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.:.A Gift of True Love.:.

Chapter 1: A Suprise, for me?


Kagome opened the oven door, and felt the heat pour out of it, warming up her chilled legs.

"Not quite...." she sighed as she closed the oven door for a little
longer, regreting the fact her mom didn't want her to turn on the heat in the house.

"Man it's cold.." she said shivering. She went back into her room and wrapped
herself under the covers.

"I'll just watch Sailor Moon until the oven timer goes off..."

"Fine with me." said a voice from behind her, nearly making her fall
off the bed.

"I-Inuyasha!" she cried, tightly hugging the blanket around her.
"What are you doing here?!?!?!"

The hanyou smiled slightly. "Just thought I'd drop in and say hi."

'Yeah right..' "Well, you've done so now please excuse yourself." she spat,
never letting go of the blanket.

"How rude!" he smirked.

Kagome had just begain to open her mouth when the oven timer went off.

"OH CRAP!" she yelled and rushed into the kitchen, Inuyasha casually following behind.

"Nani?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at the angery girl.

"You almost made me burn the-" she cut herself off, "Never mind.."

"Burn the what?"


"Feh....." 'Why must she ALWAYS keep things from me?!'

"Inuyasha, " Kagome finally sighed, " I don't care if you're here, but could you wait for
me in the living room, or my room?"

"Fine wench." he said walking back up to her room.

Kagome sighed. 'I hate being like this towards him, and especially hate
keeping secrets...but I didn't want it to spoil the suprise." she smiled a
sad smile as she looked into the cabinet. "Where's that frosting....."

~~~~~~Kagome's Room~~~~~~~

Inuyasha sat himself on her window seal, and looked outside to see a young boy on a thing
that Kagome called a 'bi-ci-cle'.

'Why is she so secrative? Doesn't she trust me?'

He just sat there, looking aimlessly into the bright blue horizon, until...

"Inuyasha......?" came a sweet voice from behind him. Of course, he had known
she was there, but he hadn't bothered to say anything.

"Nani?" he said in his usual cold, cocky voice, not even turning to face the girl.

"I have a suprise for you...."

This got the stubborn hanyou's attention. "Nani?"

"I had wanted to wait until I went back to your time, but..." she shyly said,
reaching up under her bed and pulling out a red package with a white ribbon.

Inuyasha just sat there, with a very suprised look on his visage. 'She has
something for ME?'

Kagome smiled, handing it to him. "^-^ I hope you like it." she smiled nervously.

He quickly pulled on an end of the ribbon and it unravelled. He then took the lid
off and peered inside.

"Kagome...." he smiled, eyes twinkling with happiness. Kagome looked at his expresson more
closely. No, she wasn't imagining this!

He reached in and pulled out a brand new red backpack, just like Kagome's. She had remembered
how he called it her 'magik bag'. He quickly unzipped it and looked inside.
It had stuff in it! He quickly scrambled through it to find a mini
first aid kit, which he had learned to use, tons of packets of ramen, bowls, chopsticks, napkins,
some candies, and other snacks, and that was just one part of it!

He looked at Kagome amazed. "This is for me?"


"Arigato." he smiled, setting the 'magic bag' down and hugging Kagome, leaving her speachless.

'He HUGGED ME!' her mind screamed.

"I take it you like it?" she smiled, not knowing what else to say.

"Hai." he said, still hugging her. 'It means alot to me, believe it or not." he thought

"Well, there's more in there than just food." she smiled.

He raised an eyebrow and let go of her to continue his search in the bag.
He was suprised to find a set of modern-day clothes she had bought for him. It was
a pair of baggy jeans, a black bandana, and a black shirt with a red dragon on the front.
He looked at Kagome, with an eyebrow raised, and then he turned his attention back to the bag.

~~~~~~~~~Elsewhere, in Inuyasha's time...~~~~~~~~

Sango crushed the demon's skull as Miroku used his wind tunnel to rid them of
some of the demons. Inuyasha went to help, but was pulled back by Keade. "Ye
need to stay in, for ye own health." she stated firmly.

~~~~~~~Outside with Miroku and Sango~~~~~~~~~

"When's..Inuyasha coming back?" Sango bit out while ripping another youkai into pieces.

"He should be back...SOON!" Miroku yelled, the pain that the youkai, which the wind tunnel was
sucking up, being rather great for him to bear.

"Great...wonderful!" Sango stated sarcastically, breathing in deeply as she stepped back from the
gorey scene. She then turned to Miroku, who was battling one of the biggest demons that had attacked.

"You baka! Your wind tunnel won't do any good on him!" she said, throwing her boomerang (I don't know how \
to spell it) at the demo, who's head, or what wasn't scattered of it, fell to the bloodied ground.

Shippo then ran outside to see if Sango and Miruko were okay. Kirara followed Keade.

"Sango, Miruko, are you ok?" he cried, jumping into Sango's arms. 'Hey, if Kagome isn't here,
Sango's just as good!' he thought.

"We're fine." Miroku smiled, getting a little too close to Sango who glared at him wildly. He went
bug eyed and quickly stepped back before she had the chance to hit him.

"Ye must be tired after fighting off so many youkai." Keade said.

"Hai....." Sango sighed.

"Hai....me too.."

"Ye come into my hut and ye shall once more be provided with a meal and a place for rest.

"Arigato." They said unanimously.

"Ye follow me." she said, leading Sango into a newly furnished room. IT's things were
mostly pink, one of Sango's colors. 'Wow...did she do this for me?' she thought, 'Because
it looks nothing like it did a few days ago...'

"Keade, did you do this for me?" she asked with a suprised expression.

"Ye doeth not like it?"

"I love it, Arigato Keade-sama!" she smiled hugging the old miko.

"I am glad ye like it." she smiled, "Ye shall find a kimono laying on
ye bed."

"Arigato." Sango smiled as she watched the old woman walk out.

"She did this, just for me!" she squealed, holding up the new kimono. She was
sure glad, for her old one begain to grow ragged.


She led Miroku quietly into a room decorated in blue linens.

The monk looked around at the room. 'Something's different.' he thought.

"Keade-sama, " he finally spoke up. "Arigato."

"No inconvinience...as much as ye and ye friends do for me...it's the least I may do in return."
she smiled leaving the monk to himself.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Back with Kagome~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Happy Valentine's Day Inuyasha." she smiled, heart pumping harder than before.

"Vallin-tine's Daay?" Inuyasha looked perplexed.

"Hai....in my time, it's a day when friends and loved ones show their affection for the other." she smiled,
hidiing a slight blush.

'Which am I, a friend or a loved one?' Inuyasha thought to himself. 'I hope I'm a loved one...'


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