The Lion Lord

REWRITE NOTICE: The first four chapters of this have been rewritten. I would have got them out sooner but life delayed them and my classes being cancelled because of the recent weather has given me a chance to do them. The rest will be out sooner.

Chapter One

A Lifes End or a New Chance?

Death. It was as inevitable as breathing, as drinking, as eating. All tried to postpone it, most failed but a few, only the most skilled, the most determined and the most ruthless would succeed. However, only a few fools believed that they could avoid death for ever. Tywin Lannister was not a fool. He knew he would die but not like this.

Tywin grunted in pain, stopping from screaming in pure pain by his force of will. The crossbow bolt was buried in his chest now and just to move was agony. Looking ahead of him he saw Tyrion but, for the first time in his life, when he looked at the dwarf he felt something other than contempt. If his face held hate or rage that was normal. However, his face held nothing. There was no emotion, there was nothing at all and for the first time Tywin was afraid.

'You shot me!' he growled, his hand wrapping around the bolt. Blood flowed around his hand making his fingers sticky and the smell of iron filled the air. Summoning his strength he glared at his filthy imp of a son and growled. 'You're no son of mine.'

'I am your son,' Tyrion answered completely emotionless, somehow becoming the most terrifying thing he had ever seen in his life. 'I have always been your son.'

He pulled the trigger again and he was thrown against the wall behind him. The pain was unbearable and he felt his eyes growing heavy. So here it was at last. Death. As his life came to its close he thought about his entire existance. His father, freely throwing jeweles at that whore of a mistress, the destruction of House Reyne, Joanna, his years as Hand to the Aerys. He saw it all in those few seconds as he felt himself dragged towards the Stranger. He closed his eyes for the last time and then he was flying.

Looking around himself he saw his body below him and Tyrion walking away. Then he was pulled up and up, through the walls and roofs of the Red Keep until he was in the sky. Below him he could see the vast city of Kings Landing slowly growing smaller and smaller as he went higher and higher into the sky. Yet he felt hatred as he thought of what would happen now to his children, to his name. Finally there was blinding bright light around him and Tywin knew this was it at long last.

Then he felt cold. The dead were cold, it made sense. Then he felt something wet. Wet and cold and at last Tywin opened his eyes to see nothing but white. Slowly, and carefully, he pushed himself off the ground, his fingers damp in the snow, and shakily came to stand up, looking around him in every direction. He was in some sort of clearing in a forest of pine trees covered with snow.

'What?' he asked himself, feeling confused. Before he took another step forwards he then noticed his clothes had changed. He was dressed in a sturdy leather jerkin with the sigil of his house stitched through the leather over a red wool shirt. On his feet were strong black boots which reached his knees and hanging from his shoulders was a long heavy cloak made of red wool. It was lined with fur and was perfecct for the winter, with a thick wool hood. The clasp of the cloak gold and fashioned in the shape of a Lions head, its jaws locking the two sides of the cloak together.

At Tywin's waist was a bastard sword, simple in design but the hilt was golden and in the shape of a lion. It would do. Lastly he noticed that the Hand of the King badge was pinned onto his jerkin.

Now where am I? he thought to himself. Is this the afterlife? For a moment he considered calling out for Joanna but decided against it. It didn't look like the Stranger's realm. Deciding that he needed to work out where he was Tywin saw some cliffs in the distance. Knowing that the height could help him get his bearings Tywin started walking towards them. It certainly was not an easy walk, the snow was knee deep in some places and frozen water was seeping into his boots keep his feet frozen. Eventually he had to pick up a branch off of the ground to use as a walking stick. As a cold gust blew into his he pulled his cloak around him shutting the cold away. When he was about half way to the cliffs something stood out against the tree line. It was a statue. Curiosity getting the better of him Tywin walked towards the statue to see that it was a lioness ready to pounce. The workmanship was exceptional, the sculptor had carved out every detail on it, every hair and tooth was sculpted perfectly, even down to the smallest of details like a crack in the front tooth. Still, it was odd that a sculptor would leave a statue this good in the middle of the woods. It made no sense. Neither does me being here. In his mind, Tywin made a note to try and find the mason who made it. He would pay the man well for this type of work.

Tywin walked away from the statue and on towards the cliffs. By his guess they were about a quarter of an hour away at his current pace. He just wished he could find a decent road to make the walk easier. Just before he exited a group of trees he heard voices. Carefully he moved ito position behind a tree so the people talking wouldn't see him. For a few moments he waited until the source of the noise appeared. To Tywin's surprise they were children. Four children. Two boys and two girls dressed in ill fitting fur coats which trailed after them. Their clothes were unusual as well and not suited at all to the cold. The group was, for some reason, being led by the very youngest girl. Deciding to risk it, Tywin stepped out of the trees when they were close to him taking them all by surrpsie.

'Greetings,' he said to them as pleasantly as possible.

'Oh,' the oldest boy said in surprise. 'Hello sir.'

'Who are you?' the oldest girl asked him suspiciously.

'Tywin Lannister,' he answered. 'Lord Paramount of the Westerlands.'

'Hello Lord Tywin,' the youngest girl said, smiled and made to walk towards him with an open palm but the older girl stopped her.

'Now I've introduced myself perhaps you could extend the courtesy?' He didn't say like a question.

'Of course,' the oldest bouy responded. 'My name is Peter Pevensie. This is my brother, Edmund, and my sisters Susan,' he gestured at the older girl, 'and Lucy.'

'It is a pleasure to meet you,' he said, trying to sound as friendly as possible. 'If I might trouble you for help, I'm afraid I don't know where I am at the moment. Could you help me?'

'Are you from England as well?' asked Lucy.

'England?' he asked her. 'No, I am from Westeros.'

'Lucy?' Peter asked his sister.

'Mister Tumnus never said anything about this "Westeros" but he said he was no good at Geography. How did you get here Lord Tywin?'

'I,' Tywin considered his answer carefully. 'I was in bed and then I woke up in the woods. Anyway, you said something Tumnus wasn't it?'

'Yes,' Lucy said and grinned. 'He's my friend and we're going to see him.'

'Maybe he could help me. If it's no issue I will travel with you.'

'Well,' Susan considered it.

'I see no reason why not,' Peter answered and Tywin noticed that Susan seemed annoyed that he had cut her off.

'You have my thanks,' Tywin said to them. 'Lead on.'

And with that, although he didn't know it, Tywin Lannister had created a new path in the infinity of worlds and universes. As he walked with his new traveling companions Tywin observed the four children closely. Peter seemed good natured and clever with some traits of leadership which do come with being the eldest child. However, some of his confidence was clearly a show of bravado. Susan was keeping her eyes moving about constantly, looking for every detail in everything in case they needed to find their way back to wherever they came from. Edmund was mostly silent and seemed nervous about something. Tywin had a feeling that he should keep an eye on him. Lucy seemed innocent in every way possible without the suspicion or concerns of her older siblings. She also seemed to be the only one who knew where this Tumnus lived. Eventually they came towards a cliff wall and as Lucy was telling them about the meal they could expect Tywin saw a door in the cliff but it was hanging off its hinges. Lucy noticed it as well and then broke into a run but Tywin was able to grab her wrist before she went three paces.

'Wait!' he shouted at her. 'Is that his home?'

She nodded her head, clearly terrified. 'He could be hurt.'

'I know that but charging in there won't do any good. Peter, you're old enough to stand and fight,' he then broke his make shift walking stick over his knee and handed one half to Peter who took the hastily made weapon. 'Edmund,' he passed the other half to the younger boy, 'stay here and take care of your sisters. Peter and I will go in there and check. If it's safe we'll call for you.'

'Alright,' Edmund responded seemingly not happy.

'Come on,' Tywin said to Peter and they trudged through the snow towards the cave. 'Have you ever been in a fight?'

'No milord,' he responded.

'I see. If there's anyone in there who atacks us, stay behind me. I can hold my own for a while but you need to make sure no one takes me from behind.'

'I understand,' Peter answered and tightened his grip on the stick.

At last they made it to the door and Tywin cautiously stepped in, his weapon ready. The place was a mess but Tywin could tell that if it was clean it would be a very welcoming place. There was a dirty carpet on the floor, the cinders from a fireplace scattered across it. Snow was piling up in the door way and the furniture had been smashed. On the floor he saw a picture of some sort of half human half goat creature which had been torn to shreds.

'No one here,' Tywin said after they looked around for a few minutes. 'Go and tell the others it's safe. For now.'

'Of course Lord Tywin,' the boy said and hurried to get his family.

As he waited for the children to return, Tywin took one last look around and saw a sheet of parchment pinned to the floor which he picked up and read slowly.

'What's that?' Susan asked as she walked in.

'Trouble,' Tywin answered. 'It says "The Faun Tumnus is hereby charged with High Treason against Her Imperial Majesty, Jadis, the Queen of Narnia, Empress of the Lone Islands, for comforting her enemies and fraternising with Humans. Signed Maugrim, Captain of the Secret Police. Long live the Queen." I don't recognise the sigil. It looks like a paw print.'

'Oh no,' Lucy said and sat down on a still intact foot stool.

'Your friend has apparently broken this lands laws.'

'The Secret Police could still be about,' Edmund said fearefully.

'I doubt it. Whoever destroyed this place did it days ago at least.'

'We need to go,' Susan said and looked at Peter. 'I just knew something like this would happen. I knew it.'

'We have to help Tumnus,' Lucy said desperately. 'It's all my fault.'

'What do you mean?' Peter asked her. Tywin had decided to remain silent as the children argued.

'I'm the Human he comforted and helped. The Witch must have found out.'

'Maybe we can contact the police,' Peter suggested, out of his depth.

'The police have arrested him,' Susan told him grumpily. 'Lucy, I don't see what we can do. We have no food, we have no map. We don't even know where they took him.'

'We'll think of something,' Peter told them.

'No offence,' Tywin said, deciding to speak at last. The children jumped a little, almost forgetting his presence. 'Tumnus has been arrested for harbouring Humans. Either this Queen Jadis is insane or it truly is illegal to be Human here. This isn't good for any of us so either way so we have to go.'

'No,' Lucy said decisively.

'I don't think we have much choice.'


Tywin, feeling annoyed at the interruption, looked at the other three children but they seemed just as confused.


Susan looked out the door in time to see a robin fly away from them and perch itself on a nearby branch.

'Did that bird just "psst" at us?' Susan asked Peter, confusion written on her face.

'Don't let your imagination run away with you,' Tywin told her. 'I'll check to see if there's any food left.'

They paid no attention to him and went out after the bird leaving Tywin alone, about to groan in frustration, before following them. Eventually he reached them where they were standing as still as statues with Peter placing himself at the front. They were looking at a fallen, snow covered log and from behind it Tywin could hear something moving about. As he was the only one armed with a real weapon Tywin made his way to the front of the group and drew his sword, pointing it towards the log ready to run through anything that appeared.

Then a beaver emerged from behind the log and crawled towards them. Tywin almost laughed and lowered his sword arm when he realised they were getting ready for a life and death fight against a tiny, harmless animal. He shook his head and was about to sheath his sword when Peter held his hand out to the animal.

'Here boy,' he said. 'Here boy.'

'I aint gonna smell it if that's what you want?'

Thump, went Tywin's sword as it landed in the snow. It talked. A dumb, stupid little animal just talked in front of him. It was just impossible. Nothing made any sense there.

'Oh,' Peter said, not as shocked as Tywin but clearly surprised. Lucy on the other hand seemed to laughing while Susan was acting the same as Tywin, totally shocked. 'I'm sorry.'

'Lucy Pevensie?' the beaver asked the youngest of the groups.

'Y-yes?' she responded, cautiously moving towards the animal.

'I'm sorry,' he said and pulled from behind his back a small white piece of cloth which Lucy tentatively took and looked at it.

'I gave this to Mister Tumnus.'

'I know. The Witch sent her thugs out to get him but we got word just in time. Tumnus couldn't escape but he got this to me, asked me to look out for you. And now you're here,' he then smiled and Tywin felt the creature looking at him. 'All of you are here. This is good.'

'Where is he?' Lucy asked quickly. 'Oh please tell me where he is.'

'Further in,' he said and hurried towards the tree line with Peter and Lucy following at once. Finally Tywin got over his shock and picked up his sword to follow them.

'What are you doing?' Susan snapped at Peter.

'Susan's right,' Edmund added. 'How do you know we can trust him'

'According to the beaver he knows what happened to Tumnus,' Tywin answered.

'He's a beaver. He souldn't be saying anything!'

'Use you intelligence,' Tywin said and for a moment reflected on the irony of that statement. 'Look at those cliffs above us. Two dozen archers up there could have killed us the moment we arrived. If this beaver wanted us dead we wouldn't be alive now.'

'What are you waiting for?' the beaver asked over.

'Just talking,' answered Peter.

'That's best for safer quarters,' the beaver seemed to whisper.

'He means the trees,' Lucy explained and walked on.

Trees that can listen? God's help me.

With that the four children and one man walked through the snow behind the beaver, their adventure in Narnia truly beginning while Tywin tried to work out what was going on.