"General, nicely done." Teal'c applauded the show of force.

"Teal'c, can you handle the rest? We are needed elsewhere."

"Why the hurry, general? Has something happened?"

"Anubis happened. He is using his gate destroyer on several of our worlds. We need to go to make sure he has no surprises for our attackers on Delmak."

"Go, general. We can handle the rest. We might even be able to persuade some of the Jaffa defenders to switch sides. Good luck." Bra'tac said as he lowered his head in recognition of the help they got from the Terrans. The screen returned to the situation outside.

"Helm, order the Velocity to follow us. Set a course for Delmak, top speed."

Both ships broke formation from their Jaffa allies and entered hyperspace several seconds later.

Pegasus galaxy, Atlantis, same time

Weir's day had started good. Negotiations with the new allies, overseeing the projects that currently dr. Zelenka was in charge of. Of course fi things are going so well, something will go wrong. When she received the info from Yao about the time line change, she knew what Yao wanted.

Currently she was having a heated discussion in the holo room with Janus AI. Or should we say, she was hitting a brick wall.

"If Janus made these changes, did he not foresee of such potential dangers that another time jump was needed. And also not informing us of the potential of getting the leftovers from the deleted time lines is irresponsible!"

"A minor inconvenience at best. As for the Jumper from 2008, Janus made these alterations, yes, but Moros himself did not prohibit time manipulating technologies from being developed without a good reason. This time alteration is still undergoing. The final outcome still unknown. Even to me of the real Janus. So small alterations are still needed. Either that or going back to the drawing board."

Weir blinked. What did he mean with that.

"You mean start over!?"

"Yes. And this time line is the current best outcome."

"Is that also the reason you did not alter the Colonial past at the point where their colonies still existed?"


Weir waited for an explanation. Not getting it.

"Yes? That's it? just yes?"

"What else would you want?"

"An explanation! Do you know the mess the Colonials might make if and when they find out time travel is a possibility!?"

"Exactly my point. They did make a mess. Over and over. Every scenario Janus made with the Colonial worlds still intact ended in either disaster or made things for humanity at large worse. I am sorry if 40 billion were sacrificed, but hundreds of billions will be saved. This is a game of numbers and this way I can save more. If we go down this path, someone could ask Janus to alter colonial history when they were still on Kobolous, or on the Earth of the 13th... where would it end? If you or someone else can find a way to save the colonies without them declaring war on you for stupid reasons like you not worshiping their Lords or bringing the blight of still berserk Cylons to this galaxy, not unlike the Replicators... as you humans say, I'm all ears!"

Weir gritted her teeth. He had a damn point and she hated it. She turned to go out, but turned to eye the hologram one last time.

"This is not over!"

""Of course it is not. The time line is still undergoing changes and merging with the original."

"Not what I meant!" she stormed out.

"I know what you meant." Janus AI said more to itself than anyone else. His eyes flashed a bit as he disappeared. In the lower levels of Atlantis, in his still secret laboratory hidden behind a resonance wall, a device began blinking.

Unknown location, Temporal observatory, same time

The observatory lit up, receiving an update from Atlantis. The map of the galaxy appeared again.

On the map, a text in ancient appeared.

'Temporal incursion 159 alpha and beta detected. Time line alteration in progress. Calculating possible impact on the time line.'

A glowing white light appeared, reading the text.

"Interesting. But not unforeseen. I did note several leftovers from those previous time lines that arrived here. I wonder how Mitchell will react when he stumbles over his own grave? When future Sheppard arrives. The Daedalus appears. Or Kara Thrace, when she learns the real reason of her visions. Temporal fragments. So many left to arrive. Now, old friend Moros. Your awakening is drawing closer." Janus said with an amused voice. "A good thing I blocked the access to this place as well as put a new fail safe in the gate network, prohibiting time travel, unless I allow it. I really would hate to reset this experiment... for the 11th time. This one is promising.. so far."

Delmak, high orbit, minutes later

The fleet had repositioned itself. The new formation had a large gap, like a tunnel in the Terran formation. On his command ship, Anubis did not like it. He knew the humans, while sometimes intellectually challenged, ewer not imbeciles.

"My lord. They have presented us with an opening, We can strike hard and fast if we..." the commanding Jaffa said with enthusiasm.

"Be silent, you fool! Either this is the most obvious trap I have ever seen, or they are planning something. Tell our forward forces to keep pressing the attack, but to remain vigilant. I want.,..!"

"My lord! Hyperspace distortion approaching. A massive one!" the Jaffa at the sensor station yelled, showing signs of fear.

Seconds later, Anubis realized what was going on. His own plan! At least one of them! And they dared to use it against him!

"Evasive actions, all forces pull back! Prepare to focus all fire power at the opening at the Terran fleet."

A minute later, as the Goa'uld forces were still in the process of entering a new formation, a large hyperspace window opened up behind the Terran forces. The 4 cruisers that has pulled the planetoid with them, disengaged their gravity beams and released the planetoid on a collision course with Delmak. The Terran fleet began repositioning itself even more to ensure that no ship would get hit as the planetoid moved passed them.

"Tell the Event Horizon to engage it's hyperspace jammer!" Vix barked out the order as he saw the package arrive.

The only cruiser of the 4 that dragged the planetoid here that was not a 401, began moving to the rear of the fleet. A 403 cruiser designed with a limited hyperspace jammer based on Janus Altero device. Not strong enough to jam every engine, but on a localized area it can prevent an enemy from escaping. Of course that worked both ways, the Terrans were now stuck as well and it cannot prevent someone from arriving, just make them exit hyperspace further out than planned.

The Event Horizon on the outside looked like a regular 401, but it's 2 hangars were sealed off and more cylindrical shape. It was here that the hyperspace jammers were located.

"Sir, receiving confirmation, Jamming field is active. They can't dodge it by jumping into hyperspace." the tactical officer reported, smiling.

"Good. Now let's see what Anubis does. Sacrifices his fleet, or his world. What will it be, you monster?" Vix asked n one in particular as he just wanted to enjoy the show.

Anubis was pissed. Beyond pissed. They dare to do this to him!

"All ships, open fire! Concentrate on that planetoid."

"My lord, it is on a collision course with our main orbital defenses." the Jaffa commander reported.

Anubis realized that it would be better to cut his losses.

"Prepare to leave orbit. We are retreating. They want Delamk, they can have it!"

"My lord. We cannot! Hyperdrive is inoperable!"

"What!" he stood up and went to the console said Jaffa was manning, pushing him aside. "Is the planetoid saturated with naquadah?"

"no sign of naquadah, my lord."

Anubis understood. A modification of the plan. If it exploded while in transit, their fleet would get blown away as well as his.

"If they were not humiliating me right now, I would be impressed. Fine, you want to play, let's play." he activated a command protocol that only he had access to. "Begin ship evacuation."

As ordered, all the personnel began using the ring transporters to evacuate to the other ships. In the main power core, the core began glowing more and more. A device attached to it also began glowing.

"Let's see how my first self made power amplification crystal does in a suicide run." Anubis remarked as he entered the transporter platform after setting a collision course and setting his command ship on an autopilot.

On the Excalibur, Vix and company saw the change in Anubis tactics.

"Dragging a planetoid here to use as a ballistic weapon... now I've seen everything." D'anna gasped as she saw the planetoid fly past the Excalibur.

"What is he up to?" Vix asked himself, seeing Anubis command ship accelerate to the planetoid while the rest of his forces continued to fire upon it.

"Sir, massive energy build up detected on the command ship." the tactical officer reported. The energy signature is consistent... no."

"Consistent with what, solder!?"

"Sir... a power amplification crystal."

Vix and other high ranking officers looked at him, then each other.

"To the fleet, evasive actions, break formation, get some distance between us and the planetoid that just passed is!" then he looked at his XO. "If his command ship your Mirage task force engaged had the 4 we know of, how in the hell...!?"

At that moment the command ship and the planetoid collided, generating a large explosion that tore the planetoid apart. Mostly. Several large chunks remained, but the rest was turned to a shrapnel that was now mostly aimed at the planet, but some of it, curtsey of the explosion, was now aimed at the Terran fleet as well.

"Everyone, shields double front! Brace for impact!"

New Terra, Yao's office, same time

Hammond was finished and was now underway to reinforce Vix, the Mirage task force was finished and was returning, the Phoenix picked up the overloading gate from Langara and the 2 Jumpers from the future were being checked over. Plus all the overloading gates were off their respected worlds, to explode harmesly. Guess the Tollans will have their hands full next month to build new gates. And their logistics will be disrupted for a while. All nice and well. But the 2 Jumpers had their memory and logs whipped clean. That was suspicious. She would have the guests questioned for that at some point. Like who these Ori are that the major mentioned. But now her worries were aimed at Vix and SG-1. Hopefully, everything was going well.

Large Magellan cloud galaxy, system of the previous New Caprica colony, same time

Months ago, they began sending out scouts and Basestars to see if there still were any hostiles there. There weren't. The 4's and 5's wanted to rebuild. Try to reactivate the Hub.

The Cavil's had other ideas. Their thirst for revenge was still paramount. and they knew not to waste time trying to reactivate the dead hub. Only the final five could.

For months they were searching, trying to backtrack where the rebels and colonials were and went.

Looking over the devastation in this system made them realize that a battle took place. The planet's atmosphere was scorched, it's water boiled. There was a moon once, but it was mostly ripped apart, asteroids still flinging everywhere in the system. But they did find hull fragments of the ship that almost destroyed everything they worked for.

"Finally some progress." the lead cavil smirked on the Basestar's CIC.

Event Horizon class CC-403: Using the Altero device knowledge, this is the first attempt of creating a localized, mobile hyperspace jamming device. Has a limited range of 150.000 km, requires a lot of energy, but has no side effects.

To inform all of you, there have been changes in my life and I have allot less time at my disposal. That said, I will slow down the rate of posting to, at best, 1 per month, but probably 2 months or so. Depends on how much time I'll have.

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