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Where Are You Going, Chapper 4

By Tano

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Back at school, Rhonda contemplated what she should do about Curly. She couldn't stand to see him so miserable. But what could she do about it? She wanted to ask Arnold, but she doubted he would help her in his current state of mind. Besides, she was too embarrassed to talk about it. So, she thought. What would Arnold tell her to do? She heard his voice inside her head, "Apologize to Curly. Tell him the truth." The truth? No deal, Arnold. Rhonda would never tell him the truth. She couldn't handle the truth. "Then just apologize to him." Arnold's voice whispered. Apologize? Should she just walk up to him and say, "Hey Curly, I'm sorry I said I hated you and yelled at you, I didn't mean it?" Where was the sense in that? And suppose she actually got up the nerve to do it. What would happen next? What if he didn't believe her? What if he did? She didn't know how to react either way.

Rhonda looked over at Curly and sighed. Why did she have to care so much about what everyone else thought? Why couldn't she just tell the little creep that she liked him and get on with her life? Very funny, Rhonda. What was she thinking, get on with her life, yeah right. It just wasn't done. She couldn't be Rhonda and like Curly at the same time.

But Arnold's voice continued to bug her. Stupid Arnold. Or was this her conscience talking? Stupid conscience, it sounded just like Arnold. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

She stood up and screamed, "SHUT UP!"

The class turned to stare at her, all except for Arnold, Lila, and Curly who were too busy being weird to care about anything around them. Rhonda turned red.

"Rhonda, is something wrong?" Mr. Simmons asked.

"Nothing's wrong, sir." Rhonda laughed nervously and sat back down. Her conscience was driving her crazy. Maybe she should just listen to it.

The rest of the class was watching a movie on "The Life of an Amoeba." Very interesting stuff indeed. Most of the other kids talked quietly amongst themselves, but a few, including Lila and Curly, stared at the screen. No one noticed as Rhonda pulled a chair up to Curly's desk in the back row.

"Um, Curly?" she said, trying to get his attention, "I wanted to say something..." She had to force her words to come out. "Curly? Are you listening? I have something important to say."

Curly turned to face her, slowly. She couldn't read his expression. He said nothing, so she continued.

"Um... Well, I-I wanted to say..." she stalled for words. What was she trying to say, exactly? "Um... what I mean is... er..." Just say it already! She bit her lip for a moment. "I'm sorry I yelled at you and said that I hated you because I really don't. The truth is I-I lo- I mean... um... I lo-like you sorta. I mean, you're not so bad for a... I mean, I'm sorry."

Curly just looked at her for a moment. Rhonda wished she knew what he was thinking. Had her apology worked? She tried to see any sign of emotion from him. Nothing. Just that same blank look on his face. She sighed. "Well, I guess I'll go back to my seat now." She slowly stood up.

"Wait." Curly said, and Rhonda immediately sat back down.

Curly smiled slightly, "So, you like me?" he asked.

Rhonda turned red and she hoped Curly couldn't see it in the dark room. "Look, I'd prefer if no one found out..."

"You DO like me!" Curly hugged her, and she was torn between screaming and grinning happily. So she did nothing at all. If she was quiet, maybe no one would notice. Problem. The movie was over and Simmons was getting ready to turn off the projector. Wait, maybe that was a good thing, it would be darker once the movie was over. She had time to get back to her seat as he turned the lights back on. Click. The projector was off. She had about 30 seconds to get away from Curly without hurting his feelings. Thinking fast, she slipped out of Curly's embrace, gave him a quick peck on the lips and ran back to her desk with 10 seconds to spare. The lights were on and nobody was the wiser.


"Speak more slowly, please sir, I can't understand you." the woman on the phone said.

"I need an ambulance!" Brainy shouted into the receiver, trying hard not to wheeze too much, "A man was shot!"

"Where did it happen?" she asked and he told her the address.

"And where is the man?"

"He's upstairs. His wife is in the kitchen, I think she is still alive. Their daughter is missing."

"And what is your name, please?"

"Brainy. Their daughter Helga hasn't been to school in a couple of days and I came to check up on her..."

"Alright, stay there, the police and paramedics are on their way."

"Thank you." He hung up the phone and ran back to the Pataki's stoop. Within minutes, the police arrived and began questioning him, and some went into the house to investigate.

"Young man, this is a school day; what are you doing here at this time?" an officer asked him.

"I came to see if my friend was alright. She's been absent from school and no one knows where she is." Brainy answered quickly.

"So, you broke into the house?"

"The door was sort of open. It's a good thing I did go inside the house, or no one would have realized that anything was wrong! Helga has been missing since yesterday and in all that time no one came along to check on them at all."

"Did you touch anything when you were inside the house?"


The ambulance arrived, and the paramedics ran into the house. A moment later they had Miriam on a stretcher and were taking her to the hospital.

"Well, the woman is still alive, but barely." A police officer said to another.

"Who did this?" Brainy asked.

"It's really none of your concern, young man." A female officer told him.

"I need to know! I need to know what happened! Where is Helga?"

"We're not sure what happened. We think the man may have attacked his wife and shot himself."

Shot himself? "But what about their daughter? Where is Helga?" Brainy asked.

"We don't know. We'll have people searching for her, but we don't know when or if she'll turn up. We really won't know anything until her mother wakes up and is ready to tell us what actually happened."


"But this really is none of your concern. Get back to school."


By the end of the day, news of Helga's disappearance spread around the city. Search parties were set up. People looked everywhere, but no one had any idea of where to begin to look. When Miriam finally recovered, she could remember nothing, or at least that was what she said. After contacting her older daughter, Olga (who was most hysterical upon hearing the news of the death of her father and disappearance of her dear baby sister), Miriam moved to Nebraska to live with her parents for a while. After nearly six months of searching, Helga was given up for dead. In a year, everyone tried to forget about her, but some just couldn't.

Arnold was never very religious at all. But he prayed. Every day Arnold prayed that Helga would come back. But prayers didn't do much; he'd been praying for his parents to come back ever since he knew how to speak in full sentences. None of his prayers were ever answered, why should this one be? Optimism was all well and good, maybe if you were Eugene, but it got to a point where it was just stupid to believe in anything. How could he have thought otherwise? Was he so naïve? There weren't any happy endings. Just happy coincidence. And Arnold didn't have any of that.

"Dear God. Please let Helga come back. We need her. Please? Let her come back alive and safe and happy. I know I said I wanted her to disappear and stuff, but I didn't mean it. I just want her to come back. Please God? That's all I want. I will never ask for anything else if I can just have this one thing, please. Bring Helga back to us safe and alive, please. Amen."

Arnold didn't think he had a chance, but it couldn't hurt to ask anyway, could it?

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