Chapter One

Christian stood still in his office and pretended to look out of his large glass window. The scent of an unknown female was nearly consuming him. Her heartbeat was pulsating. She was nervous. Good, that meant this meeting should be quick.

Politics demanded that he allow the university to interview him for the paper, but he could only think about the time he was wasting. Then he smelled her scent. His eyes glowed. His wolf was very close to the surface, too close. He closed his eyes to regain control.

He heart a thump and umph sound behind him. Thankfully, his human impatience took over. He turned around and saw her. She had large blue eyes. Without thinking, he rushed towards her and lifted her up on her feet.

"Owe," she said.

He quickly released her arm. He didn't manage his strength properly.

Are you alright, Ms. Kavanagh, he asked.

"That's not me," she said.

She noticed the slight glint of confusion on his handsome face.

"I'm Anna, Anastasia Steele. I'm standing in for my roommate."

He nodded his head and walked back to his desk before she decided to shake his hand. He needed to keep his distance. He stood behind his desk and sat down slowly. He stumbled a bit which was embarrassing. Anna closed her mouth to keep from laughing. She asked if he was alright.

"I only have ten minutes," he said coldly.

She sat down quickly; pulled out the two pages of questions she had and turned on the tape recorder. She forgot a pen. Great, Anna, she thought. She planned to play it off. Only Christian saw right through her. He stood walked to the front of his desk and handed her a black pencil with the word GREY written on it. She thanked him and asked the first question. He casually leaned on the desk. She noticed his intensity and wished he stumbled back to his chair. She looked down and pretended to stare at the page of questions, but she was really getting her bearings. He was just a handsome, attractive, wealthy man. No big deal, she thought to herself.

She looked up at him and asked the first question. She asked him to state his full name. He arched his eyebrow. She waited for him to answer the question. He smiled. Christian Grey. She wrote it down and noticed that his name was already on the top of the paper. He probably saw that. She asked him what he thought was the key to his success.

He smirked and fought the urge to roll his eyes. He hated that question, but he did enjoy talking to her. He exhaled and explained his view of success. He said business was about people. If people like you, they trust you and they will work with you.

"You mean give you money," she said in a matter of fact tone.

"Yes, Ms. Steele, that is part of it. Please do not write that kind of comment in your article."

"Oh; I didn't mean to offend you, I was just…."

"It's alright. I just don't want to be misunderstood."

"Of course."

"I also know how to identify talent and foster their skills to their full potential."

He noticed her slight grimace. So she was not a scared little doe after all. Interesting... Maybe his wolf knew something he didn't. He planned to catch up.

She asked about his humanity efforts. He tried to pass off the act as good business, but her eyes told him, he didn't believe him. How could she do that? Not many would stare at him. Even though humans couldn't tell what he was, they could sense he was different, dangerous. She sensed it too, but she didn't care. He asked if she had something to say. She shook her head and said she didn't know enough about it to make an opinion. He insisted. She said that it didn't seem like good business, there were easier ways to get tax right offs. It sounded more like he was afraid to show that he actually cared about something.

"Corporate leaders don't have hearts. That's a liability."

"Looks like you're doing alright."

If she didn't know better, she thought she saw a hint of a genuine smile on his face. His stony demeanor quickly returned. She cleared her throat and asked the next question.

"Are you gay?"

Try me, he thought.

"No," he said.

She flushed. Anna couldn't believe Katherine wrote this question. Anna knew Katherine would not have had a problem asking such a question. Anna should have read over the questions before the interview. She looked up at him wide eyed. She apologized for the question. He shook his head and told Anna that she should never apologize for other people. People make enough mistakes from their own behavior.

"You're right," she said.

She eyed him again, and then looked down at her paper. He noticed the challenge. Oh, his wolf really wanted to see that side of her more. She continued her questions. He walked over to the chair that was placed beside her and looked at her.

"Do you have any of your own questions," he asked.

"No, I'm not a journalist, clearly."

He didn't agree, but he wasn't one to coddle a person either, so he simply didn't speak.

"I'm a lit major."



"I mean no disrespect. I own a publishing company. I think it's a beautiful passion to see words for what they are."

She couldn't stop looking at his lips.

"What are they?"

"Life, pain, sorrow…"


He smiled.

"Yes, for some."

The door opened. Christian's tall and well-dressed executive assistant leaned into the office.

"Mr. Grey, your next appointment is here," said his assistant.

"Cancel it please, I'm not done here," he said.

The assistant nodded her head and walked out of the office. Anna told Christian he didn't need to do that. He calmed her down. He said if the meeting was that important, he wouldn't have cancelled it. She was genuinely confused. He changed the subject and asked her what author made her fall in love with books. She smiled brightly. He didn't smile, but she noticed the light in his eyes. He seemed to be sincerely interested in her answer.

"Thomas Hardy."

He nodded his head in approval. She wanted to roll her eyes, but kept herself from doing so. He could be charming and arrogant in the same breath. Then she looked into his eyes and she forgot about his arrogance. There was sadness there. It made her want to hold him. He was human, like everyone else.

"So, what are you plans after college?"

That's personal, she thought.

"I plan to move into the city and find work."

He discussed their internship program. She politely dismissed the gesture. She said she didn't think she would fit in here. He didn't understand.

"I think you would do well here."

She bit her lip. It was a nervous tick that her mother hated, but she could never stop doing it. Something changed in Christian's eyes for a moment, but he masked it quickly. He stood. She saw that as her queue to stand as well. She put out her hand to shake his hand. He looked down at her hand as if she was holding a snake. She slowly moved her hand back. He quickly grabbed her hand and shook it weakly. She was surprised by his weak grip. He walked her to the door and stood close behind her. He inhaled her scent again and held back a growl. She walked out of the door.

He pressed his hands on either side of the door. It took everything in him not to follow her. What was wrong with him? His eyes changed and the claws under his fingernails began to extend. Anna, he thought. He turned away from the door and walked back to his desk and focused on maintaining control. What was he thinking? She was a human female? She couldn't be his chosen mate. He had been holding his wolf back for too long and now he was paying the price. He planned to go hunting tonight to sate his beast so he could get back to work. He never planned to see her again. It was too dangerous for him and especially for her.

Anna walked into her dorm room and gave Katherine a scolding glare. Katherine only weakly laughed. Anna couldn't scare anyone if she tried. Anna sighed. Katherine blew her nose. Anna waited for Katherine to finish her disgusting act. Katherine exhaled and looked back at Anna.

"So, how did it go," asked Katherine.

"You asked if he was gay," said Anna incredulously.

"It was relevant question."

"How is that relevant?"

"He's rarely seen with a woman, ever."

"So that means he's gay?"

"Oh, Anna…"

Anna wanted to throw the tape recorder at Katherine's head. Just because she wasn't wise in the ways of men, it didn't mean she was terribly naive. Being whore didn't make one a wise sage, Anna thought. She wouldn't dare say it to Katherine.

"What was that," asked Katherine.

"Nothing, I didn't say anything," Anna said weakly.



"So what was he like?"

"He's intense, smart, handsome; confident, yet surprisingly sweet…"

"Damn, girl."

Anna blinked. She had actually been staring off while talking about Christian Grey. This was why Katherine worried about Anna. Katherine looked at Anna, she was about to give Anna the talk again. Anna had to say something quickly.

"I know, he's a spoiled rich guy that I will never see again and I do see, I should run," said Anna.

Katherine wiped her nose with a new Kleenex as she eyed Anna. Anna grimaced.

"Is that what you really think," asked Katherine.

"Yes, but I wished it wasn't true," said Anna.

"Well, who knows?"

Anna was shocked. She sat down on a nearby chair. Her legs were getting tired of standing by the door.


"If I had shot with a billionaire, I'd take it for what it was and leave it at that."


Anna quickly covered her mouth. Katherine struggled to get up to attack Anna. Anna ran to her room and shut the door. Anna yelled sorry as she ran to her room. Anna heard Katherine yell lucky. Anna exhaled and fell on her bed. As she closed her eyes, she imagined Christian and his beautiful grey eyes.

Christian stood naked on the edge of his private estate. He thought about his wolf and let his human side fall to the back of his mind. He groaned as he felt his muscles and bones reshape. The transformation forced him to fall on his knees. His eyes changed to that of a wolf, his fangs extended and face turned into snout. Fur grew over his body and soon nothing of the man remained. He was now a large grey and white wolf.

The wolf sprinted towards the forest aching to hunt down prey. There were barely any animals there. They were learning to stay away from this area. He settled for two large rabbits. After devouring them, he felt restless in more ways than one. He fell on his side and let his mind wander. That was mistake. The wolf remembered Anna. It sat up. What are you doing, asked Christian. The wolf howled. Christian tried to take control. The wolf shook its head. Listen to me, said Christian. The wolf growled and focused on Anna's scent.

Shit, Christian thought.

The wolf made a run for it. Christian should have known this could happen. He had to regain control. The wolf was fast. It knew it would be locked away soon. At least be discrete, said Christian. The wolf agreed. It made sure to run along the edge of the woods for as long as it could. When it reached the street, it used cars and homes as cover. Christian was surprised he remembered her scent so well. It was tracking her. This was embarrassing and pathetic. Being this out of control was making him angry. Stop now, said Christian. The wolf stopped and whimpered. Christian was close to reclaiming control. I want to see her, said the wolf. No, not like this, said Christian. The wolf snarled, snapped its jaws and sprinted towards Anna. For the first time, Christian felt himself fading in his own mind, this had never happened. Christian was frightened. Wait! I'll see her again, I promise, said Christian. Please! The wolf believed his human half and stopped in between the cover of two houses.

Christian now had full influence over the wolf's movements. He ran as fast as he could to his home and fell down at the back door. He quickly changed back into his human form. Doing so made it extremely painful. He yelled out in anguish and fell on the cold ground. He looked up at the door and weakly reached for the door knob. He almost lost himself tonight. He needed help, but first he had to see Anna again very soon.

Thank you for reading my story. There is more to come! Hopefully…

I would like to dedicate this story to HAWTgeek, a fellow fanfiction author. Her 50 Shades of Grey fan fiction titled 50 Shades of Secrets is awesome! It inspired me to believe that I can add to this story as well.

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