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"Speaking in a different language"

Chapter 24: Rebirth, part 1: There be monsters here.

9 months later, Hoth planetary manufacturing hub and shipyard

Fred Johnson was overlooking the main construction dry-dock on the planet. It did fill him with some pride and joy to see his people who mostly came from the asteroid and planetoid colonies here for a better life to put their expertise to good use. All they needed was a month long training with holo and virtual training included to speed the process up on how to use the new technologies. But building sturdy ships… that is something you need to want to do. Have it in your blood to be good at doing. Everything else was a bonus.

What he was looking at were several new batches of the 400 series battle cruiser class. These ships, more designed for the hit and run or fast relocation needs were now put on high priority on the shipyards. If only 2 of them managed to humiliate Anubis at the planet with his gate destroyer weapon, they proved their worth. And hard hitting ships with smaller crews were really needed. The humans knew that 9 months ago, they only bought themselves some time, nothing more. Now Anubis and Ba'al were fighting the main battles, while the humans remained at the sidelines.

One of the few upgrades on these new ships was heavier armour, made of naquadah, trinium and carbon alloy. Hope the Asgard won't mind for the idea theft. All the other systems were based on the current BB-501, but for a smaller ship. As well as one other system. The Colonial/Cylon jump drive. While installing them into the existing ships was not practical as long as they were needed everywhere, giving the next generation ships an advantage was a simple matter. With better materials, better technological basis and miniaturization, these ships jump drives were only a quarter the size, double range, 20 minutes recharge time as well as having 2 jumps in one engine, so no need for 2 engines, like the Battlestars were using. While untested under battle conditions, it was hoped that these relatively short-ranged FTL engines would give the hit and run tactic a completely new meaning.

The engineers and scientists also looked over all the Cylon and Colonial designs, but most Cylon designs were not usable. Too unusable hull shapes for their needs. The organic integration into the technology base was the only really interesting part but bumped into several issues. First off they were not compatible with the crystal based technology and the naquadah superconductors could overload any Cylon organic ship system. Second while their organic hulls had the regenerative advantage, they were much weaker than the standard armour on Terran ships, not to even mention the newer materials. As well as suffering the same bottle neck the Wraith ships had, it limited any hyperspace usage due to radiation build up. The third issue was pretty straight forward. Any organic tech the Cylons had, the Wraith had millennia more advanced and the Pegasus forces managed to get some samples of Wraith ship wrecks. So why use obsolete tech?

The doors to his office opened as Fred was looking outside to the lower levels where the ships were being assembled. A tattooed woman approached him, handing him a PDA. He took it and began reading the report.

"Hmm. We're on schedule on the fighter construction, but behind the capital ships? Why is that, Drummer?"

"Ya know how some belters want to renegotiate the deals and contracts? Well, this is their attempt to resist."

Fred massaged his forehead as he returned to his desk. "This again? How much?"

"7% raise."

"Do they know how insane that is? I do this for the hull assembly crews, the computer tech crews come next after this. Then the engine installation crew, then weapons crew… a fucking domino effect! I can't in good will do this! If I do and this happens, we can't stay in business. The council can increase our pay for 2% for all. That's it! And don't they realize that, if we lose this war, do they intend to negotiate with the Goa'uld?" He chuckled half-heartedly. "Would pay to see those morons try that."

"War or not boss, they feel they are being exploited."

"Really? Yes it is a 10 hour work day in 4 shifts, but the pay is already 48% higher than in the other shipyards due to the location, danger and harsh environment but they get to go home via the gate every day. Not like they are forced to live here!" He slammed the PDA down and stood up. "Tell them this: 2% for everyone, no matter which crew. Take it or leave it. If they don't, they lose their job, can look for it somewhere else, where the pay won't be as good, while I get replacements, who might not be as experienced, yet, but won't bitch about it!" He sat back down trying to relax and calm down. "This is the thanks I get. Years fighting for their rights and now when we live in the proverbial honeypot, they try to sabotage me."

Drummer sat down on his desk next to him and took the now cracked PDA. "Will tell them boss. And if they don't listen, I use the other words." She makes a fist and smiles. Fred smiles back.

"You remind me every day why you're my second in command here."

"Cause I speak belter language?"

They bumped fists and laughed. He took 2 glasses out of a drawer and began pouring some alcoholic

drink into them. "You up for one?" He asked her, holding a glass out. She took it and drank it all

down, not waiting for him. He just shook his head. "Guess you are." As he drank the content of his

glass, she was already drinking seconds.

"And to think the workers would smarten up after we got some more competition in Pegasus now. They are sabotaging themselves. So, don't worry, boss. I'll make sure they get the message!"

"Before you go..." he stops her from leaving. "Did you find anything out?"

"No. And it's irking me as well, boss. If I dig harder, the politicians might pull our contracts no matter if the workers whine or not."

Fred understood. This is as far as the can get. Where were those engines they build going? Those new advanced plasma drives were too big for any 500 series ship, so the only conclusion was that a new class was being build. But where? And why the secrecy? And why not build them here? Unless their hulls were so big even Fred's shipyards, while under lease from the political body, cold not build them? And he still has his work cut out for him. The damn mystery he and Miller found themselves in. Miller knew more and had other people on it, but for the purpose of security the less he knew, the less he could tell if compromised.

"Good. Back to work then!" he stood up and followed her out to see the finishing touches on the new F-250 Viper. First 100 were just getting finished. Based on the Colonial Viper design, the mark IIV. Unofficially called the mark VIII Viper. It was similar in the outer design to the mark VIII, but the weapon's ports were modified to be exchangeable for pulse particle weapons, plasma staffs or rail guns. A gravity engine was also added in the lower part of the ship, seen with a small bulge there indicating the engine. There were, however, 2 versions in production. The F-250-A and B. The A version had a miniaturisation Cylon jump drive, for the so called "short range" support version and the B version with the hyperdrive with a range of 3000 light years, but limited to the delta band.

Fred and Drummer passed the security check point at the fighter factory as they were cleared by the security personnel. Walking past the final assembly part, where automation was doing most of the work, but overseen by human workers.

"Hey boss!" the shift leader greeted him. "Here to see the final product?"

"You bet." Fred smiled as he put his hand on the wing of the first F-250. "Hopefully our Colonial friends won't mind that we improved on their designs."

P28-1C1, same time

A hyperspace window opened up as a small taskforce appeared over the habitable world with the gate in the system. 4 cruisers, 7 destroyers and one 501.

On the bridge of the 501, the Kursk, the crew began scanning the system.

"Board is clear, no hostiles in system or any large energy signatures within 20 light years, sir." The tactical operation officer reported.

"Good. Then let's begin with our mission." The OX, who was currently sitting in the captain's chair. He stood up and looked at the CAG in the back of the bridge. "Send recon ships to scout every planet and scout this world, high atmosphere only. We have reports the humans here are pre-industrial. No point to scare them. So the first contact rules apply. We avoid contacting them at all costs. That is first priority. Second is finding the gate and unearth it." The commander ordered the CAG, one major Anna Titov, who saluted and left the bridge to get her flyers ready. The XO sat back down. "Also, someone wake the captain."

"Am already awake commander." Captain Marko Ramius responded as he walked onto the bridge with a cup of tea. His XO stood up and let the elder captain take his seat. The old Russian put his tea down on the armchair and looked over the information coming in on the main view screen. "So, another boring expedition to a lost world. How… exiting." He joked with his heavy Russian accent. "Your thoughts commander?"

The XO, one commander Lee Adama who now stood beside the captain, only sighed. "I signed with the Terran military to help humanity. Not play scout and do milk runs for the council. Respectfully, sir. This bites."

The elder man smiled. "I would agree. But at my age you welcome some boring assignments."

"But with all the reports of this Anubis and Ba'al slugging it out and the large battles fought, we should be taking the initiative. "

"Perhaps. But I say let them exhaust themselves. Unless they attack a colony, ally or member world, we do not interfere."

"I get that. But if we wait for too long, we might lose the chance to finish them off."

"Patience, my young Colonial friend. You got this posting to learn and balance out the command structure. My age and your youth… if you will. This is new for me too, not just you. Anyway, these expeditions are not just a waste of time. Any world we can't reach because the gate is gone, buried or anything like we have to investigate old fashioned."

"Yes, searching the galaxy with massive ships is old fashioned…"

"You know what I mean. The council is looking for more clues of some Ancient weapons storage or something. It was Dr. Jackson's idea anyway. Now that he is up there, we don't exactly have an expert to narrow the search." He stood up and took his cup with him. "Come commander. Some breakfast will be nice for the both of us. For the moment we are not needed here."

High atmosphere of planet P28-1C1, Earth class planet, 20 minutes later

"Wolf pack 5 reporting in, over a large mountain chain, nothing to report."

"Roger that. Stay on course, keep scanning for any Ancient signals. Kursk command out."

"Roger that." Mary signed off and continued her search. More searching and no action. She and her F-203 were not meant for this. But she dared not complain to the CAG, let alone the captain. Not that they were hard to work with, but they were disciplined and part of the old school. Complaining because of peaceful missions was moronic in their eyes.

"Lieutenant, sensors detected a power signature near the large mesa at the south part of the mountain chain." Her on board AI assistant reported.

"Show me EVA." She saw in her helmet's HUD display the info. There was something down there all right. But it could not be the gate. That was detected on a northern continent, near the major population centres. And thanks to the new first contact protocol, no gate means no interfering with the natives, unless they notice you themselves and contact you. So they could not dig the gate out. Maybe beam it out once they get precise coordinates. But the southern hemisphere was mostly uninhabited. She was really south of the equator now, not a local human near this place for 5000 kilometres.

"Kursk command, this is Wolf pack 5, Starfury reporting. Sending over data. Found something at the south part of the mountain chain. Definitely Ancient."

"Acknowledge. Will analyse it. If it shows promise, will send a transport ship and beam an exploration team down. If so, prepare to escort the T-204."

"Roger that. Permission to land and help on the ground? Could need some fresh air."

"Your request is… granted. No hostiles in this system, so you can go."

P28-1C1, same time, the Kursk, captain's quarters

Captain Ramius and commander Adama were having breakfast in the captain's private quarters. The advantage of a high rank, you didn't have to eat with the rest of the crew in the mess hall.

"So boy. Any plans for the future? 2 more weeks and you'll get promoted."

Lee just drank a glass of orange juice to help swallow the buttered toast. "No idea. I don't know if there will be any ships ready for me to take charge. They did send me here to learn from you and the crew as well as share some experience myself, right?"

"Smart boy." Ramius took a sip from his tea. "Anyway, you will be missed. I liked having someone like you around. One not fresh out of the academy or too afraid to tell what's on his mind. I understand you took this job because you like military life?"

"Part of it. My father was in the navy all his life, I guess it was predetermined. That and… well the pay is good and it helps my family back home."

"Ah… that I can understand. A wife and kids?"

"Yes, son and daughter."

"Well…" Ramius purred some more tea into his cup and offered Adama some, who refused. "Let me give you some advice. From one old sailor to a young lad. Don't be married to the job or career. Believe me, life is too short for you to regret things. Try finding a balance. Me… I didn't see my boy grow up for almost his whole life. I was so absent… I was a stranger to him. When he died in the line of duty… I was out on sea. Same when my wife died. I came back home to an empty house."

Lee nodded, as if he heard that story before. "My father's story is similar. Except he had 2 sons, I am still alive, Zak not so much. And mom divorced him, saying he was really married to his iron mistress than her."

"I know. Read your file when I heard you'd become my XO. It takes a special kind of woman to sacrifice the things that a military life expects you to sacrifice. Make sure you tell her that. You make her remember how important she is to you. And…" He took another sip of his tea. "Take more time off, when you get the chance. I know you are trying to impress the higher ups, but don't overdo it. We all read the reports you Colonials submitted on your journey to New Kobol. You don't have anything to prove. Trust me on that."

The comm console lit up. Ramius touched the comm button. "This is Ramius, what is it?"

"Sir, we may have something. Patrols on the southern hemisphere found an Ancient signal and power signature. And…"

"And what?"

"It reads… Tell Jack it's about time he send someone here!"

Both Ramius and Adama were… lost. What does that mean? The captain cleaned himself and stood up. "We're on our way."

P28-1C1 surface, 10 minutes later

Mary had landed her bird next to the drop ship and was now waiting for the exploration team to begin their search. While beam transporters sounded a good plan, since they now had both that and the advanced sensors to get a pin point target lock, a protocol was put in place when dealing with Ancient technology that required a physical mode of transportation off the site if the need arises. If there was any race capable of countering most, if not all known technologies, it was Ancient tech. This meant that the deployment time was increased, but security was improved. Mary only had her standard particle sidearm, curtsey of the Travellers, who had now colonised a habitable planet in the Pegasus galaxy and were supplying the Federation with their weapons. Not free of charge of course, it was all business. The issue arose which planet to choose. The problem was that on one hand they did not want to put all their eggs into one basket by joining a population on an already inhabited planet. The alternative was also present, to not spread too thinly since the Terran fleet was still not in great numbers in Pegasus. Should the Wraith wake up, they could realistically only defend Lantea from a full assault. So for the moment the entire Traveller fleet was permanently stationed on Lantea. For this purpose they both moved the city of Atlantis closer to the shores of the main continent as well as moving allot of construction material to the planet from the Milky way galaxy. The Lanteans originally wanted to use the planet Indra, but once Rodney made them realize that the world might be one day targeted by Asuran replicators, they backed from that idea. Too risky. Then again, with the Asgard and the Terrans now in possession of the disruptor specs, the question was raised: Why not just deal with them now? The Janus AI had a direct answer. First, they could not take them all out before they make the first adaptations. Second, they would be needed in some shape or form for what's to come. At least the Pegasus ones. The Milky way ones had another destiny.

Janus made his answer so cryptic it bothered all who heard it. What would be coming that makes the need to keep the replicators around? Aren't they, in the long term, the highest threat, unless Anubis pulls something out of his ass next?

The transport ship appeared from the thick clouds and began landing next to her fighter. It was a windy day in a really hard to reach place. A rocky cliff mountains on one side, a cliff beach on the other. If it was not for the obvious bunker complex and a large reinforced door leading to it, no one would think twice to go here. As the ship landed and the troops exited, Mary waited for the military to reach her. The regular solders took point, covering the entrance and surrounding area with their weapons, should anything hostile appear. She saluted the major who was leading the security detail.


"Lieutenant. Anything to report?"

"No sir. Dead as a graveyard. A windy graveyard."

"So I noticed. No wonder the natives did not come here, yet. Wonder what this is? Our sensors detected the Stargate in the heavily populated northern continent. So what is this thing?"

"That's a question for me to answer, major." Colonel Carter answered as she and SG-1 emerged from the transport ship. "After all, that's what SG teams are meant for."

Behind her was the rest of the now not so new SG-1. Android Daniel, colonel Mitchell, Vala, 4 marine escorts and Mary's old friends. With a another salute later, she went to hug her old friends.

"You guys! You didn't tell me you were on the Kursk!?"

James, Ornek, Skar and Jennifer looked at each other and with just looks decided that Jennifer should do the Q&A. "Look, sorry, but new protocol. If the SG team is on a secret, black-ops, council approved or otherwise important mission, they can't tell anyone about it, with the exception of a superior officer of the lead SG commander. In your case the captain and XO."

"Damn, sounds serious."

James enters the conversation. "Yeah, we needed to learn to keep our mouths shut at many times."

"Even after the mission." Skar adds.

"Enough chatter back there! SG-1, we're going in!" Mitchell got them back to here and now as they moved out to the entrance, always covered by the security detail. But before they could even reach the main, naquadah reinforced door, it began to open up, so they stopped and took cover.

Sam and Cam looked at each other. "Trap?" He asks her.

"Maybe." She hand signals to everyone to keep moving.

Minutes later SG-1 and the military escorts reached the end of the corridor. They passed allot of rooms they checked out, all of them full or resources, naquadah in most cases.

"What do you think all of this is needed for, Sam?"

"Who knows Cam, but maybe the Ancients hoarded it here for a project?" She answered as they reached the end of the corridor and another large door. Before they could begin opening it, it did so on its own.

"Good guess, Samantha." A voice from inside the room answered. SG-1 entered slowly, not knowing who said that, even if the voice sounded familiar. It was a control room, showing the entire base layout on one display, power grid on another, defences and orbit on yet another... but the last one showed the status of... the main manufacturing complex. The chair behind that console turned around, revealing the person who responded to Sam's guess.

"My god!" carter and her team gasped. "Daniel!?"

He smiled in a tired way. "Long time." He stood up and approached them. He looked a bit malnourished, had a week long beard as well as a... certain odour. "Yes, I know. Hadn't showered in a while. But this facility doesn't have one."

Sam hugged him anyway. "God! Daniel! Is it really you?"

He returned the hug. "In a way."

SG-1 looked puzzled. "In a way? Don't tell me you are another android." Cam asked, then looked at android Daniel "No offence."

"None taken. I'm as curious as you."

Daniel cleared it up. "Oh no, flesh and blood. Just, when I descended, well, it was Janus idea anyway..."

"What was?"

"I took some knowledge with me that I shouldn't. And... I did not come with my original body. This one is a bit more... ancient, if you know the meaning."

Sam caught on. "Your an ancient now?"

"Not entirely, but far closer than even Jack." He demonstrates as he lifts Carter off the ground with his mind, then lowers her back. "See?"

"But the whole rule thingy... did you cheat?" cam asked the obvious question.

"In a way. I did say it was Janus. He knows of ways to descend and take some things with you. Unfortunately there is a limit. If you try to overdo it, the 'others' notice it and intervene. So no, I don't have any ascended knowledge, no all knowledge of the Ancients, just specific knowledge in our search for the Clava Thessara Infinitas. And as I said, I am not a full Ancient, so even I at this moment can't handle the entire knowledge of the data depository. But our solution might be on Atlantis."

"You mean the thing Rodney is working on?" Sam asks, trying to keep it as secret as possible. She knew Daniel would know, but the others would not, as Sam was one of the few people who knew of the ascension device in Atlantis. Rodney and his team were trying to modify it to evolve a person to the brink of ascension, but not further. Not unlike Khalek. So far with no success.

While the others in the room just looks confused, Daniel nodded in confirmation. The team then spreads out to secure the location.

"Why here?" Sam asks Daniel.


"Why descend here?"

"Oh, that. You would never had found this place without me. I shut down the defences, including the camouflage system. And..." He returns to the main console and inputs a command. On the display a text in ancient appears. SG-1 joins him.

"What is this?" Sam asks, trying to read this old dialect of Ancient.

"Another clue to the Clava Thessara Infinitas. So make a copy of it please."

Sam looked at Jennifer, who nodded and went to work on the console, plugging her mobile computer station in.

"So just for this you descended here? And if we hadn't arrived when we did?" cam needed to know as from his point of view, the universe is large and this was a risk for Daniel.

"I was working on that as well. It is linked to why I descended here." Daniel activated the console for the manufacturing sector. It showed the production line and Sam realized what it was for.

"Stargates! This is a Stargate production facility!"

"Yep. Every gate in our galaxy was build here. Even the original gates for the Destiny project were designed here. Only the Pegasus ones were not made here. And..." he points to the corner of the screen where a single finished gate was seen. "I made one gate and was making a DHD as well. If you guys hadn't arrived when you did, I would have finished this and just dialled one of your planets to contact you."

"Wow. This would solve allot of our problems right now, Daniel." Cam pointed out.

"I know. The Tollans still didn't manage to build all the replacement gates since the material is being used for military needs. this planes is really rich in minerals. The only issue will be the locals, but that is not my problem." Daniel answered. "Also..." He brings up several gate designs on the main engineering screen. All based on the Pegasus gates and of 2 sizes. The standard size and a much bigger one.

"Daniel? Did the Ancients have these..." Sam wondered.

"No, I put these designs in. Janus idea, again. We.. as in the small conspiracy group up there, know of the council's plan to one day put up a secondary, independent gate system. and after that, even a tertiary. The original one would be used for civilian needs, the other 2 for military and economic needs. And in the economic case a bigger gate would be welcome. So... I input these designs. Now all we need is a permanent presence here to monitor the automated production and all our gate needs and problems are over."

Sam was genially impressed. "But how did you solve the obvious issue?"

"The one where, if there are multiple gates on a planet, one always becomes the primary one, which means that on Earth the Antarctica gate and the Cheyenne mountain gate could not be used at the same time?" She nods. "The designs for the other 2 gate systems would use different frequencies and bands of hyperspace and subspace. In other words, it the original gate systems uses A bands, the 2 new will use B and C bands respectfully. Not compatible with one another and they don't interfere with one another."

Cam held his hand up. "Question, why didn't the snakes then just configure the existing gates that way to have their own, un-hack able little gate system?"

"Cause this modification is in the base design of the gate. As you make a new gate, you have to design it physically to operate that way. You can't change it once the foundation is build. The only thing you can do is make another gate. And the Goa'uld don't make their own tech, as you know, they just steal it. Even discovering the how to dial multiple gates ability was more a coincidence than their own brilliance." Daniel paused for a moment. "And if you think about it, even the Tollans only copy pasted the original gates, cause they did not know how to do this."


"Now if you don't mind. I'm starving and in need of a shower. and you will probably need to confirm my identity... so..."

"Yes, you are right. Carter to Kursk."

"This is Ramius, go ahead SG-1."

"We found... the original gate building site of the Ancients it seems. As well as a lost sheep. Daniel Jackson, back from the ascended planes."

A moment of silence followed. "You sure it's him?"

"Well, he looks like him and asked to be taken up for a shower, some food and a medical check up, even if he is part ancient now."

Another moment of silence followed. "Very well. Ready to beam up. Colonel Carter, secure the location. I want a report in hour."

"Yes sir."

As she said that, Daniel disappeared in a flash of light. Carter and Mitchell went to work with the rest of SG-1, still smiling. Their old friend was back.

Atlantis, same time

Rodney was called to the conference room for their weekly update on all the problems, projects and developments in the Pegasus galaxy.

"Weir to Rodney. Come in."

He stopped in the corridor as he wanted to reach a transporter booth. "Yes, Elizabeth, I'm already on my way!"

"Not why I'm calling. John is not answering my hails."

"And that is my problem, why?"

"You are going to pass his quarters. Wake him up and remind him of the meeting."

"Fine. McKay out." He continued on his way, grumbling. "Now I'm a wake up service. What's next?" He reached Sheppard's quarters and rang. Nothing. He rang again. After 3 more tries, he began knocking. "Sheppard! I can hear you in there! stop wasting my valuable time! We have a meeting. After that I have important things to do while you can go back to sleep for all I care! Come...!"

Rodney did not get to rant anymore as the doors opened only for... not Sheppard to come out. It was Larrin.

"You were right John. Weir send him." She said into the room that McKay could not see into as she was obscuring his view. "Here is an advice. Don't shout again, or maybe we'll have a repeat of what happened on the Apollo." Rodney gulped while she turned back to look into John's quarters. "See you in 3 days when I get back from my mission. You were better than... expected." She smiled as she passed by Rodney, who was just frozen in place. John came out a minute later, still pulling his pants on.

"So Rodney, what's up?"

"You... she... emm.. What?"

"Come on, Meredith. We're going to miss the conference, get a move on." He moved pass Rodney in the direction of the booth. Rodney's brain finally rebooted as he shot after him.

"You, you Kirk you! You did that on purpose!" He shouted as he entered the booth with John.

"Don't know what you mean."

"The last sentence! And... my god, all this time I joke with the Kirk symbolism, but you really are one! I mean she is not green, but qualifies anyway!"

"Oh, that. Believe me, you wouldn't have survived. I got bruises in places I didn't even know I had..."

"Stop!" Rodney put his hand in front of john's face as they exited the booth, now on the needed level. "Don't want to hear you brag or anything like that. Let's just go!"

As they passed the ring room, John had to add. "Just food for thought. This city has internal sensors."


"If Weir knew I was in my quarters based on that, she knew I was not alone. So why did she send you?"

"Cause it was on my way here!"

"You sure about that one?" He grinned as he reached the conference room.

"Finally you two arrive. Come on McKay, let's get this conference started!" Weir addressed the late comers.

Rodney's brain was on the fritz yet again. Why was everyone picking on him?

New Kobol, same time

Bill had his hands full at the moment. Not with work. Not with command. Not even with dreaded politicians. No, he had his hands full with his grandkids.

"Zak, come back here!" He said playfully as the crawling toddler just squealed. Bill picked him from the carpet in the den of his son's apartment.

"Thank you so much admiral. I really have almost no time to do any housework here if someone is not watching them." Dee said, smiling at the sight of her father in-law.

"No problem, Anastasia. But drop the rank. You're a civilian now and I'm off duty." He said on the couch with Zak in his arms playing with a rattle. Carolanne was already on the couch, nibbling at her toy. "Looking at Carolanne, her teeth will be coming out soon, the way she is using her mouth already."

"Yes, they both will soon." Anastasia agreed as she came out of the kitchen, with a drink for both her and Bill in hand.

"Hope it's not..."

"It is non alcoholic, so no worry." She sat down next to him.

"Well, now we just have to tire them out so they go to sleep, right?" He smirked at Zak and put him down next to his sister.

Dee broke the talk about her kids. "How's Lee? Any updates?"

"Getting bored out of his skull, last I heard from him. The council wants' to stay out of the main fighting for now, so he's on milk run duty."

"He can complain all he wants, It makes me worry less. And you, sir? You were gone for several hours today. A trip thru the Stargate?"

He nodded and took a sip from the drink. "To the ring world. It's now basically a refugee world for all fleeing from the Goa'uld. Makes sense to me. Out of the reach, hidden, more than enough space for billions, doesn't strain the resources of any exiting member worlds, unless they have the capacity and no need to colonize a planet that would then need defending as well."

Dee understood the policies behind it. and it made the Gemeniese hopping mad. Lee, months ago made a joke about how the religious people of the colonials might see this as a holy world, and... he was right. And they were getting more mad by the minute. First they lost the Eye of Jupiter, now this 'Holy world' and on top of all that, they refused to acknowledge the truth about the Lords, even when they saw the proof with their own eyes.

"Sorry to say, but I'll be leaving in an hour." Bill said.

"Where to?"


"Well, stay safe. Can you say what it is about?"

"Don't know. But I hope they will finally give me a ship. The admiralty might have been impressed with my performance during that mission, but for the past months I've been only helping them plan operations. I don't do desk duty well."

Dee smirked. "To all the evidence of the contrary. You are doing a great job here as our military leader."

"That is necessity. I want to pass that to Nash or someone else."


Bill laughs. "No way in hell would he take it and I would not force him to take it."

Kursk, 1 hour later

Daniel, now shaved and clean, was eating his 2nd meal in the captain's dining room. Lee, carter and Mitchell were there as well. He was briefing them on what he did know and remember. Lee of all present was interested in this, as for the first time he heard about the Ancients that were responsible for their ancestors being on Kobol and the one that set the discovery to arrive and help them, after the original plan failed. Not that he blamed the original 3 Ancients who planned their relocation, the Colonials had only themselves to blame for their near destruction. But it was the name Janus that intrigued him the most. He heard some rumours about an Ancient with that name, but it was all hush hush. No one was talking. So here and now he learned more than ever before. But not known to him, Daniel kept the whole time travel aspect of Janus out.

"More tea, doctor?" Ramius asked, pouring himself another cup.

"Thank you, yet." Daniel replied in between bites.

"You really are starved, Jackson. I don't remember seeing you eat so much since the time I knew you." Mitchell said, observing the feast Daniel was having.

"Yeah, not much to eat in that place down below." He finished with his meal. "There is also another clue. Or more precise I know of the location of the clue."

"You can brief us all, when O'Neill and Yao contact us for the update. at the moment they have other priorities." Ramius explained.

"Unfortunately we don't have time. The reason I took that specific knowledge with me is because Anubis is or will be aware of that location and it's significance! We don't have the time!"

"Ahme. If this Clava Thessara Infinitas is so damn important..."

"Why did I not just take the info of its location directly? You think I didn't think of that, Cameron! I couldn't! It is one of those information the 'others' would never allow anyone to take to the lower planes! I now understand the 'feeding us with small pieces of information instead of giving us a straight answer' thing. Those that would, can't. The moment they would try, they get stopped and accomplish nothing! And it is not just Anubis I worry about."

"What, something worse on the horizon?" Cam joked, but Daniel remained serious.

"As I said, I don't know much, since the restrictions on what I could take, but I do know that the Ori are coming."

"Ori?" Was the common question.

"Old, original enemies of the Ancients. Plus their unintentional creation is also still out there."

Sam sighed. "And you can't tell us much beyond that as well, right?" He nodded in confirmation.

"Well, lad. If it's the way it is..." Ramius gives him a PDA. "The coordinates, if you please. I assume there is no gate there?"

"No." Daniel responded and went to work.

"Commander, inform the captain of the Conqueror to take command of the fleet here. We'll be taking the Kursk to the location doctor Jackson will give us."

"Sir, and the councils orders?"

"Their order is to find this Clava Thessara Infinitas. This qualifies as part of the order." Daniel finished and gave the PDA back to Ramius, who became visibly paler. "Dear god." He said, in Russian.

Indra system, 3 hours later

Vix and Adama had arrived as planned and were received by the military garrison. Salute's were made as they made their way thru the city.

"So admiral." Bill began. "Why exactly am I here?"

"To answer that question, we need to arrive at our destination. But to put is simply, the time of you gathering dust behind a desk is over. I had to pull allot of strings, since you Colonials are relatively new to our little civilization mash-up."

"You're giving me a ship?"

Vix smile gre. "Yes, but not just any ship. You'll see."

As they continued moving down the hall, Rodney ran past them, followed by a dozen bug replicators. "Timmy, you know what to do, get to it!" The bugs turned to the left at the end of the hall while Rodney turned right.

"That is... scary." Adama grumbled.

"Tell me about it. Doctor McKay treats these replicators like pets."

Atlantis, minutes later

The gate deactivated as Rodney went up to the control platform where Weir and colonel Marshall Sumner were with a group of soldiers and members from SGA-1, including captain Ford.

"Fine, I'm here! Now, what's so important it couldn't wait!?" Rodney demanded to know.

Weir, with a heavy heart, responded. "SGA-1 was ambushed. john is missing."

"Wait, Sheppard is missing?"

"Yes." Ford confirmed. "We don't know who ambushed us, but they user Wraith weapons, as they wanted us alive. They were set to stun. I've got 2 guys knocked out in the infirmary at this moment."

"Rodney, we already sent several teams back there, but no luck. You're the best expert on Stargates we have, so..." Weir tried to explain it to him.

"Right." He picks up his mobile working computer. "I'm going to take the DHD apart there to find the last 10 addresses, then we go searching."

Nothing else was needed to be said.

Unknown location, minutes later

He was restrained and had his head covered un a bag. He managed to could at least 12 gate jumps. So that means his people would need time to find him. Currently he was in a cold place, tied to a chair from what he could make out.

"Colonel john Sheppard, commander of SGA-1, Terran Stargate military." A voice from the room spoke. "Took me quite allot of work and bribing to get such a big fish like you into my net." He removed the bag, allowing John for the first time to see his captors and surroundings.

As the man removed the gag, John returned the favour. "Judging by your uniforms, Genii? always knew we couldn't trust you people, even after that peace treaty. So much for 'stay out of our business, we stay out of yours'."

The leader sat down across john. "You mistake me for the Genii leadership. After that coup, the 'new' Genii leadership didn't have the stomach to oppose you. I'm what's left of the old leadership. Commander Kolya, at your service. You and me are going to get to know each other very well, colonel Sheppard. one way or another, I'm getting control of the Genii people and military thru you, even if it kills you."

"How did this day go from fantastic to bat shit bad in such a short amount of time?"

Caprica, Large Magellan galaxy, same time

The Cavils were having a meeting in their makeshift HQ in the former Colonial military bunker on their old capital world. They hated the idea to use the human's old installations, but after they got royally screwed by those blue monsters, they could not be picky. Their shipbuilding facilities were gone. The Hub was gone. Well it was still there, but they had no idea how to reactivate the resurrection ability, even after reactivating the power. Also, as a side effect of having its power drained everyone that was still boxed in the hub or was not yet resurrected due to the massive need for that when they began losing ships to those invaders, they permanently lost allot of Cylons of every model. Even centurions, raiders and hybrids. But without the hub they now had a royal problem. Bigger than having no shipyards. Bigger than having no centurion and raider factories anymore. No resurrection. They were mortal now. And that meant they were fraked. And even if they could procreate biologically, all the female models were with the Colonials! As if some higher power was mocking them.

The lead Cavil, who was sitting in Adar's chair in the presidential bunker that was linked directly to the main military bunker 20 kilometres outside of Caprica city, continued listening to the arguments from his brothers, as well as the few Fives and Fours that were there. There were some female models stuck in the hub, but were lost when the power was gone. And even if they would still be alive and have not cooperated, rape was a biological issue, so he didn't mind or cared for it. The rest were in the resurrection ships, locked away until… or perhaps if at all they can solve this issue.

He slammed his palm on the table to get everyone's attention. "You all done now? Want some milk with your bickering?" No one argued. "Good. Now, any progress with the fragments we found in that system hidden in the nebula?"

A Four stood up. "No. Unfortunately the fragments we found were too badly damaged to make any quick progress. With one exception." He removed a picture from the table they were all sitting around. It was filled with recognisance data, pictures and all info they currently had. The picture he was holding was that of a long range subspace transmitter from the old "Ares" the Colonials lost at that battle. Damaged or not, it was now transmitting. "We know it is some kind of transmitter, not unlike our resurrection technology, but far more advanced."

"Can you use it to get resurrection back up?"

"No, not at this time."

"Then you better have some good news until next week, or I just might retire you…" He was interrupted from a call from the surface.

"Thi…. und….Bases… not respo…"

All the Cylons in the room looked at each other. "What the frak was that about? We have visual feed from the surface?"

The Five in charge of the tech nodded and went to the console to activate the video monitor. He began cycling thru the outside cameras until one of the outside landing area was seen. Or more precisely how the centurions there were looking into the sky. A large spider like landing ship landed on the strip next to the bunker entrance. Machine bugs of different sizes erupted from the hatch and engaged the centurions, overwhelming them easily with sheer numbers. And to add to the growing fear in the presidential bunker, every bug killed was reassembled by their non-fallen brethren. So their centurions were as effective as paper trying to stop a wall of water. Even the reinforced titanium doors were only slowing them down, once they entered the bunker. They were literally eating thru the doors.

The room was in panic. "What about our fleet? What the frak happened up there? Why didn't they stop these… whatever they are?"

"We can assume the fleet is gone… again." The lead Cavil assumed. "We can now only hope the colony around that black hole remains hidden. We're dead already."

Minutes passed. They began hearing the fighting outside the presidential room. Shooting, hand to hand combat… and that menacing machine noises they never heard before. Then the door began melting, as all the others before it. The bugs penetrated the last defences, deactivating any and all electronic devices along the way. Now they stood at the entrance, but not moving any further in, leaving the scared Cylons there scratching their heads. The few weapons they had were still being pointed at the bugs, knowing that in the end, there was no point to do so with such numerical advantage on their invader's side.

"Oh you are not dead." A voice from the hall the bugs just arrived from said. Seconds later, a human entered the presidential room. "At least not yet. Then again, the term death… is so organic. Wouldn't you agree?"

Now the Cylons are even more shocked. A human, here? In command of such an army? The lead Cavil stood from Adar's seat and took his small firearm from the table. "Then I guess you're in charge of these… things?"

"Hard to miss that." The leader of these bugs responded.

"Than this will be your last mistake." Cavil said and shot him… only for no blood to start dripping, his target still alive and the hole in his head now closing. "What the… frak?"

"What the frak? Interesting word. Frak. I like it. Also shoot first, ask questions later? How… biological of you." He smiled and looked at the others behind himself. "My underlings do not appreciate this. But don't worry, they are on my leash."

"What are you?" The lead Cavil asked, almost too afraid to do so.

"Me?" He stepped forward, passing the bugs. "In a way, I am you. A better, more evolved you. I am a human form, nano-cell Replicator. The first one. As for these. "He looks at the techno bugs. "They are to me what your centurions are to you."

Cavil gulped. "What do you want?"

"Clarity. Purpose. A goal. And a hiding place… for now. Your meddling with that long range subspace transmitter lured me here. I don't know why I decided to come to this galaxy, but I did. After my lesser brothers were defeated in Ida and Othala galaxies at the hands of the Asgard, we needed a place to stay. So by sheer coincidence we found you. Now…" He moved to the lead Cavil until they were face to face. He then grabbed Cavil by the shoulder and forced him to his knees. The other Cylons did not dare to do anything, as they saw before it would be pointless anyway. "My name is First. I have 4 more models and more in the works. Perhaps you will inspire me on those projects. Now…" He pushed his fingers into Cavil's head.

Cavil screamed…. But when he opened his eyes, he found himself back in that room. The room he hated the most. The room he grew up in. The one his "mother" wanted to teach him human values in.

"Interesting." First said as he looked around, standing beside Cavil. "Your entire past is still stuck here. Your hatred. Your thirst for vengeance. How… human of you."

"Do not compare me with those meat bags!"

First smirked. "You are a meat bag, no matter how much you want to delude yourself." Then he went to the door leading out. "Now, come."

"Why should I?"

"I can make this painful, if you don't cooperate." A flash of memory in Cavil reminded him of the pain when he was shot by his traitorous brother. "Now open this door."

Cavil complied. "There, now what?"

"Now you'll be my guide to your life. And don't bother lying to me. I will know. Every time you do, you will get punished."

Edge of the large Magellan galaxy, same time

On the Asgard ship overlooking the developing situation, one blue skinned human with black eyes was looking at the real-time data.

"Excellent. This First has no clue on to why he and the remaining Replicators came to this galaxy. That I suggested they come."

"Creator. If this unit may ask, why introduce the Replicators to these primitive organic machines?" Her ship AI asked.

"Several reasons really. The Replicators never overcame the weakness to the communication jammer Fenrir developed. Also we now know the Janus AI gave Thor the specs for the anti-Replicator disruptor weapon. If my little puppets had not retreated, they would have been annihilated. Here at least they have a place to hide. The second reason, these Cylons intrigue me. Perhaps they can strengthen my puppets, make them effective again."

"I find that outcome unlikely, creator."

"I agree, but if nothing else, this Cavil has some creativity to him, which is more than what I can say about First."

"He is too emotional. Not unlike Fifth, who is still undergoing tests."

"And that is why Fifth has potential. He is not just a wind up robot. Same for Oberoth. Rage. Lust. Revenge. Primitive emotions. But if put to good use and channelled into the right direction, they provide a motivation. A purpose. Something First really lacks."

"First would call that a programing error."

"So would I, but as I said, useful. Last reason: Those ice evolution rejects are coming soon. If they aren't there already. Best to give them a warm welcome. The Cylons would not last a minute, but now, if the Replicators use them to upgrade themselves… integrate what value the Cylons have to offer… the frost giants will regret from ever returning."

Hela turned the display off and stood up from her command chair. She stretched again. It was becoming a habit. She was not accustomed to such a body. And the psi powers were also something new. But she did it. Where her father and the Vanir failed, she succeeded. Of course this little project would get her an even harsher sentence from the Asgard council, if they ever found out.

"Keep an eye on this new development for me. I need some time to regenerate."

"As you will, creator."

Caprica orbit, minutes later

Around fifty Basestars were in orbit, with half a dozen resurrection ships. And they were in turn surrounded by cylindrical ships. The Basestars however did not move or react. They were hacked the moment the Replicator fleet exited hyperspace. The one area where the Cylons shined in warfare and they were humiliated in their own playpen.

In a flash of light the lead Cavil and First appeared in the command centre of the lead Basestar. The other Cylons there, who were already terrified, only stared at what happened. Minutes earlier their own centurions and hybrids were turned against them.

"Caivl… what is going on here?" Another One asked.

"Frak if I know. But this…" He points to First. "Is not a human, but a machine, not unlike us."

First now for the first time laughs. "Like you? I take back my previous assessment of you. You have a sense of humour. Compared to you I am the pinnacle of technological evolution. You really are… like the Colonials called you… a toaster compared to me."

"Then either kill us or leave!"

First motioned his hand above Cavil's forehead again. "Do we need another lesson?"

Cavil backed off, not wanting to repeat the painful lessons. "No. But why are you here?"

"I haven't decided yet…"

"Decided what?"

"If you are worthy."

"Of what?"

Another flash of light appeared behind First. Four other human-form Replicators appeared. 2 male and 2 female. But what caught the attention of all the Cylons in the room was Third.

"Is this some kind of a bad joke?!" Cavil barked, thinking this First was having a laugh on his expense.

First, now sharing all he learned from Cavil with the other models, had to chuckle. "Indeed. Third looks almost like a spitting image of the one Colonial known as Karl Agathon. Quite a coincidence. But then again the human face only has so many facial and physical features and combinations. Now, as to my proposal. We haven't decided if we want you to join us or not."

"You mean…"

"Yes. The enemy of my enemy. But you will need some upgrades. No more looking at the world with gelatinous orbs. Or talking with a piece of meat in your mouth. You want to see x-rays? Smell dark matter? Feel the solar winds? We can make that happen. But you will have to submit to our authority. Remember, I now know everything you do. No more subverting the collective. No more unilateral boneheaded decisions. If you hadn't hated the final five, this little war of yours would have been over long ago. Now look at you. Your hate, while a good motivator, made you blind. You couldn't see the forest beyond the trees."

"If my hate is so useless, why do you bother with me then?"

"It is distracting, but not entirely useless."

The Cylons in the room looked at each other. One by one, they nodded to the silent question asked. Do they take their offer? "It is decided then." Cavil said after the vote. "What happens now?"

"Now you prove you can be trusted."


"Did you think we would give you this gift just like that? No, this is something you have to earn."


At that moment, all the centurions in the ship powered down. A second later, they were powered up again.

"I released the control of your… solders." First explained. "Order your colony here."

The Cylons hesitated, with the exception of Cavil. "Do as he said. Send a Basestar there."

"John, you can't…" A Four protested, but was shot by Cavil on the spot.

"I told you all I hate that name! Besides, he was in my head! You know the location of the colony anyway. Right?"

First nodded. "You passed the first test. You're not a compete moron."

"So what's the next one?"

"Your raiders, hybrids and centurions have outlived their purpose. They will be recycled and their materials used by us."

Cavil understood. "Centurions. Terminate each other."

The lobotomized Centurions went to work, shooting at each other, not even caring if any Replicator got in the way, not that it mattered. It did not even annoy them. Once the shooting stopped, the last few standing centurions were finished off by the human Cylons. Well, those that were on board with what Cavil was doing.

"There, happy?" Cavil asked First, getting more annoyed with him by the minute.

"Well done. Burning your bridges. What you asked of all those sleeper agents of yours… you had no problems doing yourself." He then clapped. A flash of light later they found themselves inside a Replicator ship. But it was just a room, made out of the same blocks those spiders were made of. "Now stand still…" First rammed his hand into Cavil again…. And he screamed for several seconds. Then his body fell to the ground. Dead.

"This was not part of the deal you promised us!" Another One yelled at First.

"Oh? And how did you think your evolution would be achieved? With a debate and good manners? Look behind you."

Behind the Cylon party the wall of Replicator blocks parted to reveal Cavil. As he opened his eyes for the first time, he stepped forward as the wall closed behind him. He looked at his hands. Then his Cylon brothers. Then he laughed. "Now this is much more like it! No longer stuck in that body! No need to eat! No side effects for getting rid of the sleep program! Too bad mother is not here to see me now!"

"Do not get ahead of yourself!" First brought Cavil back to the here and now. "I made some modification to your programing. No shape shifting, no hacking ability, no adaptation… you're in the basic model mode, until you prove your loyalty to the group."

"Fine. So how do I do that?"

"Wait a minute, we're still here! When do we get our turn!" A Five reminded their leader of the other Cylons still in the room.

"Oh that…" First and his group began moving out of the room in the opposite direction as again the wall parted to make room. "Cavil, your first task as one of us to make the selection of those… worthy."

As the original Replicator left, the Cylons looked at Cavil, not understanding what First meant.

"Sorry, my brothers. But you see, as I understand it now, these bodies require a really rare mineral known as neutronium to make. The others only managed to mine enough to make 20 more bodies… for now. And with so many of you here…" He grabbed a Four by the neck and snapped it, killing him. "We have a selection process to undertake." Cavil smirked. He will enjoy this. But once he finds mother… that's when the real fun begins. Oh, he can only imagine the torment he will make her endure. First her, then father, then the other 3, then the Colonials… and finally humanity at large.

Of course there was the small matter of getting rid of First. With the Cylons he was first. So subverting his parents was easy, with no competition. Here it will be another matter. And he also had no illusions First knew of his motivations. That's why he was limiting him. First was not a fool. For the moment Cavil will have to play his game. As long as that leash is on him, he has no choice. Now he knows how the others felt when they discovered what he did to them.

But if First and he had one thing in common, it was… patience, even if his was wearing thin from time to time.

During all of this, First and the others were in their digital meeting room. Allot of data was being shown in Ancient language. And Cylon.

"This is from the so called resurrection ship we captured in this system?" First asked.

"Yes. And while the technology is beyond primitive, there is something of interest..." Third replied and pointed to a large part of code.

"Memories. Personality matrix, adaptation programs... this is a Cylon humanoid, right?"

"Yes. One stuck in limbo, so to say."

"What's so special about this one?"

"The fact this Cavil wanted him dead. Permanently. The illusive model Seven, the Daniel. Guess Cavil missed this one. But it is damaged beyond repair. However, there might be one or several in their Hub."

First smirked. "Yes. Cavil does not understand this technology, no wonder he missed this. But... should we bring him back? According to Cavil's memories, the Daniel is as weak as Fifth. Compassionate. Merciful. An artist. A waste of neutronium, if you ask me."

Second entered the conversation. "Or a possibility. We could use him to keep Cavil in check... and to learn of the weaknesses of organics. As you said, a flawed design by our standards, but common with organics. If we learn to think like them..."

First understood. "Yes. You are right. And Fifth is still a child. We could learn much more from this Daniel. So, do we have a consensus?"

All four models looked at each other. "Then we agree. After this newest member of our collective has finished with his flawed organic desire of bloodshed, I will go to their hub. The rest of you prepare these planets. While they have no resources or technology of any use for us, we can harvest all the energy from them to resupply. Including all that nuclear radiation they wasted in their pitiful war. Dismissed."

The Kursk, hyperspace, same time

Everyone was on the bridge, waiting to arrive.

"So, you informed Jack?" Daniel asked Ramius.

"I did."


"To quote: 'Space monkey comes back and wants' us to go where!?' And I agree. Where we are going, sailors usually don't go. Odysseus would know that you don't dance with Sirens."

"Sir, were approaching the coordinates." The navigational officer reported.

The Kursk entered normal space. The moment it did, it began shaking violently.

"All power to shields and structural integrity." Ramius ordered his crew. The shaking stopped, mostly. "Report!"

"Sir, massive radiation levels and gravitational forces detected. we are in a literal maelstrom here." The tactical officer reported. "Cabal, put an EM filter over the display so we can even see anything!"

The on board military dumb AI did as told. Now they could at least see outside without getting blinded. Hundreds of stars in a close proximity of one another. All held together by the primal force of gravity.

"Sir, we managed to achieve a stable orbit. 18 light minutes from the main object. I'm also detecting several smaller ones in a distance of less than 2 light years, in addition of the stars. It will be a nightmare to find anything here. Our sensors are partially blind." The science officer added to the tactician's report.

"Then the faster we get to work, the better. Plan a search pattern. If anything could survive in proximity of that sea monster, it would be of Ancient design." Ramius ordered as he and SG-1 looked at the main display. It showed them the literal heart of darkness of the milky way galaxy. A black sphere, surrounded by warped space-time. The Cabal AI even added the name on the display. It read: Saggitarius A*.

Ramius looked at his XO and smirked. "This exciting enough for you, lad?"