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Back in Inuyasha's time, the two landed silently when Inuyasha lept out of the well.

He ran, still carrying Kagome in his arms, and their packs in hers, to the village where Kaede was.

Kagome wasn't about to say anything to ruin the moment. She secretly loved being that close to Inuyasha. She felt his warmth radiating off him, and she clung to be closer to the warmth. It was still Febuary, after all-there was still snow on the ground, and icecicles dangling from trees as fridged winds blew past.

He looked down at her when she shivered slightly. "You okay?" he asked, still running.

"Hai...just cold." she said.

He then pulled her closer to him and she snuggled even more into his warmth.


They arrived at the Kaede's hut about an hour later, and Inuyasha sat Kagome down once inside the warm hut.

"Konichiwa, Kagome-chan." Kaede greated her.

"Konichiwa Kaede-sama. Where are Miroku and Sango?"

They are in their rooms." she said. Surprisingly, her house held sixe rooms- Kaede's room, Miroku's, Sango's, Kagome's, and Shippo's/Inuyasha's, plus the main room. "Follow me," Kaede said.

"Hai." Kagome and Inuyasha said as they followed dowo the short hallway into one of the narrow rooms. Kaede slid the shoji back to reveal a room done in mostly white, whith red here and there. "Inuyasha, ye sleep in here."

"Arigatou." he said, shockingly, without any sarcasm.

Then Kaede walked to the next room. She once again slid the shoji open to reveal forest green bedding, and matching things in the room. "This be ye room when ye are here." Kaede smiled. Kagome shyly walked in and admired the cozy little room's beauty.

"Arigatou, Kaede-sama." she smiled as she hugged the elderly woman.

"Ye be welcome, child." she said as she left the girl.

Kagome smiled as she sat down her pack and pulled out the gifts she had for her friends. It was somewhat late in Inuyasha's time, and she was tired, so she figured she'd just leave the small gifts by the shoji.

She separated each one. Not only did she make sugar cookies, but she got each friend a little something. Inuyasha had already received his-the backpack, so she just stuck his cookie in a bag seperate. Then was Sango. She had gone and purchased Sango a gold chain that was half a heart. Kagome wore the other half around her neck. SHe also included a note explaining that in her time, they were popular amoung best friends. She then tied that bag and sat it to the side.

Next came Shippo. She had gotten him a small green/blue backpack and filled it with sweets for him. SHe smiled knowing how much he loved chocolate. She also had a box of crayons and some paper for the boy.

Then came Kaede's. She had gotten Kaede some modern day herbs and medicines to help.

Lastly was Miroku's. She wasn't sure on what to get him, so she made him a small bag and put bandages and ointment in it for when Sango smacked him, along with a few sweet cakes.

No matter what she gave them, it ment alot because she also included one important thing-love for all of her friends.

She silently slipped out of her room and placed the small package outside, then went back into her room.

Inuyasha could smell the sweet cakes and opened the door, expecting to see Kagome, but her scent was not as strong. She was already back in her room. He looked down and saw the two packages, and picked them up, then tossed Shippo his. "Here, brat." he said as he sat on the futon.

"What is it?"

"Use 'yer nose."

Shippo sniffed the air. "Yummy! he said as he quickly opened the backpack and pulled out a candy bar. He didn't waste any time before he bit into it.

Inuyasha just sat back and sighed. 'What can I get her?'


^_^ I already know what I'm going to Inuyasha gives Kagome....*grins*