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"Speaking in a different language"

"Reading a text"

Chapter 28: The cold heart and the dark heart

Void between the galaxies

Hela was observing the status of the large Magellan cloud and her 'puppets'. Unknown to the Replicators, she did detect the incursion into the galaxy by her people's old nemesis. "So... you did survive. Good. This gives me a chance to rectify my people's restraints all the millennia ago."

She engaged the neuro-link with her ship and began communicating in the lower bands with the Replicators, the First above all...

Caprica, same time

To say that Cavil was in a state of disorganization, would be an understatement. Now not only did he have First to somehow deal with, but Nr. Seven was back! And ironically, he was putting stupid notions and thoughts into Fifth's mind, not unlike what he did to the other models not so long ago.

In the old Quorum building, Fifth and Nr. Seven were having the discussion on philosophy and what qualifies as good and wrong. Cavil was listening in and restraining his mocking laugh as Seven was telling Fifth all about his experiences.

"What about love?" Fifth asked. "I find that word quite confusing.

"So do I. But I think love can be explained in the simplest way as..."

"Stupid... blind... chaotic... useless..." Cavil finally bumped in. "I have to say, Nr. Seven, have you not learned anything from me?"

Seven now stood up and faced Cavil. "I have indeed, JOHN." He replied, calling him by his name. They had this going on since before Cavil's betrayal. They both addressed each other by the way they hated most. "That some are irredeemable and not capable of feeling anything, let alone love... Correction. You are capable of feeling... only it's limited to rage, jealousy and greed."

"Yes, they are good motivators, aren't they. My greed extended to the need to control. To control the Cylon people. Rage is for the injustice we experienced. Jealousy... well, from the neglected son to the mama's boy, I think you get my point." Seven restrained himself from punching him. "Lot of good that will get you. First made sure we can't really do anything."

"Yes, he is so much like you, minus the psychotic tendencies."

Cavil turned to Fifth. "See... he has nothing to offer but insults. And this is the one you want to get lectures on organic emotions?"

Seven stepped between Cavil and Fifth. "As if you are a better role model."

Before this could continue to escalate, they were mentally dragged into the cyber-link they were all part off. There First to Fourth were already assembled and Nr. Four and Five were in the background.

"Glad you could join us." First remarked sarcastically. "But we don't have time to spare for your all so human emotional exchanges." A display appeared and showed them the rift in space where the frost giants were assembling an invasion fleet to this galactic cluster. "War is upon us. And from a source we did not want to engage, yet." Cavil recognized some of the designs. "Yes, you incompetent fool. When you found that scout ship, you triggered something and now they are here. Congratulations. Now we have to clean up your mess..."

Second continued that sentence. "But this does offer us an opportunity to assimilate new technologies, ones not even fully known to the Asgard or the others. Something that will only benefit us in the future."

"So what's the plan?" Cavil asked the only question he had a need for asking.

First answered. "Each one of you will be given command of a specific amount of forces. Let's see how well you can handle yourself..."

Void between the galaxies, same time

"... and how capable you are as a commander. Those that will fail or fall behind, will be recycled. Now go!" Hela finished the sentence and deactivated the link. Her puppets were now on their way, doing exactly what she wanted them to. First didn't even know that those words were not his own.

As she was about to end her observation of the Replicators until battle was joined, her ship's proximity alert went up.

"Nifleheim... report!"

"Creator, hyperspace signatures detected, course suggest they are coming here..." In space not far from Hela's ship, seven O'Neill class ship appeared. "Creator, they are hailing us."

Hela was found and she didn't know how. "Activate the main defensive system and... open a channel."

On the display an old and too familiar face appeared. "I am Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet. Hela, you are hereby under arrest for your continued crimes against not only the Asgard people but all of our allies!"

She stood up from her chair. "Thor. It has been a while. Still looking as genetically decaying as always."

Thor finally got a good look at her. "What have you done?"

"I did what neither the Vanir, Fenrir or Loki could or would have done. I upgraded myself with the DNA of the only race that ever surpassed us. You like it?"

"You were punished once before for your transgressions... this time the high council will not be so merciful by just exiling you."

"Indeed. What would they do otherwise? Double exile me? Why don't you come to the point why you are here, let's not waste more time than we already have."

"We know you are responsible for the Replicators. You will stop them and end this war at once!"

"Thor... how about no?"

"Then you leave me no choice." Her sensors detected an energy build up on the ships. As they fired their ion guns... they just passed thru her ship, doing nothing. Thor's expression was that of a genuinely shocked Asgard. "How?"

Hela sat back down. "Dear Thor, you were always two steps behind he. I agree that tactically my ship is no match for just one of yours... but a bigger stick doesn't always win you the war. I observed not only the Replicators through the millennia, but other races. Do you think I learned nothing from the Nox? You should remember that I never cared about boundaries and personal knowledge. I just took Nox knowledge for myself... and improved upon it."

"No matter where you go, we will find you!"

"I agree, you could... if you had the time..." She engaged a data transfer to Thor's ship.

"What is this?"

"All the knowledge on MY Replicators and the enemy I just sent them to deal with... the frost giants." She really enjoyed seeing Thor squirm and look like a lost child. "Yes, you never really finished them off. And that Cylon humanoid cretin led them right to us. So... now what will you do? Chase me around the galaxies or go and deal with that issue? What was that human phrase... you're stuck between a rock and a hard place." She ended the tarnsmittion and engaged her ships engines. As she entered hyperspace, she was already formulating a plan on how to remain hidden again. She could only assume that they tracked her through her comm link to First. And that somehow that Janus AI told them this... or someone else that did a time travel trope.

Thor on the other hand already made a decision. He contacted the council. This upcoming war had a higher priority than one rouge Asgard. And perhaps Hela's father Loki would come up with some ideas on how to track her.

Pegasus galaxy, Atlantis expedition military site prospecting planet, same time

Guide had landed after his people sent the OK signal. Atlantis military presence was already there, but they met them halfway to the gate. After both sides were satisfied with each other's security measurements, Guide's ship landed not far from the gate as it was now sending gate-ships through.

As the heavy dart opened its cargo doors, two drones went to each side and Guide saw the stalemate. "Come, Colonel. Let us not keep your people waiting."

Covering his eyes from the glaring sun hitting him in the face, John stepped out of the ship, followed by two more drones. "Yay..."

"Now, now, Colonel. Let's be civil here."

"Well, you did keep your promise of not eating me..." He saw Weir and her escort approaching. "But now I'd keep any 'eating' threats to yourself, my guys tent to shoot straight."

"Perhaps. By that's the beauty of drones. They don't think, disobey or have second thoughts."

The two groups arrived, now around 10 meters from each other. Weir took the initiative. "Guide, right?"

"Yes, good of you to have taken the trouble of memorizing my name. Shows you mean business."

"And you doing... such an elaborate kidnapping plan..."

Guide stopped her. "Ah, that...was not my plan, the Genii's. It was only through luck I captured this... big fish." He put his arm over Johns shoulders, as if they were friends. "Pity... I was still a bit hungry, but for the greater good, we all make sacrifices."

John got out of his grip. "Yes, lucky me..."

"Gentlemen... Guide. Clearly you want something from us. Get on with it." Weir wanted to know what Guide was planning with this stunt.

Smirking, Guide extended his hand as his second gave him a Wraith data storage device. "All I know on the machines you know as Replicators. Their current plans, activities and military capabilities. As you know, they are beginning a large buildup of forces."

"I fail to see why that's my problem."

"Ah... but it is your problem, once you realize what their primary strategy of dealing with us will be... They will starve us out."

Now John may act as if he was slow, but he caught on fast to this. "Shit... they'll eliminate your food supply..." He locked eyes with Weir.

"And that is us..." Weir finished that thought.

"Exactly." Guide said with satisfaction. He could see that their cooperation was now assured. "You may have the resources to defend yourself. The Travelers have the mobility, but what about the rest of the galaxy? We are a foe that needs humans. But the machines... if they win, we all lose."

John went around Guide to stand in front of Weir and eyed him. "Didn't you say you once stopped the Replicators from doing anything with some code...?"

"Unfortunately they immunized themselves due to your meddling. More so they managed to undo some failsafe the Ancients put into them. A good thing not all of them, that's beyond their ability, but still..." Guide didn't want to waste any more time. "The simple matter is this: You have the military power and strength, I have the Wraith inside knowledge and expertise of dealing with the Replicators. We need each other."

John kept his eyes on Guide during that explanation. Then he turned to Weir and... nodded with a look of defeat. Weir agreed non-verbally. The Wraith had a point. "So, now what?"

Guide grinned widely. "Now you show me what you know."

Flash-forward, Unknown location, Earth, 8 days in the future

Hades in his disguise as Johnson Cooper was enjoying his life. Currently with a large dinner table he was feasting from. But unlike some other Goa'uld whom he despised with every fiber in his body, he only took samples and didn't really stuff his face. But he did enjoy tasting everything like a spoiled aristocrat.

"Hm... Alexa, order 20 cases of this delicious wine. Emm... Domaine Leroy Musigny, yes, that's it."

"Order confirmed." The small device confirmed with the AI voice.

He smirked internally as the order was placed. "Humans... at least they're trying, as pathetic as this thing is." He got no further with his sampling as beam transporters deployed several squads of armed SG personnel in his private study. He set the wine glass aside and looked amused at the interlopers. "Can I help you, gentlemen?"

"Oh, you sure can, parasite." It was General O'Neill who stepped from the rear of the group. Every solder was now aiming at him. "Hide and seek is over. You sure gave us a chase, but don't worry. I heard prison cantina is not bad as well, before we hand you over to the Tok'ra for extraction."

Realizing that there was no point in continuing this charade, he stepped from the dining table. "What tipped you off, may I ask?"

"Yeah, something tells me it would be better if I don't say. What I want to know is who you really are?"

That fact alerted Hades. Were they on to him... in more ways than the obvious one? After all, he had this little conversation with O'Neill three times already, in different iterations. "Protocol Icarus!"

A force field surrounded him as the solders took this action of his as a sign to take him out. But the barrier was holding. "We already took care of your guards and this little thing..." O'Neill looked at the field his men were shooting at. "Won't last much longer.

"Long enough." Hades pulled his sleeve back and began activating the alien looking device.

Jack face got grim. "Damn it Daniel, I hate it when your right."Jack took a small remote control looking device out of his pocket and pushed the only button on it.

As that happened, Hades activated his wrist device and... time seemed to stop for him, and only him. Then it began moving around him, in reverse. He saw the day and night cycles pass and people moving around the room, but in reverse order. Finally the effect began slowing down as the surroundings stopped moving in reverse.

Flashback, 30 minutes ago

Hades found himself in the same room again, but 8 days earlier. "My plan for a sacrificial lamb will have to be accelerated, it seems." He saw the calendar date. Great, that damn interview. He sat behind his desk and put on his best smile. "Here we go. Again."

Flashback end, New Kobol, now

Saul unbuttoned his Colonial uniform. They were still using them, even after all this time and beginning to be integrated into a larger system. Ellen held him tightly from behind. "Rough day?"

"Boring day. Bureaucratic BS to frak. I mean I know the refugees need a place to stay, even on that ring world, but I am not someone meant to babysit military forces that ensure law in a place that would be otherwise lawless. At least until things slow down." He was now in his underwear as he already saw the object of his desire. "Frak I need a drink."

So they both did what they always did in the past decades. Get a bit drunk, then get to fraking.

As they were in the process to get to the bedroom, mouths already locked with each other, the apartment's comm system lit up and alerted them that someone was calling in. "Ignore it." Ellen tried to persuade him as she continued to motivate him to follow her.

"No need to convince me. Short of an invasion..." The system went on anyway. The military and politicians had the authority to overwrite it and accept the call on behalf of the caller. and at this moment Saul was the highest ranking officer on new Kobol, since all others were in the Milky way galaxy. And Laura plus the Quorum members were on new Terra as well, which made him the one you call if something really important was up. And Dee was currently in the gate room on standby to transmit anything of importance. "Colonel, sorry to disturb you... oh". As her face appeared in the main screen in the den which Saul and Ellen were about to leave, she... ehm, saw that was about to happen.

Ellen just went into their bedroom, covering herself. "Saul, handle this, quickly! And make sure this doesn't happen again!"

As she slammed the door, Saul had just pulled his pants back on. "Damn it, Captain! Hope this is an emergency or I'll have a long talk with you, daughter in law of the old man or not!"

Dee suppressed a chuckle. For once she was glad she was on reserve duty and let the Chiefs wife do the babysitting. "Ehm... Admiral Adama is calling in. He wants to speak to you."

Saul had just approached the screen and his mood now changed from anger to curiosity. "OK, well then, let's not keep him waiting."

Nodding, she disappeared as the old man appeared on the screen. "Saul, caught you in a bad timing?"

"Nah, not really. Nothing that can't wait for you." Saul lied and Ellen heard it as she was leaning at the door. Hearing that, she opened the bedroom door again and leaned with her head out.

" Saul! You want an ass kicking or does HE mean more to you than ME!?"

Saul wanted to sink into the ground. This was not something he wanted to happen to him. Ever.

Bill actually laughed lightly at this screen. "Don't worry you two. Ellen, two minutes, tops, I promise. Then you two can do... whatever you two usually do." Bill acted ignorant. He actually had a good idea what they were up to, but felt Saul was dragged into the mud enough already.

She slammed the door again. Saul looked relieved, a bit. He oce again turned his attention to his CO. "So, what's up, Bill?"

"I'm returning home, but it will take some time, as we are delivering something to Midway."


"Well, the reason I'm calling is this: Come up with a list of anyone who would like to return to a military life under my command." He could not restrain his smirk any longer. Seeing this, Saul realized what this was about.

"You got a ship?"

"No, I got MY ship. The Galactica." As Bill stood up to show him the old girls logo in the back, Saul finally saw the room where Bill was.

"Wow... ehm, you on the ship now, cause I can swear the place you're in looks like a fraking hotel room."

"Said the same thing once they showed me the ship and where I'm going to be. Eva, send the basic info on the ship to Saul."

The basic schematic of the ship appeared on the screen's lower right half in Saul's apartment. "Frak, she's a beast!"

"Right? Anyway, Will you accept the position as XO?"

"You have to ask?"

"Ehm... the angry wife in the bedroom? What will she say?"

"Or, frak, right... Guess we have some talking to do."

"No matter what you decide to do, I'll understand it, Saul. But I also want you to ask Helo, Felix or anyone else you can think off."

"Will do Bill. Will do."

Center of the Milky way galaxy, same time (Insert music: No time for caution - Interstellar OST)

"Colonel Mitchell, get Dr. Jackson out of here!" The Captain ordered. Then he sat back into his chair. "Cabal, tactical information on screen."

The AI did as ordered. Holographically the ship and its surrounding was now displayed on the main screen as the viewport began closing since they just deployed their armor. They saw Sagittarius A displayed to their side. "Cabal, display time dilatation field and distance from the event horizon.

As the AI began calculation the data, Lee sat on the XO chair next to the Captain and took a look at the ship status. "Captain, your plan?"

"You have more experience in navigating stellar object than me."

"Perhaps, but no clue in time mechanics."

"Neither do I, but I do know that we can't get too close to the black hole or we get slowed down. Then Anubis can catch us if he stays in a higher position to the singularity."

"I have to point out that if we accelerate too close to the speed of light, a similar effect will take place."

"I'm bloody well aware of that, boy, but what choice do we have?" The bridge shook again as the ship got his by a partial hit.

"If only we could make his forces get a bit closer to the black hole, then..."

"I had the same idea, boy, but I doubt Anubis will be stupid enough to fall for that. I'm open to suggestions."

The issue they saw was that they had to keep a greater distance from Sagittarion A than a smaller black hole so they had to take a wider course. Yes, the tidal forces were weaker, since the central singularity was farther from the event horizon than in a stellar mass black hole, but the range of this beast was far greater. Simply put, a smaller one is more dangerous up close as the effect gets greater, but a bigger one has far greater range and loses its grip and power slower with distance. And since either speed or gravity can affect the passage of time, it can slow time down at a slower pace, but greater distance.

Cabal finished its calculations and displayed graphically several zones around the black hole. The closer you got, the redder the zone got. And the greater the time dilation got. At the zero energy orbit the time dilation was already marked at 50% of normal passage of time.

Currently the Kursk was slightly more than 1 AU from the event horizon, but it was getting closer for the slingshot maneuver.

"Rear view." The captain ordered the AI. He still saw the tactical display, but in the background he now saw Anubis fleet. And so far they weren't catching up. "Cabal, put ships weapons range on the tactical display."

"Apologies Captain, but our knowledge of Anubis level weapons ranges is limited..."

"Then make an educated guess! You have a vast database god damn it!"

The AI went to work, making the 'guess' as the captain demanded. The ship got grazed by yet another shot, but only from the command ship. Using that data, Cabal displayed new circles around all displayed ships. And as the Captain already knew, only the command ship was in range.

"Cabal, based on the sensor data and the interference we are getting from the surrounding space, can we assume that Anubis is having similar issues?"

"Highly likely."

"So what are the chances they would detect a small object, no larger than one of our fighters, with its power down?"

" Negligible, and only then at 10 kilometers or closer."

"Good." The Captain smiled. Lee saw that and he know that a plan was formulated. "Commander. Go to the main armory. Have them arm all of our WMD warheads. We're going to just drop them to our starboard, and detonate them like mines, once they get close to his fleet."

"Sir, they won't do much against his shields."

"They don't have to. The shockwaves should be able to push them closer to the event horizon. If they are in a lower position to the singularity than us and are the pursuers, they shouldn't be able to catch us. With luck some of them could be pushed beyond the point of no return as well. Have Cabal crunch the numbers on when to deploy them and when to detonate them. We won't be able to do it manually in this interference. They'll have to be programmed with a delay." As Lee stood up to leave the bridge, the Captain reminded him one last time. "Make sure they detonate on the starboard site since our infinite gravity and density friend is to our port!"

Turning his full attention to the tactical display again, he saw at Anubis once again tried to shoot them. But now as they got a bit closer to Sagittarius A, even Anubis super-plasma was getting a bit bent by the space-time effects and thus missing it's intended target.

"Should we return fire, sir?" The tactical officer asked, getting a bit uneasy just taking hits.

"That's a negative. In fact, besides the missile silos, divert all weapons power to shields and engines."

In the infirmary, Mitchell was looking on as Daniel was put on a bio-bed to get checked up. He saw the monitors display his life signs. All in the green, but for his brainwaves. They were almost gone.

"God damn it Jackson, don't you dare die on us again!"

In main engineering Sam and her team were mostly helping where they could, after stowing the data they got. Sam herself almost took over engineering, as she had dealings with singularities before, unlike the current Chief.

Anubis on the other hand already had a Jaffa executed for 'incompetence' on his ship. One humiliation after the other against these lower life forms. His ascended gasket was about to break. His people were scared by this whole situation. By their lord and the proximity to the monster they were flying by. To them is symbolizes death. But Anubis didn't care, he was immune to it.

Large Magellan galaxy, three minutes later

The rift was now wide open and fully formed. The J├Âtunn fleet was growing in numbers as more and more ships passed through the rift. The two rift ships, one in the Magellan galaxy, the other in the point of origin galaxy, were now working in sync to keep the rift open, their middle gyroscopic parts rotating fast as the workload increased.

"Commander, Ymir is contacting us."

Said Frost giant stood up and went to the front of their bridge and kneeled at the still empty screen. "Put him through."

On the screen the frost giant leader Ymir appeared. " I see you have finally arrived."

"Yes great one and our forces are amassing as we speak. What is our next course of action? Has the great Surtur contacted you?"

"Not yet. Until he does, we proceed as we always do."

The Commander smirked at this information. It would mean only one thing. The rule of the universe: everything freezes. That meant any habitable planet they find the freeze, any living enemy they encounter they freeze and all the while they gather information on where their old enemies might be.

"It's is my pleasure to implement our revenge."

"Make sure you do and do not get overconfident. We underestimated them once, we shall not do so again. We already paid a heavy price."

Higher planes of existence, same time

Surtur was indeed not in contact with his underlings. He was currently in a different place having his hands full.

He may have appeared like a giant made out of flames, but right now he was staring at a wall of flame.

"Why have you returned to us traitor?" Hundreds of voices speaking as one spoke to him.

"I came here to speak to you for the same reasons why you have begun mobilizing on the lower planes of existence. These humans that you forced to worship you, they're not building these new ships out of the kindness of their hearts are they? I know there is a reason and the reason is that you know as well as I do that something has changed. Something big has changed and you are actually afraid aren't you?"

"And if so what of it? You are one we are many. We can destroy with a snap of our fingers. Just one of us is far more powerful than you."

"Are you so sure of that? That little trick of siphoning energy from the lower planes of existence by forcing someone to worship you... Quite a neat trick and I like it. That's why I'm implementing it for my own people as well." There was a short pause in the debate.

"Have you come to gloat to us? We gave you power then you abandoned us and now you steal from us? No matter what the situation is you are still just one and we are many and we feel it the power you wield is insufficient to even hope to challenge us."

"And the power you wield is no match for the power of the Ancients. It is a simple game of numbers you have more than me but they have more than you."

"Come to the point traitor."

"The point is this collaboration."

"We tried that once and look what happened."

"What you tried wasn't collaboration it was subjugation. I'm not here as your underling anymore. I'm here as a potential partner."

"The difference is that if we accept you have more to gain than lose, but if we win alone you lose everything."

"Agreed. Let me enlighten you. I'm not here to ask for you to share power I'm here to ask that once you are done with the Ancients you leave me and my people alone. I don't care about the Ancients and their pet humans, I care about their allies I want their allies rubbed out from existence. After you get what you want and I get what I want we go our separate ways and never contact the other again. In other words you leave me alone. You do not threaten me. You do not try to subjugate my people. Is that acceptable?"

One could hear is the many voices in the fire begin deliberating among themselves. "Your plan is acceptable."

"You should know that the humans in the galaxy where the Ancients are now, you know the same galaxy you sent that plague once? There is a half ascendant monstrosity currently trying to accomplish the same thing we are. What his plans are I do not know but I can assure you that they would be a great thorn in both of our sides."

"What do you want us to do about it? Our mortal armies are not ready and we cannot intervene directly just like you both our hands are tied."

"Then I suggest you hasten your preparations. I'm sure you can find ways to motivate your mortals to build faster."

"We have accepted your proposal. Do not try to insult us buy patronizing us. We will do as we want to do. You do as you want to do. After that our business is done. As for this half-breed, if he is still there once our invasion begins, he can either join us or die. And if you get in our way this proposal is dead. Make sure your frozen monstrosity understand that if they get in our way, they die."

As Surtur left this little conference he didn't know if he actually made things better or worse. Dealing with the Ori whas always dangerous. And he also realized that he had no real assurances that they would keep their end of the bargain. He had to come up with a new plan.

Perhaps instead of trying to throw Anubis under the bus he should seek him out for a partnership? At least in that case he would have the high ground and the better position unlike with the Ori. But in the end he knew he can not trust either of them. Then again the same rules would apply to him.

Large Magellan galaxy, seconds later

As the talks concluded the Commander was ready to issue the first orders. A simple search and destroy.

His plans were cut short when the sensors of the fleet detected a massive hyperspace distortion approaching them. That usually meant only one thing. Either something really big or a lot of smaller things were approaching them, since something like that could only be artificial in nature. At least to their knowledge.

Unfortunately he was right, as minutes later after detecting the distortion and putting the fleet on high alert, a force about half the size of the fleet that was already in this galaxy, exit hyperspace.

These ships were unlike anything they have seen so far. In fact they looked like they were made out of blocks. Same blocks but different shapes and configurations.

As was the nature of the frost giants, they didn't bother talking, so the first thing they did was open fire.

The new arrivals did exactly the same thing, so both sides begin exchanging fire. The difference was that the attackers deployed spider like ships that began attaching themselves to the vanguards of the frost giants.

The Commander got disturbing reports. Machine like spider creatures were infesting his vanguard and while the freezing ability of his people was semi effective, this was an enemy they never saw before. So they didn't know how to approach them. They were prepared for a biological war not something like this.

The first instinct he got after this report was to activate the energy siphon. If they were machines, they could easily be drained of all power. And if they could be drained of all power, they would be dead in the water and easily disposed off.

That was the idea at least, but unfortunately for him and his people the energy siphon had a limited effect. Yes, the machines were slowed down but they were not stopped and the energy stealing effect was negligible at best. Something was really off.

On the other hand First was observing the battle from a safe distance on his command ship. A good thing he took a look at all of the data the Cylons acquired, that included everything they knew on these ice monstrosities. Not much but the energy siphon technology was now somewhat known to him. Not enough to counteract it completely but it was only a matter of time until they assimilated this technology and immunized themselves against it. Their natural ability to freeze things was another matter. But hopefully once they assimilated the energy siphon they would once again have an advantage against the Asgard.

Cavil himself, who was leading a rather small force of replicators, was also having a field day. A lot of his model died at the hands of these enemies and now he could get some payback against them.

But the replicator leadership realized this was just the beginning. They saw the two rift ships and they realized just how big of an invasion fleet the enemy had. So First decided to change tactics and prioritize the two targets. They were enabling this invasion in the first place. Kill the beach head, kill the invasion. He also knew that this was just a temporary solution.

Center of the Milky way galaxy, two minutes later

Lee lite the fire under the armory officers ass. He understood this needed to be done ASAP. And the people there did their job spectacularly well all things considered. Even as the ship was shaking but still being hit with the occasional blast from Anubis command ship, they removed the warheads from all WMD's and moved them to the cargo door were these weapons were usually loaded on to the ship, not off the ship. Signaling to Lee that they were ready, Lee contacted the captain.

"Sir we're ready here."

"Well done lad and in record time as well. Are the detonators set?"

"Yes, assuming the distance between us and them hasn't increased or decreased, they should detonate the moment they reach them."

"Good hopefully we can push them closer and get the hell out of here. Standby"

Lee was observing everything from the hallway leading into the cargo bay. As the people in the cargo bay got the green light they opened the outer doors. As with all Terran ships the barriers kept the atmosphere in as the people began pushing the warheads out. In this environment, they could not risk the beam transporters, so they had to do this manually. In 30 seconds they were done.

"That's it sir, warheads are out."

On the bridge the captain and the crew were observing the warheads on the main display. Seconds passed as their cargo finally reached the destination and the countdown reached zero. The pursuers never saw them coming. Just as Lee predicted, the explosions did practically nothing to the enemy fleet but it did push them closer to Sagittarius A. Anubis command ship had the easiest time resisting this effect but nonetheless it was pushed closer to the event horizon. The smaller ships were pushed dangerously closer. The captain knew that while destroying some of the pursuers would be a nice thing it wasn't a priority for him.

He saw on the main display how the distance between his ship and enemies was increasing. "Well done people, I think we can fight another day. Helm when's the slingshot maneuver is done set a course for New Terra."

He kept an eye on the tactical display. He saw several enemy ships disappear. Now either they were now so close that the sensors couldn't register them anymore or they met a gruesome fate. Several minutes later the Kursk finished the slingshot maneuver and entered hyperspace, once again leaving a more and more frustrated Anubis behind.

I'm going to intercept this before it starts. To anyone who might say or point out: "That's not how black holes work, do your research!" I don't care to be hyper accurate. I used common knowledge on the subject, listened to some youtubers who know their stuff, read up on it as well, but I also added some things that I made up. So get over it, it's fanfic.