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"Speaking in a different language"

Chapter 25: Rebirth, part 2: Return of the dying leader.

Indra system

The 2 admirals reached the jumper bay. Vix took the pilot chair while Adama joined him on the co-pilot seat. As they took off, Adama saw that they were going to the area south of the Indra city. There was a large canyon at least several hundred meters deep, where the replicator bugs were eating away at the natural deposits of naquadah in a large exposed vein as well as the delivered refined blocks of trinium and carbon. As they reached the canyon, Adama saw several ships, mostly of the 500 series being build, hovering over the ground, being held in the air with a construction platform at one side of the ship. There were at least 2 dozen of them.

(Insert music: Blood and Chrome - OST - The Galactica) But... then he saw them. At the furthest part of the canyon Bill saw them. Several hulls being constructed, their design all too familiar to him. But the first 2 he saw were nearly complete, unlike the others. The alligator shaped head, the port and starboard flight pods, the massive engines in the rear sections...

"You bastards you." He said with a growing smile.

"Hope you approve. And not taking it personally that we stole the design and... improved it."



"If the improvements are good and make it better and... if I get one of them."

"Why do you think we are here, Adama?"

Bill shook his head. "Told you before, call me Bill, would you."

"Fine by me. So... want the outside nickel tour?"

"Thought you would never ask."

"Oh, don't worry. It gets better." Vix smirked as he took the jumper to a hovering position a few hundred meters above the first ship. "Look at the flight pods."

Adama did and... smiled with pride. On the flight pod, the name of the ship was written in Ancient and above that the same name in smaller letters in Caprican standard. "TFS Galactica, BSG-75." Bill, like all Colonial military members who applied to the Terran military, had to go thru the same procedure. The first part was the language barrier. The Federation was still implementing its idea (originated by Daniel Jackson) to use the Ancient language as their basis, thereby eliminating the dozens of languages from so many worlds and the disputes that would arise on which language should be the main one. So people were being more and more educated in the Ancient language. For the military this was needed fast. Without a proper communication no military can function properly, so the digital training chairs, usually used for training pilots and solders, were also modified to teach languages. this way, a person could learn basic Ancient in days, instead of months. Next came the ATA gene therapy for all the Colonial military personnel who didn't have it. Of course, Baltar, once he heard of this, was the first to demand it. with the ATA gene, the Discovery class ships accepted everyone in their chairs, including him. Said chairs were also inspected by the Terran scientists. The conclusion was that it was a similar device to the data depository, combined with the ascension device, but unlike in the cases of the other 2, it's effect was really limited, but could be implemented right away. So the surplus chairs in New Kobol storage were taken to New Terra and taken apart. Soon after this, copies of these chairs were made, using current state of the art technology and used in the academy and medical facilities. A small boost in IQ and knowledge was better than nothing... for now. Then there were the fitness reports, readiness, discipline... that one was a real problem for Kara, as she finally found one person in military uniform even more sadistic than Tigh... and she butted heads with him just as much. One Gunny Payne. In the end said Gunny was also shocked that there was a person who was not willing to take his verbal abuse and ... as she put it: "Am not taking any ass holes shit! No matter the rank and how much hair he has!" And she showed her protest with her fists, effectively. Bill was on one hand not surprised at Kara's reaction, but was surprised at the Gunny's reaction. He... saluted her. "No need to teach you anything anymore. You're tough as nails already. As for obedience... that isn't my problem." He ended his evaluation of her, with a smirk, knowing that whichever officer would get her, that person was in for a ride.

Back to here and now, Vix slowed the Jumper down to get it to hover over the ship. "Only this one is not a rust bucket." Vix poked some fun into the situation, well aware what the Colonial survivors had affectionately called the old ship.

Bill laughed. "Perhaps, but she had character. Hope this girl will as well. By the way, is it me, or is she much bigger, since it looks like you mashed the Jupiter and Mercury class designs together with some Terran tweaking?" Most obvious one was the extension of the primary hull to the sides where they got attached to the flight pods. Gone were the 2, or in the Mercury's case, 3 connecting pylons as the flight pods were connected with a much wider and taller connection that was directly becoming part of the hull. But the pods were still clear to see as an individual part of the ship.

"Oh yeah."

"As well as some Kobol class Warstars that never left the drawing board, am I right?"

"Yes, but we left the additional 2 hangar bays out of it, they made no practical sense, only a greater surface area and the silhouette was easier to hit in simulations, so we passed the quadruple hangar design."

Bill understood that reason. He managed to get a peek at the original designs at Scorpia shipyards and... while the size, firepower and capacity impressed him, the ship design was a bit ridiculous. Sometimes less is more.

"Back to the size issue. For logistical reasons we bumped it up. She is 3020 meters long, so more than double on your old ship."

"Frak. But... logistical reasons?"

"The reason we build them here, in another galaxy, is the replicators here build the hulls. Dr. McKay managed to bypass the first level lock-out, so the bugs can build the hulls of the designs we put into the control computer. But we are still locked out from the higher levels, so the bugs can't build complex machines, only hulls and anything that doesn't have moving parts or computing power. So power lines are possible as well. But the reactor, engines, transporters, weapons... everything else we have to build ourselves and bring them here, so for now we have one Aurora on milk runs all the time." Bill nodded, understanding.

"So the bugs build them much faster than our people could, so we only have to build the working parts?"

"Yes, and since we can build a large engine faster than several smaller engines, we decided to super-size it. But don't worry. We are not putting all our eggs into one basket. Smaller ones will be build at some point, when the egg heads solve the logistic problem. Or McKay finally gets the entire replicator control computer unlocked." Of course Vix told only half the truth here. The design came from the future. The one future Mary came from. There the Indra system was lost to the Asurans and the Milky way galaxy way a monster battle ground. But, if nothing else, before dying, Carter managed to finish McKay's work on unlocking the first level lock out on the bugs on Indra and finish the designs on the Terran Battlestar. As Mary was chosen for the return trip, she carried the data crystal with the information with her. It was more precious than even her life and she understood this. On top of that, the crystal was of course heavily encrypted and contained all the info the loosing remnants of the Federation had on the events that lead to that point. Hopefully things could change now, especially that the Indra system could be used and the designs implemented. But explaining this to a Colonial was off the table for now. It could cause a backlash of epic proportions, not that the religious elements of most member worlds did not have choice words on the streets of their planets or countries. Monotheists against polytheists, monotheists against other monotheists, polytheists against other polytheists and basically most religious groups against the idea of equal rights of synthetic life forms. In their eyes a god or gods did not create them, so they have no rights. Fortunately religion was not making policies in the council and everyone wanted to keep it that way. Way too many times was blood spilled in the past on "empty" issues. Of course the debate still raged on, but many people turned their backs on these zealots, mostly because of the simple truth: Gods in the past were aliens. And in many cases still were and they were at war with them. The fact Vix did not have to endure that headache was a blessing. Let the politicians and law enforcement agencies deal with them, he has a war to fight. And ironically, against would be gods. The same ones that gave and still give Adama some migraines as well, when he has to deal with his own zealots. Who were themselves on a warpath with the zealots of the other groups. Ironically again, the Cylons decided to stay out of it. To let the storm pass and sort itself out. Unless they are threatened in a way, the will let the humans argue amongst themselves, even if Leoben was itching to get into the thick of it. D'anna persuaded him out of it. In the end the machines were far more pragmatic than humans.

Vix returned to the here and now, trying to gauge Bill's response and thinking process. Bill nodded, as he saw the movement of these machines on the other hulls that were still under construction. From this distance it looked like ants building an ant hill. The platforms that were holding the ships in the air had these tunnels of light going from them all the way to the surface. There the bugs would go with an assembled part of the hull onto the area where the light touched the ground, only to be lifted by some form of anti-gravity up into the air, their destination the platform. Once there, they would move the part they assembled on the ground via extensions of the platform to the ship and weld them into place. And since these are bug replicators, the welding was so perfect, one would think that an armour plate the size of an entire upper part of the alligator head was one piece and not thousands of them. The advantage of molecular reconfiguration technology. That and these bugs did not tire or make mistakes.

"So, want the basic info on her?"

"By all means. I can see she has teeth."

"Indeed she has, but... we saw that you designed you Battlestars on a defensive warfare. Am I right?"

"Of course. We were defending our colonies."

"And the new ones follow this principle. Not saying they can't bring the pain to the enemy, but they are more a defensive, command and control ship. That said, she was meant to be tough. To take a much greater beating than any other ship we currently build. The Auroras excluded for now, of course, their shields are second to none at the moment."

"Of course."

"But until we can copy that shield tech, we use what we can build. That said, we took lessons from your past and added extra thick armour plantings, as you can see." He pointed to a hull in the rear. "In the most obvious places where the ship might take hits, like the belly and spine, the neck and frontal head sections the thickness is anywhere between 60 to 102 centimetres. The other sections still have at a bare minimum 41 centimetres of this new alloy. The same stuff was used for the skeletal structure of the frame."

Bill whistled. The older Colonial ships used up to 30 centimetres of titanium and steel alloy for armour. "This new alloy? What is it?"

"Naquadah trinium and carbon combo. Don't ask me how they do it, but we kind of stole the idea from the Asgard."

"I won't tell if you don't."

Both had a laugh. "Well, it's lighter than regular naquadah, 80% stronger but has all the same capabilities of regular naquadah plating's. The radiation repulsion included."

"So tough?"

"Well... in one word, yes. Tough. "

"And those... areas with windows? We had those on our Battlestars as well, but made them narrower and harder to hit as well as put them in the areas that were less directly exposed on the ship in battle."

"Armour shutters. Like with our ships. All those areas can be closed up with armour shutters. All other quarters in the ship use large displays to simulate a window. Just project a picture of the outside into a room nowhere near the bulkhead next to the vacuum of space. "

"Ah. That's good to know. Now on to the... teeth."

"You were just waiting to say that, weren't you? Anyway. Let's go to the obvious weapons." Vix piloted the Jumper over the dorsal part of the ship. "Ignoring the forward section for now, we concentrate on the spine of the ship. Like yours, we put many turrets on her. As you can see." There were 4 large double barrelled turrets on the front part of the spine, a slightly elevated area behind them and on that raised part 2 triple barrelled massive turrets, one at the front port side of the elevation, the other starboard back side. On either side of the elevated platform were four more turrets of the same design as the front ones. "The ones surrounding the raised part are equipped with heavy ion cannons, the ones on the raised part are heavy SP beams. All for ship to ship combat. 360 rotation, 180 elevation."

"So just like the rest of the fleet? I was hoping for... something new."

"Well, the Tollans, as always, tweaked these and these tweaks will be implemented in the rest of the fleet. Not a massive upgrade, but better than nothing. Besides, we can't just developed something new in a few months, most of this is either copied, stolen or was un use for decades or centuries." Bill understood that logic. The Colonials themselves used the same weapons tech for centuries, it was just continually miniaturized and optimized. They were at the time of the fall still nowhere near at a level needed to have energy based offensive or defensive weapons. So he could not be a judge here. "But don't worry Bill, she has some new toys to play with. Now, back to the tour. As you see there is the same setting in the aft section of the spine, before the engine part begins." And it was. The third part of the dorsal spine had the same configuration as the first one. But the middle was different. It was... devoid of any turrets. The only visible thing on the flat surface was the original Colonial symbol used in the original Galactica, painted on it. Vix continued. "That area is the main WMD launch area. They may not be useful against capital ships, unless their shields have been disabled already, but taking out swarms of fighters, small support ships... or if the need arises for a planetary assault, there are plenty of naquadah enhanced WMD's at your disposal. That and... see that reinforced area on the port side?" Bill nodded. "That opens up, if you need to vent the main reactor."

"So a failsafe to prevent an overload?"

"Exactly. So in a situation like that, best have no allied ships near that area or they might get toasted."

Bill would remember that. With power output on this scale, when compared to their old tylium power reactors... it made sense. But before they could continue to the port and starboard extensions from the hull that went all the way to the flight pods, descending at an angle from the upper most part of the dorsal spine, getting narrower as it approached the pods, Bill noticed something in the rear engine area. There were 2 blocks of engines, port and starboard with 2 engines per block. He assumed the ventral area had the same configuration, making it 8 engines. First thing he could see was that the engines were slightly extended from the main hull. He immediately realised why. "Those engines... they have exhaust ports in both directions, haven't they?"

"Yes, these new plasma engines are designed to be able to go into full reverse, so to prevent the hull getting damaged, they are elevated enough for the exhaust to miss everything. But the reverse power is still only 55% of the forward thrust on just these engines. The 2 main engines are in the middle of the engine block, surrounded by these 8 we can see."

Made sense to Bill. This way the ship can slow down but keep its main guns still pointed at the target. He knew the reaction less drives could do it as well and he had no doubt this ship had that as well, but this approach guaranteed a rapid deceleration.

"I understand that design choice, but... what the frak are those...? Am I seeing this right?" Adama asked as Vix just smirked at his expression.

"Yes, 8 docked DD-305 destroyers, docked on the dorsal engine block and between port and starboard engines."


"Why not? It's large enough to do it, has more powerful hyperdrive engines,can reach a deployment zone faster and... if push comes to shove, they can be used as back-up, additional targets or worst case scenario, a limited form of evacuation. And since they have cloaking capabilities, you can use them for recognisance or stealth assaults."

"I can assume the R&D still hasn't come up with a way to cloak something... as big at this." He points out the main window to the Galactica.

"Small steps. We can cloak the 400 series now, but anything above that is impossible. And this 600 series is, as you can see, much bigger than the 500 series."

Bill understood the logic behind it, but... he was not entirely a fan of this. "And that rather large... observation window just before the engine block?"

"Secondary bridge. It lowers into the hull during combat and just like with other ships in the fleet, armour shutters close for protection."

"Why would I need a secondary bridge? Is the main CIC still in the forward section?"

"Yes, the middle of it. As for why another bridge? A ship this size, better have 2 heads. The Ancients lost way too many Auroras when the shields fell and the bridge was an easy target. Besides, the secondary bridge is also where the CAG is present. It's from there all the wings are coordinated."

"And is my XO to be in charge there?"

"You mean Tigh?" Bill was a bit shocked Vix figured him out, but didn't show it. "I know you plan of asking him. But no, the first officer is in the main CIC along her CO, in the Galactica's case you. The 2nd officer is located in the secondary bridge, along the CAG and a back up bridge crew. From there he can also organise the launch of the 8 destroyers, if needed. As for those ships, they are the missile support variant, all the fighters and bombers are on the Galactica. And when docked, the 8 ships can be refuelled and resupplied by the Galactica or provide her with their power, if needed."


"I can tell you are not a fan of this."

"Not directly, but the admiralty in the Colonies was trying to overcomplicate things like ship designs as well, never went that good."

"I can understand your view, but for now... make the best of it."

Adama nodded. "Can we continue?" Vix began turning the jumper to the landing bays. "Also, who is my 2nd officer?"

"Lieutenant commander James Holden."

Bill for a moment stopped focusing out the window and looked at Vix. "The hero of the battle of the Horsehead Nebula?" Vix confirmed it. "I don't know if I should be impressed or worried."

"His idea saved several ships from complete destruction and forced Anubis ambush force to retreat."

"He disobeyed orders. Not for the first time I might add. Read his file."

"How many times in history were disasters defended by the 'was following orders' defence?"

"Or the reverse. Look, he's a competent officer... but he can be a loose cannon. He is about discipline and chain of command, but..."

Vix stops the jumper over the landing bays. "Look, if it doesn't work, you can have him transferred in a month. But that other time he disobeyed orders..."


"Well, the Hebridan HQ didn't want to make it public, but... before they found their Stargate, they were a sub-light race, mostly confined to their system. They colonized several planets... well mining colonies mostly and... piracy arose as a large problem."

"We had similar issues, but for centuries."

"Well, he refused to fire on a smuggler ship. Turned out he was right. The smuggler was smuggling people, not contraband. And now in our bloated military, we need everyone we can get and he's proven useful."

Bill was in deep thought. "At least he has a good moral compass. Can we continue with the tour, or we'll never be finished."


The jumper began descending, allowing a good look at the so called pylon that connected the landing bays to the main hull, even if in this case it was so big it was part of the hull anyway. Here Bill saw many of the new secondary weapons. And bill honestly did not know what many of those... objects on the hull were.

"I can see you need information on some of the ship structures on the hull."

"That would be nice. A turret with guns on it is self-explanatory. But these..."

"The smaller half orbs sticking out of the hull all over the hull extending to the fighter pods are the new plasma staff and flack combo weapons. Can be used for ship to ship, but are mostly meant for point defence and taking on smaller ships, like frigates, letting the big guns take the big targets."

"I see, but the design is strange."

"Ironically It's similar to the original Goa'uld one they still use on most of their ships, they just use multiple sizes. We added the flack option to is, as you know. Mixed in between them are the smaller rail gun defence turrets, like the rest of the fleet has."

"How many of these are we talking about, on the entire hull?"

"Let's see... At least 250 staffs, twice as many point defence rail guns."

"Nice. And I can assume those larger turrets at the port and starboard sides are the MAC guns?"

"Yes, in a row of four to add the broadside fire power. But as you see, we did not over mix the guns at every point of the ship."

"Yes, I noticed. The dorsal section mostly has energy based weapons, with the small rail guns mixed in. The port and starboard are far more heavy on KEW with staff and rail gun defence added."

"Yes, the ventral part is identical to the dorsal one, minus the 8 docked ships and a secondary bridge, but the third hangar is located there."

Bill stopped his visual inspection of the ship. "Like with the 500 series?"

"Well, yes, but allot smaller, since it will be used exclusively for the T-204's, your new "raptors" so to say. all the variations, troop transport, missile support or recognisance."

"Makes sense. But tell me, what are those long strips bulking out at some parts of the dorsal hull?"

"Shield armoured emitters. As you can see, there is one on the dorsal alligator head section, the dorsal front of the fighter pod, rear fighter pod... simply put, they pus allot of them there, for redundancy purposes. If one get's damaged or knocked out, there are others to take over."

"All fine, but where are the dorsal ones? I didn't see any there?"

"But you did see 2 spherical bulges on the dorsal hull, right? One in front of the main dorsal guns, the other behind them? " Adama nodded. "Well, that's them. Really heavily armoured."

"But they are huge."

"And so is the ship, so it needs large ones, or many small ones. At the front, sides and rear there is no real space for the large ones, so we implemented the longer thinner and smaller ones, but in greater numbers. And we also need them. We... ehm, added several new systems to the ship, including 3 new shield systems."

"Oh, care to tell me?"

"For one, secondary shields."

That got Adamas attention on Vix again. "How does that work? And why bother with them?"

"The primary are the spherical ones, the secondary ones are skin tight. The only place where we have the same smaller but wider shield emitters are, as you can see, in the rear where the engine begins."

Adama began to understand. "The same reason why there are so many smaller ones on the frontal and side parts. All areas where fighters and bombers can launch. As well as those docked 305's. This way you can lower only parts of the shields to allow launches or docking. Am I right?"

Vix did not answer at first, just shook his head. "Thank you."


"I just won a bet with the admiralty. Well, general O'Neill and me did. The bet was how long it would take you to figure that out. Only Jack and me bet on less than a minute." They both had a laugh. "Some were still sceptic about you. Glad to see you keep showing your sharpness. But yes, you are absolutely right."

Bill stopped laughing and had a thought. "There are other things you bet on, am I right? Like why this ship has proportionally more KEW's and missile based weapons than energy based. at least on the total amount of weapon's ports when compared to the typical Terran ship."

Now Vix stopped laughing. "You know, you're starting to scare me. But yes. As I said, we made the BS-600 series extra tough and based on the amount of resources we put into them, making sure they survive is a good investment. So... the tech boys devised several new defensive systems, based on your own experiences in the battle of Delmak." Vix looked intensely at Bill. "Yes, the things you did inspired some inventions, the others are a response to Anubis."


"Remember when you forced Anubis fleet into the radiation cloud, created by the nukes and ships blown up?"

" Yes? But... ohhhhh. I see. It really limited energy weapons in there."

"Exactly! These ships have a prototype degaussing field module for their shields. It can be turned on or off at will. We never got any chance to test them in battle conditions, but simulations show a 42% reduction in plasma and ion based weapons systems effectiveness against these shields. And since most of Goa'uld ships weapons are plasma based... you do the math."

Bill understood. The snakes did start to use the new electric arching anti fighter and missile weapons, but they were nearly useless against capital ships. Everything else is plasma based. And such shields... would devastate Goa'uld combat effectiveness in space. "Let me guess. It has a similar effect on the weapons on the ship using the degaussing effect?"

"Yes. As I said, this ship still has many ion and plasma based weapons, but if forced to use the degaussing effect, you have back-ups to fall back on, they won't."

"And the SPB's?"

"13% loss of effectiveness. So still useful. And the snakes don't have a counterpart to it. But... we don't have one to the plasma super weapon."

"How will the degaussing effect work against that?"

"No idea." Vix replied honestly. "We are talking about massive power levels. It might do nothing. Might drastically lower the damage or even get overpowered."

Bill did not like it. He liked the idea of this new system, but the many question marks bothered him. "Anything else?"

"Permanent Aegis mode."

"Excuse me? Permanent? How?"

"Remember the power amplification crystals?" Bill nodded. "Well, your ship has 2 of them. One being the Eye of Jupiter it's self. The Navuu has the other 2."

That got Vix Bill's undivided attention. "You had 3, we had 1. Are you telling me the new Galactica and the other ship I saw both now have 2 of them?"


"But what about the other hulls I saw back there?"

"We managed to set up a production line on Tollana for the manufacturing of the new crystals. With the research we, ehm, 'borrowed' from Anubis and your resources, they are currently testing how to make them. First results are promising, but they need some minor tweaking to do until full production can begin. But we are still limited by the amount of resources you had. So the best solution is to give every of the 600 series 2 of them."

Made sense to Bill. "And Anubis?"

"You mean if he's making more of them? "Bill nodded. "No idea, but so far everything is quiet. The one issue is he managed to make and store a sufficient number of his home made crystals to power 2 more command ships with the plasma super weapon."

"I read the reports. Ba'al is losing some major battles. But that is why he is now concentrating on more disposable but fast build designs, right?"

"Yes. So once a winner emerges, we need to be ready. Anyway, one crystal is reserved for the shields exclusively. That is why the Aegis module can be activated permanently."

"And the other?"

"Power distribution. You can assign it to enhance the engines, weapons, sensors, hyperdrive, if you need to get somewhere faster, or even life support, if you take on more people than this ship was designed for."

Now this Bill liked. Flexibility.

"Anything else on the defences?"

"3 more things. Secondary shields."


"Secondary, hull tight shields."

"Why? Everything else I get, but that makes no sense."

"You gave us the degaussing idea. Anubis gave us this. Remember his shield inversion technology?"

Bill remembered when they were boarded. "I get it. It can only work on one shield system at a time."

"Right. And should they get creative and use any jump drive or hyperspace jump to bypass shields, like we are tinkering with, we have another line in the sand. Speaking of... I always wondered. Why did the Cylons, when you were still at war with them, never use that tactic on you, once you found the Ancient ships?"

"The jump pass the shield perimeter?" Vix nodded. "No idea to be specific. something about that at first they didn't think about it and once they did, we already evacuated the colonies and moved on. And even after that, the Discovery was so fast and kept them guessing, they could never get accurate jump coordinates to make it work." Vix raised a eye brow. "Yes, not exactly a water tight explanation for me too. But I didn't complain. So, last 2 defensive system."

"Right. While we can't adapt a cloak, yet, we have added a page from your military school. Silent running."

"Ah. So minimize the thermal and EM signature."

"Yes. Now for a ship this size it is a bit difficult, but might come in handy. Of course shields, active scanning... they kill that idea, so you have to risk getting caught with your pants down. Plus several torpedoes are now equipped with an EM projection system. Might fool them to chase it, thinking it's a ship, at least until they get a visual confirmation. The last system is borrowed from the Cylons."

"You seem to ' borrow' allot of your ideas?" Bill poked fun at his continued explanation.

"Imitation is the best form of flattery. Or so they say. Anyway, we really liked the idea how the Cylons deployed their raiders so fast and efficient. Of course we didn't attach our fighter on the hull, that would be stupid, but we have a defensive system, partially controlled by the Sentinel system and operated by controllers in neural interface chairs. That came from the Eurondans. They already had something similar." Vix piloted the jumper under the port hangar bay. Adama saw both frontal landing and takeoff openings, including the armoured doors that were currently open. But unlike on a Mercury class, where the lower landing strip was upside down, which made little difference in space, here the lower landing area was just wider and larger, but otherwise the same as the upper one. The lower part of the flight pod where the Mercury had the second landing strip, here it was closed. "In there is fuel and ammo for the bombers and fighters, but if you look at the sides..."

Bill saw them. The reverse triangle shape... it was not empty. The entire surface area was full of attached... orbs? "What are those?"

"Combat drones. Terran own invention. As I said, overseen by the Sentiel AI, controlled by the operators on the ship. They can re-attach themselves on the docking ports, get repaired in the ship and new ones can be build. They have no armour, have a single pulse particle weapon, but are really fast and manoeuvrable. And at only 1,2 meters size relatively hard to hit."

"I can imagine. But that... AI thing is bothering me."

"Yes. I know. But to make sure the Cylons don't get on our bad side, we did agree that if any of these dumb AI's should develop true sentience, we'd give them their freedom as well. And a body too. On top of that they have several saftey features that makes it impossible for them to take over the ship. And they can't directly take over critical systems. Only a physical person can. And all the assistant robots on the ship are not networked and also require a human guiding and commanding them."

"Frak. Right. There are 3 of them on the ship, right? Cabal for most military protocols, Sentinel for the cyber warfare and... what's the last one again?"

"Eva, the oldest. She's basically demoted to non combat duty. You know, personnel inquiries, logistics... such stuff. They even have an independent computer core. Engineering as well."

Adama was now itching to finish this and get to the interior. "Can we land now?"

"Let's not forget the main battery. The forward mounted, fixed batteries at the lower part of the alligator head. " Vix maundered the jumper to that area so Adama could see the gun openings. As well as all the smaller turrets there, meant to defend that area. "4 large heavy SPB's at the sides as you can see. But the 2 large openings in the middle are the money shot."

"They don't look like that ship killer weapon. I remember how they looked on the Arrow and Behemoth."

"And that's why the Arrow is the only ship that still has that weapon. They are too power consuming, difficult to build and maintain and we still can't build them even half as good as the originals. If we could solve at least some of these issues, HQ would not have issues installing them. But until then, the Arrow remains the sole user. No, this is a really upscaled KEW."

"I was afraid of that. That kind of shell is shot from that opening?"

"A 2300 ton tungsten naquadah shell, propelled to 19% of the speed of light in under a second."

For the first time during this tour, Bill has a 'What the hell' expression. "You're not fraking with me, are you?"

Vix laughed again. "No, I'm serious."

"Frak... me. A shot like that... would tear a Basestar in half."

"Exactly. And the Goa'uld shields are not as effective at defending against KEW's like ours are. And even if they could stop this shot, it would splinter into shrapnel that would partially pierce the shield and bombard the hull. Bye bye Goa'uld. The only drawback is ammo. Now this ship is large and holds a lot of ammo. That is another reason we added so many KEW's. Ammo capacity. But for the main gun, you 'only' have 180 shots. So 90 per barrel. But as for the ship killer system. That's the beauty of this new Battlestar. They are more modular in design. Meaning they can be upgraded as new technologies become available much easier. So one day... who knows."

The last remaining part were the torpedo and missile tubes. Bill did not notice them at first as the launch tubes were behind closed heavy armour. There were smaller ports on the dorsal and ventral areas but the port, starboard and front were the main focus. On the so called 'shoulders, where the hull began expanding into the landing bays, there were on each side large weapon bays where the ship could fire entire salvos of missiles and torpedoes. The same applied on the hull extension just above the hangar bays. Below the weapons ports were the fighter launch tubes. And below those were general use service and landing areas. Bill even understood the need to have the landing strips behind the atmospheric barriers being used for launch purposes, not just landing. The launch tubes could only fit smaller ships, so the 201 and 203 were launched there, the 202 and 205 at the launch and landing strips directly and 204's in the lower ventral hangar.

After a few more minutes, they finally began their descend into the port hangar pod, landing on the upper landing strip. Adama saw the interior before as they inspected the ship from the outside, but now he got a closer look. Here, because of the atmospheric barriers, not that they were currently needed while still in the atmosphere of the planet, unlike on the old Colonial ships, there was allot of movement. This area was made to be also a service, resupply and repair area, if needed. He also some lifts of different sizes. While there were transporter platforms for regular use for moving fighters and other ships in the belly of the new Galactica, lifts were mandatory, should the transporters be knocked out or the ship is in an environment where they would not work. as the jumper landed on a landing area that served as a transporter platform while being guided by crew member. As the jumper touched down and the glow of a transport in progress, Vix shut the engines off and turned to Bill. "Welcome home."

New Heliopolis, Small Magellan cloud galaxy, same time

In the city ship on the ring world in the Ancient part of the ring, the Stargate was in constant use for days. Almost every hour there was uninterrupted traffic, as more and more refugees arrived. And if that was not enough, in space a small Terran taskforce was guiding civilian transport ships that just made the travel here using the hyperspace jump stations. Traffic was heavy and coordination was hectic, at best.

"OK people! Get moving, this isn't recess!" A well known gruffly voice yelled at the military personnel as they guided the newcomers after their arrival thru the gate. "We need this room clear! The next wave is inbound any minute!"

"Colonel." Helo interrupted him. "I don't think it's productive to be yelling like that. The solders know their job..."

"And they are doing a piss poor job! When I got my first posting as a Terran colonel, I sure as hell do not intend to slack off or make friends!" He turned to look at Helo directly, clearly making his cybernetic eye visible that replaced the one he lost. "Besides, remember what happened in their academy?"

"You mean you and that drill instructor actually getting along. And him and Kara getting into a real fistfight?"

Tigh chuckled. "Yeah. Good times. Went on a drink afterwards."

"If I remember, their psychologists and medics did make the remark about your clear alcoholic dependency."

"Hey! Stow it! I got it under control. I just hope Bill gets back soon and with a ship! I'm getting bored babysitting here. And hopefully some day we can go back to our galaxy and skin those remaining toasters. Now that warms my heart."

Helo shook his head. Some people will never change. "Do try to remember that my wife is a Cylon."

"So? I AM a Cylon. Doesn't mean I don't have a right to hate those back stabbing Ones!"

The Stargate activated again and the refugees began arriving, with military escort. But Saul notice another person. "What is he doing here?"

Said man, as he passed the check point and left his weapons behind, went to the command platform from where Tigh was overseeing this logistical nightmare. "Boch? What the frak are you doing here?"

"That any way to say hello to a drinking friend?"

They shook hands and laughed. "Am on duty, as you can see."

"Yes, charming as always."

"You're the one to talk!"

"I'm here cause these are my people. Curse of leadership. Even more so since we were cured from our dependency of the roshna. So, how does the construction of the settlements go?"

They moved to the outside observation window, There you could see the growing number of buildings, including skyscrapers in the distance, most of ancient design style, but others of different styles, reflecting their culture. This was becoming an even bigger cultural mix than on Earth or the Colonies.

"If nothing, fast. Indoor plumbing, food distribution and clean water are a minimum for such a growing population here. Your people will fit in nicely. That corner..." He pointed at the eastern part close to a lake. "That is for your people. Still partially under construction."

Aris was impressed. For too long his people were now without a real home. And he could not real blame the Colonials to not be the most welcoming, well the religious ones at least. So this was a good and safe alternative.

"How many people are here anyway?"

"Karl?" Tigh passed the question on.

Helo activated his PAD and took a look. "Not counting today's arrivals, well over 30 million, in 7 growing cities."

"I just hope putting them all here will not be in the long term a bad idea." Aris remarked before he returned to his people he was escorting.

Earth, unknown location, same time

The room was dark. No natural light was allowed in. In his working room, Hades had again sealed himself in. His business demanded it. He had his display activated and on it was a familiar face. at least to him.

"Ba'al. You 'demanded' to talk to me?" He smirked. For Ba'al to 'demand' this meant, from a Goa'uld perspective to crawl for a favour. "I thought our business was done? You helped me and I helped you."

"You did. The research the Tau'ri had on the new anti Kull weapons was much appreciated."

"Don't lower the importance. I heard the reports that Anubis upgraded his Kull's with improved armour and is even testing a far deadlier plasma rapid fire weapon for them. You may have Kull's yourself, but he has more and better, so an equalizer was necessary."

Ba'al grind his teeth. "Be that as it may, I need more."

"Really? And what do you offer in return? Remember, I also provided you with the plasma flack technology, the improved Jaffa staff designs and the upgraded cloaking devices to allow you to cloak your Ha'tak's as well. I think that in exchange for a small flask was a bargain."

"While I don't know what that flask I found in your late queens sarcophagus contained, I know it means a lot to you. And you came to me, remember! You contacted me! You came asking for this! For my help as you could not risk leaving your cosy position with the humans. I do wonder what they will do if someone should leak that a former System lord is hiding on Earth and trying to take over from the inside."

Hades smile faded. "Do that and Anubis might just learn of the location of your main Kull factory. You lose that and this war is basically over for you!"

Both Goa'uld were at a stalemate. "Fine. Name your price!"

Hades thought about it. "The humans found a secret laboratory from Anubis. Abandoned some time ago. It was part of his research on how to transplant Goa'uld genetic memory on humans."


"I give you the location and you take that planet. You get all the data there and transmit me a copy. Do with the rest as you will."

"And when the humans retaliate?"

"It is undefended. Only a small amount of ground troops are there. And since it's far from Anubis territory and you should not know about it, they don't suspect an attack. Kill them, make it look like... I don't know, the Lucians did it and contact me again." Hades then transferred the information.

"Hmmm. I'll need 2 days."

"2 days it is."

"And what will I get for this?"

"How about several planets the humans were prospecting for naquadria mining, but abandoned them because of logistical and security reasons as they were too close to the war zones."

"Interesting, but not enough."

"Ah, Ba'al, must you be so greedy?"

"I need something that can be used now, not after mining it and refining it!"

Hades hated this, but he knew that Ba'al was no fool. "Fine. all the weapons and shield modifications the humans made on Goa'uld based technology."

Ba'al remained silent for a few seconds. "Better. But I want the human technology as well. Ion cannons, Aegis shields, intergalactic hyperdrive..."

"Forget it! I give you something that can't be explained by you simply getting lucky or developing it yourself and the humans might get suspicious." Hades stroked his chin. "Power amplification crystals. The humans made their first batch a few days ago and it looks promising."

Ba'al signalled his guards. "Wait a moment."

"Do hurry. I can't keep this signal undetected from the human security forces indefinitely."

"I know. Send me parts of the data on the crystals now. I they check out, you have a deal."

"What good will part of the data be to you?"

The guard Ba'al ordered away before, returned, with Thoth being led in by a chain. "I do believe you recognise our illustrious friend and Goa'uld technology inventor Thoth."

"Well well." Hades had to smirk. He and Thoth never liked each other. "How the mighty have fallen."

"You! Your still alive!?" Thoth responded in outrage.

"He is. And you better authenticate what he will send me. I know you will know. You were the head researcher on those crystals after all." Ba'al informed him of his intentions.

Hades hardly contained his laughter and began transmitting a sample. as it was received, Thoth began inspecting the data in Ba'al throne room. His shock was clearly visible. "How? This data was suppose to be secret!"

"So you did now about it?" Ba'al stood up. "You said you didn't know." Thoth backed from the console.

"I only knew the basics. I..Ahhhh." The Jaffa guard showed the pain stick into his back. As Thoth fell to the ground, Ba'al kneeled beside him.

"I will deal with you later. And just when I thought we understood each other."

"How? Who knows about this? Where... did he get it from...?" Wee the last words from Thoth as he was dragged off.

"So, we in agreement?"

Ba'al nodded. "In 2 days, same hour, I will contact you again."

The display shut off. As the lights went back on and the curtains opened up, allowing the sun to shine again, Hades leaned back into his seat. He pulled back his suit from his arm to reveal a small bracelet. Only it was a technological device. Not of Goa'uld origin. "Thank you for the flask, Ba'al. I have no doubt you took a sample of the liquid to have Thoth analyze it. Good luck with that. Only Anubis would be able to make sense of what pitharan liquid is used for." He began stroking it. "Went better than the first time."

Earth, New Zeland, same time

"Yes, frakers, go go!" Was one of many shouts in a stadium that was drowning in clapping and shouting. Here they were just two of many. No one here noticed them talking a bit differently.

"Look! This is going to be a goal!" Sam shouted, also engrossed in the game.

"I think they call it a try, Sam."

"Same thing! Oh yes!"

"5 points for the New Zeeland's All Blacks." The announcer said over the loudspeakers.

The crown erupted again, as did Sam and Kara. "Man, it may not be Pyramid, but I like this game all the same." Sam shouted as Kara barley heard him.

"Yeah! At least these guys don't suck, like a Caprican team I know of."

Sam steppes laughing. "You will never let that one go, will you?"

She had her evil sheepish grin. "Nope." As the game continued, they began drinking again. "Best game so far Earth has to offer."

"Yeah, have to agree. I mean that European handball was interesting as well. And that ice game... What was it called again?"

"Hockey I think. I liked that as well."

"Oh yeah, Kara? Or was the fighting what you really liked?"

"Hey, I like rough games! No pussy footing around! I mean that European football and basketball were just too much whining about who hit whom."

"If that's the case, why didn't you like that other football?"

"You mean the game where there was no real ball and barely any kicking done? How in the frak is that football? And those guys were so juiced up, where's the point? Now this is much more natural."

As the game continued, Kara sighed. "We only have 5 days of shore leave left."

"I know. Want to get some Earth culture as well?"

"If you mean bars, racing and flying, yes. Frak museums or historic sites. Those get ruined by our religious zealots anyway. Don't want to get the bruises from the locals that would be meant for them."

Sam nodded. "What do you think? Would I have a chance here?"

Kara almost chocked on her drink. "Yeah right. They would eat you alive. You are too rusty. Try that snooze game with the sticks rather than this. Or did they call them bats?"

"Frak you. You can enjoy that game only if you are drunk!"

Delmak, high orbit, same time

Several Ha'tak's were in orbit, searching thru the debris field as the Al'kesh did the detailed searching. On the bridge of the command Ha'tak, a read haired woman was overlooking the operation. She seethed. She and those like her, he inner circle of the Lucian alliance, reduced to scrap searching. And this was risking it. Delmak now belonged to no one, but in reality it was still an Anubis planet, with the occasional Ba'al fleet passing thru. If either catch them here, they lose more than what they might gain. But what choice did they have. They were a bug between 2 storms. They suffered heavily. Lost almost half of their fleet and were now in hiding. They tried to assert themselves as a power once the fighting started, thinking the distraction of the major powers could be exploited. It was exploited, just not as they planned. The Lucians were used for target practice by Anubis. And if that was not bad enough, those traitors that abandoned her after refusing to die like solders, were now working for the Terrans. Oh, if she ever gets her hands on Ginn, she will make her wish that rape threats on a daily basis were her only problem! And Varro. He would not see his wife for a long time, if Kiva has anything to say about it.

Simeon was one of the few that remained loyal. That was also why he was her current second in command.

Her fleet moved in once her scout reported that the small fleet Anubis had here, left for reasons unknown. That was hours ago.

Commander Kiva was not used to lose. To be humiliated. But she needed to restrain her temper. She really was a small fish right now. "Simeon. Any news on our lost sheep?"

All the guards stiffened at that. They knew if she would get upset, one of them would die. So they prayed Simeon had good news.

"Only that Ginn is in their military HQ planet, wherever that may be. As for Varro. We might get him."

The guards breathed again.

"Tell me."

"We learned he goes on infiltration missions in the underground. As you know, a former Lucian knows those areas better than one not from us. And he hangs with that arrogant bounty hunter allot."

"Boch." She spat his name out. "Refuses to work for me, even if I would pay him more than the Terrans."

"I think he does it for his people as well."

"Loyalty. What a novelty."

Simeon smirked. He knew what she meant. No real honour between pirates, thieves and murderers. That and no loyalty.

"But perhaps we can use that."

Pegasus galaxy, unknown location, same time

Another punch to the face. He stopped counting a long time ago. His face swollen. His lips bruised. The punching stopped. He heard a chair moved next to him.

"Again. How do I bypass your shields on the Stargate? Tell me the code!"

"What.. point... would that be? They change them... once I went missing." He spit blood out on the floor. "You didn't think this thru, did you, Kolya?"

Another punch followed. "I don't need the code. Just a way to make your people understand that they will never see you again if they don't do something for me!" He stood up, getting tired of not getting anywhere with John.

"We... don't negotiate... with terrorists!"

Kolya turned around and grabbed him by the throat. "And yet you allied yourself with them! The new Genii government IS a terrorist group! They murdered the last government and took over!"

"One's person's terrorist is another's hero I suppose. Just let it go. and let me go, you crazy bastard! You are not pissing off just my people, but the Genii you want to overthrow will have an interest of stopping you and... the Travellers. One important commander is a good friend of mine. She will have a bulls eye on you as well."

"Listen you..." Kolya stopped. The ground began shaking. A guard entered the cell. "Commander, ships incoming!"

Kolya cursed. "Terran?" Sheppard smiled. Rodney must have found the adress, no matter how many gates they passed thru.

"No sir. Wraith!"

Both Kolya and Sheppard paled. "From the fire right into the volcano! Someone hates me today!"

"Begin evacuation, get to the gate!" Kolya yelled out orders ah he left the cell.

"And him?" His escorts asked, looking at Sheppard.

"Leave him. He is of no further use to me."

Center of the Milky way, same time

The Kursk began her search of the area. Of course the many singularities, gases, radiation and stars made it really difficult.

On the bridge, Sam was helping with the tactical and navigation officer to plot an efficient search pattern. To make matters worse, they didn't even know what they were looking for.

"Contact!"" The tactical officer yelled. Ramius stood up and walked to his console.

"Enemy or friendly?"

"Enemy, sir. Al'kesh, under cloak."

"How do you know that, boy. The sensors are having real difficulties here!"

"Yes, but so is their cloak. It's affected as well. And... shit, they know we know!" As he said that, the cloaked ship turned and began running.

"Pursuit them. If it's a scout for Anubis, we need to take him out!"

"Aye captain."

"Too late, sir." Lee reported as the Al'kesh entered hyperspace. The bridge went silent.

"We need to speed this up. We will get company, soon! Everyone, set condition one!"

Lee intervened. "Sir, I do not recommend fighters, not in the proximity of those gravity wells."

"I know! CAG, get them ready anyway, but don't launch anything yet!" Ramius then turned to Daniel. "If we can't secure whatever we are looking for, we nuke it. No discussions, doctor." He turned to the tactical officer. "Get a mark 9 ready and keep continuous scans for enemy ships."

"Sir, in this soup, it will not be easy."

"I know, but they will have same issues."

Responding to guest

Rebirth has many meanings, both to Daniel and the Galactica. And maybe more.

Forgot about the Hoth planet form Universe. Well, this is a new time line and no Destiny expedition was send yet, so they don't know about that planet yet.

The Hoth planet in this story is in the Milky way galaxy.

Potential technologies may be addressed in the future.

The other System lords are a minor force now. Anubis is not a necessary evil, the replicators are. Anubis is an issue to be dealt with.

Stargate production is in Milky way. As I stated there, the Pegasus gates were build in the Pegasus galaxy, which is self explanatory that this facility is not in Pegasus.

The Milky way replicators are not helping cleaning up anything, they just need power and nuclear radiation can be useful, if nothing else can be found. They will strip the Colonies of anything usefull, including power and resources.

Sagittarius A* is a real world super massive black hole in our galaxy. It is the gravitational heart of our galaxy. The 'others' are smaller stellar mass black holes in orbit of Sagittarius A*

Ring world is in Smaller Magellan cloud galaxy, as mentioned. the hyperspace jump stations are at the edge of Milky way, the Helix star system between the galaxies, large Magellan and small Magellan cloud.

The Daedalus Variations is planned. As is Grace. Don't plan much with Vis Uban so far. Maybe add it later, maybe not. Discenna city ship is planned.

Jolinar of Malkshur is dead. This story starts after Crystal skull and before Nemesis episodes. Jolinar died before that. But Martouf and his snake are alive.

As for the name of this episode: Anyone get who the "Dying leader" really is? If not, one youtuber had a really good explanation. Just type in youtube: battlestar galactica who is the dying leader? click on the first option, from Spacedock and listen to his explanation why the Galactica IS the dying leader.

F-250 Viper space superiority fighter. Upgraded copy of the colonial Viper mark VIII that never left the design phase. Also equipped with jump drives or limited hyperdrive.

BS - 600. Description in this chapter. At least the outside. The rest in the next chapter.